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Jump, Alien!

+22    Very simple & Casual Jump Game Touch the aliens to JUMP & Get high scores They can jump anywhere because they are aliens Touch more , more power How to get score Every touch : +1 Aliens go to out of ...    32 MB    Views 9053

Flying UFO

+11    Behold The crazy alien strikes again in this mindboggling new adventure. During his space travels our intrepid alien encountered a strange new world, seemingly hospitable, but one that contains countless obstacles moving towards you "Tap" the screen to make our ...    30 MB    Views 6226
+10    ___________________________________
 „I love the little alien” „Great to get as many combo`s possible” „Awesome and very addictive game” ___________________________________ Help the funny alien travel through space Jump between planets, score combo`s, get launched in cannons, fly on rockets, collect coins and the treasure chests If ...    20 MB    Views 6343
alien fly
+7    Help the tiny alien to fly through the city. Tap to fly Dodge the pipes Be the first to win the game    9 MB    Views 8144
dragon alien
+1    Move the fierce dragon and shoot fire at the imposing alien as it shoots lightening bolts at you. Can you survive?    1 MB    Views 6316

Tappy Alien

alien tappy
+2    Tappy Alien Free: The beamy timing + retro skill game to jack the jumpy martians and send them home with the flying saucer sound effects. Challenge and compete with friends for all ages, including adults, teens, kids, family ...    4 MB    Views 4184

Fluffy Alien

flappy friends bird compete score alien harder exciting world
+29    Help the alien to go back to his planet. Tap the screen to let him fly with his UFO. Compete your score with your friends. Get as many stars as you can.Never let an obstacle kills the hoppy flappy Dumb ...    16 MB    Views 9216
game alien
+25    Protect your land against alien battleships in this amusing survival war game Use your fingers to draw the path of the missiles and take down your enemies. Do not let the Aliens get near your allies Have tons of fun with this ...    11 MB    Views 5043
-3    Alien Warrior that will fight enemies Download & Play today    36 MB    Views 6523

Santa's Sweatshop

+8    Christmas is drawing near and Santa's elves have to work harder and harder to try to get all of the toys ready. They can’t do it without your help Santa needs you to help make toys as fast as you ...    5 MB    Views 839
game alien
+5    Protect your land against alien battleships in this amusing survival war game Use your fingers to draw the path of the missiles and take down your enemies. Do not let the Aliens get near your allies Have tons of fun with this ...    15 MB    Views 7485
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+2    Race through space as an alien space bee collecting items in this crazy flying game. Be careful to avoid obstacles that make flying harder. Collect alien bee pollen space goo. Go as far as possible to achieve the highest possible ...    38 MB    Views 2989

Alien Baby Bounce

baby family alien ball babies beach bounce highest dropping sand score
+30    Beach Bouncing has never been so much fun as with these giggling Alien Babies. Alien Baby Bounce is an entertaining, family friendly game that challenges the gamer to attain the highest score possible while rolling a beach ball under alien ...    3 MB    Views 1080

Alien Swarm Fighter

swarm alien
-7    Protect earth from the swarm of alien invaders as their numbers and speed increase. How long can you hold off the invasion? How fast are your thumbs? Use them to propel you to glory and fame Arcadestyle action shooter with lots of ...    13 MB    Views 287
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+2    Bubble Shooter is an extremely addictive match three game. You'll spend hours exploding bubbles on your iPhone. Playing the game is really easy: shoot at likecolored bubbles to make them pop. When you miss to burst bubbles a number of ...    4 MB    Views 1165


+28    I'm stranded on an Alien planet. I need to use my jetpack to boost me through space. Land on the platforms or fall into the Alien river. See how far you can get. Don't forget to use your eject button for an extra chance. Collect ...    47 MB    Views 5863
kids earth alien game fun wave
+5    Alien Wave Addictive and lots of fun. The aliens were looking for a new home and are trying to land on Earth. You must stop them by tapping on them before they beam onto the surface of the Earth. Great way to ...    8 MB    Views 349
sheep alien
+9    You're racing against the clock every second of the way Save your sheep from an alien abduction by herding them to the barn It's harder than it sounds, try it for yourself Great animated graphics and sound Play with friends to see whose sheep ...    8 MB    Views 1049
0    space battle games android Shoot the alien spacecraft, space war, the galaxy by have to shoot the enemy ship to protect the spacecraft the mother ship, prevent the attack of the alien galaxy war. With this small rockets, which need ...    45 MB    Views 5348

