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0    BEST FREE Match 3 puzzle game Jewel World Candy Skull Edition is a Hot match 3 puzzle game where you have to align 3 or more jewels/candys in a row. You need to destroy all backgrounds tiles to complete ...    58 MB    Views 1995
facebook puzzle adventure playing friends game levels fruits fruit special characters
+2    ::: Our Player Reviews ::: • GREATEST GAME EVER I will never stop playing it. I have completely forgotten about Candy Crush. • Graphic is awesome, characters are adorable.. Two things i always like in a game ::: Description ::: Leave your daily routine ...    32 MB    Views 2894

Candy Blaze Mania

adventure facebook time twitter puzzle fun sweet candy world field switch fantastic special
+11    Discover dazzling beauty of the colorful puzzle adventure Crunch your candies before they crumble Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. Hop in your traveling to set way on this new puzzle ...    58 MB    Views 2879

EXO Puzzle Game

Related Apps puzzle challenge facebook game pieces friends play powerful scores
+4    EXO is a new brainsqueezer puzzle game by Urkin Exchange pieces and try to overdrive those of the same color before they reach the center, in this chasing and addictive puzzle game. But pay attention, when pieces on the lanes are overdrived, ...    41 MB    Views 2631

Breakfast Toasts

puzzle multiplayer challenge match game toasts friends breakfast fun
+8    Good Morning If you like Match3 Puzzle Game,you will love "Breakfast Toasts" Match three or more toasts horizontally or vertically to clear them. Rack up as many points as you can in 60 seconds Challenge yourself and your friends in multiplayer mode in this ...    12 MB    Views 3421

1001: Block Puzzle

Related Apps puzzle challenge game 1001 block grid clear mode modes add
+1    1001: Block Puzzle, a delightful new puzzle game that is sure to provide you with endless hours of fun The game’s aim is simple you have to make gapless horizontal and vertical lines which get removed. Clear as many lines as ...    60 MB    Views 8777

Wonderball Heroes

Related Apps puzzle facebook heroes special ups game compete friends power pegs
-5    Will the White Rabbit get to Wonderland? Join the Wonderball Heroes on their bouncy journey and help the white rabbit Become a Wonderball Hero yourself by bouncing through levels as you unlock exciting new worlds and compete with friends. Swipe to aim ...    74 MB    Views 7839
puzzle challenge game place win shuffle puzzles traditional number tile
-3    Traditional Tile Puzzles Numeric 15 Puzzle Win in the 15 Puzzle Challenge Become the master of the classic puzzle game Slide and use the empty space to move number tiles Place all numbers in place and you win Use ...    2 MB    Views 9836
Related Apps time retro research action music challenge game mode weapons robots level star top chamber special
-4    "If Tetris were played in reverse, and featured a big honking bomber plane instead of inoffensive falling blocks, it might look something like Sky Without Sun." "Nice concept and fast action gaming which detains you in ...    20 MB    Views 9410

Amazing Dodos Free

0    APPLE IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN THIS CONTEST. Amazing Dodo Cooperation Contest Begins With MORE MONEY Champion: Premium starts from USD 8000 and increase the amount of money according to the numbers of joint players The 2nd Winner: Premium starts ...    39 MB    Views 9355
Related Apps puzzle multiplayer challenge game match fun friends graphics pirate treasure
+11    Download Pirate Link Underwater Treasure The game that is super easy to play, but hard to put down Match three or more Treasures horizontally or vertically to clear them. Rack up as many points as you can in 60 seconds Challenge yourself and ...    90 MB    Views 3670
puzzle coins game levels hook swing special fun items buy
+3    Repstyle is a fun casual game where you must swing and slide your reptile character from hook to hook in various exciting and challenging puzzle levels. Achieve the various goals such as catch the fly or collect all the coins. ...    18 MB    Views 819

Crazy Fruit Pie

challenge time fruit fruits destroyed destroy ways special kinds
+8    The Fruit Plant is holding the first Fruit Conference. Apple, grape, watermelon, blueberry, and pear is attending, but the seats are only 100, come and destroy them who are sitting there. The more you destroy one time, the merrier you ...    28 MB    Views 8052

Jelly Master-Battle

love challenge puzzle game master jelly play battle greatest mode win
+8    Blow your boredom away with Jelly Master Free Lovely Cute Game Jelly Master is a classic and global love puzzle game with brand new BATTLE mode and with colorful cute Jelly crunching effects If you are already a master, come challenge worldwide ...    53 MB    Views 9876

