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+13    SPACE CHICKENS vs ANGRY ZOMBIES You are a Space Chicken sent on a mission to rid the universe of Angry Zombies. Enjoy classic platformer action with physics based action in this fun first chapter of Space Chickens VS Angry Zombies Features HD graphics ...    21 MB    Views 6552

Angry Raptor Full

0    You're an Angry Raptor…Fire at will. Control your aircraft with the cool joystick like controls and shoot down anything that gets in your path. With the amazing graphics, you will be firing missiles at your enemies in great settings like ...    28 MB    Views 1113

Angry Crab 2048

challenge angry score crab 2048
+1    >>> Best Game 2014 AppMakers Challenge Award <<< Take the Challenge Beat Angry Crab 2048 How far can you Score? Compare with others in the HIGHSCORE Ranking. Be careful: Highly addictive Only players with best reaction speed will score high    32 MB    Views 4056
face tap don angry
+4    Tap the happy face. Be careful Don't tap the angry face. Simple and fun gameplay    15 MB    Views 5777

Angry Flappy

game flappy angry bird
+21    Help Angry Flappy navigate the rage inducing tree stumps and make it back to his nest Angry Flappy is the great new bird flying game for iOS With Game Center support, easy controls, and cute graphics, this the game is a ...    5 MB    Views 4891

Angry Burns

unlocked angry
+23    Fly with Angry Burns through the obstacles Features: funny sounds and graphics 4 difficulties (1 to be unlocked) 6 different birds (5 to be unlocked) Gamecenter leaderboards and achievements Tweet your highscore    13 MB    Views 1307

Angry BaBoom

angry screen coins
+9    Without his coins, BaBoom becomes very ANGRY and explodes. Guide BaBoom through the Jelly Boom invasion and keep him calm by collecting the coins that have been spread all around the land. Easy game play: Touch Screen to launch BaBoom in the ...    8 MB    Views 2241
+26    Is Your Favorite Holiday Halloween? Well it looks like its Halloween at the North Pole? Some Person sent a Zombie Virus to Santa Claus Luckily the Elves Open his Mail Help Santa put the Angry Zombie Elves on Ice Throw Snowballs ...    36 MB    Views 8168

Angry Chicken

-2    Grandma is cleaning the farm. Have some fun shooting the fruits, but hey take care, don't shoot the chickens or Grandma will get angry. Scarecrows will give you some extra features. Tap on the fruit to shoot them. If you have ...    22 MB    Views 4332
jellies angry
-7    Ah, these fruit filled lovely Jellies were minding their own business enjoying their lives on the beach, soaking up the summer rays. One day, something made them angry and turn evil It is your job to make sure you smash all ...    7 MB    Views 4161

Angry Crossy Jump

+19    Make the angry chicken jump up the levels. Super addictive fun game    8 MB    Views 2369

Angry Space Rocket

Related Apps rocket angry space
+15    Angry Space Rocket In A Galaxy Far Away Roky The Rocket Is Trying To Out Run His Enemies. Guide Him Safely Through The Asteroids By Tilting Your Device Left or Right.Collect The Power Ups For Extra Points.    11 MB    Views 4168
classic angry aliens
+24    Protect the Earth from Angry Aliens in UFOs and flying saucers. This classic arcade shooter with a modern twist will challenge your skills to the max Brought to you by Metatron (MRNJ) iphone app division iMobilize, one of the only ...    9 MB    Views 5366

RecTang Zings Fun

angry fun face
+30    Rac Tang Zings if Fun game. Make Face Funny don't leave angry. Tap the Angry Face and Make him Happy Z'Z'Z'Z'.    4 MB    Views 334
action angry unlocked rampage grandpa
-3    100% FREE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED Get ready for angry grandpa on a shooting rampage One by one you need to show all these crazy aliens who is boss Featuring cool graphics, awesome sounds, and lots of action FEATURES All characters unlocked ...    33 MB    Views 887
+5    ++++ NO ADS ++++ Imagine you are Italian chef and angry pizzas are attacking you may defend your kitchen and save all people around the world. Get defend against angry pizzas using kitchen tools you have at your fingertips. Beware, they are ...    24 MB    Views 4121

Angry Drivers

drivers crazy angry game cars
+2    Angry Drivers is an exciting bombing game where you have to destroy the crazy cars Crazy drivers are driving so fast and coming at you They will hit you and you will die Don't worry, I am here to help you. Take your weapons ...    48 MB    Views 4370
+13    Tap, Tap, Tap, Score High and Get Angry 
After you get angry, you can destroy the Bird and continue to score    4 MB    Views 2894

Angry Chicks

angry chickens
+27    Revenge the arrogance of the chickens and sattle peace once and for all. Don't let angry chickens rule the world, destroy them at their roots. Smash those eggs, before birds are borne Take yourself on a journey that you never ...    7 MB    Views 3944

Angry Egg

angry egg
+20    The Egg is Angry Help You Can Grow Up For Angry Egg    6 MB    Views 5869

Angry Owl!

