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Retro Ufo Attack

+28    Fly through the ufo laser beams and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 7121

8-bit Flip

+26    Introducing 8bit Flip by XNOR Games, the incredibly addicting yet simple arcade style endless side scroller With incredible retro graphics and music, 8bit Flip is an extremely challenging, yet enjoyable throwback arcade game for all ages. Features: • 41 playable characters • 12 ...    89 MB    Views 4583

8-Bit Zombie

+12    8Bit Zombie is an addicting 2D shooter that's fun, competitive, and awesome. SALE: 8Bit Zombie is FREE FEATURES Sweet 8Bit graphics Awesome physics for zombie limbs 8Bit gore Wicked market with loads of upgrades and weapons Killer 8Bit Retro music Backstory You, a random dude in a science lab, ...    15 MB    Views 625

Pong 8-Bit

+11    Pong 8 Bit is a sweet arcade game with a simple design, fun to play, and can get addicting and competitive Simple Design Simple UI Fun to Play Addictive Wrestle against the computer to reach the top position in Pong 8Bit    2 MB    Views 7066

Bit Defender

+27    How long Bit hold out against the evil blocks as you destroy their buildings? Survive as long as you can against their merciless attacks, and use their own missiles against them to fight off a variety of enemies, and destroy their ...    11 MB    Views 7367
swing bit
+30    From the makers of Amazon Monkey Swing comes 8Bit Swing It's a race against the clock to see how far you can get With 30, 60, 120, or unlimited durations, how far can you fly? Multiple cities, characters, and ropes to choose ...    43 MB    Views 2938


bit graphics
+1    It's time to flip your bit Party like it's 1979 Tap to keep your bit floating past the stalactites and stalagmites of a vast digital cave FlippyBit's simple gameplay, retrostyled graphics, and authentic 8bit graphics will warm your heart and challenge ...    643 kb    Views 9863

Finger Dodger

-1    Finger Dodger is the new and exciting game that allows you to dodge pipes with your finger Designed with an 8bit feel it will remind you of those retro days when 8bit was all the rage. Use your finger to ...    5 MB    Views 5051
+8    It's finally here The Guide for Ultra Street Fighter IV is the one and only way to have all of your USFIV needs in the palm of your hands at all times This guide was created by a die hard ...    4 MB    Views 1182

Retro Tunnel Run

-7    Fly through the tunnels and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 4252


+2    It's Christmas time Help Santa Claus delivery gifts this Christmas Guide Santa Claus in his sleigh through roofs and chimneys just tap the screen. Retro style 8 bit graphics. 8bit sounds and Christmas music. Random Colors, random gameplay. Smooth, fun and addictive For ...    2 MB    Views 2964
0    Build up your defense in a 8bit retro world. Enemy pacmans just started the invasion against you, so grab your towers and guns, place them on good strategic points and destroy all of your enemies. Great gameplay Gorgeous graphics Various ...    19 MB    Views 1417

hang there

challenge game hang section free play challenges block ground features
+4    You are a little square breaking his chains and trying to escape the devilish dungeon. Your only hope of survival is to hang in there as long as you can, using those same chains. Grapple your way through the obstacles and defy ...    45 MB    Views 2051

8-Bit Jump

jump construction bit worker
0    Can you help the construction worker through this 8Bit Land? Jump up and collect coins so he can pay his rent. Watch out The tools have gone mad and will attack you. Jump on them to knock them out. If the construction ...    4 MB    Views 5231


playing game field players player dot line section lines
+30    Simple and addictive game. Control your fibre to avoid collisions, earn points and try to win FEATURES Fastpaced game full of action Use your imagination to invent new strategies Play with different amount of opponents How to play: Each player spawns as a dot ...    4 MB    Views 1093

Flappy 8-Bit Bird

Related Apps bit world tap bird
+27    Tap, tap, tap your way to greatness and become a legend. The 8bit world is in disarray. A terrible glitch has blocked out the sun and brought heavy rain. Every 10 boxes your 8Bit Bird clears will help put the world ...    54 MB    Views 6950

