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+27    Sick of black and white? Let's lead you to the colorful world In this world the only thing you need to do is trying to find the certain color of the tile, and have a click on it. So easy Well, ...    8 MB    Views 7450

New Dot

dot click
+11    Click the new dot that appears in each level. Click an old one and it's game over. See how many you can get while testing your visual memory    5 MB    Views 6329

Hammer Cat

+22    Welcome to the World of Hammer Cat Collect as many coins as you can as you try to escape Evil Dino and bird. Use your hammer to break through blocks and bridges. CRAZY FUN AND SUPER FAST PACE. How to Play. Use the controllers to ...    7 MB    Views 4378

Line Up! 2

line color blocks mode click taps
+4    Bigger Better And Still Free Hooked on Line Up? You'll get addicted to Line Up 2 Line Up 2 is a fun color matching game Click on blocks of 3 or more of the same color, as quickly as you can, before ...    9 MB    Views 4712
+20    description: Build defense towers to stop the enemy invasion. Destroy all enemy units before they reach end of the road. If they pass your defense you will loose lives. Instructions: Use towers to build your defense. To purchase a tower click ...    13 MB    Views 2172

Click Cross

click cross
+14    Hey Click Cross Make it faster Make it better Fight with your friends in speed of reactions It's very easy, just click cross    13 MB    Views 180


left dodge click
+15    Bounce. Dodge. Surf. Use gravitational forces to dodge the planets, and see how far you can travel. Unlock special spaceships and defy gravity. This pretty and stylish game is all about reflexes and spatial insights. Click left, go left. Click right, go right. Sounds simple? Go and ...    36 MB    Views 9257

Click The Dot!

Related Apps time click kill dot
+17    Need To kill Some Time? This app will help you kill a lot of time Simple... click the dot Updated Daily With New Content    88 kb    Views 7931

Sea Battle Free

+1    Free version of the classic battleship strategy game destroy all enemy ships before your fleet gets sunk Ship Arrangement Move your ships around the field To rotate a ship just click on it Battle Click on a cell to select a target Click again to ...    4 MB    Views 1983

Burger Clicks

-7    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS ++ Click Click Click How many Clicks does it take to finish the burger? 1,000,000 Want to be entertained while clicking? Select from a variety of FX Sound effects. Burger Clicks saves every click you made.    7 MB    Views 2033


-8    The story setting of this game is that quality inspectors test if there’s any melamine in the milk with mice. In the game, as a quality inspector of supermarket, you have to find out the tainted milk with your brainpower ...    1 MB    Views 1188

Click Mania

-9    CLICK MANIA gives you 60 seconds of pure adrenaline to match three or as many gems as you can in the shortest time possible. A colorful and addictive Jewel Blitz Game with full Retina Display Support. Download it now and ...    15 MB    Views 7602

PopCorn Catch

+22    With the two available modes and yet others to come, challenge yourself and your friends by catching the falling colored PopCorn. In Catch mode, click the popcorn buckets and catch the falling same colored popcorn, while in Flip mode click the ...    36 MB    Views 814
Related Apps time game square click bonus give start discover
+13    Discover a game more simple than anytime, you probably didn't like geometry but here you only need to know what is a square. This is not a speed game, this game call your agility and your reflexes. The square is ...    3 MB    Views 4139

Swift Click

click swift game today
+15    DOWNLOAD SWIFT CLICK TODAY TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR SWIFT CLICK PROMOTIONS FIND OUT MORE TODAY A fast paced game of chasing the numbers With 3 difficulty levels, awesome ingame soundtrack, customized online leaderboard and account management, this game has it all Always ...    10 MB    Views 3304
facebook bubbles pop bubble click mode game fast clicker
+13    +++ Tap the Screen to Pop Bubbles as fast as Possible +++ Bubble Clicker is a simple game that’s fun for people of all ages. Pop as many bubbles as you can by tapping on the giant bubble as fast as ...    35 MB    Views 3174
Related Apps makeup beach click background color girl dress face button items
+18    Create hundreds of gorgeous outfit combinations in this dress up and makeup game. Makeup tool, click on the color palette, the color is selected, click on the face, makeup is completed. Change skin color with a santan button. Clothes and accessories can be ...    36 MB    Views 8331
medal spacecraft points click ability play escape moves
-3    You are pilot of the spacecraft "Synergy 2650". One day, you execute a VIP transport missions to 2M7461A Planet, just leave the solar system, you and your spacecraft is involved in a huge energy field, and you lost consciousness. When you wake ...    5 MB    Views 965


