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Balloon Drop

+25    Balloon Drop is a arcade game. The goal is simply to not let the balloons touch the grass.    2 MB    Views 2077
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+2    Alice lost her balloon Help her save it from the storm and other dangers    34 MB    Views 5935
+1    Balloon Popping Pop brings the joy of popping balloons right to your IOS device Balloon pop is a simple, fun and addictive balloon bursting game for kids and adults alike. With three different difficulties it offers a challenge for people ...    29 MB    Views 5232
+12    Little Hailey released you by accident. But do not worry you can save yourself. Avoid all enemies that the city has to offer and you may eventually get the highest score Change your balloon as much as you want: Take your balloon style ...    44 MB    Views 6682
balloon gravity
-2    Gravity: Tap to control the balloon. Don't hit buildings and balls. Fun to play for everyone Beautiful design Two challenging level    5 MB    Views 863
math kids challenge build skills chicken mathematical game
+5    Chicken Math Challenge is an education game that helps kids to build mathematical skills. The hen gives a mathematical problem and then lays eggs with numbers, while with the basket you need to collect the egg with the right answer. The ...    11 MB    Views 2499
building kids dog challenge ladder reach alarm net mania fun game amazing
+13    Fun Fun Fun Kyle, the Amazing Wonder Dog, is a Fireman Help him reach the fire before the building burns down. But wait Kyle has climbed onto the wrong building and now must travel from building to building to reach the fire. ...    25 MB    Views 5942
+23    Whack a Robot: Smash it is a casual fair game like whack a mole, with excellent steampunk graphics, super fun to play for hours. Challenge your friends to see if they could do it better than you. (Game Center Leaderboards) Game ...    18 MB    Views 5842

Flychaser (FREE)

+14    "Keeps you involved really fast and addictive" "Pretty lvls and great actionpacked gameplay" "Kids love it" Upgradable Version Flychaser is an enjoyable and dynamic arcade with superb graphics and sound effects, where your main goal is to help a cute little frog become ...    43 MB    Views 4507
+4    Parachute and balloon pop Pop the Parachute & Balloons as fast as you can before they reach the top of the screen, each level gets harder so be very careful    5 MB    Views 9832


catch balloons balloon
+2    Balloon Wrangler is an action arcade game If you get 3 of the same balloon in a row, you get 3x bonus Throw your lasso to catch balloons, pull it back to avoid catching birds, or balloons that break your streak. Can ...    20 MB    Views 430
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+2    Are you brave enough to be a FIREMAN? Imagine you have got an emergency call: the big building was caught by the furious fire flames Jump into your huge firetruck and rush to the poor people right now How many ...    78 MB    Views 6095
apps kids games feedback balloon
-8    A classic balloon popping game for kids, with colorful graphics, cute animals. NO ADS ARE EVER SHOWN We only ask for a good REVIEW Feedback Please: If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of ...    28 MB    Views 9175


challenge kids development game future life knowledge questions free
+19    EcoChallenge – the learning game on Sustainable Development Here is your chance to learn about sustainable development in an easy and fun way. Test your knowledge against others in this quiz game or learn and improve as you play along on ...    14 MB    Views 4073

The Black Balloon

black balloon
-6    Try to reach the sky with the Black Balloon Watch out for branches Just tap the screen once you want to change the direction Compare your high score with the people from all of the world Show them that you are the best ...    31 MB    Views 7968

Balloon Apocalypse

-8    Endless sidescrolling game, control the balloon to avoiding the obstacles. Keep the balloon fly high    11 MB    Views 5655
balloon game
+23    Your mission in this new puzzle game is to control your hot air balloon by tapping and guiding it with a fan precisely so as to guide the balloon in the right direction to collect bonus stars, avoid walls and ...    41 MB    Views 3702

Leaking Balloon

-3    BE WARNED: Insanely addictive "LEAKING BALLOON" How to play: TAP to LEAK Lower your flying balloon by leaking, and try to pass without touching the thorny obstacles    6 MB    Views 7584
+19    Hey kids Here we have for you the “Swing Sharky” game. An addictive tap tap challenge game. Get the shark pass through the hurdles and score the maximum you can. Score higher and share it with your friends and family ...    30 MB    Views 9214

Unicorn Fart

kids challenge game unicorn score fart cute high
+10    Oh no, terrible news. The land of the unicorns has been invaded by nasty little critters. Help this poor little unifoal escape their nibbling mandibles and pointy stingers. Use the magical thrust power of rainbow farts to fly through the ...    17 MB    Views 1891
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+28    The Circus Balloon Game contains 4 game modes to challenge your skills. You can show your talents in the float, pop, spike and endless pop mode. Can you get the highscore and win against your friends and family? Features: 4 game modes Easy to ...    40 MB    Views 8771
kids challenge bananas funny banana game monkey difficulties
-3    Funny Monkey Banana is a funny banana peeling game for kids as well as adults. Now you can peel as many bananas you want right in your IOS device. It comes with three different difficulties to make it more addictive ...    40 MB    Views 4756
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+1    Meet Bubble Bugs – LadyBirds – prepare yourself for a real balloon battle Have fun with colorful ladybugs, match colors and enjoy your day This game is a new level of bubble shot games – because of a really funny design ...    56 MB    Views 3696

