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Blast It!!

+5    Blast It Full on highoctane space shooter. Have fun Mr Tubefish    22 MB    Views 760

Retro Blast

+3    Retro Blast is a space shooting game based in part on classic 80's defender game. Game Play: You are defending your planet from aliens, space ships and bombs and protecting the human family from being snatched up Fast action and quick maneuvering will ...    4 MB    Views 2717
duck play game blast fun
0    Raise your Duck Shooting Skills Are you ready to play the ultimate duck blast game? The fun and addicting mobile sensation is finally in your hands Train your trigger finger as you blast each duck that flies through the sky. Watch out for bombs, ...    19 MB    Views 4384
farm puzzle game connect blast
+6    Farm Blast another match 3 puzzle game, try now Very addictive connect lines puzzle game Features : ● Collect all golds to win the level before you run out of moves. ● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master. ● Colorful ...    5 MB    Views 5617

BubbleBee Blast

ants fight blast saga
+26    The first Blast of the BubbleBee Saga is here No one knows why the bubbles keep coming, but the Ants have found a way to stop them They need a BubbleBee to protect them while they put their desperate plan ...    23 MB    Views 1400

Bacteria Escape

-4    Bacteria Escape is a funny little game like double jump, you have to save 2 hero from enemies. Enemy viruses are attacking both of the heros. You have to save both of them from the viruses. There are different types of viruses ...    21 MB    Views 3262

Blast It 2

+12    The sequel to Blast it but with more fire power. Try to survive the waves of invaders. Full on high octane space shooter. Just blast everything    35 MB    Views 1597

Circle Blast

game blast fun circle
+5    Circle Blast is a fun, addictive, and exciting arcade game to test your skills. Challenge your friends on Game Centre to see who can get the highest score Pick the coloured circles that have the most in the rectangle above. ...    5 MB    Views 5556

Gravity Line Lite

+13    GravityLine is designed for hardcore arcade fans. At first glance, it might seem easy, but don't be fooled. Avoiding the obstacles requires agility, thinking ahead, and an excellent knowledge of the game's mechanism. These qualities alone are no guarantee of ...    19 MB    Views 3714
+1    Do you like fishing? Now here is your chance to save the world with your hobby Let's hook the nastiest viruses and bacterias from the water and bring them up to the surface When they come up, get your sharp ...    12 MB    Views 8621

Blast Ball Kickoff

+26    Soccer + Explosions + Platforming = Good Times Blast Ball combines intense arcade gameplay, gorgeous retro style, soccer and explosions into one of the best gaming experiences on the iPhone and iPad. Score goals as fast as you can while blowing up ...    41 MB    Views 1894
+10    Spore Simulator 3D is an evolution survival game. Who could guess what is happening now in the world of bacteria. You don’t see it, but the viruses try to attack the good bacteria. The evil side wants to infect the ...    41 MB    Views 3033


Related Apps audio bacteria atmospheric combined speed graphics beautiful land
-5    Survive In the Land Of Bacteria and discover the world of viruses. Bacteria is an atmospheric sidescrolling action adventure taking place in a gorgeous land full of various inhabitants combined with the extremely beautiful atmospheric graphics and audio. intuitive onetouch controls ...    75 MB    Views 9060


-1    "Top App 2014" "One of the Most Addictive Games in the App Store." The new amazing Blast is now on your iPhone. Tilt your device to make Blast the squirrel move and fly. Avoid obstacles to gain points and beat your friends high ...    28 MB    Views 4171

Space Fall

space man bacteria long earth orbit avoid power
+6    You are one of the original space monkeys, launched into earth orbit before man had the courage to follow you. Due to a space bacteria, you remain alive to this day, spinning around the earth, and forgotten by man. Your ...    9 MB    Views 9570

Spider Blast

blast giant spider
+15    FREE for a limited time Take to the sky and defend humanity from the growing onslaught of giant alien arachnids Spider Blast is a fast paced, white knuckle sidescrolling shoot'em up. Blast through webs, take out giant spiders and ...    16 MB    Views 5516


pilot blast
-7    Retro spaceblaster done in ASCII art? My kinda game XBlaster is the nextgen ship in Star Troop's fleet and you're the test pilot, soldier. Blast your way to a high score and prove that this hunk of well curned text ...    4 MB    Views 5856

