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Alien Crusher

+2    Are you ready to crush some aliens? We are at war with Transformerslike Aliens. It's up to you to decide let them rule the earth or let them rest in pieces. Game Features Filmquality Aircraft Transformation 8 challenging and meaningful quests ...    13 MB    Views 5630

rocket upgrade hd

+30    To protect invaded from unlimited Aliens, new powerful rocket is needed to defense massive alien war. ROCKET UPGRADE got new powerful wings that help rocket flying faster with turbo engine to fight with UPGRADE ALIEN Are you ready for ...    5 MB    Views 1394

Battle Ben

+11    FULL VERSION, MORE LEVELS, AD FREE Save 2.99 Free for a limited time The Aliens are hungry for some delicious beef jerky. Ben, the farmer, must protect his defenseless cows against those pesky aliens. NO TREPASSING Eliminate all those meatloving aliens They like to ...    39 MB    Views 9872

Cat vs. Aliens

cat aliens alien endless brain chain
+7    Aliens are destroying humanity. Cat must stop them. With mind bullets. Cat must remember: aim for the brains. Cat must survive. Addictive Gameplay — Use an innovative and responsive slingshot to launch telekinetic projectiles at your alien nemeses. Brain Chain — ...    36 MB    Views 8199

Alien Defence

-2    Space shooter game. Battle different types of alien enemies to protect your life bar. Green aliens are normal enemies. Yellow aliens add to your score multiplier, but be careful, if you miss you will lose the multiplier. Watch for blue aliens Blue aliens ...    13 MB    Views 4788


games military alien earth weapons aliens levels space prevent rocket graphics gameplay
+27    MACE is a classic space shoot 'em up, inspired by the legendary Amiga games of this genre. Handdrawn 2D graphics in HD resolutions, parallax scrolling, explosion effects and optimized games mechanics, combined with the proven gameplay are transporting the "Spirit ...    86 MB    Views 2246

Get Off My Lawn!

lawn aliens alien
0    First contact didn't go as planned, when aliens woke Murray Mendelson up from him afternoon nap. Pulling the trigger first has drawn Murray in to full scale war with these alien visitors, and they’ll stop at nothing to destroy him. ...    201 MB    Views 9010


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-3    Battle against aliens to survive This threepart game will pit you against an alien race with orbs as your weapon of choice. First test your skill by firing orbs through a space in the wall and build up your score. ...    105 MB    Views 129
aliens land arcadie invaders alien
-4    arcadie Alien Invaders pits you against a hoard of evil aliens trying to invade earth Pilot your trusty ship and destroy them before they can land and cause havoc Collect the bonus stars that the clumsy aliens drop, Get 5 in a ...    12 MB    Views 1177

Crush that Alien

-3    Meteoroids, stars, brains, satellites, rocket ships, and aliens Come crush aliens and overcome challenging levels This app includes: iPhone 4/5/6 & iPad optimization Brain blasting levels from easy to hard: + Trainee + Scout + Invader + Brainater + Alienator Cool sounds and alien graphics ALL FOR ...    25 MB    Views 8161

Bitcoin Aliens

bitcoin aliens kill earn killing unique alien real free
-3    Join Daniel D'Alien and kill aliens to earn REAL bitcoin, paid directly to your bitcoin wallet. The world's most popular free bitcoin app. Average payout of 15.000 satoshi per hour depending on your skill at killing aliens and on ...    8 MB    Views 7332

Alien Boogie Lite

games kids boogie mode alien fun full version minutes lite aliens
0    Aliens are boogieing down on Earth Don't be fooled by their cute human form. They are, yes, they ARE invading the Earth without us knowing it Let's do something You can help send them back to Planet Ozo by tapping on their ...    3 MB    Views 4971

Jump, Alien!

Related Apps jump aliens touch candy candyland score high alien beware
-6    Very simple & Casual Jump Game Touch the aliens to JUMP & Get high scores They can jump anywhere because they are aliens Touch more , more power How to get score Every touch : +1 Aliens go to out of ...    32 MB    Views 9053

Space Remnant

alien tap player spaceship incoming space survive aliens asteroid spaceships
-5    Space Remnant is a fast paced arcade game. The player has stolen an element shard from the alien base, which is the source for powering the alien spaceships.While escaping from the aliens attack he enters into the asteroid field where the ...    38 MB    Views 99

Whack N Alien

aliens whack alien endless
+21    Whack N Alien Get ready to smash some pesky aliens 3 different difficulties of aliens bonus gold aliens endless whacking, endless fun    8 MB    Views 4169

