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Astro Outpost

0    Help save the Human race by destroying asteroids before they reach earth's orbit. You are one of a few humans left to control the international space outpost. To destroy asteroids, simply tap on them Challenge your friends using Game Center using Leaderboard.    41 MB    Views 3127


asteroids game
+23    This is my 13y olds first app. She wrote it herself apart from some I help I gave for the thrust and acceleration physics. Please consider leaving a good review to encourage her Here is my version of an old game ...    19 MB    Views 3287


iphone ipad asteroids game earth defense ipod 2010 touch
+1    Mobile of the Day award mFWA 13 Oct 2010. "W.A.R.P. is a castle defense game that is unlike any other castle defense app on the iPhone." "W.A.R.P. is a fine game with nice graphics that won’t disappoint." 148apps, May 23rd, ...    34 MB    Views 3222
Related Apps asteroids tap
+6    ASTEROIDS and ALIENS are inbound... what do you do? BLAST EM TAP the screen to FIRE, a light tap will move you to that location in order to DODGE the ASTEROIDS 3 LEVELS of DIFFICULTY and SURVIVAL MODE will provide HOURS OF ...    28 MB    Views 8491

Lambda Zero

+19    Lambda Zero is an Asteroids inspired arcade game. Choose between four levels of difficulty and play each time a different randomly selected level Destroy the asteroids and enemy UFOs and collect coins and power ups to help you stay alive as long ...    47 MB    Views 2594
shield earth tap incoming side game asteroids move fail clockwise
+3    Defend the Earth Maneuver the orbital megashield around the planet and attempt to repel the unrelenting horde of incoming asteroids. You are humanity's only hope. You cannot fail. You must not fail. Game Play: It's all about the agile thumbs: tap on the ...    5 MB    Views 948
+21    iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support FREE VERSION: Purchase the full version for no ads and game center benefits. Inspired by the classic game Missile Command. Defend your cities from waves of alien attacks Unlock special abilities as you reach ...    64 MB    Views 3806
Related Apps asteroids planet
+14    Colored asteroids are rushing to your Planet. Use its bolt and switches to catch the right asteroids at the right time over multi modes.    9 MB    Views 3309
Related Apps iphone game alien power characters star land earth play
+2    MoMo's space ship has just run out of star power, and he's now stranded on a rocky planet with constant meteor showers. To further his troubles, pesky aliens stop by to give him a hard time, when all he wanted ...    4 MB    Views 1779
+17    "Survive the Asteroids" is an arcade shooter where you have to survive through an asteroids belt. Agility and good management of your fires are the key to survive as long as possible. Simple controls: >>Lean your device left or right to move your ...    32 MB    Views 4082

Space Cauldron

asteroids space amazing
0    Get on your cauldron It's an amazing journey to outer space. Be careful. Your cauldron's shield is so weak against to asteroids. Don't Touch the Asteroids Features Amazing Pixel Art Graphics Super Powerful Cauldrons Awesome Visual and Sound Effects Easy Control System Six Different Shiny Medals    24 MB    Views 5204

Astrovoid 3D

-2    A lone scout ship in sector 53 is in search of large asteroids to mine valuable materials from. Caught in a unexpected meteor shower, navigate your way through the rocks to get to the next space station, blast the asteroids with ...    32 MB    Views 6605

Asteroid Fall

hit asteroids shield fall earth
+2    This simple yet intriguing game is all about not letting asteroids fall and hit earth. Tap the asteroids to blow them up before they hit the shield too many times and hit earth, but make sure you don't destroy the ...    13 MB    Views 8195
iphone ipad fuel flying saucers collision asteroids strikes game energy warp collect
-6    Introducing "Flying Saucers in Color" from Lighthouse Internet, LLC for iPhone and iPad Video Preview Trailer at DETAILS Travel through multiple galaxies as you search the universe for FUEL CANISTERS OF ENERGY. FLY YOUR SPACESHIP through enemy Flying Saucers and fields of Asteroids ...    44 MB    Views 739


asteroids played game
+10    You may think you've played this game before—but you've never played it like this Dodging the asteroids with your accelerometerhappy device is just the beginning. TAPPING the asteroids to destroy them has never been more satisfying Wobble and weave through evermoreconstrained ...    7 MB    Views 2296

