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0    Cockroaches Killer is one of our hugely successful bug killing apps. Smash cockroaches with your finger but watch out for ladybugs Bugs are running freely round your screen. Kill all of them and get even with those ugly beasts. If you ...    23 MB    Views 5663
+3    Bugs Smasher – Cool Fun Game for Kids Enjoy the colorful & addictive bugs slapping experience on your tablet or on your mobile device. You need to be speedy to tap bugs otherwise you’ll lose energy & game will be ...    8 MB    Views 6469

Bug Games The Game

+12    Top 100 Arcade Game 85 in Jordanian Store (Nov 3, 2013) Featured in iTunes in 717 places (Nov 3, 2013) Trailer: Is there any rehabs for game addictions? Because you're gonna need one after few days of fighting against bugs Seriously, this game ...    48 MB    Views 9523

Bug Blaster

bug fun blaster
+23    Bug Blaster Fun, fast paced. Use your cannon to destroy all those pesky bugs. Be sure to make use of the exploding mushrooms, trees and others. Have fun Mr Tubefish.    27 MB    Views 4277


+15    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS +++ This bug is lost, please HELP it find its way home. How far can you get your bug? [HOW TO PLAY] Tap to fly your Bug. Avoid killing your bug. .Share this app with your friends and family ...    8 MB    Views 3317

Shanghai Fly

fly bug
+3    Flight for your life Tap on your device to buzz the Shanghai Fly upwards. Don't hit the bug zapper or you'll be fried. Compete with your friends to get the highest score... or just enjoy zapping the Shanghai Fly. Featuring: Buzzing Sounds Shanghaithemed soundtrack ...    15 MB    Views 6606

BUG BUG بق بق

start bugs damage download bug space coming game
-4    BUGS ARE COMING .......... In the space horrible bugs will attack you and they will try to damage your ship, you have only ONE life, prepare your gun and start shooting enemies You need to protect yourself and start attacking bugs and ...    6 MB    Views 1791
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-6    Keep the bug from crashing into each other. Download now Fun, exciting, and easy to play Great graphics and sound Simple and addicting, enjoy hours of fun.    22 MB    Views 3481
-5    We are very excited to include many awesome new features in this update, along with two new action buttons in the main game we are introducing an all new first person shooter styled game that allows you to take on ...    233 MB    Views 2059
-5    After the bugs have hit Earth with a massive surprise attack we take the fight to them You are part of a massive invasion on the bug home world. Your Warbringer class ship has been shot down by an enemy ...    39 MB    Views 4668


spanish bug
+3    Play this game to improve your memory; have awareness of the past. Bug(s) that will be fixed in next update: • Bug where the app isn't fully supported on devices with their language set to Spanish or Mexican Spanish.    9 MB    Views 4465
land bugs bug game village
+7    A witch has inflicted a curse upon the Land of Bugga. She infected the whole village with different kinds of insect and bugs. Help the village people survive the bug attack. Get rid of the bugs by smashing them.Be quick and make ...    32 MB    Views 2838

Mutant Bug Smasher

bugs shake bees device move powers game mutant slide bug
+4    A bug smasher fun and impressive for your enjoyment and free to play just play and kill time and bugs Put all your senses into action to avoid the bugs reaching your side, only the bees can pass, smash them to ...    13 MB    Views 583
adventure lady bug
+6    Come on an adventure with the Lady Bug Faries. Choose from 4 different varies and fly through a wonderful garden. Don't get hit or it's game over. Endless adventure to be had. Download it today    21 MB    Views 6623
twitter facebook smash bugs game kill spiders play ants bug beetles
-2    Take on the bugs in this wild adventure, squash them into the ground and show them who is the Boss FUN, ADDICTIVE AND EASY TO PLAY Smash Them All can keep you entertained during long journeys and on rainy days ...    27 MB    Views 7935

Infestation Lite

food screen corner game bugs lite left spray swipe upper levels
-8    You are in a battle with insects, and it looks like the insects are winning Infestation Lite is free version of the intense defense game where you must protect your food from masses of hungry bugs. Fast reflexes and quick thinking ...    9 MB    Views 2269
photos time gun ipad war bugs weapons destroy bug screen kill stress game
+24    ● The iDestroy Experience optimized for your iPad ● Nonstop bug killing action with dozens of weapons ● The best bug and ant smashing time killing stress relief game ● 40 + awesome war and nuclear weapons to choose from ● Unlock Free Weapons ...    24 MB    Views 6479

