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Weekend Cleanup Game | ARCADE-gamesios

Muhammad, Aisha and Rabia was alone at home and didn't clean the house. The house looks awfully dirty and can not live so good in it because there are many germs and it will be seriously ill if they do not clean house now. In this game we must help them clean the house and give them a helping hand, because it can handle alone. First you have to clean small room to arrange them all things, put them in place. Then you must whisk their room and to aspire, as it left a terrible mess. According to our religion; cleaning is our Kaaba. Our religious orders, Tawaf around the cleaning materials. Cleanliness comes from Faith. You can worship clearing the room.

Thank you for choosing this apotheosis free cleaning game and please try other free games for girls from this developer. Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life and cleaning

Instructions: Use your fingers to play

Empower your cleanliness faith with this free games
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Home Cleanup Game

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-07-05
Categories Design, Kitchen,
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