-4    Avoid walls, in this super hard and addictive game Click on the left side to go UP Click on the right side to go DOWN Click again to continue foward    14 MB    Views 3605
game mode click funny
+18    Anyone can enjoy this game. This game is an awesome speed test game comes with 3 difficulty levels and also you can choose the mode you want by clicking normal or funny mode with a funny sound. Take your mind of things ...    5 MB    Views 3117


time clock click mode button bomb shuffle eliminate
+6    How to play Click two same Mosters to eliminate them, and you have to eliminate all these monsters at a given time. Three Modes: Classic Mode, Racing Mode and Mushroom Mode. TOOLS: Shuffle: click the SHUFFLE button to reset the whole situation. Bomb: click the ...    20 MB    Views 449

Make The Way

Related Apps green game click easy horizontal vertical level restart
+1    Make The Way A fun game to challenge all your limits whether they are logical, analytical, tactical or organizational; it is none other than this latest Make The Way game. All you need to do is spot the green log and ...    36 MB    Views 7083
iphone support upgrades dust fighter crane bonus professional click
-5    Bosch presents Dust Fighter, the endless runner for real professionals Play the toughest game challenge in the app store. Show that you’re a professional with a jigsaw and don’t give dust a chance. Evade hazardous obstacles, like falling knives, nails, screw ...    42 MB    Views 7304
makeup click color background dress button items gallery select style
+21    Create hundreds of gorgeous outfit combinations in this dress up and makeup game. Makeup tool, click on the color palette, the color is selected, click on the face, makeup is completed. Change skin color with a santan button. Clothes and accessories can be ...    21 MB    Views 4582

Click On Color

-3    Do you think that you have a good memory? Do you have any qualities in identifying colors? Click On Color Try to remember the colors and repeat any sequence of them. A game for all family and for all ages Like us on:    10 MB    Views 9026


music ant click ants game addictive gameplay
+3    CLICK ANT "This game looks fun and addictive with its graphics and music. It should definitely be a good challenge and I can handle it. At least, I think I can. Virtual ants, prepare yourselves and bring it on. If you ...    47 MB    Views 36
game good slide players fun master click
+22    "Slide Click Master 2" is a casual puzzle game very playable by VFGameStudio original production, is the second "Do not step on the white pieces", "One can not die", "Quickspot Look Carefully" after good game, than the "Flappy ...    21 MB    Views 6643

Wall Jumps

+12    Wall Jumper is a very fast paced, simple, fun, and yes addicting game Instructions: Simply click on the left wall to move the character left, and then click on the right wall to move the character right. Your goal is to avoid ...    7 MB    Views 7419
levels play level builder mars click lander build
+10    Build, Play and Share your own levels for the Mars Lander game using the simple and intuitive interface of the BGP Level Builder Features: Click to Play; Level codes are instantly loaded out of URLs so people can play your levels ...    11 MB    Views 9990
color colors click game
+3    Jeffa is a game of colors and fast acting. How many colors can you click before you miss a color? How to play: The game consist of rounds. In each round, a color is highlighted. You have 1 second to click on the color or ...    8 MB    Views 2460

Ace Click HD

game click play
-9    This is a action game , click and break the watermelon. Try to do it as fast as you can FEATURES: Simple click to play the game Game Center Leaderboard to compete with your friends Incredibly fun, just one more ...    10 MB    Views 6619


board click jewels
+18    If you like Jewelslike games this one is for you. It's simple and relaxing pointandclick game. Your goal is to locate three or more connected jewels on board and double click on this group to remove it from board. Have fun    7 MB    Views 425

