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Pet Jellyfish

+16    Your very own pet Jellyfish Play with him, just remember he's not the most active pet.    11 MB    Views 651


+11    Freezing hot is an arcade style game of speed and precision. Shoot the ball in different directions to try to get around the obstacles and through the gates Tap and pull away from the ball in the direction you want ...    2 MB    Views 8245
+13    Fun game for on the go. Chop has many snails you can within the time limit. Compete with the rest of the world.    26 MB    Views 2175
+1    Angry Clicker Hero the most fascinating game, that will take your productivity to zero. Maybe it will seems like the most easiest game, that you have played before. But easy doesn’t mean boring. Choose a location, destroy all angry ...    38 MB    Views 2304
+1    This game is suited for all ages, it is a puzzle game for kids aswell as adults. You can play are Touch to move the monsters and score as many points as possible by making various lines of one color ...    8 MB    Views 1505
slice fruit game
+13    Slice and dice in this fastpaced reflex game Instructions Slice the fruit as it's thrown onto the screen. You may think it's easy, but try slicing four in a row Be careful not to slice the hamsters, or you'll lose a life FruitSlasher ...    16 MB    Views 1495

Water Ring Toss

+3    Clásico juego de la infancia cuyo objetivo es meter los aros en un soporte Fácil y Sencillo Sin compras Con 20 niveles a tu disposición Configuración de audio e idioma    39 MB    Views 7516
+4    Girls are helpless? No way Our charming little girls in new game For Equality Little Girls Fixing Things manage to do everything on their own Look at them: these little ones can clean out a pipe, cope with the ...    63 MB    Views 8033

Fantasy Runner

-1    Run away from the monsters living in the swamp Try to survive as long as possible.    2 MB    Views 5881
+24    Don't drop the beat... or the bunnies Bongo Bunnies is a fun game that's easy enough to keep young children entertained and challenging enough keep yourself riveted to keeping these adorable critters airborne An epic yarn is unraveled into a ball of ...    29 MB    Views 4826
+11    Please enjoy the action game with the best fighter Garen. The game was produced by the fan game. Add new skill "courage". Every time random action confrontation with other artificial intelligence player. Let's grow the strongest action fighter with more than ...    49 MB    Views 6951

Jelly Pop Rush

jelly pop game rush simple
-7    A very simple and addictive game, how many jelly can you pop in 30 seconds, get the rush and Jelly Pop This game is really simple, pop the jelly that appears on the screen, its a great game for kids & ...    10 MB    Views 2711
0    Delicious cake is so attractive, moreover to make a delicious and beautiful cake is a wonderful thing, now let's try it, can you design the satisfied looks and super delicious cake? yes...come on.    39 MB    Views 8208


+3    Keep the Aliens from taking over the Moon Tap to shoot and destroy as many Aliens as possible before they land on the Moon to start a new race in the name of peace. Achieve a high score as you shoot the ...    4 MB    Views 8469
highest obstacles score avoid free
-7    Meet BobbleHead your character, help him to avoid any logs that cross his path by tapping the screen. The longer the touch the higher the jump. The more obstacles you avoid the faster the obstacles come towards you. Can you get ...    20 MB    Views 4264

The Tap Game

+17    Tap your way to new high scores, be quick and don't miss a piece.    2 MB    Views 9159
harder run faster
+10    Sprint headlong into certain death and put your mobile reflexes to the test. Run longer. Run Faster. Try harder. If none of those work: TRY HARDER.    17 MB    Views 5562

Mysterious Birds

+3    “Mysterious Birds Memory Trainer” is a great game to exercise your memory. The object of the game is to reveal the true identity of each bird. This is a very simple and addictive brain training puzzle game which helps you to ...    32 MB    Views 819

SpaceShip Surfer

-6    Avoid the comets, collect the rubys & rescue the Earth from a UFO invasion. Fast paced moving game. Control your spaceship , don't hit the comets. Travel through Space. Fast , exciting reaction game    13 MB    Views 7867
zombie adventure eating health fish ocean underwater monster explore smaller
+10    Zombie virus is already underwater Halfdead, halfalive... They are bloodthirsty predators which dream about eating something or.. someone. Zombie Fish is an entertaining arcade where you get a chance to grow your own underwater monster. Explore the deep ocean and maintain ...    54 MB    Views 6286

Chomp Rabbit

rabbit poop eat carrots chomp play
+9    Play Chomp Rabbit now You're one hungry Rabbit Eat as many carrots as you can but watch out Your poop explodes HOW TO PLAY 1. Eat Carrots 2. Dodge exploding poop 3. WIN Features: Eat Carrots Poop Unlock new rabbit skins Beat the highscore Compete with ...    49 MB    Views 3063