Rockin Rocket

hard asteroids
-2    A new twist on a great idea. An incredibly hard game where the square asteroids are offset from one another making scoring almost impossible, but you can do it if you try hard enough. Tap/Fly the spaceship between the asteroids, ...    10 MB    Views 3537

Alien Ant

asteroids faster
+6    Try this simple but addictive game inspired by the 90s games. The purpose: the bug must avoid the asteroids by moving to the left or to the right. The asteroids fall in faster and faster. Are you fast enough ?    4 MB    Views 1633

Aaaaaaah! Asteroids

falling humanity asteroids
+1    Command multiple turrets to protect your space bases from falling asteroids. The survival of humanity is at stake. Blast the falling rocks with four upgrade paths you can mix and match across four unique worlds. Escaping Earth is a challenging arcade ...    13 MB    Views 2357

Assault Squadron

-4    Welcome to Assault Squadron, an explosive and fastmoving scifi shoot‘emup. The Binary Mill and Chillingo redefine bullethell blasters in the iPhone's hottest arcade shmup extravaganza. The Global Defense Force reports that Earth is under attack by a hostile, unidentified vessel containing ...    194 MB    Views 8158

Earth defense 2

money earth mode defense slow competition buy motion nuclear asteroids
+1    Earth defense 2 is a simple addictive space arcade, where you must destroy comets and asteroids that are moving towards planet Earth. How to Play: To destroy a comet or asteroid just tap on it. In competition mode you can also ...    29 MB    Views 7137
Related Apps earth tap asteroids destroy support game planet
+15    Planet Earth is in danger. A dangerous rain of asteroids threatens to destroy our planet. Tap the asteroids before they hit the Earth to destroy them. They will increase their speed making the game harder as time goes on. Be ...    10 MB    Views 1721
Related Apps iphone asteroids wall image place shoot space
+28    AsteRoids is an Augmented Reality game that brings outer space into your environment. Your goal is to shoot all asteroids on your way. Move your iPhone to aim, tap to shoot, and make it to Earth HOW TO USE Place the image ...    45 MB    Views 3585


Related Apps iphone earth left hand enemy shooter
+5    ■This is the shooter game to play with iPhone. We separated left and right operation for simplicity You can control ufo with left hand. And, escape enemy attack. You can aim with right hand. And, destroy enemy machine. You can use strong bomb with ...    5 MB    Views 5583

Space Duck

duck space asteroids
-6    Space Duck is an arcade obstacle avoidance game where you avoid asteroids and collect fruits to gain points.The best way to survive is to follow Guardian Duck who can destroy the asteroids with lasers. Features: 1. Change Space Duck's clothes 2. Share your ...    5 MB    Views 7543
+17    Space Pigs Incoming NOW 1 IPHONE GAME IN EASTERN TAZIKISTAN (Note: not actually a country) "Why are you asking me about that game? And what is an iPhone?" Johnny Fakename Earth space agencies may be on a shoestring budget, but that can't stop ...    30 MB    Views 4458
iphone facebook design earth support visit page space human lost deep
+3    The hardest “Avoid the Circles” style game in iTunes The year is 2167. Earth lost its pole shift due to never before seen solar tempests and now its lost in deep space. Due to a new ground breaking technology called ...    10 MB    Views 102


Related Apps asteroids fly
+4    Fly through a field of moving asteroids and avoid collisions. Pickup a green asteroid and become invincible to smash red asteroids and get points. Simple yet highly addictive game a great time killer. Test you speed and reflexes and ...    44 kb    Views 3990
-8    SALE 66% off Asteroids are going to destroy our lovely planet Earth Shoot them up with your fingers, but you have to be quick (you can also use your friends' fingers ;) ) Be WARNED: this game is insanely addictive. Earth Shield has ...    11 MB    Views 5039
asteroids earth coming finger newer generation
+8    (Warning: Please note that this game is only recommended for 3rd generation iPad and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, and 5th generation iPod Touches.) The power to protect the earth is at your finger tips in The Asteroids Are Coming Whether ...    36 MB    Views 351
Related Apps spaceship battle asteroids
+6    Protect your Spaceship by blasting away meteors in this amazing new take on the classic game of Asteroids Be a hero as you battle your way through space to save the galaxy. Use the onscreen controls to guide your spaceship through ...    17 MB    Views 278