Super Clear Click

challenge color cross easy click
+1    Click any space, there will generate a cross. If two or more balls of the same color are connected by the cross, you earn a point. Try to challenge yourself just in 90 seconds. It's easy to play, but not easy to reach ...    2 MB    Views 924

Cone Flower

time items level left hint move big click item
-2    Go to all the items to get to the next level, if your time did not run out. Every level you will get another item. To move use swipe left/right/up/down (double tap to stop). Start with a butterfly that is blooming flowers. ...    5 MB    Views 1666
tap game button click
-1    Tap Me is a simple game, that works solely off a click of button. Overall you have 60sec to tap a button as fast as you can, the faster you click the more points you get. Your best score will can ...    6 MB    Views 6115
candies fun click candy clicker
-8    Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment The game is very simple: Click as many candies as many and as fast as you can by tapping. As soon as you have enough candies, trip to the shop and use ...    42 MB    Views 7362

Spring Piano Tiles

Related Apps play tiles white click modes mind
-6    The white tiles is still the most popular game,now the big mac of white tiles is coming The modes are unprecedented,the speed is very stimulating,you can’t stop unless your hands numb The color and music are decided by you,you can play what ...    41 MB    Views 436

Click To Sum Free

-4    Acquista la versione completa per avere tutti i puzzle e non avere la pubblicità Click To Sum è un gioco veramente molto semplice e soprattutto molto divertente Combina i numeri in blu per ottenere, tramite la loro somma, il numero rosso. Ogni ...    720 kb    Views 251

8Game Lite

number box screen hidden button click left game level
+5    8Game is designed based on the 1980's calculator game. How to play: Click on 'New' button on the top left of the screen to start the game. Enter your name and click on 'OK' button to start the game. A '8' ...    2 MB    Views 9028

Boom HD

Related Apps board boxes score unlimited taps boom type mode click
+26    Boom HD is a fun box matching game Click on boxes of 3 or more of the same type to collapse them, as quickly as you can, before they overflow the board. The more boxes you remove at one click, the ...    11 MB    Views 2373


plate click world score faster smaller glass
-4    You have to click and break the glass plate before it disppear. But you shouldn't click stainless plate. Glass plate will continue to come out, until you fail. The plate will be getting smaller and you have to click faster. The speed is ...    808 kb    Views 2442
Related Apps click level
+27    In ClickPlayTime we have to find the play button in each level which guides us to the next one. Therefore we have to solve some logic point and click puzzles. Use the "finger" and interact with objects in the level.    4 MB    Views 3126

Click Freak

click check
-1    Click on the correct number as quickly as you can. Try to syncronise the music with your fingers to get a better score. Attention this game could be addictive... Invite your friends and be the leader on the rankings and check it always ...    6 MB    Views 7047
Related Apps house clock bingo click play fun
+11    Play the ultimate bingo game It's highly addictive and hard to put down once you start playing. Race against the clock with 120 seconds in House of Bingo. As the bingo balls drop, click on your bingo card when the numbers ...    49 MB    Views 5436

Click it Puzzle!

game score click
+8    Click it game bringing together the upper part of the cube must be destroyed before. Exploded cubes in a row and must earn the highest score. You can easily play touch of a finger you'll have so much fun playing ...    12 MB    Views 3512

Rocket Fly3

jump rocket click screen rockets left
+6    I am a small rocket, I the meaning of life is to fly. instructions: 1.Click on the left of the screen to let the rockets jump to the left. 2.Click on the right of the screen to let the rockets jump to the ...    12 MB    Views 1158