2 wheels 4 life

motocross tracks game gold
-5    Perhaps the most challenging sidescrolling motocross game ever This is a motocross game where you must fight hard and really show that you are skilled to manage all tracks On each level you have the opportunity to get bronze, silver, gold ...    18 MB    Views 4092

Illuminati Bounce

-7    Bounce the allseeingeye between the pyramids to stay alive. Touch the pyramid and its all over.    5 MB    Views 7558


+22    Pitt your reflexes against the storm Tap the screen to change the direction your character is running in. Avoid the rain for as long as you can, the more drops you avoid, the higher your score becomes, the more torrential the ...    15 MB    Views 7685
+3    Once upon a time, in a far away bamboo forest there was a young panda who was so lonely. But one day he had a watershed encounter he met Her. But how to hit fancy his love mate? Maybe ...    66 MB    Views 7365


control ship game
0    Momentum is a blast from the past. It is based on those old school games from the days of the Commodore 64. You control a basic triangular shaped ship like the ship from asteroids. In this game though, you have to ...    7 MB    Views 5902

Space Shooter 5000

Related Apps space shooter
+28    Retro style space shooter game. Upgrade your lasers and rockets by collecting gold Shoot down as many enemy ships as you can Can you get the highest score?    422 kb    Views 5691
cat food lovers cats swipe fall treat delicious kitten bigger grab
+30    Cats are so curious And they adore boxes like nobody else. Welcome to the world of fluffy balls who are extremely cute and playful CatBall 3D Delicious Treat is a perfect brain teaser for all cat lovers. You have ...    71 MB    Views 9156

Colorful Blob Match

+3    Match the same colored blobs    39 MB    Views 6609
military driving army simulation trip driver bomb transporter bombs soldier camp play truck game
+14    Do you want to get new driving experience? It’s possible with Bomb Transporter In this simulation game you are a bomb expert. Use strategy to play and try to deliver the bomb to the destination You play a role of ...    73 MB    Views 9380

Galaxy Survive

space journey incredibly galaxy intergalactic spaceship strategic survive starship
+9    Galaxy Survive Get ready for a space adventure on a starship Exciting space missions on a starship Incredibly beautiful and spellbinding 3D graphics of the galactic space Strategic opportunities of management of a spaceship Embark on an incredibly fascinating journey through the intergalactic expanses Star Ship ...    72 MB    Views 1298

Super Chaves World

Related Apps adventure super world obstacles waiting coins free character troubles
+27    Super Chaves World Adventure game (El Chavo) is a super addictive game where you have to drive the keys through the forest picking up the coins and dodging obstacles. There are many troubles waiting for your super chaves adventure jumper character. Join ...    25 MB    Views 8816

Ditto Ball

ball game
+24    Classic ball game with new look and feel Fun and addicting arcade game, just like flappy bird. Great for all ages Bounce around a ball and try to keep it from going off the screen as the ball keeps going faster. ...    7 MB    Views 2135
-5    Long time ago fruit ninjas decided to get training and to get the power to lengthen the bamboo. Now they must save their friends from Kung Fou Legacy. Could you help him to go further with your magic ability?    25 MB    Views 7925

Where Is The Milk?

house milk explore kitten kitchen starve find don room
+12    Meow This little kitten was left without a drop of milk The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and ...    73 MB    Views 5189

Frog Boy Pro

Related Apps age frog boy game fun hit links direct great internet
-1    NO ADS The all addictive Frog Boy Game is Here Just Tap to make Frog Boy Fly. Swing around different levels and avoid hitting the enemy Hit the power ups instead It will protect Frog Boy for 5 seconds when you hit the enemies. Also ...    5 MB    Views 7151

Make The Way

-8    Make The Way A fun game to challenge all your limits whether they are logical, analytical, tactical or organizational; it is none other than this latest Make The Way game. All you need to do is spot the green log and ...    36 MB    Views 7083

Soccer Physic For 2

soccer football game players play easy modes team button tap control
+12    Bored with ordinary football games and looking for something completely unusual? Then you should try out our new game Soccer Physic For 2 Prepare yourself for the most hilarious match. Welcome to our football stadium The goal of this game is ...    76 MB    Views 5771
square spider
+2    How far can you go? Square will drive you crazy. It’s insanely hard but incredibly addictive. In Spider Square you have to swing the Squarelicious characters as far as you can just like a spider would.    9 MB    Views 2510