Asteroid Force

action force asteroids earth asteroid ships part skills space
+2    Part space racer, part space shooter, the action never ends in Asteroid Force. Join the battle against alien pirate ships and attacking asteroids, as you take charge of the elite Omega 2 Force. Race your satellite above the earth against enemy ...    28 MB    Views 2211
Related Apps earth platform play asteroids defense asteroid save
-8    Oh no Asteroids are falling to Earth and due to governmental budget cuts, you are humanity's last hope Take control of an orbital platform to fend off the barrage of space rocks and save the Earth FEATURES: • Exhilarating gameplay which sees ...    29 MB    Views 5260
asteroids john
+3    John has reached the moon, help him avoid all the asteroids Simple, infinite, beautiful, 8bit game. Play touching left and right, to help John to not be hit by asteroids    1 MB    Views 5209
endless runner tap earth kid run asteroids
+24    Aliens are sending asteroids to impact Earth. YOU need to save the planet Simple controls: double tap to move and tap to shoot Great 3d colorful graphics Amazing sound effects Cool power ups Can you avoid Earth armageddon? Let's see Other games that you ...    25 MB    Views 4229

Laser Shield

gun earth laser satellite asteroids mission
+25    Your mission: Defend the Earth from imminent destruction. Send laser beam from the gun on Earth to the satellite and destroy incoming asteroids. Rotate satellite to guide fire. If gun gets hit by an asteroid, game is over. Tap to launch rockets. Only 3 ...    5 MB    Views 1893
history planet alien protect scores life high asteroids dinosaurs earth
+23    Description History. These days there’s an awful lot of it. But what if our fragile Earth had been destroyed way before dinosaurs started stomping around or singlecelled organisms came into being? Can you protect our liferich planet from deadly asteroids and ...    24 MB    Views 9340
Related Apps save asteroids
+26    Save The From Asteroids How To Play Tap The Asteroids To Destory Three Round Save The Population Get High Score    45 MB    Views 6871

Defend Earth

-9    The Earth is doomed... countless amounts of asteroids are hurtling towards the planet. You are our last hope. Using your ship, you must destroy the asteroids Literally using your ship. Crash it into them. Really, I'm not kidding. How long can you... ...    76 MB    Views 4169

Retro Asteroids

bit asteroids
-2    Fly through the asteroids and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 8617

Galaxy Rage

asteroids rage
+12    Explore the different Galaxies with an exciting adventure through weaving in and out of the asteroids. Be careful, if you hit an asteroid your expedition will come to an end and your spaceship will blow up. This game will make ...    2 MB    Views 9708


ipad news green iphone moons levels start earth difficult good block
+30    This is the first port of Attraction from the iPhone/iTouch. It uses the full screen and allows you to create your own iPad siee scenario's. In attractionHD you control a little green earth by tilting your iPad in the direction you ...    639 kb    Views 6633

Retro Space

Related Apps space asteroids aliens
-4    Fly through space shooting down asteroids and aliens in this throwback to the early 90s. Fun and addictive, you must destroy the bad guys while making sure you do not harm the space bunnies; doing so is an instant GAME OVER. Shoot ...    7 MB    Views 5523


solar asteroid space thousands asteroids earth belt system destroy heading
-9    A massive asteroid is detected flying through space just entering the solar system. As scientists monitor it they calculate that it will smash through the asteroid belt before steaming straight into Earth.... Since then a space ship has been designed and ...    16 MB    Views 7567

Banana Space

Related Apps aliens asteroids
+9    Your mission is to catch as many bananas as you can without collision with the aliens or asteroids. But be aware, the aliens and asteroids are moving towards you and you have to destroy the asteroids and move the aliens out ...    8 MB    Views 610

Dodge Asteroids

Related Apps ipad iphone dodge asteroids game simple play hero friends score
-5    Dodge Asteroids The asteroids are falling and our hero must dodge all of them. The most addictive game ever and now for free… OMG Just dodge our hero to avoid the asteroids Features of Dodge Asteroids game: ● Simple way to play, just dodge ...    2 MB    Views 7903