Kubix HD

click block
+4    Kubix in High Definition for iPad and Retina based iPhone or iPod Touch. A unique variation of the click and remove type of game from the 80's. Featuring great graphics, cool effects and nice music. Click over a colored block and all ...    22 MB    Views 2953
puppies puppy click amount clicking game clicker collect
+2    The most exciting clicking game is now on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment with your cute puppies This game is very simple: Adopt as many puppies as you can by clicking or tapping ...    17 MB    Views 9670

Defend Ukraine

game defend left phoenix simply wings click
+7    Defend Ukraine We are team of enthusiastic Ukrainians and fans of Ukraine. This game is dedicated to the Country and its heroic defenders we all love and respect. Help to defend Ukraine from foreign aggressors with this unique game Simply touch the ...    20 MB    Views 5409

Don't Miss It+

game color squares friends click player
+1    According to the tips color in the game, player find the same color in the fast moving squares and eliminate, can't miss, also can't click to other color squares. If there is a square to miss, or click to other ...    12 MB    Views 905

Grasshopper Climber

screen move left side click
0    Help the grasshopper climb its way up Simply click on the right side of the screen to move right, and click on the left side of the screen to move left. Try to land on the platforms and not fall    2 MB    Views 76

Block Cave Run

block cave button click run
-5    Block cave run is a non stop and never ending battle between Greg the floating head block and the different openings in the cave. You must avoid all obstacles other than the potions that you will pick up and to navigate ...    7 MB    Views 9477

Order Me

time order points click 100
+7    เกมฆ่าเวลา เล่นได้ทุกที่ทุกเวลา กดเลขเรียงตามลำดับที่วางสลับกันอยู่ 25 ตัว ภายใน 100 วินาที เล่นผ่านได้หนึ่งตาราง เกมจะเริ่มด่านใหม่ให้ทันที โดยขอบเขตของตัวเลขจะเพิ่มขึ้นเรื่อยๆ มี 2 ตัวช่วย คือ สามารถโอนคะแนน มาเป็นเวลาได้ ครั้งละ 10 คะแนน และ ขอเปลี่ยนตารางใหม่ โดยเสียค่าเปลี่ยนครั้งละ 20 คะแนน กดผิดลำดับโดนหักครั้งละ 10 วินาที Click on the random numbers within 100 seconds by ascending order. pay 10 ...    805 kb    Views 8855

Causality 4 Lite

stickmen click hint level check
+5    Causality is now on the iPhone Check out the first level for Causality 4 for free Click on the stickmen and objects in the level to cause a chain reaction resulting in all of the stickmen deaths. One rule though, ...    4 MB    Views 3046

Attics Adventures

click solve
-4    In Atticus we have 20 minutes to solve the puzzles in this spooky point and click adventure. Therefore we use the "finger" to interact with the objects. If we want to leave a screen we have to click next to ...    4 MB    Views 7048

Doodle Boom

doodle board score blocks unlimited mode click boom color taps
-9    Doodle Boom is a fun color matching game Click on blocks of 2 or more of the same color to collapse them, as quickly as you can, before they overflow the board. The more blocks you remove at one click, the ...    11 MB    Views 7721
puppies puppy click amount clicking game clicker collect
+20    The most exciting clicking game is now on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment with your cute puppies This game is very simple: Adopt as many puppies as you can by clicking or tapping ...    10 MB    Views 1152
angry game hero clicker click location animals simple coins
+6    Angry Clicker Hero the most fascinating game, that will take your productivity to zero. Maybe it will seems like the most easiest game, that you have played before. But easy doesn’t mean boring. Choose a location, destroy all angry ...    38 MB    Views 2304

click cuties

game click cleared tiles color cuties
+4    click cuties is a mathing game. By your click, a tile will be cleared. Tiles around which share its same color will be cleared as well. If there is no any one around with its same color, you can clear ...    14 MB    Views 6208


diamonds click gain
+2    Click and collect diamonds This game is really simple, click to gain diamonds, spend the diamonds to gain more diamonds per click and so on. Can you discover the end? You WILL be amazed, but do you have the patience?    3 MB    Views 6654
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