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Best Christmas coin special Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

+6    Now ultimately addictive coin arcade game "Coin Rush" comes with Christmas Season Merry Christmas Everyone Coin Rush offers you the fantastic enjoyment of coin game, with amazing Christmas season items Push coins as many as you can, Collect all of the Christmas ...    47 MB    Views 9292
+10    The man who rode on hopping appears in a game Attack the chestnut with which it interferes and get coin High coin can also be taken in a twostep jumpIt is all no charge    3 MB    Views 746

Tap The Coin

+5    Get your Tap on Quit your job, dump your boyfriend, this game is gonna own you Tap the Coin, earn the highest score and out tap your friends Tap the Coin Features: Pixel animation Endless, addictive tapping Share your high score Game Centre ...    14 MB    Views 6077

Money Cross

+16    Like solving puzzles? This interactive maze combines athleticism and fun in a simple format all on your handheld device. You’ll have to use balance, speed, and agility to win this addictive game. Guide the coin through a series of twists and ...    14 MB    Views 6988

Coin Flight Retro

flight retro coin power game
0    Coin Flight Retro takes our 3d game Coin Flight, and puts it into a 2d world. Similar to the classic game Chopper, this app involved piloting your plane to avoid obstacles. In additions, you'll be collecting coins and power ups ...    15 MB    Views 3451
+3    Ice Kingdom Coin Dozer is just like your favorite Coin Pusher machines from the arcade, casino, carnival, state fair, or park The flood of prizes make this game a mega addictive time waster for you and your kids Spend countless hours ...    141 MB    Views 339
doodle jump christmas special
0    An amazingly beautiful special Christmas version of one of the most addictive and bestselling iOS apps of all time, Doodle Jump "Lima Sky has done it again This is a really fun game to play A must have for any Doodle ...    30 MB    Views 3985

Cannon VS Coin

ipad coin cannon game
+22    Cannon VS Coin is a coin pusher game.Now you can satisfy to push gold addiction without adventure to spend real money. Features: 1.Colorful, prominent effect. 2.Many different grade monster. 3.Surprise and a variety of rewards. How To Play: 1.Tap 'start game'. 2.Aim and shooting. Recommended Device List: iPad2 new iPad iPad Mini iPad4 iPhone4S iPhone5 iPod ...    13 MB    Views 4896
party facebook special coin join pusher pharaoh dozer unlock
+27    Experience Egypt like never before. Join Pharaoh’s Party and enjoy the best coin pusher machine ever Pharaoh's Party features: Dozens of rare ancient prizes to collect Monthly live events and special characters Topnotch 3D graphics Special quests where Egyptian collectables help ...    68 MB    Views 2903
-3    Free version also available. Try it before you buy it Pro version features: Start with 100 Cookies No advertisements Better Performance From the makers of the smashhit Coin Dozer 1 app in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Philippines 1 game in France, Belgium, ...    14 MB    Views 5234
coins coin 10000 join
+11    Inspired by 2048 like games. Join the coins and get to the 10000 coin Swipe to move all coins in 8 directions When some coins in the same line and can get into another bigger value coin touch, they merge into one Get ...    8 MB    Views 5564

Coin Dunk

zombie farm coin dunk fun play special prizes cool tale themes
+4    Just because it's a weekday doesn't mean the fun has to stop. Fun is just a click away with Coin Dunk Play like it's the weekend Ain't nothing but a kaching thing COIN DUNK brings the massively enjoyable and irresistible arcade ...    41 MB    Views 2411
facebook coins prizes fun ads drop coin bonuses special unlock
-7    CAN YOU COLLECT ALL THE PRIZES? TONS OF FUN WITH NO ADS Travel the world bulldozing coins in this classic arcade money grabber Enjoy this fun coin pusher game for your iPhone or iPod touch Drop the gold coins and pushing them to ...    37 MB    Views 18

