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Defend Fruit TD | ARCADE-gamesios

Sometime around year 2888,the forest fell into famine and animals living there are in great danger.Some enemies robbed here and there,they took all food they could find,leaving innocent animals starved to death.Our forest had a big farm and luck thing is that there still some candies in this farm that could sustain animals life,so we have to defend those candies in case that they are robbed by evil monsters.Your task is simple but tough: safeguard the candies and kill enemies trying get closer!

Pineapple Defense is a classic tower defense game.It has four beautiful themes,each theme has 10 levels.15 kinds of turrets and cute animals.You also have to collect items to unlock the item-collecting levels.
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Pineapple Defend

Author arcadegamesios
Published 2015-07-03
Categories Forest, Unique,
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