Orbital Rush

escape http blast reflexes
+1    Elypt is an Endless Orbiter (is that a thing?) where you play as a small rocketship, escaping a Supernova blast. Use the planets’ gravity fields to escape and get as far away from the blast as possible. We hope you ...    42 MB    Views 9596

ah!Chicken Little

+28    Bacteria from an alien who eat chicken, and you want to pick up the weapons harsh lessons of these bacteria have. Fast start this game, the chick is waiting for your protection. Fun game A variety of weapons Clear highdefinition ...    16 MB    Views 5004
running beats virus free dub bacteria cell step
-9    you are a beat of blood cell up against deadly virus and bacteria running through the life line in the pulsating action music Dub Step Beats features killer dubstep soundtracks and cute characters and endless fun running download and play FREE ...    13 MB    Views 4351


soccer blast
+12    Blast Up is an explosive 2D platform physics game, that challenges your strategic poking skills. Blast your soccer ball around the interactive levels, opening doors, breaking windows, swimming through water and more. Solve each level to unlock new courses and achievements. Compete against ...    6 MB    Views 5632

Blast Pit Fun Game

blast game pit fun
+10    Welcome to Blast Pit Fun Game... Blast Pit is a freeform defense game where you must place your units carefully in an arena to save your pawns from total destruction. All 20 levels can be finished in multiple ways.    4 MB    Views 3597

Plague Bacteria Pro

bacteria evolve plague survive evolution fight battle real win
+12    Plague Bacteria is an evolution survival game that will give you a chance to become a real bacteria. Hidden from the men’s eyes, countless armies of bacteria fight in a secret and neverending battle. Your mission is pretty easy ...    41 MB    Views 9606
fishing play full bacteria save unlock easy water levels fisher
+8    Do you like fishing? Now here is your chance to save the world with your hobby Let's hook the nastiest viruses and bacterias from the water and bring them up to the surface When they come up, get your sharp ...    12 MB    Views 6069

PopCorn Blast HD

+11    HYPNOTICALLY RELAXING POPCORN CRUNCHER Crush as much jumping popcorn as you can. But don’t touch the coals And keep the screen from overfilling. If you love fast tapping and actionpacked coordination games then you’ll certainly want to check out PopCorn Blast State ...    53 MB    Views 3910
Related Apps galaxy marble ball blast
-7    Marble Blast of GALAXY is brand new and amazing zuma style game. Help Spacecraft to protect the GALAXY How to play Shoot the ball to match three or more of the same colour. Download Now … Enjoy...    35 MB    Views 6768
puzzle action deadly virus patient game blast bacteria radius create levels
+29    WARNING: Plague Outbreak is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS The deadly Ebola virus is attacking your patient It is destroying the patients body, breaking down the nervous system and major organs are starting to shut down. Only you can save the patient. You will need to ...    30 MB    Views 8541
+3    Bacteria and Blood Cells Game Navigate through other blood cells and combat and avoid bacterias. Amazing Game Play with great graphics. Easy to Play, Just Tap Right and Left to move your blood dot. Rate the game if you like it    17 MB    Views 1662
beer los alcohol bacteria ale bad works
-5    In celebration of, well... BEER... ZIGGY IS NOW FREE Ziggy Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a Beer Yeast, and he’s ready to commence fermentation. Armed with his innate ability to convert sugar and oxygen into alcohol and CO2, Ziggy must ferment his way through ...    21 MB    Views 3097

Jelly Blast 2

Related Apps fun game blast jelly
+11    Jelly Blast Fun 2 is one of the most popular Game Game is full of fun and challenges Pop together as many candies as you can and get bonus point Game is very easy to learn but hard to master Have fun    4 MB    Views 9438
Related Apps adventure baby micro levels characters bacteria screen controls unique
-7    Welcome to the Micro World of Jellyflug Run, jump and battle your way through the microworld of bacteria. PLATFORMING ADVENTURE •Explore vast landscapes full of unique characters •Over 45 levels of adventure BATTLE •Use your baby bacteria as ammo •Defend yourself from the onslaught of micro enemies CHARACTERS •Over ...    93 MB    Views 2240
puzzle action virus deadly patient game destroy ebola radius save bacteria blast
+12    WARNING: Plague Outbreak is HIGHLY INFECTIOUS The deadly Ebola virus is attacking your patient It is destroying the patients body, breaking down the nervous system and major organs are starting to shut down. Only you can save the patient. You will need to ...    30 MB    Views 8516