Daisy Doesn't Jump

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+2    Princess Daisy jumps out from Sleigh of Santa Claus to send you Christmas Gift You are going to help her go down to the ground. This time, Daisy doesn't jump, she falls Whether you like "Doodle Jump" or not, "Daisy doesn't ...    13 MB    Views 6445
facebook coins prizes fun drop special unlock coin arcade game
+11    CLASSIC ARCADE GAME CAN YOU COLLECT ALL THE PRIZES? Travel the world bulldozing coins in this classic arcade money grabber Enjoy this fun coin pusher game for your iPhone or iPod touch Drop the gold coins and pushing them to get the high ...    38 MB    Views 5574
christmas animation star jumping special screen points move sounds clouds effects
+9    BE WARNED: Jumping Star Christmas Special is Addictive Jumping Star is back… Now with a Christmas Special Edition to enjoy with your whole family. With over 60 Christmas animations and sounds. You need to keep jumping upon the sky to get the ...    11 MB    Views 2064

Coin Wish

+3    We've all thought about it: If you could have anything, what would you wish for? Would you hope to find love or to go on some amazing adventures or would you desire a vast fortune? In Coin Wish, you can ...    47 MB    Views 3958


coin hit turn platform falling
+4    Carrot coins are falling down Stack up them, Earn your house on the moon, And see who can do best How To Play Swipe left and right to move the falling coin, until it hit another coin or platform. Your ...    32 MB    Views 7982
+3    Check out the free version Try it before you buy it Pro Version Features: No advertisements Better performance (as a result of having no advertisements) Start with 100 Coins NOTE: Prizes and Coins from Free version do not transfer to the Pro version. Everyone knows the ...    16 MB    Views 1079
facebook coins prizes fun drop free unlock coin special game
+13    CLASSIC ARCADE GAME CAN YOU COLLECT ALL THE PRIZES? Travel the world bulldozing coins in this classic arcade money grabber Enjoy this fun coin pusher game for your iPhone or iPod touch Drop the gold coins and pushing them to get the high ...    43 MB    Views 5009
christmas iphone playing coin game flick coins prizes buckets collect level bonuses
+17    “Kiip enabled Win real prizes while playing Coin Flick Christmas” Receive real prizes from Kiip (US players only) by a/20, 30, 40, and 50 consecutive coins into buckets b/Reaching level 3, 6, 9 etc. for every 3 level increase until level 30 Merry Christmas ...    17 MB    Views 5607

Catch The Coin !

coin catch coins
+16    Help the Miner to collect the coins in the mine. You will get one additional coin if you catch the diamond. smash the stones to make them fall off and let the coin drop into the mining car. 30 different ...    65 MB    Views 6732
time playing coins game prizes coin dozer vegas special store score
-7    Game of Coins Vegas Kingdom Coin Dozer The Ultimate Coin Dozer game on the App Store. Designed in Classic VINTAGE Vegas Casino style. You make the coins drop and then push them over the ramp to score.   Sounds simple, but it's not as ...    72 MB    Views 6010
easter holiday holidays valentine coin dozer coins seasons don collecting special
+6    Coin Dozer: Seasons rolls Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter into a single game with more holidays to come in the future With 3 machines to master, get ready for the biggest Coin Dozer ever, Coin Dozer: Seasons In Coin Dozer: Seasons you’ll ...    30 MB    Views 7072

Coin Flight

+3    Fly your sport plane and collect coins in this simple, but challenging and addictive 3D arcade game. Coin Flight features 50 randomly generated levels of increasing difficulty to insure that the game is different every time you play it. Use ...    14 MB    Views 5950

Super Coin

coin left hand
+1    Test your calculate ability, add coin value to hit target sum as left hand side Help with left hand bottom thunder to change value freedom Press fire button to remove coin as you like to make great success 訓練你的數學,只要把金幣加到目標價,便可得金幣。 可按雷電轉換金幣數值, 按火炎可把金幣立刻消除,幫助你可得到全世界最多的金幣。。 训练你的数学,只要把金币加到目标价,便可得金币。 可按雷电转换金币数值, 按火炎可把金币立刻消除,帮助你可得到全世界最多的金币。。    9 MB    Views 5399
christmas crazy coin
+14    Crazy Coin gives season’s greetings Collect gold coins under the shining Christmas tree 30 new levels specifically designed for the holiday season Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees, gifts, shiny lights, the snow man, and many many more Perfects for kids to play ...    9 MB    Views 4668
+7    This is the iPad version of COIN DOZER, the original, smashhit game from Game Circus Over 30,000,000 downloads of the iPhone version and counting 1 in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia 2 game ...    35 MB    Views 5230
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+6    One of the best Coin Dozer games on the market, this game takes it a step further. Drop the coins onto the dozer and let it push them down. If the coins drop in your tray, you get to keep ...    50 MB    Views 6383

