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Best Avoid Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

+4    Touch and hold to move. Release your finger to stop moving. Avoid the circles of doom How far can you make it ?    5 MB    Views 5601

Flowy Fall

pipes avoid sky
+2    Flow in the sky to avoid pipes Tap the left and right side of the screen to control the bird. Avoid the pipes in the sky to get points.    7 MB    Views 2697
circles avoid golden
+2    Avoid the Golden Circles Avoid the Golden Circles. This is a new trend Game. Try to avoid the circles while moving. Its a very simple but addictive Gameplay. Will you beat the Highscores with Avoiding the Circles? Give it a try    5 MB    Views 3440

Avoid Spikes.

+7    Fly the bird up and avoid spikes How high can you fly? Easy to learn, but difficult to master.    4 MB    Views 1270
-3    How long can you stay on the road and avoid the shape swarm. You won’t last longer than 20 seconds. Own the road my friend and sneak past the critters littering up the highway. Hang on to your sanity if you ...    3 MB    Views 535
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+13    Tap to help the little bird flying Avoid the blocks Don't touch the spikes Do not forget to collect the coins How far can you make it?    10 MB    Views 8867

Avoid the Kitties

avoid kitties
+2    Travel up the river and avoid bad red kitties For how long can you survive?    3 MB    Views 6402

Flying Blue Bird

+24    Touch the screen to play, avoid all obstacles, collect al coins and medal stars Sign your best score possible in the world leaderboard Have Fun Unlock two Characters Tap to Fly Avoid all Obstacles Extremely Addictive GameCenter Have Fun    10 MB    Views 6217
avoid tiles
+20    Great game for everyone With more colors than ever All you have to do is avoid taps on the not colored tiles. Sound easy for you? Give it a try    2 MB    Views 2384

Shark Prey

killer avoid sharks
+2    LET YOUR THUMBS BE YOUR BEST FRIEND Avoid getting eaten by Killer Sharks Extremely Challenging but Fun and Addictive DOWNLOAD ASAP How to play? Tap Screen To Float Avoid Killer Sharks Try To Reach As Far As You Can Beat Your Friends Score    33 MB    Views 8437

Geo Metro

+21    Move to different sides to avoid getting destroyed. This crazy addictive game will keep you up for hours. How to Play Touch left or right side to move in that direction Avoid getting hit by other shapes Simple Gameplay Easy to learn    21 MB    Views 6722

A Escape

factory avoid
+6    JJ factory's New Action Game Flap your finger to avoid [How to Play] Just Tap to UP Avoid Box... Keep concentrate Good Luck JJ factory 2014    18 MB    Views 5445
-6    Flying with a plane has never been harder. Try to avoid as many duck flocks as you can. [How to play] Tap to fly Don't hit anything Try to achieve 4 medals    2 MB    Views 4453

Tap Fly

avoid aircraft
+14    Avoid the opponents to survive ... > Avoid the other aircraft in all directions. > Attention > Get new aircraft.    8 MB    Views 4078

Avoid Getting Hit

-2    Race around the track and avoid getting hit by the oncoming cars How many laps can you survive?    NAN    Views 1045
+7    Obama needs your help. Just touch and hold the screen. Now avoid the Republicans. A simple, challenging game. Images included in the app are used under fair use for purposes of parody and political satire, as provided for in section 107 ...    64 MB    Views 4173

The Juggler

game ball avoid
+12    How many object can you handle? Are you fast enough to catch a ball and avoid an asteroid? Improve your reflex with this simple but addictive game How To Play: Drag the bat with your finger just like you do with any pong, brick ...    26 MB    Views 914

A Escape HD

avoid factory
-1    JJ factory's New Action Game Flap your finger to avoid This Version has No Ads. [How to Play] Just Tap to UP Avoid Box... Keep concentrate Good Luck JJ factory 2014    16 MB    Views 2857

Try To Avoid

test avoid
-1    The most fun and Annoying that we have ever made. Test your speed Test your limits try to AVOID IPAD 15 iphone 5+ Matan Oz & Gosha Tsintsadze    3 MB    Views 9833

Avoid a meteorite.

avoid aircraft meteorite
+5    Please continue to avoid the meteorite entirely There are three aircraft in all Select the favorite aircraft, will extend the flight distance ※Bullet cannot be fired    7 MB    Views 9806

Avoid the Spikes!!

