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+14    This game has no ads Meet Willy, a baby that absolutely loves tasty treats of all kinds Unfortunately his mom and dad don't want him to spoil his appetite and so he's only allowed to have one sugary treat a day. ...    35 MB    Views 7128
+4    """HALLOWEEN SUPER FUN KIDS IN COSTUME GAME"" RUN & COLLECT CANDIES AN EDUCATIONAL DELIGHT These clan of sweet, cute little fella's and fellarina's are having a blast, with their halloween costumes. With painted faces and a mission to spread fun wherever ...    20 MB    Views 356
candies smash dash
+13    What's better than crushing candies? Smashing them Get Smash Dash and smash away at as many candies as you can Features: Addictive gameplay Delicious candies to fulfill your sweet tooth Hours of neverending joy Fun for all your friends Never before has a game been so ...    7 MB    Views 4390

Candy Factory SD

0    Candy Factory is a simple but addictive app. Tap on the screen to open the pot. Your purpose is to catch falling candies with the shifting pipes. The pipes will return candies back to the pot and they will produce ...    7 MB    Views 5147

Cookie Jump Free

jump cookie free candies catch game
+2    BEST CATCHING GAME EVER AND LOT OF FUN Cookie want to escape and free from Evil and Jail. Let help him catch many candies as you can. Test your acceleration and mental skills. Move your device left and right to ...    10 MB    Views 5339
fishing candy game candies fish yummy sweet
+5    As if candy couldn't be any sweeter Join the beautiful princess on her tiny boat in search for all the yummy and colorful candies in the kingdom. Yummy Throw your fishing rod into the ocean as far and deep as you can. ...    13 MB    Views 9907


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+8    AA candy mania is coming Caandy is a delicious and sweet app available for all the phones and Tablets. Match candies to collect them : just tap your cannon to fire the candy in the wheel for a sweet candy blast. Easy ...    33 MB    Views 9972

Jelly Circus

+24    A great circus adventure. Immerse yourself in a fantastic circus adventure, and help the Lollipop family in their exciting world of gelatine. Unlock challenges you encounter along the way. Collect candy of the same colour and generate different powerups and boosters at ...    25 MB    Views 2658

Falling Candies

+1    Candies shall fall…and fall they did This fast paced falling game is fast paced and addictive. You will immerse yourself into an exciting world of candies falling, trying to save as many as you can. But beware of the dreaded red ...    42 MB    Views 81

Slingshot ABC

-2    Let the learning begin with this fun game of slingshot. Kids learn ABC a lot faster when they learn it while playing their favorite game like slingshot ABC. Pop the balloons with your slingshot, and hit ABC letters to learn. Collect candies, ...    81 MB    Views 5647

Rope Cut Mania

challenge candies levels physics match cut
0    FREE for limited time This game is about physics,timing and match candies to complete levels Challenge yourself and see if you make it to the END Features: Simple yet Super Addictive Delicious tasty levels Realistic Physics simulation Cut the ropes Match the candies ...    32 MB    Views 8584
santa christmas game candies fly fun trees collect tap xmas
-8    Santa Christmas Rush is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Enjoy the Christmas spirit with this exciting, fast paced and fun action runner game. Help Santa Clause deliver Xmas presents before sunrise and collect candies. You'll have to fly the ...    14 MB    Views 3582

Candy Links

Related Apps candies table fun
+4    Match and Link the Candies of the same colour on your table to clear them. But make sure that the candies doesn't fill your board completely. Features: Nice graphics and soothing background music. Easy and fun to play. Endless game unless ...    17 MB    Views 5976

Sugar Rush Lite

treats game candies points special center jumping achievements
+25    You are a small orange creature with an appetite for desserts, cakes and ice cream. Every single tasty morsel allows you to bounce higher into the sky. How high can you reach? Many sweets you find provide you with shortterm ...    14 MB    Views 3622

Santa Candy Fishing

santa candy candies catch
+29    Help Santa to collect candies & see how many treats you can catch Go put candy hook deep and reel back as many candies as you can eat. Slice candies right out of the sky for precious gold. But watch out ...    39 MB    Views 7043