owl angry night dark
-2    SAVE THE Angry Owl IN DARK NIGHT The game draws its theme from a previous smash hit, but with an Owl in Dark Night :) Enjoy    28 MB    Views 9515
fish feed angry game
-3    Try to feed fish in new game "Toothy Fish". Be careful, don't feed fish when they are angry and show their teeth, they can bite. Try to feed the fish, as much as possible, until they are not angry. Have a good mood    7 MB    Views 7997

Angry Skater Run

-9    Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through the city subways. You must help the skater to collect all the coins on his biggest adventure yet Travel with the through the streets and collect all the treasury gold along the way. Jump ...    47 MB    Views 9777

Angry Greeks Lite

-7    Angry Greeks is a fun game. Your mission? Simple Eliminate all Politics But be aware....Friendly fire will not be tolerated... Angry and we Like it    18 MB    Views 4107
angry play birds land objects
+1    Confused about where stuff land when you play Angry Birds? Play this app to launch flying objects at various angle and speed. Click and drag, just like when you do on Angry Bird, and see exactly how objects fly and ...    5 MB    Views 2348

Angry Toilets

toilets angry game making enjoy
+18    TOILETS ARE MAKING ME ANGRY Angry insert noun here... it's been done before, many times in fact, but not like this The other wellknown game about angry feathered creatures is NOTHING LIKE THIS GAME. This is a firstperson shooter where you go ...    122 MB    Views 2946

Angry Bombs!

-4    Angry bombs is a massive arcader Catch those nasty bombs as they fall, addiction is assured :) If you liked "Kaboom" on the Atari platform, or liked breakout style games like "Arkanoid", You'll love this modern mash up OS 4.0+ tested only.    7 MB    Views 7053

Angry Gophers

gophers angry shoot
-5    Intruders have taken over their Forest Course and the Gophers are angry. Help the Gophers by using special balls and clubs to take out these unwanted guests. All holes will require logic, skill, and accuracy to shoot the best round ...    14 MB    Views 3411
dinosaurs angry flying
+7    Flying angry dinosaurs, more commonly known as Agrosaurs are roaming around your friendly dinosaur civilization. You need to eradicate them completely. It may seem simple, but make sure and keep an eye on the Agrosaur counter and on the timer... HOW TO ...    21 MB    Views 7695

Drunk Cloud

cloud drunk clouds happy angry
-3    Bar's out Drunk Cloud has had a few too many grownup drinks and needs to get home, but not before grabbing some street meat Help Drunk Cloud eat hotdogs and avoid the Happy Clouds who want to hug him and harsh ...    8 MB    Views 8355
caveman run dinosaurs angry dash
+2    Run, run, run Caveman Dash takes you back – way back – to the days when dinosaurs sprinted through the jungle, and caveman had to use their wits to survive. dodging
 obstacles and avoid being eaten by the angry dinosaurs by attacking ...    120 MB    Views 7853

Angry Bros

bros angry space
+4    Outer space has been littered with Angry Bros Hop in your little green space ship and turn those Angry Bros into Happy Bros Try and beat your best time while unlocking the achievements But beware of the sticky walls when trying to ...    11 MB    Views 2591

Angry Atoms HD

atoms destroy game angry reactor
-1    Yes, the game you've been waiting for, Angry Atoms, is here. You've been given control of a nuclear reactor. You must protect it Atoms begin to appear quickly in the reactor. You must destroy them, before they destroy you As the ...    28 MB    Views 5381
game points angry space arrows
+22    FEATURED on Apple's NEW RELEASES list A challenging action game that test your reflexes and speed. These arrows are ANGRY and out of control We must study these things more closely. Keep them in our view of space so we can ...    14 MB    Views 2736

Angry Bugs HD

angry tap bugs game
0    New version of the popular game of all times Fresh view to old good gameplay Tap tap and tap them again Angry Bugs are waiting for you Features: 3 type of fast and angry bugs Realistic animation Beautiful design Download this cool game right ...    7 MB    Views 6465

Angry Bum

-2    Angry Bum is a black/white 8bit style arcarde game. The bum gets angry in the woods Chop the wood and avoid the branches How far can you get?    7 MB    Views 2823

Angry Aaron

-8    Tired of your job dragging you down? Tired of your overbearing bosses bringing you down? Then make work go by faster and help Angry Aaron run away from all of his responsibilities and try and score as money points as ...    62 MB    Views 8186
Related Apps spikes don angry touch
+1    Make the little bird fly and don't touch the angry spikes How far can you make it?    7 MB    Views 7544
panda gameplay overcome angry
-9    Play the Angry Panda to release your anger and frustration In China Mainland, there are few Panda who were trapped in the forest far far away. They are trying hard to find a way out of the darkness as food ...    21 MB    Views 6615

Angry Square

angry square
0    Rated Most popular app in the app store Bounce your Angry Square thru all the obstacles. Avoid getting hit but the spikes or falling. Many levels designed to keep you on your toes    19 MB    Views 6455