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-3    Tap to Fly Avoid the Spikes Simple & Intense With tons of different stages There is always surprise waiting How long can you last? Test your reaction limit & compete worldwide with gamecenter leaderboard    4 MB    Views 5398

Avoid the Asteroids

avoid asteroids
+8    Touch and hold to move your space rocket, and Avoid the Asteroids Can you make it safe back to earth??    5 MB    Views 2372

Lovely Birds Free

+13    V1.0 Bird fly to avoid the other. [How to play] >Tap to flap your wing to fly. >Avoid other birds. >Try to get 3 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold. >Try to get 5 little birds.    2 MB    Views 9029
truck avoid coming
-5    Drive your truck and avoid the on coming car traffic Use your finger or the accelerometer to avoid the on coming cars as long as you can    2 MB    Views 195

Avoid It All

+12    Touch and hold to fly through the obstacles. How far can you go? Post your score and Like us at    9 MB    Views 613


+8    Pitt your reflexes against the storm Tap the screen to change the direction your character is running in. Avoid the rain for as long as you can, the more drops you avoid, the higher your score becomes, the more torrential the ...    15 MB    Views 7685

Avoid The Circles

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-4    Touch and hold to move. Release your finger to stop moving. Avoid the circles How far can you make it ?    9 MB    Views 8529

Tiny Robo Run

000 easy avoid
0    Play this Space Adventure today Can you get this little BOT back on Earth by reaching 1,000,000 Points? Sounds easy? Well wait till you start playing. Swipe to escape the coming meteors JUMP to avoid obstacles DUCK to avoid hurdles RACE ...    38 MB    Views 9953
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-8    Touch and hold to move. Avoid the circles How far can you make it ? • No Ads. • Neon Theme. • Change player color.    4 MB    Views 9072

Iceberg Ahead!

+7    Pilot your flying submarine past icebergs both above and below the water. Jump or dive to avoid the small ones, rise above or fall below the surface of the ocean to avoid the larger ones. See how far you can ...    10 MB    Views 8882

Avoid the Bomb

avoid bomb
+20    Avoid the bomb in this fun arcade mobile game    37 MB    Views 944
+14    Try out this new addictive game where you have to escape the wrath of the Dark Witch Swipe your finger up and down to avoid obstacles, and be the One who can avoid her deadly curse Features: Challenging and addictive Breathtaking ...    38 MB    Views 4826

Insanity Avoid

+3    Hello, friend Try your best to avoid blue boxes. Enjoy    3 MB    Views 8012


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+4    Enjoy Together Have fun with lover. Game user avoid to left or right. This is one touch game. Very very very Simple game. Anyone can easily do. Motive is a miracle of Moses When you saw fire truck ...    17 MB    Views 3017
+12    Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line Lets see how smart and how far you can go. Have Fun Rate it    7 MB    Views 5861
-7    Two Way Racing is all about skill and reflexis. It has nothing to do with luck Can you FIGURE OUT the FIGURE EIGHT? INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Tap to switch between inner and outer lane 2. Avoid the red dot coming towards you 3. Be quick and smart ...    10 MB    Views 2460
planets avoid
+19    Get ready for some planetary destruction The last two habitable planets are under your command. Avoid the flying barren planets and achieve life on your planet Your planets revolve around each other, making control challenging and fun. Don't let your ecosystem be ...    2 MB    Views 5709
game balls avoid
+5    New style addictive game. It is harder than you think. How to play The red ball moves in the opposite direction. Avoid the blue balls. Features Simple and fun Three game levels Social network sharing Game Center Leaderboard support    12 MB    Views 587
+11    Tap and hold to advance Avoid being hit by the monsters    4 MB    Views 365

