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CatBall 3D - Delicious Treat | ARCADE-gamesios

Cats are so curious! And they adore boxes like nobody else. Welcome to the world of fluffy balls who are extremely cute and playful! CatBall 3D - Delicious Treat is a perfect brain teaser for all cat lovers. You have 3 things you are to operate with: a platform, a kitten and a box with some food. Calculate the trajectory, swipe and grab the food. Easy? Maybe, until your cat starts to grow bigger!

How to play?

Use swipe to jump. Grab the food! Be careful: your kitten risks to fall down from the platfrom! It grows bigger by levels and it becomes easier for it to fall down.

BONUS: when your cat reaches its maximum size, you get access to new cats!

CatBall 3D - Delicious Treat features:

- Ideal puzzle for cat lovers;

- Feed little kittens and don't let them fall down;

- Grow them big and unblock new fluffy balls;

- Swipe controlling;

- Suitable for little kids.
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CatBall 3D - Delicious Treat PRO

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-05-07
Categories Treat, Geek,
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