Alien Panik

Related Apps alien asteroids
+14    The alien is in panic, help him to recover as many stars while avoiding asteroids and beat the high scores. The more you advance in the game the more it becomes difficult. Instructions: Tap quickly to drive the alien. Do not go out ...    9 MB    Views 1699

Sid the Snake

sid snake asteroids
0    Sid the Snake is an analogue twist on the classic ‘Snake’ formula. Sid is a simple but agile thing, who is adept at squiggling in order to dodge dangerous mines and asteroids. Eating eggs will help Sid to shed its ...    39 MB    Views 9923

Astro Lode

astro asteroids
+14    There are a lot of precious materials found in asteroids, your job is to mine them. Astro Lode is a skilled puzzle game where you use various devices to navigate asteroids through levels, avoiding obstacles to be harvested. The laws ...    18 MB    Views 2884


Related Apps asteroids spacecraft coming space
+1    Space Trouble is a fun game of spacecraft floating in the space. Beware of the asteroids that will keep coming in your way. Control your spacecraft by tilting your phone. Don't miss the bonus point that will also keep coming ...    7 MB    Views 4369

Alien Aircraft

Related Apps fly alien asteroids
+9    You play as an alien, flying through space in a UFO avoiding asteroids. You fly up and down to avoid the asteroids and get a point every time you fly by and asteroid. What is your high score?    33 MB    Views 6111

Touch Asteroids

asteroids planet touch
-2    Now it's your turn to save the planet Simply hit the moving asteroids with your fingers and get rid of those as quickly as possible, before the planet is destroyed. Enjoy reaching achievements and beat your friends in the GameCenter leaderboards. The game ...    28 MB    Views 8110
asteroids 100 faster earth
+16    There are 100 asteroids approaching Earth and it is your job to make sure they do not reach our planet. Use all your skills to continue catching them as they come at you faster and faster as time goes on. ...    17 MB    Views 6345

Bit Rocket

Related Apps asteroids rocket
+14    Take command of your rocket and navigate through an asteroid field whilst collecting score tokens. Swipe left or right to manoeuvre the rocket. Be careful not to hit any of the asteroids, otherwise the game will end. You can destroy asteroids ...    27 MB    Views 3058
faster earth asteroids protect
+15    Protect the Earth from from the incoming asteroids. Drag the shield across the screen to destroy the asteroids. They will come faster and faster as you progress    5 MB    Views 9551
ipad iphone mapping flight time games space game wars simulator battle combat earth including
+28    App of the Week Editors Choice Best iOS Apps Magazine Arcade Game of the Week Best New Indie Games (5 / 5) “ Destroying famous ATST and AAT Tank's has never been so fun ” ...    298 MB    Views 8788

Asteroid Void

Related Apps asteroids survive ship
-9    Abandoned by your crew and being pelted by asteroids, you must survive to continue the mission to explore the uncharted cosmos Dodge the oncoming asteroids to survive as long as possible whilst collecting the precious antimatter spheres. These can be ...    33 MB    Views 2164

Space Ace

iphone gun ace earth space arcade don ray release
+25    For the first time ever, you can experience Don Bluth’s classic arcade game Space Ace, the follow up to the revolutionary Dragon’s Lair, on your iPhone or iPod Touch In Space Ace you play the heroic Ace who must stop the ...    892 MB    Views 3588
iphone earth game destroy mode asteroids modes play satellites missiles orbits
0    Here is my first game for iphone
 Planet Earth is in constant danger. While humans we live our quiet lives, in outer space is waged a battle against nature. Belt asteroids approach with much danger to the Earth and our duty ...    43 MB    Views 1986


iphone puzzle game play controls earth weapons pick enemies powerups waiting
+20    50% Off Holiday Sale Featured in "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" in iTunes. NOT your typical "missile command" game. Made specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with a "pick up and play" attitude, this is an arcade shooter that is ...    13 MB    Views 5397

Avoid the Asteroids

avoid asteroids
+4    Touch and hold to move your space rocket, and Avoid the Asteroids Can you make it safe back to earth??    5 MB    Views 2372
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