Avoid Red

+2    Drag to move. Avoid red. How far can you get?    2 MB    Views 239

Jelly Bouncer

jelly avoid
+6    Avoid the big jelly as he thumps down to the ground trying to hit you Tap the screen to avoid the jelly and collect stars to get the highscore 7051c75ece    38 MB    Views 1758
+1    ••• Shoot enemies and avoid rocks ••• Target and avoid blocks and take power to strength your shooting.    11 MB    Views 4256
+8    Oh oh You're flying on the wrong place Army thought you're an enemy sent by the other town Avoid all the other planes to survive Play now, enjoy    19 MB    Views 8395
-1    MOST ADDICTING DOG GAME ON THE PLANET Once you start, you CAN'T STOP YOU WILL JUST BE ADDICTED Little Flappy Dog needs your help Fly the dog but you must avoid the obstacles Challenge    27 MB    Views 6411

Avoid Your Ex

+8    Don't you hate bumping into your ex? It's a small world. You're going to run into one eventually. and it's going to be awkward... But in the mean time, avoid them for as long as you humanly can drag character ...    49 MB    Views 6024
avoid bombs
+5    Just touch and hold the screen. Now avoid all the bombs A simple, challenging game. Perfect for filling a few spare minutes here and there on a busy day Design by 9832fb811b    16 MB    Views 7780

Avoid The Circles!

Related Apps circles avoid
+4    The rules are simple: drag the black square and avoid the white circles. Easy to learn, difficult to master, impossible to put down Includes: • Clean, minimalist graphics • Original gameplay • No limit on how long you can last • Hours of entertainment    168 kb    Views 446
circles avoid escape
+1    Escape the Circles is a fun and addicting game that will test your reactions. Try to avoid all the circles on your way. The longer you avoid the circles, the higher the score you get. Remember The circles are out to get you ...    23 MB    Views 9298

Flap Flap HD

Related Apps flap avoid obstacles
-6    Help our little guy to avoid the obstacles. How to play: 1. Tap the screen or click to flap your wings 2. Avoid obstacles 3. Beat your Highscore    12 MB    Views 7596

Avoid the Red!

Related Apps avoid red tap
+3    Avoid the Red is a fun tapping game. Tap and Tap to avoid the annoying Red. Please support my app by downloading it today. I will add more functionality soon    679 kb    Views 3948

Escape The Circles

circles avoid escape
-5    Escape the Circles is a fun and addicting game that will test your reactions. Try to avoid all the circles on your way. The longer you avoid the circles, the higher the score you get. Remember The circles are out to get you ...    23 MB    Views 7153

Orb Avoid

-6    Killer orbs are out to get you Avoid them to score points. No one has beat 50 seconds. Tell me if you do    780 kb    Views 1150
-1    Tap to Fly Your Balloon Avoid The Needles Unlock New Balloons Enjoy :) Dedicated to Jackie <3 (for her love of balloons)    3 MB    Views 850
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+13    This game is simple. just avoid all black dots    30 MB    Views 1953
+5    This DJ is really ON Can you help him avoid the vinyls? They just want to stop him from listening to some great beats. Play NOW    4 MB    Views 2979

Yamada Game

game avoid
+8    Minimalistic avoidemall type game, featuring Kanji characters YAMA (山) and DA (田). Tilt the device to move. Avoid them to survive. Grinding makes some sparks, to get a higher score. Zen to your phone. Reach the Nirvana. This is Yamada Game. Check it out.    9 MB    Views 6055

■ Avoid ■

-4    ■ Avoid ■ ■ Extremely addictive gameplay ■ ■ Test your multitasking skills ■ ■ Two lanes, lots of obstacles ■ ■ Play solo or coop with friends ■ ■ Survive ■ ■ Free ■    60 MB    Views 1707
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-6    Avoid the spikes. How long can you last? Play against a friend in multiplayer action    30 MB    Views 9976
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