Dodge A Star

star coin dodge
-5    3 Rules: Catch a coin Dodge a star Don't touch a spike How many coin can you get while dodging stars? Move up and down as fast as you can to beat your friend scores It is not difficult, but not so easy. ...    7 MB    Views 1093
Related Apps coins game monsters dozer special collect drop coin haunted
0    One of the best Coin Dozer games on the market, this game takes it a step further. Drop the coins onto the dozer and let it push them down. If the coins drop in your tray, you get to keep ...    78 MB    Views 4886
desserts graphics special coins coin
+8    This is classic arcade coin pusher. Let's play the game in the beautiful 3D graphics Drop the coins, and get the cute desserts FEATURES Impressive 3D graphics Special material coins and many desserts Special effects Amazingly realistic physics    51 MB    Views 6546

Flying Coin

Related Apps coin tap
+2    Tap the screen to fly the coin Be careful don't hit the pipes This game is rather hard Submit your scores online and see if you can rank among the tap in the world    22 MB    Views 7914

Clicky Coin

time coin game point click
+19    Have 10 seconds to spare? Play a quick game of "Clicky Coin," the all new game that will really put your reaction speed to the test The concept is pretty simple, every time you click the coin it moves to ...    6 MB    Views 6674
Related Apps halloween coin game coins dozer special prizes effects coming 000
-5    COIN DOZER is back with COIN DOZER: HALLOWEEN The smashhit from Game Circus Over 10,000,000 downloads and counting
 1 app in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Netherlands, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Philippines 1 game in France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia 
2 game in the ...    17 MB    Views 4497


coins front score coin game points
+2    The game is simple, tap to drop coins in front of the pusher and shove them off the front edge to score points and more coins. Just make sure you don't lose the coins to the sides Special prizes like ...    6 MB    Views 3293


+15    It is a simple but interesting game. You can spin the coin by touching & dragging. Adding more force to the coin will give you more score. If the coin is out of the screen or spinning stops, the stage ...    10 MB    Views 3417

Casino Coin Runner

0    Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through the casino. You must help the coin runner to collect all the coins on his biggest adventure yet Travel with the coin runner through the casino and collect all the treasury gold along ...    69 MB    Views 483
facebook coins prizes fun pusher coin arcade drop pharaoh bonuses special
+1    How many COINS can you doze? Download NOW to start dozing Pharaoh's is a beautiful and fun arcade coin pusher game for your iPhone or iPad Join the fun by dropping the gold coins on the pusher and watch as they ...    65 MB    Views 2415
chicken fever rare game coin
+4    This application is a kind of a coin dropping game. A chicken (?) is dropped instead of coin and it plays. If a chicken (?) is stored in a basket and it goes, a rare chicken (?) will come to appear in ...    3 MB    Views 5346

Bee Good

coin bee
+7    How hard can it bee? One control, 2 coins. Get the orange coin and continue to play, miss the yellow coin and lose a point. Warning Can be addictive and may cause holes in walls.    2 MB    Views 4884

Dozer Coin Castle

game coin prizes dozer gold coins castle lots medieval special
+12    TOP DOZER GAME Beat your friends to the Jackpot The Dozer Coin Castle is the famous Medieval Theme arcade coin pusher game The Game provides players with an enchanted castle environment, tons of gold coins, broad bonus coin collection, and noble prizes. Unexpected bonuses, ...    60 MB    Views 2275

Coin 40t

+11    People have been flipping coins for more than two thousand years. Finally, you can toss it in your iPhone. I'll give you a coin, flip it right now.    40 MB    Views 6638

Coin Dozer Pro

game coins prizes coin special dozer ads 000 collect version
0    Limited time SALE Save 66% of the normal price Pro Version Features: No Ads Full screen play Better Performance (as a result of having no ads) Starts with 75 Coins COIN DOZER, the smashhit game from Game Circus The free version has over 30,000,000 downloads and ...    54 MB    Views 5331

