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+9    Muhammad, Aisha and Rabia was alone at home and didn't clean the house. The house looks awfully dirty and can not live so good in it because there are many germs and it will be seriously ill if they do ...    22 MB    Views 3219

Abalone Master

master cleaning
+8    Abalone, a shellfish that is considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, is a highly regarded and luxurious ingredient in Chinese cuisine. However, before it can be enjoyed, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Test your abalone cleaning skills Abalone ...    39 MB    Views 247

Window Cleaner

windows window cleaning game clean broken tap open
+12    Your job is to clean as many windows as you can on the highest building imaginable, in this frantic and addictive game. It might sound easy but your cleaning gantry just won't stop so you need to be quick off the ...    4 MB    Views 2276

Clean Crisis

cleaning story plates endless clean
+3    The latest addictive game on the market Featuring 15 intense stages as well as an endless mode, you'll never stop playing STORY Discover the story of this poor unfortunate soul who lands himself in a strange situation. The only way out is ...    28 MB    Views 1469

Baltic Sea Rescue

waste environment cleaning sea
+6    Defend the fragile Baltic Sea from the dangers of pollution and algae Pilot your Algaecleaning boat in an effort to keep the archipelago pristine. Waste will try to put up a fight and it is up to you to be the ...    6 MB    Views 5046

SPA Salon Clean up

ladies day clean salon cleaning spa
-4    Neni runs a famous Spa Salon in her town and she really enjoys to spend her day making sure all of her clients leave her little corner of Heaven of Earth looking stunning and relaxed But after a long day ...    12 MB    Views 2378

Clown Dentist

-2    Did you know that clowns teeth decay just like ours do? This clown needs your treatment So, do not be late Doctor Start treating this clown's teeth in your very own dental clinic. Get experienced with virtual dentistry You will be in ...    46 MB    Views 6735

Home Cleanup Game

home kids games time house game cleaning mom clean room fun place kitchen
0    Are you girls ready for an amazing challenge? In one of the best house cleaning games there is, Home Cleaning Game, Help your mom to get excited about helping you tidy up the house. It’s time to clean up the mess in your ...    13 MB    Views 5752

Knight Dentist

teeth dentist level knight multiple cleaning care tap
+2    Do you love to take care of your own teeth at home? Why do it just for your own teeth? Come here and play with other people’s teeth There is no training needed to be a dentist. Start your dentist career ...    40 MB    Views 5358

Angry Janitors

+5    King Dirt, King Germ, and their unwelcome cast of filthy underlings have invaded the school, office, hospital, and restaurant—and students, workers, patients, and staff are getting sick The impact of sick days and lost productivity is severe, and that makes ...    55 MB    Views 1220
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+5    It's time to clean up this cute princess house. My parents allowed me to organize my first party So exciting But guess what... The living room is such a mess now. Could you help me clean up the room now? Hurry up because ...    12 MB    Views 3488
cartoon window game beat clean levels touch simple cleaning faster world
+13    Need a casual gaming diversion? Crave your next hardcore mobile arcade addiction? Beat the Window is just what the doctor or in this case window cleaner ordered Beat the Window turns cleaning windows into the most uniquely entertaining arcade ...    37 MB    Views 2504
house time cleaning find room maid game cute start dirty
+2    Let’s show our cleaning skills, girls Time is running and you really don’t want anyone to find the house in this stage All those ambassadors, ministers and presidents are the guest of this huge and dirty house It's time to clean up this ...    11 MB    Views 9256
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