Bouncing Balloon

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+2    Help the balloon out Get him through the lollipops Tap Tap Tap FUN AND ADDICTIVE Steal this Game    10 MB    Views 3856
+5    An Addictive and Challenging Fruits Balloon popping game with your favorite Fruits Fruits Smasher is an amazing and addictive fun game for kids. Pop a Fruit balloon and another balloon will appear there is a never ending cycle of balloons with ...    59 MB    Views 7539
kids action challenge time mash play fun wow game ready data
+2    NEW Wow Wow Wubbzy Game from Cupcake Digital Get ready to MashEm The RobotCluck 3000 and hundreds of robochicks are on the loose and it's up to you to save Wuzzleburg Pick up a mallet and tap, tap, tap to ...    22 MB    Views 7457

Amazing Dodos

time money kids strategy challenge puzzle facebook dodo players friends scores mode special friend
+28    On Sale USD1.99 > 0.99 APPLE IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN THIS CONTEST. Amazing Dodo Cooperation Contest Begins With MORE MONEY Champion: Premium starts from USD 8000 and increase the amount of money according to the numbers of joint players The ...    37 MB    Views 453
0    This Balloons Smash Challenge will definitely bring you fun time. It has 45 levels from easy to extreme hard to keep yourself in challenge. The rule is simple, beat the target score to unlock next level. You need to: drag ...    33 MB    Views 2863
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+18    Loona the curious red balloon, has always wanted to find out how high she can fly Are you ready to take off on a breathtaking trip through Loonas world? Loona, the Red Balloon is a game designed with a young audience in ...    15 MB    Views 950

Bubble undersea

smash balloon
+15    Games need ingenuity, perseverance, and quickwitted observations. Be conquer immediately. Start your adventure with a Balloon smasher now How to play: You must smash the balloons. dam of the same color to raise the score double system. Tap the balloon to ...    48 MB    Views 6300

Simply Pop

challenge time tap number order seconds press wrong balloon
-5    Challenge your friends who sit next to you during break time to see who got the fastest fingers and eyesight to tap on the most numbers in sequential order within 60 seconds. Be aware that, as your score gets higher, some ...    4 MB    Views 6201
kids time learning balloon fun learn balloons popping abc pop fruits mode
+8    Balloon Pops for Kids is an amazing and addictive fun game for kids. Burst a balloon another balloon will appear there is a never ending cycle of balloons. See your kids enjoy the Balloon burst sound as they pop the endless ...    20 MB    Views 8600

The Balloon

+4    The Balloon is a game where Mike flies in the balloon. Angry birds try to pierce the balloon. You will have to work hard to remain unscathed and fly as far as possible    3 MB    Views 8601
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+2    This is the Ad Free version of Urdu Qaida Balloon Pops. We also have a Free version available that you can try before you purchase this version. Urdu Balloon Pops for Kids is an amazing and addictive fun game for kids. ...    39 MB    Views 677
party kids balloon pop balloons fun game rock tap ages
+1    In Balloon Party Rock the party is never over How many balloons can you pop? Shoot for the highest score and have fun with this game Pop all the balloons Balloon Party Rock is an easy and fun game for people of ...    27 MB    Views 903


skill challenge balloon sos stages game obstacles slow screen gamer
-3    SOS Balloon, Action Puzzle Game that player have to lead the balloon pass through all obstacles. Just incline left or right to sidestep from obstacle or tap on screen to slow down the balloon. SOS Balloon is about to help the ...    36 MB    Views 5461

Balloon Burst.

balloon burst
+24    Balloon Burst is a ballon popping game. Try to pop as many balloons as possible before the timer runs out as they float up and out of the screen.    88 kb    Views 388

The Balloon Kids

+15    The cute kids from Stone Age dream to fly to the sky with balloons, but the sky is different from what they imagine... Help them to make the dreams come true HOW TO PLAY: Tap to change direction. Fly as high as ...    29 MB    Views 9053

Stop it or Pop it

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+5    Every second a balloon fills up with air. The bigger the balloon the better score you receive. If the balloon expands too much it will pop and it will be game over. ◘ Simple ◘ Fun ◘ Addicting ◘ Scarry ◘ Totally FREE    28 MB    Views 6927

Watch the Balloon

balloon buttons
+10    Use the direction buttons to control the balloon to its target base, without hitting the flowers. Two buttons can be touched simultaneously to create a diagonal movement.    4 MB    Views 4624
challenge kids people children ice skating figure obstacles hand lots
+8    This app is exactly for you if you adore figure skating, funny graphics and arcade games Have fun and train your sport skills with Figure Skating Duet Ice Challenge You have 2 characters: a man and a woman skating ...    60 MB    Views 5552

