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Build The City Tower | ARCADE-gamesios

If you think you know which building is the biggest in the world you are wrong! Because YOU are going to build it NOW! It’s time to let out your architectural dreams and desires with Build The Tower!

The goal is pretty simple yet challenging – make descending and moving building blocks to fall down in right position as accurately as possible to get points! Remember that there has to be a lying block for descending one or otherwise bulgy parts will split off thus making your base smaller and giving you less points! As a true architect you have more difficulties in your way: nasty birds try to get in blocks way! So avoid them or you’ll lose points! Don’t worry though for there are a couple of bonuses to aid you such as frozen extra-solid blocks and shiny crystal to slow down their speed!

Enjoy playing 2 game modes: levels with increasing difficulty or with time limit! Choose the building you want to build:

∙ skyscraper, lighthouse, antique house or Santa’s hut ∙

And make it as tall as you can to achieve the highest score!


Simply touch the screen to make the descending block fall down. If it doesn’t wholly fall on the lying block the bulgy part will split off and you will get fewer points! Avoid the birds or you’ll lose part of your score! There are two bonuses: 10 seconds of super solid blocks which don’t break apart if you perfectly land 3 blocks in a row and a diamond to make them temporary fall slower – use them to earn more points!

You can choose different buildings:

∙ skyscraper

∙ lighthouse

∙ antique house

∙ Santa’s hut!

Select one of two game modes – growing difficulty of limited time! Test your reaction and attention skills and become world’s most renowned architect!

Build The Tower features:

∙ Building’s height depends only on you!

∙ 2 entertaining game modes – elapsing time or increasing level difficulty!

∙ Various buildings to construct: lighthouse, skyscraper and even Santa’s hut!

∙ Birds are in block’s way – avoid them!

∙ 2 bonuses to help you!

∙ Extremely entertaining game for you attention and reaction skills!

Create your own architectural masterpiece – with Build The Tower your building dreams have no limits!
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Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-06-13
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