Stop Invasion

planet aliens shark game stop alien invasion hungry effects ocean
+10    The aliens have devoured their last planet and they’re searching for new ones to destroy. Our planet Earth is in grave danger. The alien invasion is taking place and there is nobody to stop them... Except you Their number is great and ...    73 MB    Views 448

Alien Killer.S

people game aliens kill player alien earth ten touch control space
0    Game Introduction Alien Killer.S is a very simple 2D space shooting game. There are two different modes for people to kill alien in the game. There are total ten thousands aliens needs player to kill and the earth just only have ...    25 MB    Views 837

Shoorty VS Aliens

kill points alien shot aliens stage laser give
0    Shorty VS Aliens is an Arcade type game. Shorty is your hero. Your hero will fight with Aliens. There is different type of Aliens with higher life strength in each level. You have to kill them with limited amount of Lasers. ...    12 MB    Views 2671
-7    THE ALIENS ARE HERE Only Alfie, and his endless supply of bottle rockets, have any hope of defeating them Help Alfie by firing rocket after rocket at the alien invaders before they destroy him, and then the WORLD Backyard Invasion is ...    12 MB    Views 4287
aliens spawn alien endless
+2    The alien invasion has arrived and the mothership is spawning aliens? Be prepared for endless hours How many aliens can you spawn? 1 million? 1 billion? The future of the alien race depends on you Features: Spawn as many aliens as you ...    6 MB    Views 2928

Alien Splat

action game alien levels level fast challenging paced aliens spaceships
+17    Alien Splat is an action packed game where players try to splat as many aliens and spaceships as they can by tapping the flying objects. The aliens are moving in different patterns in space. For each level, the player is ...    17 MB    Views 9141

Hungry Space

ipad aliens alien hungry space mech mode dimension terrible support
-3    Hungry Space is coming for iPad And it's FREE Explore the space depths and survive the hungry alien creatures. Watch out for the terrible MechAlien: Can you escape it and challenge the fury of its threat? Classic Mode: grow to maximum ...    11 MB    Views 760
racing game alien aliens invasion shooter kill laser power energy friends
0    ALIEN INVASION GAME FREE YOUR WORLD FROM INVADING ALIENS SHOOTER 3D GAME Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty and the adrenaline is pumping through your system, as you are about to download the most exciting and addictive Arcade ...    60 MB    Views 4238

Aliens Amonguz

action game play aliens easy arcade human graphics start pace alien
+9    Easy to learn & addictive game play Aliens Amonguz is an action point&touch alike game with retro arcade graphics. [Features] Easy to play Addictive game play Catching tune Simple and effective arcade style graphics Game Center enabled [How to play] The concept is really simple. Spot the aliens ...    12 MB    Views 6447
+16    Let's stack up with the friendly aliens Stack, stack and stack To challenge the entire galaxy, stack your way to the highest world record Beside needing balance, also beware of meteor that get in your way In the 1 ...    23 MB    Views 684

Hold the Alien

Related Apps world alien hold invaders protect aliens destroy tap attack holding
+15    Hold the Alien invaders and save the world Protect the world from alien invaders by holding the world as long as you can. While you keep holding the world, the alien invaders will always come and try to attack the ...    5 MB    Views 3077
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+15    Shoot the aliens in this classic side shooting style game. The goal of the game is to shoot as many of the aliens as you can. You get an X when an alien gets by you and once you get ...    5 MB    Views 966
+12    Aliens are on the loose inside Area 51 and you've got the secret weapon to blast 'em This game requires a high degree of accuracy, strategy and skill to take out these nasty aliens in this highly addictive puzzle game. ...    47 MB    Views 5182

Tap Tap Space 2D

Related Apps tap aliens planet game play steal mode touch alien smash
-8    Tap Tap Space 2D is a simple tap to play and entertaining game. Get ready to defend the planet as groups of aliens are about to invade the planet Those greedy aliens are here to steal the resources from the planet. ...    6 MB    Views 9340

Alien Dodge

Related Apps aliens game alien dodge destroy free
+16    Alien Dodge is an addictive, fun and free game for everyone. You have to destroy 100 aliens to win the game. Tap the screen to fire torpedos and destroy the aliens Each kill earns you 1 point. Be careful Some aliens move faster than ...    10 MB    Views 606

Alien Squashfest

aliens save alien
+9    Save mankind with your finger by squashing those pesky blue aliens. Become the best alien squasher Save the moles Do not let them enslave us and make us do silly things Test your reflexes as the game gets progressively harder and ...    37 MB    Views 4758