Candy Spaceman

jump candy fly candies spaceman sky
-7    It's time for a new mission: Jump up in the sky and get all the candies you can Have fun with Candy Spaceman, jump over the clouds, exceed your limits and try to catch all the candies you can to gain more ...    7 MB    Views 6872
candies collect bird play candy super game
-5    Welcome to the land of CANDY See how many candies you can collect through out the game. Cute Little Bird will help you to collect the candies. How To Play Three Different modes ( Normal , Speed Challenge, Don't Miss) Tap anywhere in the screen ...    31 MB    Views 3118
candy candies legend world game link
+13    Welcome to Candy Legend a sweet world are waiting you explore We will give you many candies with extremely cute shapes. A vivid game where the colorful candies fall from the skies. Candy Legend unlock different types of candies ...    15 MB    Views 4439
0    Very simple fun and addictive game fun for all ages. We present you once of those addictive and fun games that guarantees to get you hooked up for hours and hours of game play. You have a limited set of candies which ...    23 MB    Views 4365
candies score saga flapping compete bird
+23    This is a game about saga of bird that's flapping his wings to get all those sweet candies levitating near dangerous pipes. How much candies can you get before smashing into one of the pipe or ground? Also watch out ...    24 MB    Views 6949

Christmas Sweets

kids christmas sweets game eat candies
-6    In this appetizing game you will have to feed kids with tasty sweets. Lovely kids came to their grandmother to know if she has something yummy to eat. They found plenty of sweets and divided it for everyone to get special ...    24 MB    Views 5640
Related Apps candy catch slice cast candies pony
-6    HELP PONY TO CAST, CATCH CANDY & SLICE 'EM UP DONUTS, CHOCOLATES & MUCH MORE Cast your candy hook deep and reel back as many candies as you can eat. Then slice candies right out of the sky for gold. But watch ...    29 MB    Views 4647

Yummy HD Lite

candies game yummy
-8    Gulpie is a hungry cave man from the tropical forest. His hunger is never satisfying and is a nonstop eater. Gulpie is ready to gobble up the candies in this game and you would navigate him to feed his stomach. This ...    12 MB    Views 318
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+21    Sweet Candy Match 3 is an amusing three eliminate game, there are different models, each model has different rule, switch or match three or more candies, all kinds of props can give you so much crush fun. you can freely ...    38 MB    Views 5256
+13    A 1touch pixel adventure Hop Hop Frog is a fun and addictive relay style skill game. Just dash up, collect candies and don't fall > Tap left to jump 1 square > Tap right to jump 2 squares > Avoid the gaps > Move ...    14 MB    Views 8036

Steal Candy

Related Apps game candy candies steal score moves free
+12    Top 1 Free Game US The Most Addictive Game Ever 4+ Game,For Everyone 2015 Most Popular Free Game You play as a candy robber in this game and have to steal as much candy as you can You have to match 3 or ...    NAN    Views 3353

Candy Rain

Related Apps entertainment candy rain sweet https candies score collect studio
0    Get addiction of candy from the world full of sweet candies rain Gamefox Entertainment Studio presenting Candy Rain the sweetish candy game ever created with an endless fun of candy. Collect as much candy as you can and Beat your high score Sweet candies are ...    28 MB    Views 6987

Candy Smash Mania

-5    Match to collect the delicious candies, cakes and fruits in limited moves or limited time. Come and join this delicious adventure to test your matching skills ====== Highlighted Features ====== A new flavor of matching puzzle game, challenging and delicious. Unique powerups ...    14 MB    Views 311

Candy Tap Smash

Related Apps tap candies smash
0    FREE addictive casual game. Tap and crush candies. Simple and easy gameplay. Tap on groups of candies with matching colours to smash them. Candies will react to gravity if you rotate the device and explode on shake. You can choose any ...    14 MB    Views 7137
Related Apps candies game scores candy world
+13    Candy Jewels – an interesting adventure with many candies is waiting you explore. This is a new version of classic match3 game. We have many innovations for gamers. You will have a cool time to relax. In this game, your task ...    15 MB    Views 6177