Angry Atoms Lite

version lite atoms angry
+4    This is the free Lite version of Angry Atoms. Destroy the atoms to stop the reactor from exploding. If you are too slow, you will lose The Lite version has a playing time limit of one minute per game, and the full ...    12 MB    Views 6269
Related Apps dragon quest angry beat tiny
0    Help Greeny the tiny Dragon to achieve his quest and beat Roarlock, the master Dragon, who stole his gold Will you be able to beat all bosses in this fun game? Collect coins to unlock 3 other cute tiny Dragons with more ...    39 MB    Views 7958

Angry Evil Free

Related Apps evil angry level
+10    Angry Evil features challenging physicsbased gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill and force to solve. Over 40 stages' level make you fun Do not make the evil mad. Four stupid thieves stole a precious treasure of the evil. And ...    34 MB    Views 8451
circles squares angry avoid
+6    Avoid The Angry Squares And Circles    3 MB    Views 37

Angry Truckers

+2    These angry truckers are trying to run you down with their rigs. Lucky for you, you brought along your M16 assault rifle. Can you take out the angry truckers before they turn you into roadkill? Features: Beautiful graphics and awesome sound Fast ...    7 MB    Views 6441

Anrgy Fire Runner

blob fires blue angry
+4    Try to save Blue Blob from Angry Fires Sharp & Clean 2D graphics Smooth & Precise Hardcore gameplay Realistic Physics Very Angry Fires You single Blue Blob between angry fires. Try to survive as long as possible Move the blue blob to ...    26 MB    Views 5

Angry Bugs

angry tap bugs game
-3    New version of the popular game of all times Fresh view to old good gameplay Tap tap and tap them again Angry Bugs are waiting for you Features: 3 type of fast and angry bugs Realistic animation Beautiful design Download this cool game right ...    5 MB    Views 3373

Angry Samurai

samurai anger angry enemies rage
-7    CONTROL YOUR ANGER... OR NOT As a quicktempered Samurai that gets angry at just about anything, fight your way through hordes of enemies that just seem to want to make you RAGE ANGRY SAMURAI Features: Unique ANGER LEVEL gameplay: Stay safe as a ...    273 MB    Views 3112

Angry Transformer

transformers angry levels transformer
-5    Exciting gameplay The incredible transformations Complicated and interesting levels Angry Transformers game will give you the opportunity to play with your favorite characters Transformers Use the unique power of each TRANSFORMER to destroy the strongest defense To perform the ...    40 MB    Views 5007

Angry Pigs

game pigs angry
-8    Angry Pigs is a simple yet very very addictive game, requiring skill, determination and a little luck, have a draw for young and old Features: Endless hours of fun, you can repeatedly play it without boring Best, smoothest, fastest interface of ...    12 MB    Views 280
angry force run moles delta
-7    Best Of The Series Best App Music Ever Best Multiplayer Out 'Angry Moles' Is Back With Delta Force Run Challenge Players Worldwide & through Facebook. Get It Now And Set The Pace..    25 MB    Views 8191
soccer levels players angry evolution
+11    ¡¡Hitting Players. Cristiano Ronaldo,Messi,Neymar,Guardiola,Casillas is challenging you Angry Evolution Soccer is the game you are looking for. You know how to play this kind of games. Think before you throw. Includes : Destroying Levels Soccer Graphics Simulates the laws of Physics Levels of thinking Every month, Every Update and more ...    19 MB    Views 9392

Angry Ex

angry catch
+15    My Angry Ex is now available on your IPhone Catch all of your belongs as your angry ex throws them out of the window The more items you catch, the more lives you can earn Features: Game Center Catchy Soundtrack Simple Controls Multiple ...    14 MB    Views 2879

Angry Eagle!!

angry game eagle
-4    Here we go with our new game Angry Eagle which is full of entertainment and time pass. So get ready to download in your device and start playing. In this game you have to fly safely in the air and ...    10 MB    Views 8555
strike mad levels angry
+5    Women Angry, annoyed, or mad with your man? Now you can get even with him >:) Beware Some mighty angry girlfriends are here and ready for payback. Relationships are messy Especially if you’re boyfriend’s a slob, a liar, a flirt, or a ...    29 MB    Views 4981

Jungle Run 2

Related Apps jump run angry enemies
+21    Help him to jump and run through the beautiful worlds to find his gold. Be careful There are many angry monsters. They want to stop him in each world. An angry monster or block could hit him. An easy and ...    33 MB    Views 7919

Angry Zombie Balls

zombie zombies balls angry
+4    Beware of the Angry Zombie Balls An experiment with zombies has gone terribly wrong and an endless number of zombie heads are being created. They are looking to escape and wreak havoc on the city unless you can diffuse and ...    17 MB    Views 454

Five Angry Emojis

angry emojis
+25    Dodge five Angry Emojis for as long as you can. Simple to play but hard to beat.    9 MB    Views 3242
videos top pet angry meat
+24    ATTENTION You can MAKE MONEY with your pet in our championship Make videos where your pet playing the game and get prize for its score 30 top 1 20 top 2 10 top 3 Eagerly waiting for your comments and cool videos. How ...    37 MB    Views 7412
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