Cookie Dozer

treats dozer cookies jar special oven push coin cookie
+8    From the makers of the smashhit Coin Dozer 1 app in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Philippines, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia COOKIE DOZER comes straight from your favorite arcade or fair park and onto your iPhone The ...    17 MB    Views 4008


coin screen toss euro
+9    Note: You toss the coin by touching the screen, not shaking the iPhone/iPod Touch The new Flip1coinHD for iPad includes that option and more coins... When you cannot decide... just make it Heads or Tails. Toss an animated coin and see ...    4 MB    Views 4735

Coin Dozer: Pirates

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-4    Ahoy Matey You’ve just discovered the most addictive arcade coin pusher on the seven seas Coin Dozer Pirates is a brand new coin pusher game from the makers of Coin Dozer & Prize Claw 2. Play like a pirate and ...    79 MB    Views 961
holiday challenge puzzle winter christmas iphone collapse gameplay fun special edition upgrades world amazing
+4    Game Description: Frolic in the festive fun of COLLAPSE Holiday Edition, the game that blends blockbusting colormatching excitement with Christmas cheer on iPhone and iPod touch A winter wonderland of brick busting gameplay awaits you as the world of COLLAPSE turns ...    16 MB    Views 5243
christmas holidays holiday ping game rings color easy colored special fun
+24    Check out Ping, all decked out for Christmas, in this special holiday edition : Rings of Ping Holidays. This festive version is more fun and engaging than ever. This special edition of the game features: • 36 levels • 6 Christmasinspired themes, with ...    22 MB    Views 3542

Coin Tumble

facebook coins coin boom tumble
+24    COIN TUMBLE combines the fun of classic pachinkostyle gameplay, with unique features for your iPhone/iPad. Drop coins into the level, tap coins to burst them into smaller change and boom them across the screen, whilst racking up enough coins in the ...    29 MB    Views 6964

Lucky Collector

luck test coin
+16    This is a basic simple game that test your skill and luck.Every coin that you get you will test your luck maybe you get a coin for 5 point or maybe you get a luckydoor that can destroy everything that ...    38 MB    Views 275
slot machine coin fun coins hunt treasure
+8    Treasure Hunt 3D is a fun free slot machine you can play on your iPhone iPod or iPad Win as many coins as you can to see if you can top the coin leader boards Have fun playing slots with a great ...    15 MB    Views 2167

Stacky Coin

coins unlocked stack coin
+27    Everything unlocked... Nothing left to upgrade... Waiting for the next big update to put your coins to the use... No more The ultimate solution to the question: "What to do with coins after everything is purchased and unlocked" stack ...    33 MB    Views 199

Coin Dozer

coin game coins special prizes dozer arcade push free 000
0    COIN DOZER, the original smashhit arcade game from Game Circus Over 30,000,000 free downloads and counting 1 in Japan, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, Nederland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Belgium, Denmark, and Indonesia 2 in the U.S and many more COIN DOZER comes straight ...    55 MB    Views 6496

Spring Ball FREE

Related Apps ipad ball spring screen coin star tap
0    Spring and jumping ball can go anywhere. Spring Ball features challenging physicsbased gameplay. Swipe screen to make paddle and let the ball go to the sparkling star character. Got 1 coin Tap screen to make big size ball Got 2 coin ...    26 MB    Views 5548

Pitch 'N' Toss

game pitch toss levels coin challenging
+5    Pitch N Toss, the classic coin tossing game gets a 21st Century reboot for iPhone & iPad. Throw your coin and use everything in your path to get as close to the wall as possible, and rack up as many ‘style ...    27 MB    Views 3532

Coin 60s

+16    People have been flipping coins for more than two thousand years. Today, you can toss it in your iPhone. A coin is here. Go ahead    39 MB    Views 3898

Rock Dozer

Related Apps dozer rock coin
+5    Move over Coin Dozer It's Rock Dozer A coin dozer game where you dozer rocks to collect precious metals and gems instead of coins.    32 MB    Views 4911
Related Apps christmas gifts coins coin special game gold free saga
0    About GOLD Version Ad FREE : no ad banner in the game… More FREE Coins : starting with much more coins ======================== Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Santa Claus is riding his sleigh with his Reindeers and lots of secret gifts, on the way, ...    59 MB    Views 388
christmas toys holiday coins coin theme push collect pusher game
+13    Coin Pusher 3D gives you the enjoyment of your favorite arcade coin game, with an amazing 3D holiday Christmas theme all in the palm of your hand Gather as many coins as you can to see if you can collect all ...    15 MB    Views 1182
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