Alien Clicker

aliens clicker alien
-4    Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment The game is very simple: Click as many aliens as many and as fast as you can by tapping. As soon as you have enough aliens, trip to the shop and use ...    35 MB    Views 9501
cats super alien aliens invasion
+30    Protect the earth form the invading alien army You are a Super Cat and a member of the elite hero team, Super Cats. Use your super feline powers to destroy all the aliens and save humanity. Super Cats: Alien Invasion is ...    9 MB    Views 3318

Sky Pursuit

sky aliens blast upgrade ship wave pursuit alien https
-5    THE FINAL STAND Alien object landed on earth in the year 2099, we did not survive the invasion. You are the only one left of us and you are fighting the last war of humankind, in the sky. SKY PURSUIT Countless alien forces ...    21 MB    Views 5734

Alien Storm

shoot aliens alien storm
+4    Alien Storm is the new shoot 'em up game from iApps Development. Get your fingers at the ready and prepare to shoot. The aliens are Coming Kill as many aliens as you can, before they take over the world. Simply tap the screen ...    19 MB    Views 8807
eating planet aliens score alien destroy
+2    Don't let the planet eating aliens destroy your planet Be prepared for endless hours of defending your planet from the planet eating alien raid Features: Simple controlstap to destroy aliens 2 modesSurvival and War Complete as many levels as you can to score the ...    33 MB    Views 7863

Whack That Alien

moon time alien aliens whacking whack game space features
+1    Aliens invaded the moon Now its time to take them out Whack aliens and space objects invading the moon Can you be the ultimate alien whacker? Game Features: iPhone 4/5 & iPad optimization Game Center achievements: Accomplish missions as you face ...    13 MB    Views 1611

3 Alien Friends

+10    Aliens from three different planets are coming to the earth for food. Each alien can only move once each time and after the movement, it will fall to sleep until more than three of its species are coming together in ...    26 MB    Views 3807

Prism Shell

alien prism shell controls high currency touch tank aliens game
-8    Prism Shell is a high intensity scifi action game with intuitive touch controls. Hold your finger on the screen to fire at the alien hordes, and tap glowing points to glide across the battlefield in your highpowered hover tank. Dodge ...    25 MB    Views 7840
kamikaze alien aliens play planet fast collect stars tiny hours
+19    ALIEN KAMIKAZE, the ultimate defense game is coming with great features Waves of aliens are attacking your planet. You must save your planet. The ALIEN KAMIKAZE is moving fast. The ALIEN KAMIKAZE strikes hard. TheALIEN KAMIKAZE never gives up. However, your tiny ...    6 MB    Views 613

Tiny Alien Burst HD

tiny burst fun aliens game join reaction alien chain
+9    Tiny Alien Burst HD is a crazy chain reaction game you can start but you'll never be able to stop. Come join the fun In this very addictive puzzle game you burst Tiny Aliens to trigger a chain reaction in ...    15 MB    Views 1972

Space Quest!

aliens rocket space stars
+2    Guide your rocket through space by tilting your device left and right and stop the aliens invading earth. Collect stars and ammo along the way. Use the stars to upgrade your rocket and weapons in the store. Avoid collisions with any aliens.    8 MB    Views 8396

Rocket Upgrade

kids design facebook love aliens rocket upgrade game alien powerful score mintmomeg
+22    To protect invaded from unlimited Aliens, new powerful rocket is needed to defense massive alien war. ROCKET UPGRADE got new powerful wings that help rocket flying faster with turbo engine to fight with UPGRADE ALIEN Are you ready for ...    9 MB    Views 1582
moon time aliens alien whacking space whack game
+1    Aliens invaded the moon Now its time to take them out Whack aliens and space objects invading the moon Can you be the ultimate alien whacker? Game Features: iPhone 4/5 & iPad optimization Game Center achievements: Accomplish missions as you face ...    11 MB    Views 177

Alien Invasion

hostages game alien aliens
-8    Aliens have invaded, and it is up to you to defend the planet Blast the invading forces into smithereens, but be careful, as some of the aliens have taken hostages. Avoid directly killing ships with hostages at all costs to ...    5 MB    Views 93

Defend The Planets

Related Apps aliens game boss weapons defend alien simple planets
+30    Save the galaxy from the evil (and somewhat yucky) Aliens You are the Galactic Hero who must defend all the planets against alien attacks. Each planet can get damaged and if the aliens reach the core, it explodes (not so good) ...    27 MB    Views 9869