Lunar Runner

-7    Help the astronaut escape from the wacky alien Avoid the approaching alien by tapping on the screen to jump. Be careful timing your jumps The alien will accelerate continuously.    17 MB    Views 2576
alien lots
-5    While on their way to school a group of alien students was abducted and taken to the Earth. Your task is to find and save the little green men. If you want to succeed, you’ll need fast fingers and, above ...    10 MB    Views 9155
Related Apps earth alien
+5    RAW PANIC WILL THE EARTH BE DESTROYED BY THESE PSYCHOTIC SPACE BEASTS? BEWARE these hideous intergalactic terrorists, defying science, feeding on radioactivity, threatening world security in a hellbent war tothedeath of all civilization. RESIST the flood of this giant, alien insect race with ...    7 MB    Views 6454
facebook games family kids challenge tap game score share good enjoy cool
0    Hey kids Here we have for you the “Swing Sharky” game. An addictive tap tap challenge game. Get the shark pass through the hurdles and score the maximum you can. Score higher and share it with your friends and family ...    30 MB    Views 9214

Alien of the Mars

alien mars
+9    You are an explorer Mars, and you lost your teammate in one attack of monsters. Keep your lives, by defensive positions, firing guns into the endless waves of alien.    22 MB    Views 9772
0    Kids Space Games – World War Alien Defense is a fast paced adventure where the survival of all life on earth is up to you and your ability to Tap Tap Tap the screen Welcome to the world of Aliens, a ...    21 MB    Views 3527
bugs alien
0    Alien bugs have infested the planet and you are on your own in the desert. Defend yourself against a never ending swarm of them for as long as you can. You have to use your gun and grenades effectively and ...    54 MB    Views 7936

Woah Dave!

retro dave arcade score alien controller
-2    Optimized for iPhone 6+ A huge hit at E3, PAX, PAX East, IndieCade and California Extreme. The criticallyacclaimed retrostyled arcade neoclassic is here From the folks behind the BIT.TRIP series comes the frantic insanity that is WOAH DAVE Help our hero, Dave ...    25 MB    Views 2584

Flappy Aliens

+4    Experience the adventure of Flappy Alien, the flying U.F.O, through the world of Alien Planet by dodging obstacles. Gain the best score . Flappy Alien is a Cartoony art style platform game. The player who is in control of a flying U.F.O ...    14 MB    Views 6845
games space defender alien destroy galaxy beat galactic command score collect
+26 says This app hits the mark with laser accuracy, the game only takes a minute to figure out, but it can provide endless hours of challenging fun. George Monroy review says My gaming skills fall squarely in the ...    26 MB    Views 6607
0    This alien has landed and is not messing around Great graphics Easy to play Download NOW    37 MB    Views 7448
kids games puzzle game monsters points making line color adults score
+7    This game is suited for all ages, it is a puzzle game for kids aswell as adults. You can play are Touch to move the monsters and score as many points as possible by making various lines of one color ...    8 MB    Views 1505

Alien Hop

Related Apps jump alien hop fun planet score tap game
-6    Alien hop is a fun arcade game where you play as a robot and tap to jump over an alien. Sounds kinda boring at first, but Alien Hop is very fun and addicting You'll find yourself competing for the highest ...    15 MB    Views 7074
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-8    Let's meet your new and sweet alien friend Fluffy He has lost in the deep galaxy and landed on Earth. Your mission is to help him to run back to his spacecraft, so he can get back to home. Tap ...    17 MB    Views 5352


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+7    FLURF is a super challenging endless platformer Escape the Monsters Rescue the Kids As the reluctant alien hero FLURF, you must avoid massive monsters across an alien landscape while rescuing your kids. The more obstacles you overcome & the more kids you save ...    31 MB    Views 3756

Alien Galaxies

+6    An epic alien game that will keep you mesmerized for hours So, grab your jetpack and work your way through the galaxy. Be sure to get there as fast as you can or you will be vaporized.    50 MB    Views 7763

rocket upgrade hd

kids design facebook love aliens rocket upgrade game alien powerful score mintmomeg
-7    To protect invaded from unlimited Aliens, new powerful rocket is needed to defense massive alien war. ROCKET UPGRADE got new powerful wings that help rocket flying faster with turbo engine to fight with UPGRADE ALIEN Are you ready for ...    5 MB    Views 1394

Transformer Jump

-6    Alien robot on our planet do not want to be seen and is forced to move in flight. Help him come to alien space sheep and go home. good animation beautiful graphics interesting gameplay many levels    36 MB    Views 2429

Math Pop Arcade

math kids educational time challenge score equation add arcade game pop higher mode answer
+8    Math Pop Arcade is a fun educational game that will help kids learn math at their own pace as they try to achieve a high score Rather than answer problems that are given to them, they must create their own ...    36 MB    Views 390
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+3    This game is full of excitement, fun, and will never leave you bored. With awesome graphics, sounds and addicting and endless gameplay, you, your children, and your friends will be asking for more The kids are all home since mommy is ...    25 MB    Views 9245