Space Maniac

power space bit maniac
+17    Conquer the universe with Space Maniac A Stunning nonstop retro arcade galaxy action shooter. Fantastic 8bit soundtrack with mind gripping nostalgia. Fight your way into the milky way high score leader boards collect power up's and gun boosters for even more awesome nebula ...    44 MB    Views 9139
red blue escape avoid bit block
+18    Touch Red bit Block avoid and escape the Blue Squares, and avoid the blue lines. Stay alive as long as possible.    9 MB    Views 6286

Aqua Rama LITE

0    2500 downloads of the free version in just 2 days.. Rocking the appstore AQUA RAMA PRO Featured on New & noteworthy section and Top Free Apps section on AppStore. Do you spend hours watching fish move in the aquarium? Here is precisely ...    NAN    Views 3098

Twitch Reflex

family game simple world section week challenging reflexes featured
+5    Current World Record: 55 points held by "CR1337". You must download now and beat this score 1 game in the UK Game>Family New Featured section for over 1 week. 3 game in the UK Game>Arcade New Featured section for over 1 week. You have ...    6 MB    Views 9128

8-bit Heroes

game heroes bit
-5    Caution: This game is difficult and very addicting You need to keep both the heroes alive by making them jump over the rocks. Sounds simple right? But trust me it isn't ;) This new game will stick to your thumbs for a ...    6 MB    Views 4580

Dish Fish

fish bit sfx tap dish
+7    The new amazing Dish Fish is now on your iDevice Tap on your device to make the fish swim. Avoid obstacles to level up, find fantastic treasures... and most importantly... beat your friends high score. SFX easter egg: 8 BIT SOUND EFFECTS. For ...    3 MB    Views 938

Bit Baron

bit baron
+8    Test your aviation skills in this crazy 2D sidescoller Packed with perilous traps and obstacles, only the most valiant pilots will succeed in reaching the top of the scoreboard • Compete against your Game Centerfriends. • Simple one touch control system. • HIGHLY ADDICTIVE Whether ...    17 MB    Views 2926

Retro Minefield

+12    Fly through the deadly minefields and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 1949

Snake Bit

-6    A deceptively simple, 8 bit style game of Snake, the most classic mobile game of all time. Tap on the right to move clockwise. Tap on the left to move counterclockwise. Eat as many apples as you can, and you'll grow. Just don't touch ...    3 MB    Views 4101

Retro Revenge Free

art retro state revenge bit
+2    Take revenge on the 80's in this retro game. Blast through the shield protecting the enemy then shoot him with a missle. Watch out, he gets mad and turns red. Features: state of the art 8 bit graphics state of the art 8 ...    4 MB    Views 7532

1 Bit Ball Free

ball game bit simple levels section shrink tapping
-8    1 Bit Ball is a unique, simple, and incredibly addictive game where each player must maneuver a shrinking ball through levels filled with challenging obstacles. Consisting of 60 levels which start simple to give you a feel for the game, and ...    13 MB    Views 2312


+11    Discover Glycobiology through the universe of Yves Saint Laurent skincare. A pedagogical application to discover Yves Saint Laurent skincare products and to make the most of glycobiology. Enjoy a large offer of services specially dedicated for you. · Discover the whole Forever Youth ...    31 MB    Views 8154

Stunt Squirrels! HD

games time iphone levels hidden stunt level squirrels section bonus store featured
+6    Go nuts with Stunt Squirrels HD Make the crowd roar by blasting these deathdefying daredevils safely to the goal Navigate tricky mazes and highflying obstacles in this fun new physics puzzler from Fire Maple Games ✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮✮ CRITIC REVIEWS ❤ Currently Featured on the iTunes ...    12 MB    Views 9103

Circus Ride

Related Apps tap bit circus style fun
+1    One of the best Tap Tap application of the store Originally and Crazy Come and have fun at the circus The new amazing Games is now on your iPhone. Tap on your device to make the plane goes up. Avoid obstacles to level up. Art ...    6 MB    Views 2505