Ant Blaster

ant ants blast blaster
-8    Oversized ants have taken over the world and it's up to you to take them down Use your laser gun to blast as many ants as you can and achieve glory that will live on in the history books forever Herds ...    28 MB    Views 2262

Laser Blast

laser blast easy levels don
+14    Laser Blast is one of the most fun and unique puzzle games available today on the App Store. Simply blast the laser through over 20 levels, bouncing it off walls and mirrors and incinerate all the targets on your way ...    34 MB    Views 4856

Blow Bacteria

bacteria blow
-7    blow the bacteria tap on the screen to start chain reaction and explode other bacteria also without damaging the blood cells    6 MB    Views 6878

Bulb Blast

games bulb bulbs tap blast
0    Bulb Blast…where you are actually bursting bulbs. Blasting bulbs? Blowing up bulbs? Either way, explode a lightbulb by tapping the screen. The faster you tap, the better your time will be, and the higher on the leaderboard you will climb. Tap ...    57 MB    Views 3633

Ice Block Blast

Related Apps ice blast blocks
0    The Geyser has frozen over Tap to the left or right to have Paul Onion blast blocks of ice from the column, but watch out for the ice spikes Play as two alternate characters: Tim Burr Franken Blast No need to yell ...    27 MB    Views 4135
+5    Join the Monkey Mania adventure at Jungle island. Theres a shootout and they need your help. Play in Unique and Colorful Worlds Wicked Fun Aim n' Blast action Easy Tap Controls and much more…    46 MB    Views 7583
body good bacteria won reach bad improve enemies meet
+10    Bacterias are not all bad, actually you won't be able to live without them. This good bacteria has to reach it's final destination your guts. Help it to cope with the task and help yourself Game is quite simple, ...    61 MB    Views 9824


tap rocket screen blast fly
+14    HOW TO PLAY? Your rocket can only fly left or right. Each time you tap the screen your rocket will accelerate in the opposite direction. It doesn't matter where you tap on the screen. If you tap fast enough your rocket ...    13 MB    Views 190

Blast Zone - Brain

crazy blast brain zone
+10    Blast zone is a fun puzzle game that makes the brain focus and learn while playing Grab the bomb and try to hit it and get it on the target, HARDER THEN IT LOOKS Crazy obstacles , crazy levels , crazy price ...    8 MB    Views 5016

Gravity Line

Related Apps bacteria game world secret evil destroy infected hope
+29    GravityLine is designed for hardcore arcade fans. At first glance, it might seem easy, but don't be fooled. Avoiding the obstacles requires agility, thinking ahead, and an excellent knowledge of the game's mechanism. These qualities alone are no guarantee of ...    23 MB    Views 1368

Space Rocket Blast

Related Apps flying space stars blast
+8    Fly through the stars in your intergalactic star cruiser Blast asteroids, aliens, and even giant flying space octopuses Battle loads of enemies Collect thousands of powerup stars Find the Rare and Amazing Flying Fish of Awesome High ...    22 MB    Views 3960
bacteria attack
+3    Bacteria Attack is an amazing game that will introduce you into your blood stream, you need to help "Mikro" reach the the deepest parts of your body, several enemies on your way will try to stop you from succeeding. ✓ 2 ...    28 MB    Views 1554

Blast Through

block blast blocks life features speed game shield radius big
+1    Blast Through is a fast paced, action pack endless space shooter, where you literally blast your way through. Shoot special blocks for max points, and earn your way to the top of the leader board. The game features a shield block, ...    48 MB    Views 8884

Bloody Aliens!

weapons blast invaders based
-9    The invaders are here Blast 'em Spin, shoot, bounce, fry and slice your way to victory against endless waves of little green critters to ensure the safety of our planet With an arsenal of ridiculous yet state of the art weapons ...    87 MB    Views 5326