Chicks vs. Kittens

Related Apps time challenge facebook games iphone chicks kittens fun game levels survive eggs special
+10    Defend your nest against the relentless hoards of kittens intent on catching the mother bird. Her only defence is to hatch a variety of chicks that will do anything to keep her alive. Using your defences such as Rotten Eggs, ...    23 MB    Views 9114
facebook puzzle challenge puzzles game colorful 120 shapes fill
-8    Fill the grid up with colorful shapes and challenge 120 puzzles Sweep your fingers, fill all the colorful shapes in and cover every square of the board. Perfect puzzle game for people in all ages Challenge hundreds of addictive puzzles and ...    21 MB    Views 7071

Amazon Mania

puzzle photo challenge amazon mania fun game match style saga special
+8    Amazon Mania is the beauty and elegant puzzle that you haven’t ever seen. Amazon Mania is the easy game to fun, but hard to be the highest score. Match minimum three amazon puzzle. Let’s try to be the highest score ...    29 MB    Views 4211
puzzle love challenge mayan glyphs match unlock relaxing breezy
+15    A game of puzzle logic with a Mysterious Mayan perspective While playing this "Three in a row" you'll unlock Mayan Calendar glyphs that include the Vision of the Eagle and the Toughness of the Crocodile. in order to learn ...    41 MB    Views 4367
-6    Welcome to this sweet candy special Free incredible puzzle game with block blaster style featuring delicious candy in classic wrapping. Smash 2 candy blocks of the same appearance and score points as high as you can before time runs out on ...    13 MB    Views 3118
Related Apps dessert challenge desserts puzzle game chocolate matching level play
+5    Only the sweetest, chocolate desserts have been chosen to be in this awesome matching game. The object of the game is to click on a group of adjacent, touching desserts to instantly remove them from the playing grid. When they disappear, ...    20 MB    Views 7389
Related Apps puzzle multiplayer challenge match friends game crazy fun sweet
+10    Match three or more sweets in this crazy puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings Challenge yourself and your friends in multiplayer mode in this fun and addicting match three puzzle. See who could rack up the most points in ...    25 MB    Views 6076


puzzle challenge love game puzzles solve friends cube
-4    Looking for a simple puzzle game that is hard to master? Are you a fan of Rubicks Cube? Then COLORGON is for you. ½ "I love this puzzle game and I’m sure you will too. I highly recommend you pick this ...    10 MB    Views 6694

Stumble Tumble SE

green challenge music game special addictive gameplay electric random tumbling left
+16    Stumble Tumble (Special Edition) NOTES: Introducing new addictive gameplay. Hours of gameplay with this addictive game. updates soon to arrive with lot's of new things. STORY: You control a green little critter that was born with bad karma. With this special gift you run ...    21 MB    Views 7697
facebook challenge puzzle crush dragon levels items reward balls physical
+15    A can't miss pop puzzle game Crush the dragon balls, and conquer all constellations Match 2 or more dragon balls of the same color with your wisdom... Crush them Features: 1. Bring you incomparable experience with unique physical property and eliminationstyle game play. 2. Over ...    27 MB    Views 3562

Amazing Dodos

+1    On Sale USD1.99 > 0.99 APPLE IS NOT A SPONSOR NOR IS INVOLVED IN THIS CONTEST. Amazing Dodo Cooperation Contest Begins With MORE MONEY Champion: Premium starts from USD 8000 and increase the amount of money according to the numbers of joint players The ...    37 MB    Views 453

Tomb Breaker

puzzle challenge 149 game mode brand brain match tomb friends chain
-9    "Left me drawing lines in my brain for days." John Polson, IGN "A Match3 With Smarts" Nissa Campbell, TouchArcade "Simple and addictive" Konata, Featured in Apple's New and Noteworthy and What's Hot section. Forget your old match 3 games, this is gameplay you ...    30 MB    Views 3439

Lost Alien Candy

puzzle games candy alien crush color aliens flick finger special
+9    Let's Feed aliens with toffee candy. Alien Toffee Crush is Matching Colors Puzzle game. Match Candies' Color and Aliens. Flick your finger and feed aliens with candy. Be careful eating skull candy make your alien stun. How to play: Touch on the candy ...    40 MB    Views 6129
+21    Poshi Toky is a nice, pretty animal that lives in Japan. He likes to play with gems, jewels, diamonds, but especially with coloured Christmas balls. He uses his sturdy legs to touch and break the coloured balls, then shakes his ...    36 MB    Views 5564


challenge word fighting move game mode special players
+2    It is a new sense fighting game, You play with only word input When you enter a "Special Move" name, the game will start automatically. "Challenge mode" is game mode of measure the power of the technique, and "Battle mode" can fight ...    NAN    Views 8887
toy puzzle challenge deluxe game block tetris
-1    Toy Block Puzzle Deluxe is a fun Tetris style game with an Egyptian theme. The aim of the game is to match the Tetris blocks inside a box. There are 5 game modes: good, easy, normal, expert and challenge (challenge ...    27 MB    Views 3513