Flappy That Balloon

balloon flappy
-8    Flappy That Balloon is a whole new adventure game, with cuter graphics and amazing arcade sounds. You will be envolved and challenged to get the most of your concentration to get through those pipes, collecting coins. Fly that balloon and break ...    16 MB    Views 4884

Save My Balloon

challenge balloon game monster test wind avoid balloons spikes save obstacles
+1    Balloons also have lives. Balloons also have souls. And they strive for freedom, they want to be where they belong – high in the sky surrounded with those of their like. But hardly a balloon can make it, for the ...    82 MB    Views 9494


+1    It is very simple puzzle game. shoot an arrow faster before balloon go to the top, if you miss balloon. you will lost life. it is easy, but it will become more difficult. Good Luck    4 MB    Views 845
farm challenge kids puzzle animal game nice crush cute features play
+28    Heeey kids Who loves the pets and animals of the nice farm on countryside? Here is a cute little game for you to switch and match cute animals on a tricky, logic puzzle board. Use restricted number of moves to ...    19 MB    Views 9168

The Air Balloon

+12    Save the balloon from the clouds. Keep tapping to keep the balloon flying.    4 MB    Views 6387
parachute pop balloon
0    Parachute and balloon pop Pop the Parachute & Balloons as fast as you can before they reach the top of the screen, each level gets harder so be very careful    4 MB    Views 8070
weather balloon
-8    There is nothing here, Other than a weather balloon, yes just a weather balloon. tell no one....    6 MB    Views 8004

Balloon Go

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+12    A walk in the park turns into a nightmare when trees, joggers, skateboarders, and birds conspire to break this little girl's brand new balloon. Your job is to guide the girl, and her balloon, around the obstacles and to safety. Along ...    3 MB    Views 9113

Balloon PopGame

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+15    Quickly and Swiftly pop all balloons that fly up , these hot air balloons are on a mission to reach the end of the sky, once they get there its game over for you OVER 500 DIFFERENT LEVELS Each level gets more ...    2 MB    Views 668

Balloon Ball

balloons balloon
+3    Try to see how long you can keep the balloons floating in the air. Don't let them hit the floor Infinite play and score. Fast paced gameplay similar to pinball. Up to 5 balloons at once. Shrinking balloon bumpers increase ...    27 MB    Views 7703
kids time challenge learning educational learn balloon balloons game pop fun numbers popping
-7    Kids Balloon Popping is Educational Game for Kids is a simple but attracting learning app for kids. The app will help kids learn while playing with the balloons. Great game for toddlers and kids who are learning. 1) Arcade: Burst as many ...    23 MB    Views 3432

Touch Balloon

+10    Balloon want to fly Easy to learn, difficult to master [How to play] Tap Screen to keep the balloon flying Don't let the balloon fall or hit the walls Try to reach as far as you can    6 MB    Views 8316
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+27    Balloon Popping is a balloon blast arcade game; you need to shoot all balloons. Balloon Popping is a funny and endless balloon blast game with a simple and entertaining game plan. The game seems extremely easy initially, but as gradually it ...    58 MB    Views 6735
games time ipad chinese iphone kids challenge game hexzzle mini arcade minute collected break
-3    Got a minute? Come to Hexzzle Arcade 2 Here you will find 4 mini games of great FUN with NO Advertisement, NO InApp Purchase and NO Waiting Time Each mini game lasts for 1 minute and you need to score as ...    39 MB    Views 201

Tappy Balloon

balloon leaderboards
0    The best, most fun and only 3D infinite hot air balloon tapper Guide the balloon past hazards, climb the leaderboards, be the best Free. Easy to play tap to lift the balloon. Achievements. Leaderboards. Over 10 player skins.    58 MB    Views 5408


challenge ipad kids iphone graphics froggie dynamic flies world chaser
0    "Keeps you involved really fast and addictive" "Pretty lvls and great actionpacked gameplay" "Kids love it" Flychaser is an enjoyable and dynamic arcade with superb graphics and sound effects, where your main goal is to help a cute little frog become the ...    42 MB    Views 172
animal kids challenge farm balloons pop balloon game mode popping fun
+2    An Addictive and Challenging Animal Balloon popping game with your favorite Farm Animals. Animal Pop Popper is an amazing and addictive fun game for kids. Pop an Animal balloon and another balloon will appear there is a never ending cycle of ...    53 MB    Views 4754
education kids challenge math web lunch lab challenges series
+2    ARE YOU THE NEXT LUNCH LABBER? Professor Fizzy, star of the PBS KIDS web series, "Fizzy's Lunch Lab," is holding a competition to see who has what it take to be the next Lunch Labber Think it's going to be easy ...    187 MB    Views 7290

aMAZE Balloon

+5    Help the balloon to go as far as possible, don’t let it touch the obstacles or it will fall    4 MB    Views 4496
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