Rocket Doodle

Related Apps doodle rocket aliens asteroids fun space
+22    The Doodle Space Invader Rocket doodle is a fun little 2D game where you fly a space rocket through asteroids and use your laser to destroy incoming Aliens. Get the highest score by flying the farthest, dodging asteroids and shooting aliens. Remember ...    4 MB    Views 8142

Farm Invasion USA

farm corn alien pops invasion cool space runner fun aliens
-8    Join in on what’s maybe the craziest alien hunt in the galaxy Make Redneck Pops proud and welcome the visitors from outer space... the Texan way Crazy cool runner game Awesome fun shooter UFO sightings at old Pops' farm Use a ...    24 MB    Views 8792
alien crappy aliens earth save game super pillars destroy hive
-7    Exciting Alien Smashing Game with new features This is the end of all flappies No more Flappies are allowed here How to Play: 1. Target the crappy aliens. 1. Just tap to close the pillars together. 2. Do not let them go through the pillars. 3. ...    9 MB    Views 9237

Red Rocket Free

green mode easy rocket tap move give collect alien shield
+1    Description: The object of this game is to fly your rocket for as long as possible while avoiding aliens and asteroids that are flying at you. To move your rocket, simply tap the screen and it will move up. Each tap stacks, ...    6 MB    Views 8258

Final Fury

players limited aliens invaders final fury alien
-5    The war between humans and the alien invaders from the Walnutro galaxy has waged for decades Many people have died Too many… But the aliens will not relent The last line of defense, humanity's only hope is in grave danger Now, it's time to let ...    144 MB    Views 1584

Alien Drop

games alien aliens drop tower game high harder
+14    Maestro Interactive Games presents Alien Drop, a first in our Alien Series of games. Build a tower of Aliens and reach the spaceship at the top. Cranes carrying the aliens will move back and forth, simply tap the screen to ...    6 MB    Views 1639
Related Apps aliens impossible blasting invasion alien
+25    The ultimate impossible alien invasion pandemic that's taking over the world Save the earth by blasting away the most ferocious and cutest dive bombing explosive aliens of all time Good luck saving the planet and blasting the most aliens Super simple controls ...    8 MB    Views 3729

Cowboys vs. Aliens

aliens game cowboy great city alien cowboys
-2    Once upon a time ... ... life was peaceful in Cowboy City Until ugly aliens came along ... ... and laid waste to beautiful Cowboy City Only a few warhorses survived ... ... facing total annihilation they found a replicator With this remarkable alien technology ...    20 MB    Views 8850

Backyard Invasion

rocket alfie aliens backyard invasion
+6    THE ALIENS ARE HERE Only Alfie, and his endless supply of bottle rockets, have any hope of defeating them Help Alfie by firing rocket after rocket at the alien invaders before they destroy him, and then the WORLD Backyard Invasion is ...    12 MB    Views 3238
games climate laser super aliens alien earth blowing world shooter 1942
+21    "A worthy addition to anyone's shoot'emup collection, regardless of whether you're a newcomer or a veteran to the genre." Andrew Nesvadba, (5/5) "Quite possibly my favorite scrolling shooter so far" Eric Pankoke, (9/10) "Super Laser is worth every ...    71 MB    Views 8758

Jetman Reloaded

surface planet jetman rover lunar alien teleport earth aliens
+16    After a crash, Jetman has landed in a strange undiscovered world, inhabited by hundreds of aliens whose intention is the total destruction of the planet Earth. Alien missile installations, surrounded by electric defence stations, are scattered over the surface of the ...    29 MB    Views 8231
music game free sound effects aliens protect alien version graphics
+19    __________________________________________ 'Amazing Game Without The Violence I Like It 'I Love The Graphics This Game Is A Whole New Experience 'The Challenges Of This Game really Expands You Strategic Thinking' 'Superb Game Quality Free Game Its Awesome __________________________________________ People are being kidnapped by aliens for experiment ...    64 MB    Views 3285

Alien Burst

aliens stars tap stages unlock burst alien
+5    Advance to the next stage by Bursting All Alien in Specified time. How to do it? It's quite simple Just tap and burst aliens. To generate Awesome combos try to pop 10 or more aliens with the same class. Enjoy dragging and popping ...    38 MB    Views 9922
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-4    FREE FOR LIMITED TIME Jump with your alien and get as high as possible. Collect stars in campaign mode and jump through all 18 levels. Be careful There are other aliens. They want to stop you. Maybe there is ...    8 MB    Views 3131
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