Nommy Bug

+3    Play as Nommy Bug to munch up lots of delicious candy. Use your wit and hilarious power ups to overcome various obstacles, enemy bugs and other household hazards in familiar yet endearing settings.    9 MB    Views 7620
+30    Bug Exterminator Kill the bugs is an action game in which your main goal is to fight the bugs Get ready to defend your home as a mob of bugs is about to invade your town Use your finger ...    14 MB    Views 9983

Bug-Out! Free

+30    BugOut is a simple game. The goal is to smash as many bugs as you can. Just start smashing and earn achievements or test your skill by playing the challenges. Enjoy    210 kb    Views 993

Flappy Bug

+9    If you can adhere to 120 seconds, you are a genius You will control a bug by sliding your finger and avoid flying bricks. When you hit it, the game is over. Duration is the final score.    3 MB    Views 2692

Bug Off! Lite

accelerometer bug
-8    Slingshot your way out of trouble with Bug Off This exciting strategy arcade style game incorporates your device's accelerometer How far can you make it? Earn and spend coins Over 30 levels Accelerometer use optimized Retina Display support No ads Enjoy    29 MB    Views 416

Alfred The Frog

home facebook parents keitgames lucy day bug bugs year types
+12    Meet Alfred. He's on his way home. Each day he needs food, and each day his appetite is different, along with a different amount of energy (attempts). Catch the required bugs before he runs out of energy, and Alfred can continue on ...    17 MB    Views 9670

Buzzy Bug

buzzy score flowers bug
+3    Little Buzzy needs your help gathering pollen. Help her get all the flowers. Tap to flap your wings and fly Avoid the obstacles to level up Gather flowers to score bonus points Tweet your high score to brag to your ...    7 MB    Views 3178

Bug Smasher App

+3    This is probably the best Bug Smasher App in the App Store Beutiful graphics, animations, many bugs to smush. Compete with your friends, smash as much bugs as you can. You will find here: wasps ants cockroaches ladybugs butterflies All this in ...    8 MB    Views 7895
game fun bug free
0    Test your skills on this fun and crazy bug smashing game Keep your eyes and mind sharp with this fun and addicting skill game. Only smash the correct bugs. Hit a wrong bug and it's game over. Multiple modes and ...    38 MB    Views 4195
shooting game bugs bug shoot frog play hunter
-2    Bug Hunter is a very addictive and funny shooting game. Help the little frog to win the battle versus an army of bugs dropping from the sky. HOW TO PLAY Wait for the perfect moment to shoot. Be careful not to touch their ...    16 MB    Views 6096


+5    The bugs are swarming Through the trees and across the fields the warmer weather has big bugs and little bugs out in droves. They are not the only one’s looking for an unsuspecting snack…here comes Blue the Bluebird Back from ...    19 MB    Views 6549

Stoked X

time bugs game brain levels bug 780 takes twisting
+13    GET READY TO DEFEND A HONEY JAR FROM BUGS AND BE PULLED INTO A BRAINTWISTING GAME WITH STOKED Keep your jar of sweet honey from being eaten by a horde of pesky bugs. Pit your brain against an array of creepycrawlies ...    19 MB    Views 8452


food screen corner bugs game left spray upper swipe
+8    You are in a battle with insects, and it looks like the insects are winning Infestation is an intense defense game where you must protect your food from masses of hungry bugs. Fast reflexes and quick thinking are essential Squish them Spray ...    9 MB    Views 5670

Yummy Bugs Lite

iphone apps bugs free version cockroach bug full eat store yummy
-3    From the developer who brought you the insanely difficult "Professional Police Training", featured on the Apps Store Full version is available now Have you ever tasted the living bugs? Or dare you? Here comes a chance to challenge your tongue The Yummy Bugs, ...    9 MB    Views 1667
bug free bugs join squish escape thugs
+17    ALL NEW THUGS VS BUGS GAME FROM BUZZAPPO Wouldn’t you know it There are some gooey sticky bugs that got a little big for their breeches, now they want to eat you Squish, stomp, and shoot your way through these mischievous ...    24 MB    Views 924

