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Beat the Window - The crazy competition | ARCADE-gamesios

Need a casual gaming diversion? Crave your next hardcore mobile arcade addiction? Beat the Window is just what the doctor - or in this case window cleaner - ordered!

Beat the Window turns cleaning windows into the most uniquely entertaining arcade adventure available on iOS! The goal of the game is simple: Clean one cartoon window after another, do it faster than the current Beat the Window Champion of the World, and keep going through as many levels!

Quickness and hand-eye coordination are the name of the game here, and with every window you clean faster than in-game “A.I.” World Champion Randy Doo the more points you nab. Will you have what it takes to dethrone Randy? We can’t answer that - only you can!

Beat the Window’s super responsive touch based controls allow players to clean off one dirty window after another with simple gestures and swipes, taking out the guesswork and frustration of digital joysticks. To boot, in a pure arcade touch the game only has a 2 simple rules:

1.Don’t touch the window sills while you’re cleaning or its game over!

2.Clean all the smudges off a given window faster than your virtual opponent to move on to the next stage!

Its time to channel your inner clean freak, so load up Beat the Window and get wiping today!


***Levels with windows that come in all shapes and sizes and difficulty levels.***

***Sequentially more difficult levels mean the game starts out easy but winds up wildly challenging.***

***Intuitive gameplay and responsive touch-based controls.***

***The game’s endless levels can put every players gaming prowess to the test.***

***Full Game Center integration to give competitive gamers the chance to put their cartoon window cleaning skills to the test against other live players from all over the world!***
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Window Cleaner

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-12-19
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