Yummy HD

candies game yummy
+1    Gulpie is a hungry cave man from the tropical forest. His hunger is never satisfying and is a nonstop eater. Gulpie is ready to gobble up the candies in this game and you would navigate him to feed his stomach. This ...    12 MB    Views 629

Candy Knight HD

Related Apps kingdom candy candies knights save mode good collect attack knight
+21    The Candy Kingdom is under attack Get ready for the colourful battle. Use your tactful skills and wisdom to defend your land. Collect candies and recruit the knights to save your kingdom GAMEPlAY Collect falling candies with your mine car. Enemies will ...    48 MB    Views 4703
Related Apps halloween game collect super sweet amazing cute candies fun cuties
+5    """HALLOWEEN SUPER FUN KIDS IN COSTUME GAME"" RUN & COLLECT CANDIES AN EDUCATIONAL DELIGHT These clan of sweet, cute little fella's and fellarina's are having a blast, with their halloween costumes. With painted faces and a mission to spread fun wherever ...    20 MB    Views 3848

Blue Wings

score higher candies exchange caps collect beautiful game
-7    A fun and addicting game where players just simply need to avoid the passing blocks to stay alive and collect as many candies as you can. The higher you score the higher the spikes get. Collect the candies to exchange ...    7 MB    Views 9101

Bird vs Bird

candies bird eat birds
-7    TAP ON BIRDS TO EAT CANDIES OF SAME COLOR AS BIRDS. DON'T MISS MORE THAN 3 CANDIES. How many candies you can eat?    42 MB    Views 4043

King's Candies

Related Apps candy king game changing meets collect candies
+15    Help King collect all the Candies An addictive twist on the 1 smash hit game on the app store. Directions: >Tap to flap King's arms >Dodge the candy pillars >Collect royal candy >Compete with friends Features: Candy Theme Charming Music Changing Candy Changing and Moving Scenery (2D meets 3D meets cake) No ...    13 MB    Views 7788
pinball features candies bumpers tables enjoy
+29    This unique game contains several pinball tables that features pinball bumpers and rightful targets such as multicolor gems and candies in a fantastic cartoon world. Each pinball has a variety of goals to achieve that unlock more tables, features and accessories. Enjoy ...    7 MB    Views 4624
-6    Do you love candies ? Are you irresistibly attracted by lollipops? What about cakes ? Well all this and many more in Candy Catch Sweet Mission Be the one to collect more candies, challenge your friends, step in the leaderboard Some features: Super ...    13 MB    Views 6768
Related Apps candy candies crush fun
+2    Guarantee addictive Crush the candies by matching 2 or more candy pieces The more candies you crush, the more points you get. Unlimited levels Hours of gameplay It is fun and entertaining, easy to play Start playing it with your kids and enjoy the game ...    39 MB    Views 9653

Yummy Monster

candies eat monster
-1    You are a monster from outer space, you came in peace… for candies. Turn obstacles to eat more candies. How much can you eat?    31 MB    Views 191

Twin Jellies

candies twin collect jellies
+7    What's better than one jelly? Twin Jellies Join the twins on their fun hike and keep them safe. Collect shiny candies on your way. Help : Tap to switch paths. Collect only matching candies.    51 MB    Views 2867
Related Apps mode cut candies slice
+3    Need a fun app to relax and let all your stress out? Look no more Feel the power at your fingertips The more you slice the candies, the better Depending on the size you can cut it into up to 8 pieces But ...    25 MB    Views 8247
game sweet interesting candy levels candies
+3    New innovative candy game comes Objectives differ in over 50+ levels. Make matches of 3 or more candies, create blasts Starts out simple, but things get more and more interesting and challenging. Start your sweet journey in this puzzle adventure Features: • Sweet and shining ...    10 MB    Views 8486
Related Apps challenge sweet candy candies pop score difficulty
+7    This is heaven for all you sweettooth owners But hold your horses Before you get your hands on the prized candies, you must first solve a sweet puzzle. Pick your desired difficulty level, hit the target score, and clear the board. ...    25 MB    Views 6630