Alien Slingshot

kids facebook design love aliens alien slingshot game mintmomeg score items cute
+14    Free now for two week Are you ready for the Aliens that are going to invade Earth? It is up to you to protect the world from them No matter how old you are, "Alien Slingshot" offers some quick laugh for ...    7 MB    Views 9023
age facebook games twitter building running kids monsters game score www escape drawn soundtrack punching
+26    Like Janet Jackson said the best things in life are FREE and now, so are we Plus we've jammed in a ton of new content and upgrades Get the game that Slide To Play gave 4 out of 4 ...    45 MB    Views 644

Alien Defender SD

game alien
+25    Protect your land against alien battleships in this amusing survival war game Use your fingers to draw the path of the missiles and take down your enemies. Do not let the Aliens get near your allies Have tons of fun with this ...    10 MB    Views 6303
alien fly
+3    Help the tiny alien to fly through the city. Tap to fly Dodge the pipes Be the first to win the game    8 MB    Views 1109
+23    Shoot down the alien monster creatures before they reach you defend your planet from the crazy monsters trying to extinct the human race, Fight to survive    19 MB    Views 6348

Alien Eggs

alien eggs
+14    You've taken over the alien egg farm and you need to keep the alien eggs from hatching. A laser shooting meets blocks game in the second Junto3 tribute to oldschool arcade games.    9 MB    Views 3043
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-2    Play one of the most exciting smashing games ever This game is a hit It will provide you with a comical and challenging time. You will find yourself in a virtual universe, surrounded by some Aliens that are literally invading ...    12 MB    Views 3460
playing kids game eggs match score fast lots levels tap
-3    Have you ever played a match 3 or more eggs game in a physics world? Switch and match your way through lots of levels in this colourful and addictive puzzle match. The object of the game is to clear the board by ...    39 MB    Views 7334

alien syncope

+15    Alien Syncope tries to be an 8bit retrostyle game that sees a cute alien armed with a laser, flying through jet up and down the heavens, destroying crazy UFOs that seek to annihilate him with sinusoids of death. The score ...    5 MB    Views 805
0    Alien Warrior that will fight enemies Download & Play today    36 MB    Views 4724
Related Apps kids bubbles popping fun game top bubble score pop difficulty levels
-6    Popping Bubbles from Ape Apps is the ultimate bubble popping game Geared towards kids but fun for adults, you will have fun as you burst bubbles in this incredible hand eye coordination game. Blast your way through 3 difficulty levels ...    7 MB    Views 9715

Alien Carrier

-6    Avoid and break obstacles to reach the goal. Try to pass all levels and destroy the Big Boss Alien.    32 MB    Views 9739

Alien Invasion 1.0

alien game
-4    Alien Invaders is an arcade game where you have to destroy the alien ships before they arrive on earth. Is a classic game style space invades.    30 MB    Views 723

Alien Colliders

+8    Alien Colliders Blast the Flying Saucers and save the Earth from the alien invaders. This is an old school space invader style arcade game. There's no messing around here, just download and start shooting Enjoy.    29 MB    Views 7291
kids ball balls reaction accuracy roll test highest target holes score
+5    Ball games are one of the most ancient on the planet. Rolling balls into holes is what the humanity has been doing since the Stone Age perhaps. How can somebody dislike it? But now it’s the time to get it ...    43 MB    Views 4806
green game fight alien characters life pick invasion score lot free
+1    It's a typical girls night out.....well for them getting out on deck on their huge spaceship and fight an alien invasion is pretty common. Green, yellow, blue or pink it doesn't matter, fight them off. We do not know what they want, ...    23 MB    Views 7193

Alien Cyclone

alien friends score tap button stop ring free point
+3    POST YOUR BEST SCORE IN THE REVIEWS THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED The evil Bakachan has taken your alien friends hostage aboard his space vortex. He has challenged you to a classic game of "Spinny Ring." In exchange he will free one of ...    8 MB    Views 6307
+4    Blast off with this amazingly fun runner Avoid the alien as your collect crystals and power ups. Beam down to alien planets and dodge meteor storms. Use your laser blaster to blow up any obstacles in your way. Upgrade characters ...    79 MB    Views 8727

Space Alien Shooter

alien skills
0    Show the Alien menace who's boss by using your matching skills. Destroy the Alien and earn your title as the Alien Destroyer. Use your skills to further your conquest and reach the last alien planet.    47 MB    Views 3546
kids adventure dragon game collect ball escape attack score play goku
+8    Please help goku collect ball for the score. Escape from dragon attack. Dragon Fly is an adventure game. Collect ball for the score. Escape from dragon attack. This game easy to play even for boy and little kids How is the game ...    8 MB    Views 7141
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