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Angry Clicker Hero | ARCADE-gamesios

Angry Clicker Hero - the most fascinating game, that will take your productivity to zero. Maybe it will seems like the most easiest game, that you have played before. But easy doesn’t mean boring. Choose a location, destroy all angry animals, who occupied a location, and get a gold coins for work you have done in the game Angry Clicker Hero. If you want to increase your power, use a gun. All you need to do here Angry Clicker Hero - just click or tap on animals and get a coins.

-different levels of game

-simple and fun game for everyone

-bright and colorful graphics

-simple and intuitive control

Every your click helps to win an angry animal. Click all of them in the game Angry Clicker Hero!
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Angry Clicker Hero Pro

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-07-07
Categories Clicking, Fast,
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