Candies World Saga

candies world game endless today
0    You thought you have seen all you could do with the candies? Play this endless Candy World game today to catch candies in this candies world. If you start playing the game and you think its easy wait till you are ...    13 MB    Views 2985
Related Apps candy game smash easy candies crushing fun
-9    Smash That Candy – Yummy, Colorful Candies popup on your mobile phone and tablet. Smash That Candy is amazing fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. This is a the funnest candy crushing game and it ...    23 MB    Views 2841

Push Prize

Related Apps prize push game arcade graphic candies collect prizes realistic
-7    Push Prize, the new arcade machine game from A&R Studio. Do you remember playing the arcade machines to get the prize all day long? Have you ever dreamed of taking all the prizes without losing your pocket money? Having the same experience with ...    39 MB    Views 8438
Related Apps candies fun score
+13    Come and play this fun and addictive game of agility. You have to create rows of candies so that they get shipped off. Your character is a little boy and he can push and slide the candies in any direction, ...    37 MB    Views 3952
candy game fun candies factory truck full
+4    Download and enjoy this new awesome app Who wouldn’t want to work in a candy factory? Be one of the trusted staff in a big candy factory by hauling a truckload of sweets and candies ready to be sent out to ...    15 MB    Views 9664
Related Apps catch sweet sugar candies
+1    Sweet Candytree Catch is an addicting sugar rush game for boys and girls of any age that will surely test your hand eye coordination. Help catch as many candies as possible. Features: Catch all the falling candies for the highest possible score Fun ...    12 MB    Views 6771
score candies jack
+6    Help Jack collect candies while avoiding the death hammers. Join it in this first adventure. Try to fly as far from obstacles. Infinite level and increased difficulty. Features Share your score on twitter High score Touch & mouse    11 MB    Views 3277

Candy Super Shooter

Related Apps candy candies shooter super levels
+1    Candy Super Shooter is one of the most challenging and addictive game ever. There are several coloured candies in a chain who are coming towards you. Make groups of three or more candies of the same colour and destroy them. ...    25 MB    Views 6110

Sugar Rush Pro

treats game points candies special achievements center jumping
0    You are a small orange creature with an appetite for desserts, cakes and ice cream. Every single tasty morsel allows you to bounce higher into the sky. How high can you reach? Many sweets you find provide you with shortterm ...    17 MB    Views 5351
games match candies hours simple sugar monsters
+15    Sugar Monsters Clean and breathtaking. This is one of the purest examples of the match 3 genre. Suck them into the void with match 3 Match the entire row with match 4 Electrify all jellies with match 5 mode It' one of the ...    22 MB    Views 8619
trick candies treat
-9    Help the pumpkin trickortreat. Avoid the poisoned candies, and gather all the yummy ones. Tap to change lanes and dodge around the bad candies.    17 MB    Views 6019

Candy Catch Mania

Related Apps catch candies candy
+11    FREE addictive casual game. Catch the candies, don't let them fall down. Simple and easy gameplay. Tap on candies to catch them. If candy falls down that will cost you a live. Candies will react to multiple touches even if you ...    13 MB    Views 3727
Related Apps jump time candy special candies collect choose worlds magnet ability
-6    You are about to embark on a journey of conquering the "Candy World." You'll meet Red Dragons and other obstacles along the way. Your mission is to jump as high as possible and collect as much as candies as you can. ...    104 MB    Views 3799
candies fun click candy clicker
+27    Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment The game is very simple: Click as many candies as many and as fast as you can by tapping. As soon as you have enough candies, trip to the shop and use ...    42 MB    Views 7362

Candy Duels

candies candy game match bombs ice
+2    Challenge your friends in battles in the ultimate multiplayer match3 game, Candy Duels Match the candies and remove jellies faster than your opponent to prevail.
 A variety of obstacles and surprises await you as you conquer your way towards the top. ...    50 MB    Views 330
princess candy candies
-2    BIG Moster Kidnapped your Princess. He is asking Candies as Ranson. Collect Candy and Save your Princess. How to Play ? Click Candies and food. Don't Touch the Bomb. Download now    5 MB    Views 1267
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