Suburban Grand Prix

Related Apps challenge car money bonus gain special vehicle extra ice damage track
+1    Suburban Grand Prix has 5 unique venues and 20 tracks total. Your challenge is to gain prize money by finishing in one of the top three spots. Collect bonus items during gameplay for extra or complete the bonus task ...    27 MB    Views 9208
christmas puzzle game balls support play coloured touch remove special
-2    Poshi Toky is a nice, pretty animal that lives in Japan. He likes to play with gems, jewels, diamonds, but especially with coloured Christmas balls. He uses his sturdy legs to touch and break the coloured balls, then shakes his ...    28 MB    Views 2336
puzzle facebook chain game level reactions special smart pearl generate
+6    The new smart match3 bubble game between pinball, puzzle, candy and chain reactions. To clear the level of all pearls, you control a springloaded launcher. If a bead touches 3 or more of the same color, they explode. The goal is simple, ...    23 MB    Views 5965
puzzle photo beauty challenge vintage mania fun game match style special saga
+21    Vintage Mania is the beauty and elegant puzzle that you haven’t ever seen. Vintage Mania is the easy game to fun, but hard to be the highest score. Match minimum three vintage puzzle. Let’s try to be the highest score ...    18 MB    Views 7233

Bubble Blitz HD

Related Apps ipad iphone time challenge facebook bubble fun high play bubbles score blitz special ups
+4    Experience actionpacked, bubblebursting fun in this high octane Match3 bubble shooter from PlayQ Pop as many bubbles as you can in 60 seconds Challenge yourself to get a new high score and top the weekly leaderboards “Addictive bubblepopping fun” – Over ...    97 MB    Views 9472

The Mango Mania

puzzle photo challenge mango mania fun game match style saga special
-4    The mango Mania is the beauty and elegant puzzle that you haven’t ever seen. The mango Mania is the easy game to fun, but hard to be the highest score. Match minimum three the mango puzzle. Let’s try to be ...    17 MB    Views 2116
Related Apps board puzzle challenge game addictive moves fun play
+13    Challenge yourself again and again when you take this awesome brain busting puzzle challenge Here is how you play, for each game board you are given a certain number of moves. You must clear the entire board with the amount of ...    37 MB    Views 1075
+4    Challenge yourself and battle your friends in this fun and addicting match puzzle game Check out more of our games at Touch and drag your finger to connect three or more fruits horizontally, vertically or diagonally to clear them. Rack up ...    23 MB    Views 9772

Dig Dig Treasure

Related Apps challenge time iphone dig treasure level game pirate bonus special digging levels gameplay
0    TAKE THE CHALLENGE: DOWNLOAD TODAY Time to dig up some buried treasure and hoist out your treasure hunter skills. Introducing the fun and addictive game featuring 50 levels of pirate treasure hunter swag. Each level has gold coins buried in the ...    14 MB    Views 386
challenge snow challenges archery touch game rain aim special drag effects
+2    Grab the bow and arrows and challenge your archery skill with our hot new game. You get to aim and fire across 70 challenges spanning multiple locales in 3D graphics and awesome art. Varying locale, including countryfield, desert, campfire, snows ...    52 MB    Views 8250
Related Apps challenge puzzle game blocks levels logic special achievements play patterns
-2    Klak 3D Logic Puzzle A Logic Game with a Twist This unique and challenging game requires mental agility and a steady twistofthewrist. It's guaranteed to make you both insanely angry and endlessly happy at the same time Are you ...    15 MB    Views 5575


Related Apps board challenge pinball multiplayer game pucks puck boards center fast achievements powerups special
-8    This ain't your grandma's shuffleboard.. Powerups, Collectable Pucks, Crazy Physics Boards, Fast paced RealTime ONLINE MULTIPLAYER, 5 game changing Power ups, and over 30 Game Center Achievements is what defines Puckit  FEATURES: •FastPaced online multiplayer through Game Center •Random opponent or challenge a ...    46 MB    Views 491

Meerkatz Challenge

challenge puzzle games game clan enemies child
+3    “Guaranteed to be very familiar to fans of classic puzzle game, Lemmings, Meerkatz Challenge is quite the delight for those who like their puzzle games cute and furry.” – 148Apps “Meerkatz Challenge is the perfect little game for a child who’s ...    166 MB    Views 4001
Related Apps challenge adventure puzzle mode levels custom endless stages coins
-3    Challenge you brain with this new falling block puzzle FIVE5 Number Puzzle Adventure Manage falling blocks to match rows of numbers, while adding them together up to five Watch the blocks add, match and EXPLODE Collect Coins to help ...    122 MB    Views 3214
Related Apps challenge puzzle www levels level
+3    Sometimes it's good to slow things down… Meet Mr. Glutton, he's a pig on a mission and he needs your help. Guide Mr. Glutton to your gate through 75 levels of mindbending, puzzling goodness. You'll need to use your puzzle solving skills ...    46 MB    Views 1546
Related Apps dessert challenge desserts puzzle game chocolate play matching level grand
+7    GRAND VERSION This game has No PopUp or Banner Ads Only the sweetest, chocolate desserts have been chosen to be in this awesome matching game. The object of the game is to click on a group of adjacent, touching ...    20 MB    Views 4908