Worm Run

apple retro runners time worm run endless swipe section space featured
+16    FEATURED ON APPLE'S WHAT WE'RE PLAYING SECTION FEATURED ON APPLE'S WHAT'S HOT SECTION FEATURED ON APPLE'S NEW AND NOTEWORTHY SECTION "For just a dollar, Worm Run almost sells itself. Its lightningonice movement speed and motivation to keep on trucking in the form of ...    29 MB    Views 7239


propulsion rocket meteorites jet
+2    Super difficult rocket game from Japan Use your jet propulsion well and avoid the meteorites Jet propulsion works by tapping the screen. It's O.K. to run into the flames coming off the meteorites.    30 MB    Views 3751
ninja bit rush remix
-9    1bit Ninja is back in an endless procedurally generated race against the clock. Bounce on enemies, jump chasms and collect bits to fight back the ever ticking timer. Featuring a unique blend of 3D and retro handheld inspired visuals along with ...    30 MB    Views 6641
bit birds red live missed
+21    The Angry Red Birds have it in for the local window cleaner Mr Bit They think his name is sooo funny, they want him to live by his name Your job is clean the windows as fast as you can ...    23 MB    Views 5566


frame options section block data specific bits
+5    Your pocket reference for Ultra Street Fighter IV. Quickly check out frame data for any USFIV character without a need for an internet connection. The app will allow you to sort, edit and modify the frame data if you need ...    6 MB    Views 457


god strange water bit
+14    Help the UNeeks do what they do best: be who God made them to be God has made each of us a little bit quirky, a little bit strange, and completely UNeek Join Alliebird as she gets ready for the ...    69 MB    Views 3953
Related Apps bird bit crazy stupid
-1    The new amazing Crazy Bird On Your iDevice is now Bringing stupid bird flying through the serpentine pipe to poverty   8 BIT SOUND EFFECTS 8 BIT GRAPHIC Tap On Your device to make the bird fly. Avoid obstacles to level up, find fantastic treasures ...    4 MB    Views 3122

8 Bit Balloon

+6    8 bit balloon is in your hands and needs your help Your helium is getting lower every second and the only way to stay afloat is collecting the blue helium bubbles flying around but watch out as your not alone ...    19 MB    Views 1691

Retro Asteroids

bit asteroids
+5    Fly through the asteroids and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 8617

Space Out

games space bit invaders arcade game
+17    Space Out is a tribute to old school arcade games; it truly delivers that early arcade feel. It combines 2 classic game concepts, shooting invaders and brick breaking, into a unique and exciting retro experience. It's a blast back to ...    15 MB    Views 5267

Retro Arcade Game

retro game young bit
+5    Pay zero to delight both young or youngatheart retro game fan We have made this game for you Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller, 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 9354
frame videos time artwork data guide section street fighter character super
+15    MY ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV APP IS LIVE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ULTRA SF4 CHECK OUT MY OTHER APP The Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Guide is the one and only way to have all of your ...    3 MB    Views 7562

Bit Jump

Related Apps jump faster bit platforms
0    Time your jump to land Bit safely onto the moving platforms. The platforms move faster and faster the more times you successfully jump, so timing is an essential skill.    14 MB    Views 17


iphone game terrain fuel section screen weapon ship obstacles enemies
+13    PLEASE NOTE NOT SUITABLE FOR iPHONE 3 NEEDS 3GS OR BETTER At last A miniature take on a classic arcade game, with all the excitement and compelling gameplay of the bigger screens. Controls have been designed specifically with the iPhone's touchscreen ...    9 MB    Views 5271

Yin&Yang Jump

jump photo yin section button score yang
+5    Jump Jump And jump again New addictive retro style game. Tap the white section to make Yin jump and the black section to make Yang jump. Can you beat my personal score? If you can, make a photo of the screen (press the home ...    6 MB    Views 3778
game pixel bit fruit slots
+6    Welcome to Pixel Fruit Slots Game It's simple, place your bets, spin, and WIN Easy to understand design Game Centre integrated to compete against friends The ability to unlock all your earnings Nostalgic 8bit artwork and sounds Never be bored ...    7 MB    Views 7135