Plane Blast

+6    Blast as many missiles, rockets, bombs and balloons as you can to score points. avoid brick walls and enemies. Completely free, no ads.    9 MB    Views 4133
stone blast
0    Arrrrgh Those blasted stone birds be swarming the ship Blast them before one poops on the deck Help the pirates get rid of the stone seagulls in 16 levels of cannon blazing fun paddle ball furry. Against a scenic 8bit ambient ...    15 MB    Views 14
blast emoji
+17    Too hard for you... Hold or release the screen to switch between a smile or frown. Match the oncoming emojis. Have an Emoji Blast Art by    8 MB    Views 4114

Monster Cannon

Related Apps cannon monster obstacles distance blast
+19    What do a Vampire, Werewolf, Zombie, and Frankenstein all have in common? ... They like being launched out of cannon for distance Pick your favorite monster, load em up in your cannon, and blast off. Pumpkins explode throwing him further and ...    16 MB    Views 7229


facebook bar blast
-9    A survival arcade game for iOS devices featuring an fearless abducted bird trying to escape from an alien space. Use special powers to avoid the walls and defeat the evil creatures Touch to shoot.Swipe to blast. Recharging the blast bar takes 4 seconds ...    49 MB    Views 1680

Blast 'em Elves

iphone santa addictive blast gameplay elves
+1    WARNING HIGHLY ADDICTIVE SANTA NEEDS YOUR HELP Santa's secret experiment went horribly wrong and because of that, all the elves are now mindless zombies. It's your job to blast 'em out of ruining christmas. Features : 60 levels of ...    12 MB    Views 2363
retro jump rocket blast game
-8    Earth will soon be destroyed. Intercontinental wars, famine and disease have engulfed the planet. Without a new home, earth’s inhabitants will not survive much longer It’s your job to search for new planets that can sustain life. Travel through the ...    53 MB    Views 8443

Bacteria Rush

+15    The new addicting game on the App Store. All you have to do is catch all the bacteria on screen. Bonus and special item will help you reach the the highest score but...Is it that simple?    27 MB    Views 1949

Bullseye Blast

board bullseye blast leader game mode
0    Test your speed and quickness in a Bullseye Blast competition Work against the clock and take down as many bullseyes as possible. Earn points and compete against other players on the leader board. Do you have what it takes to be the ...    20 MB    Views 6132


blast invaders waves pew
-9    Ultimate retro pewpew blastage Voxelvoid is a fastpaced arcade shooter. +Avoid the invaders. +Blast your way through the waves. +Keep moving to survive as long as you can. +Collect the coins to upgrade your tank. Cubic madness will stream through your retinas and penetrate your mind. So ...    12 MB    Views 4616

Super Blast

Related Apps super blast weapons monsters
-7    Super Blast is an actionpacked fun arcade shooter with super easy game control. You are playing with a triggerhappy robot, who is cleaning up the universe from creepy monsters. Beware, don’t let any monsters pass you Collect a variety of weapons on your ...    18 MB    Views 9475
zombie cannon blast zombies
+2    Zombie Cannon Blast is Awesome Aim the cannon in the right direction Fire cannon balls toward the zombie heads Blow up Zombies Features: Challenge yourself Try to beat your friends Game Center Support Blowing up zombies is fun    33 MB    Views 6934
body patient germs deadly blast save create bacteria radius game
-6    WARNING: Germs are HIGHLY INFECTIOUS Germs are attacking your patient It is destroying the patients body, breaking down the nervous system and major organs are starting to shut down. Only you can save the patient. You will need to burst the deadly bacteria ...    51 MB    Views 2203

Super Mushrooms

pinball facebook home games twitter bacteria mushrooms game update super enjoy episode
-3    AppStore Featured Game New Issue Episode 5 Update Episode 4 update Dangerous bacteria are coming to attack your home... Ask for help from the heroic Super Mushrooms Enjoy the thrill of both strategy and pinball games at your fingertips ■ Game Features 1. Upgradable units whose appearance evolves ...    46 MB    Views 9191
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