Beat The Cats

cats cat puzzle beat special team battle https aid
-5    Find the legendary mouse and save the world from the all powerful cats Journey across the planet and engage the cats in puzzle driven battles. Visit various locations to meet new team members and thwart the cats evil doing Beat the Cat features: ...    73 MB    Views 292

Death Call 2

Related Apps challenge skills equipment weapons special story west difficulty ways guns
+8    Get it FREE for a limited time only There's a new threat rising in the West; not made of flesh and blood, but steel. It must be stopped at any cost. Will you rise to the challenge? You'll play as firstclass U.S. ...    147 MB    Views 3133

Warna Free

puzzle challenge game play links pace screen create quick
0    Fun and challenging for the entire family at any skill level Warna is a charming and addictive puzzle game that challenges you while stimulating your audio and visual senses. Touch cocoons to link them by matching colors and coax the ...    8 MB    Views 11

Bottle and Can

green challenge car traffic time cans bottles cars game special http points recycle road
0    Now "Bottle and Can" comes FREE Do you have played Frogger? "Bottle and Can" looks like that, but more fun and challenging 6 funny characters Get on JoinDigital lorry to gain bonus Invincible item challenging stepup levels How many bottles/cans can you ...    14 MB    Views 6400


Related Apps challenge blocks physics mode run game arcade control special real accelerometer
-9    Get your tilt on Check out Need something to do on the train, bus or plane? Lose hours with this simple and infuriating twist on so many classics. The incredible Box2D physics engine makes stacking blocks a real challenge combine ...    20 MB    Views 7582
challenge puzzle piece connect simple eye
-7    Start up Puzzix and watch the hours fly by This simple, intuitive puzzle challenge provides hundreds of levels of interactive gameplay. Puzzix combines eyefilling color, and smooth, easytouse controls to give you more fun per second. How do you play it? Simple. Just ...    24 MB    Views 8291
challenge puzzle line game unique obstacles skills 150 power levels finger
+25    Challenge accepted Drawing a line with your finger is about as simple as it gets, but when you include disappearing obstacles, moving objects and keys to collect you get one seriously tricky puzzle game. Take on the Geo Line and put your ...    60 MB    Views 1894


puzzle challenge animation full game style brand environment
+6    Welcome to the Artifact, a brand new style of puzzle game in full 3D environment and animation. Highlight Full 3D game : Enjoy 25 amazing levels of puzzle game in full 3D environment and full animation. Brand new style : Challenge your brain with brand ...    54 MB    Views 18
animal challenge game create special levels combine instructions animals effects amazing
0    Welcome to Animal Blocks Challenge Which one is your preferred animal? Blend Animal Faces to create special effects. Combine these characters to create amazing new levels Instructions Create rows or columns with three animals of the same kind to remove them. ...    26 MB    Views 9164

King & Keeper

facebook challenge king keeper special free evade unlock
-7    Do you dare to challenge the King? Are you fast enough to avoid the king's deadly blows? The King is Hungry and angry so watch out for his Roar Help Meano the Keeper evade the Paws and Jaws of the King and stop ...    56 MB    Views 6164
puzzle clock time action game mass critical solve special blocks
-7    The hit PC game Polyform (Critical Mass) now on iPhone and iPad Experience this acclaimed (Metacritic 81/100) game using intuitive touch screen controls Polyform is an action puzzle game that takes traditional match 3 gameplay and turns it on its head by ...    15 MB    Views 223
challenge puzzle 4096 tile 2048 tiles numbers
+4    Join the numbers and get to the 4096 tile Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Get to the 4096 tile, and reach a high score Challenge your friends to beat your ...    297 kb    Views 5357
Related Apps challenge puzzle ninja slingshot knockdown game play attack kick enemy levels
-9    Introducing Slingshot Ninja Knockdown the most fun you can have with your mobile device… This is not your average, tired Slingshot game… Slingshot Ninja Knockdown will challenge your ninja skills and take boredom and kick it over? You will never look at mobile ...    13 MB    Views 2502
Related Apps time challenge treasure dig level pirate hunt coins game special secret
-6    TAKE THE CHALLENGE: DOWNLOAD TODAY How fast do you think your land lubber hands can dig treasure coins out of the sand? Arr, matey, me thinks not as fast as blackbeard otherwise shiver me timbers Time to dig up ...    13 MB    Views 9435
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