Endless 8-Bit

Related Apps jump endless bit
+5    THE FIRST EVER JUMP'N'TILT GAME Endless Runner 8Bit is TWO Games in one Jump'n'run, collect gold on a mobile phone while avoiding pedestrians coming towards you by tilting left and right.    8 MB    Views 427

Flappy Express

flappy bit game express
+25    The amazing Flappy Express game is now on your iPhone and iPad. Tap on your device to make the ship flappy. 12 rounds of game with come up speed and difficult... beat your friends high score. 8 bit sounds effect and graphics, ...    2 MB    Views 1139
movie bit
-4    Fez 8 bit encyclopedia is an awesome app that keeps you right up to date with everything FEZ and what is going on in the world of Phil Fish(creator) and all the team at Polytron. It has a full video ...    3 MB    Views 7318
adventure www touch bit
+29    Can you find your way out of this insane maze? With simple one touch controls, all you need is good strategy to master this action puzzle Have fun in this 8 bit adventure Get in touch    47 MB    Views 1285

Space 8 bit

space game bit ship save
+4    The 8 bit Space Game. Save the ship from asteroids but ... don't waste your shots it takes few seconds to recharge and the battle is ongoing The World is waiting your return from space mission, your piloting can save ...    3 MB    Views 8815

Droid Run

fun droid simple hard bit run
-9    Droid Run is a 8bit arcade and your aim is to reach as far as you can get Simple, entertaining and fun Challenge yourself and your friends Who is the best? Tired of flapping a bird? Why not Running and Jumping : Featuring Retro ...    9 MB    Views 4591


cells bit explore
+3    Explore the infinitesimal in the strange & fascinating KromacelliK. Ride throughout the KromacelliK organism, an original 8bit world overran by all kinds of microbes and cells. Link to others cells and lead them to the right exit. Beware of the viruses and ...    74 MB    Views 1582

Yin&Yang Jump PRO

jump photo yin button score section yang
+2    Jump Jump And jump again New addictive retro style game. Tap the white section to make Yin jump and the black section to make Yang jump. NO ADS Can you beat my personal score? If you can, make a photo of the screen (press the ...    6 MB    Views 5256

Bit Hunter

time tap bit target hunter game
+3    Welcome to Bit Hunter, a game where quick reactions are key. WHAT HAPPENS A target will appear, and you have to tap it. Once you have, another will appear, but there's a catch: Every time you tap a target, you get less ...    1 MB    Views 3872

Zombie Knockout!

Related Apps zombie zombies online bit mode
+11    The zombies are back… in a great 8bit restyle Play online and gain reputation to become the best beater of zombies Challenge tons of opponents, hit the undead as fast as you can and own your rivals, or select the arcade mode, ...    12 MB    Views 8035

8 Bit Flappy

obstacles game bit fly
+8    Fly your way through artistic walls and obstacles Tap to Fly Dodge obstacles Game Features: :8 Bit Soundtrack :Easy Controls :Beautiful Art :In App Purchases Trade Coins for Upgrades and Game backgrounds Unlock Prizes    37 MB    Views 8371

Bug Hunt 8-bit

games bit hunt bug arcade
+6    Bug Hunt is a simple yet addictive romp back to the days of 8bit, hiscore arcade gaming. Help our titular hero Bongo feast on as many insectoids as possible, before being overtaken by the impending hordes of killer bees This carefully ...    19 MB    Views 9591

1 Bit Ball HD

Related Apps ball levels game bit simple unique controls tapping propulsion section
+3    1 Bit Ball is a unique, simple, and incredibly addictive game where each player must maneuver a shrinking ball through levels filled with challenging obstacles. Get 1 Bit Ball for 33% off for a limited time Consisting of 50 levels ...    12 MB    Views 7966

Retro Stalactites

+5    Fly through the stalactites and reach the farthest of the unexplored lands Finely crafted 1bit design, endless side scroller with 8bit wonderful music. Go, get it    10 MB    Views 4398
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