Bug Basher

Related Apps game bug bugs free
+5    In Bug Basher, the aim of the game is to squish all of the bad bugs by tapping on them, but avoid squishing the good bugs. Collect pickups to boost your score and increase the power of your hammer. The gameplay ...    19 MB    Views 5785


bugs bug
+28    Protect the beautiful vistas from those pesky bugs "Tap the Bug" is the ultimate test for your reflexes. Unlock and battle bugs on 5 different levels with a total of over 20 stages. See how long can you last against them in survival ...    23 MB    Views 8654

Bug Smasher Fun

Related Apps time playing love game bug smasher smash bugs insects points play
+9    Bug Smasher App is our new colorful mini game. Are you a fan of smash games? Then you should try Bug Smasher App. This game was made for you Smash bugs with your finger but avoid bees All your friends will ...    135 MB    Views 8090
kids time insects game screen play bugs bug lots crush store crunchy
-3    RECHARGE YOUR DEVICE Getting Bored? Make your device ready to indulge yourself by charging it completely. A nonstop never ending fun is waiting for you. One of the unique and different games in functionality has been uploaded successfully. I litigate ...    43 MB    Views 5339

Rocket Chameleon

chameleon rocket lane top moves color bugs tapping control screen
+4    Never seen a rocket riding chameleon? Now you control one If you enjoy simple yet challenging games then this is the one for you The rules are pretty straight forward: 1. Ride your rocket and chase down the yummy bugs. 2. Match the color ...    10 MB    Views 3070

Avoid Bugs!

+7    Bugs have started appearing in random places It's up to the people of the world to avoid them Keep your finger on the screen and use your dodging skills for a long as possible Touch the screen and avoid the bugs ...    31 MB    Views 7931
baby insects game play bug points graphics sounds button child bugs
0    Alert: it’s a bugs invasion They congest your house and threaten to capture the land. They are numerous and fast, so get your fingers ready Kick the bug This is simple, beautiful and wonderful game is created for both kids and ...    28 MB    Views 5628
food bugs game smasher bug hammer quick insects beetles bonuses
+1    The world's best smasher of nasty bugs one midnight you get awake and, finding by touch your way to the kitchen, you switch on the light and… Nap is away Frightful scene stands before your eyes: hords of bugs are eating ...    61 MB    Views 4052


eat bug bugs long avoid birds trees screen
0    Bug'em Tired of the bugs, then there is only one thing to do, EAT'EM. Fly into action in this semi 3d style game, eat as many bugs as you want, also see how long you can last. Did I mention that you ...    16 MB    Views 1737

Get Off My Land 2

time adventure levels game land bought bug crops bugs bonus items oil
+7    Farmer Giles needs your help After losing his job in the recession he decided to make his fortune growing sunflowers to harvest their oil for biofuel and cooking oil, a good healthy living if ever there was one. He has bought a ...    9 MB    Views 3883

Flappy Tap Bug Lite

Related Apps bug tap
+4    Amazing Happy Tap Bug game, help the bug fly without crashing by tapping on the screen. You get crashed, no problem, you can keep flying till your lives are finished. Play today    9 MB    Views 3135

Bug Crush Pro

bug pro crush
+12    Prevent the insects and bugs from reaching the apple. Bug Crush Pro includes the following: 1. No Ads or Popups 2. Starting inventory of 10 Bombs and 10 Time Freeze for each new game    28 MB    Views 6468

Flitter Flutter

Related Apps bugs butterfly screen
-2    Help the butterfly avoid the other bugs. Hold your finger on the screen and the butterfly will follow it. Guide it around the bugs moving around the screen. See how long you can last and then try to beat your ...    10 MB    Views 4107

Bug Adventure

bug leaf
+4    Let's go for a tour of the planet world. Jump to and fro by collecting the fuels. Time is crucial as the Bug only flies in a straight line. Go from leaf to leaf by tapping screen, picking up fuel along the ...    19 MB    Views 8383

