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Where Is The Milk? PRO | ARCADE-gamesios


Meow! This little kitten was left without a drop of milk! The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and even backyard. Put everything upside-down, don't let the little fluffy kitten starve!

How to play?

You found yourself in a huge kitchen. Explore every corner, check every patten, jump on a table, crawl under the chair...

Explore every room in a house and find the precious milk as fast as possible!

Where Is The Milk? features:

- Cute puzzle game for kids and adults!

- Explore the whole house and find milk!

- Feel as a naughty little kitten!

- Don't let the kitten starve!

- Show your attention and logic!
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Where Is The Milk?

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-01-10
Categories Time, Cleaning,
Views 5882