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Quarter Loop Ball | ARCADE-gamesios

Small ball bird jump over quarter circle color wheel, avoid to crash with other birds.


Quarter Loop Ball is a simple free game but extremely hard to get high score. The main actor of this funny game is a cute bird (or chicken ball - if you call that). He can flight and jump when you touch on screen, and his mission is to cross as much as obstacles as he can. One obstacle is a quarter circle cage, a colorful wheel, with a small gap, always rounding to catch our bird hero. And our flappy hero bird does not have only one difficulty, he also has to flap and rush to avoid other birds - that fly cross over his way. You have to touch on screen to make our bird to flap, jump up to go inside a colorful circle wheel via its gap, then jump out when the gaps turn at the top position. This cycle loop again and again, inside, out, inside, out, nonstop. We call this new game Quarter Loop Ball, and it is so crazy and funny.

Quarter Loop Ball is not like Flappy Bird when you have to make the bird fly on a horizontal side, and avoid clash with green pipe. It is not like Angry Bird when you have to think too much to damage as much as possible. This funny game use some colorful wheel, quarter circle and vertical side of moving. Very simple, tiny, light , and total free game. These jumpy birds and circle wheels would make you to be happy and funny every time you play it.

Don't dash your phone when playing it, keep calm and enjoy every funny moment with this new game - Quarter Loop Ball - with flappy hero.
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Loop Circle - Blue Bird Tap Fly

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-04-13
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