Bug Wild Lite

game bugs play bug squish
+4    Bugs. Everywhere. SQUISH 'EM New Picnic Game Mode: Protect your food as long as you can from the ants Bugs are overrunning your Backyard How many can you squish before they get away? Download now and Play for Free Features: Addicting arcade game for ...    86 MB    Views 1655
bugs bad smash ladybugs feedback fun big game cool bug
+5    Attention: No Bugs Were Harmed In the Making of This Game Big Bad Bug Bash A Cool Insect Exterminator loves ladybugs but hates other bugs. Help smash the bad bugs in this incredibly fun game. Features: Smash bad bugs but not the ...    58 MB    Views 5934

Bug Smash HD

home bug smash play
+9    Bugs are invading your home, protect your home in Bug Smash. You can smash a bug by tapping it, and you need to be quick and prompt because they move quickly. You can improve your promptness, response speed, and coordination ...    5 MB    Views 6519
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0    __________________________________________ 'Impossible Not To Get Hooked With This Game' 'This Game Is Perfect For People Of All Ages' 'Exercises Your Brain Muscles While Having Fun ' 'My Whole Family Cannot Get Enough Of This Game' __________________________________________ When you want a game that challenges your logic and ...    21 MB    Views 3586

Bug Gulp Lite

bugs crawling bug flying shots squash wall lose reaches tap
+4    Beat the bugs in this frantic game. Screen smashing fun for all. Easy to start, hard to put down. Pick your pattern and time your shots right. 25 levels included in this free version. You are Plant Dude. Tap on the screen ...    38 MB    Views 9993


screen bug
-9    In this game, kamikaze bugs come flying right at you You need to intervene or your screen will end up looking like a car windshield after a long day on a country road. To stop the carnage, touch the screen where you ...    2 MB    Views 7883

Splashy Bug

splashy game fun bug
0    This game is quite simply enjoy the game. If you can have a little fun, there will be a very big fun. If you are touched by the Splashy Bug hell then Splashy Bug is the game you should play WARNING Fun and addictive    4 MB    Views 7845


-3    In this amusing game, available for your iPad, you will earn points by helping Chamy the Chameleon hunt a bugalicious dinner in the jungles of Madagascar But be careful, not all insects in the jungle are edible and Chamy can get ...    30 MB    Views 9178

123 Smash: Bugs!

educational love smash bugs 123 bug core fun challenges
+27    Learn numbers, colors and entomological nomenclature with just a SMASH These adorable bugs crawl, fly, hop and slither their way into your child's cranium and leave behind a hard exoskeleton of knowledge With simple game play, beautiful handdrawn bug illustrations and ...    19 MB    Views 4693
market jack motor bugs check game adventures bug
+10    In this fastpaced free arcade game, you have to ensure Motor Jack reaches his rock concert while you fight off endless swarms of bugs With seven new scenarios, new bugs and countless new levels, Bug Attack challenges puts your skills ...    36 MB    Views 7885
Related Apps bugs fun taptap play game tap cute bug
+25    Much More Fun and Get 150 Save and NO ADS (Valued at 14.99 for Cheap). TapTap Bugs Cute, Adorable Colorful Bugs popup on your mobile phone and tablet. TapTap Bugs is amazing fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and ...    27 MB    Views 1718

Spectral for iOS

email support offer bug screen color issue walls ios
+9    Colorful, fastpaced, and hard to put down Spectral is a minimal, arcadestyle game that will test your reflexes as you descend against an onslaught of obstacles. Play as a falling dot that wants, more than anything, to reach the bottom of your ...    28 MB    Views 8011
roll jungle rock bug
+2    Get ready to rock & roll your way down from the tree tops because Jungle Bug Rock & Roll is here Features: ✵ Tilt to roll game play. ✵ Story book tutorial. ✵ Crazy Critters like Snatcher, Spinner and Stinky Poison. ✵ 6 amazing power ...    8 MB    Views 6086


skill easy game play tap score bugs bug fly
+27    Squash the bugs in the exciting, easytoplay, fingergripping game, BugTaps The object of the game is simple. Just tap the bugs, insects, ladybug, centipede, beetle, bee, worm, pillbug, praying mantis, and fly to score 10 points. Tapping those creepy crawlies ...    748 kb    Views 5567
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