Quarter Loop Ball

Related Apps jump bird ball game loop circle funny wheel hero
+5    Small ball bird jump over quarter circle color wheel, avoid to crash with other birds.   Quarter Loop Ball is a simple free game but extremely hard to get high score. The main actor of this funny game is a cute bird ...    6 MB    Views 4737
football soccer games game play control gameplay fun player pirate
-7    Welcome to Pirate Soccer. True touchscreen football easier to play than 3D games. Get your football team and fight with your friend. This is a reinterpretation of a classic board game called button football tuned for fastpaced gameplay and more fun. ...    13 MB    Views 2401
apple mlg game 360 doge pro score life thug true store
+2    MLG Doge 360 is finally on the apple app store A new game has been released today and made for true mlg fans If you are a true mlg then you should try and play this game and get the most mlg ...    9 MB    Views 8543
Related Apps screen control game button screens simultaneously ball train multiple
+3    Think You're Multitasking? Sometimes it happens, it's important to do several things at once. This game allows you to train attention for tracking multiple objects simultaneously. There are three screens. Screen 1: control the platform by left or right button to the ball does ...    37 MB    Views 2637
lines sky stars starry cute don night skills
+7    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS There is a lot of stars in the night sky and their chains form different and sometimes strange and queer shapes. Our cute little stars got entangled in the endless sky and they can handle it only ...    57 MB    Views 7930

Circle Brothers

facebook twitter time circle brothers game bubbles https
-8    If you are fascinated by the world of arcade games, Circle Brothers is definitely a game for you. It is an entirely free arcade game with clear and beautiful graphics of the highest standard. Play Circle Brothers, Greenie and Blar ...    39 MB    Views 8758

Super Star Match

+3    Match the right colored stars in threes    39 MB    Views 6876

Wrecky Ball

vehicles ball legendary unlock collect https
+2    WRECKY BALL Here you are, in your car, with a GIANT wrecking ball attached. Smash all the buildings and collect cash. Don't hit the sheep, it will cost you points. Collect the star power and see what happens UNLOCK all vehicles. ...    51 MB    Views 2334
math speed
+27    Speed calculation trainer for your brain. Test your math skills. Answers questions quickly but avoid to give false answer.    39 MB    Views 3213

Subway Track Run

Related Apps running subway high left move tap button super collect coins trains
+7    An explosive arcade game where a pretty girl runs on the subway train tracks while avoiding the dash of the oncoming trains in this highadrenaline arcade rush. Surf high above the railway tracks with super jumps. Try to beat your ...    6 MB    Views 6508
Related Apps bubble filled ups power play colourful fun ultimate levels
-7    It's the Ultimate Bubble Trouble Play the ultimate bubble shooting game filled with beautiful graphics and animations and colourful power ups Test your skills by completing more than 50 levels in this fun filled adventure Solve creative puzzles and rescue little animals to ...    55 MB    Views 8822
+7    Simple yet challenging game. You are alien name Trafi who are trapped in the void. Your goal is to survive as long as you can. Warning If you spin clockwise you lose score.    6 MB    Views 5737
bird game
+4    Choose which game you want to play based on your mood. Are you feeling frustrated? Release that frustration by squishing birds. Are you wanting competition? See how many squares you can hop with your bird. There is something for everyone ...    9 MB    Views 5428
kids fishing fish sharks catching creatures types huge sea
-1    WHAT IS Fish Catching For Kids GAME? Time to go fishing, my little friend This pond is full of different fish types but not all of them are safe. Use your rod to catch various sea creatures, but be careful: avoid ...    60 MB    Views 5967
rocket faster cpu space asteroids droid comets pickup
+5    Cosmo the Nexus Droid loves to ride rockets Blast through space on your rocket and pickup CPU's, but watch out for the asteroids and comets. In this game you must steer your rocket through space avoiding asteroids and comets. Try ...    42 MB    Views 5120

Elfs Defence

ninja boss defence
+13    Elfs Defence is a very simple endless jumper game that is surprisingly difficult to master. Can you beat the Ninja boss? The Ninja boss is about to invade the entire Elf village. It is up to you to defeat the ...    15 MB    Views 8480

plus smart

result smart
+9    train your brain with smart plus game With SMARTPLUS: > easy to use > there are more questions, every question will be appeared in 3 seconds > guess quickly the result of plus between 2 numbers > you must to choose ONE right result for ...    517 kb    Views 8785

Animal Clicker Hero

animal clicker hero game simple coins clicking win careful
+4    Become a clicker hero with Animal Clicker Hero. Win as many animals as possible just by clicking on them. Set up a records and get gold coins for that. It will let you to buy a hammer to increase your ...    41 MB    Views 6697
lines sky stars starry skills don logical cute
+7    There is a lot of stars in the night sky and their chains form different and sometimes strange and queer shapes. Our cute little stars got entangled in the endless sky and they can handle it only with your help. ...    63 MB    Views 6367


+10    Welcome to the world of Orbitoid Incredibly responsive, simple and addictive game of survival No unnecessary settings, no any distracting things, just you and your opponent with his friends, who want to destroy you every move How long can you survive ...    3 MB    Views 1603
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