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Diving Bird

+27    We're not going to lie: You're dying. Plenty. But it's fun Challenge your friends and see who can pick more coins in this frantic paced, retro styled underwater arcade. "It's simple fun for everyone" (hey, we should trademark that phrase) How to ...    12 MB    Views 8885

Đẩy Xèng Ăn Xu

+9    With ≪Coin Dozer Party≫, you can test your skill by dropping coins onto the platform so they will push other coins into your bucket. ≪Features≫ [Unique]Search tables for More Coins Made with Unity 3D Amazing realistic physics 10 Special Coins with ...    25 MB    Views 8019

Coin Catchers

+8    Have you ever wished it would rain money? Well now it is Catch as many coins as you can, but don't let any get past you Drag the basket to catch the coins. Don't miss a single one    4 MB    Views 2882

Pipe Bro

pipe coins bro
+3    This is Pipe Bro Slide down the pipes and collect as many coins you can. Jump down on enemies for extra coins, but watch out for the slimy squid Controls Just touch the pipe you wanna go down through    11 MB    Views 9097
survive coins catch
+18    Catch the thiefs, get the coins back and survive in the dangerous desert Go through six different levels Survive on six different battlegrounds Collect thousands of coins Compete against your friends in the Game Center    10 MB    Views 9215

where's coins

+12    where is all the coins? find and tap to get it. see who can collect most of them.    2 MB    Views 8891
system coins
-5    The player must tap to flap and help the bird to avoid the green pipes and collect the coins FEATURES: Universal build (iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad) GameCenter Leaderboard Scoring system Winning and losing system Tweet Sheet Rate Game    10 MB    Views 7687
+25    Enjoy the thrill of winning coins. All the treasure can be yours Have fun with this unique tumbling reel slots instantly. Simply tap the spin button and begin playing. Earn the coins    41 MB    Views 610


+4    Did you ever see coins falling from the sky?? LOOK There are coins in the SKY Grab them all by your bowl, and you will be very rich Be careful Don't be hit by the hammer, stone or thunder, otherwise your bowl ...    7 MB    Views 8154


+5    Have you got the skills to master DodgeBall ? Manoeuvre the the objects around the screen with the slide control . How good are your reflexes ? You have only 10 seconds to avoid collision before moving to the next level. Sounds ...    28 MB    Views 5204


game collect coins
+2    "As a game that you can easily pickup and play with little skill, Flicklash has the potential to be a good time killer." Flicklash is an addictive arcade game in which you control a cursor using a simple pull ...    19 MB    Views 6309

Fly Crazy

hero coins fly advance
+2    Ready? Off you go Fly as fast as you can through exotic scenery to collect coins and advance through the levels. As a flying adventurer or as an out of control baby, slalom between hippos and pirate ships to capture ...    79 MB    Views 6653

Fishy Adventure Fun

dangerous coins fish
+19    You ended up in sea between the dangerous fish. Dodge the octopuses, fish and other dangerous objects and collect as many coins as possible. Use the coins to buy upgrades so you can improve your high score in your next ...    4 MB    Views 4703

Coin Casino Clicker

coins tap sounds dropping
-9    Kaching Nothing sounds better than the sounds of gold coins dropping by the tap on your screen. Tap like crazy and see those coins drop like rain pouring from the sky. Playing this game will make you feel lucky and ...    10 MB    Views 5938


-4    ANNOYINGLY ADDICTIVE Swipe all the coins and beat your friend's high scores Controls: Swipe left. Swipe right. Swipe every direction. Made in honour of all those coins that I used to throw into the air and swipe at.    13 MB    Views 2643

Air Racing

+12    Avoid obstacles and finish the race as fast as you can. Rules are very simple, but you can't finish the race easily. Let's take off and challenge a race Features Intuitive tilt control Various upgradable airplanes. Collect coins to get a high performance ...    23 MB    Views 7202
collect rolling ancient coins
-7    Challenge the ancient gods. Dodge the rolling stones by going around the screen. Collect the gold coins to score more, but remember that the more coins you collect the faster it will roll.    19 MB    Views 2687

Ample Free Coin

+5    Coins in the clouds Catapulting crustaceans Using only a careful tilt of the device, bump the coins out of the sky to complete each level. From pennies to platinum, the stakes grow at each level and so does the action. A deft hand ...    15 MB    Views 185

Path Defender

+18    Defend the path from the coming enemies. They must not get through the valley. You have a machine gun witch can be upgraded when you have enough coins. You earn coins by defeating enemy units.    11 MB    Views 8918

Banana Boom

coins slopes
-8    Put your reflexes to the test and tap to dodge explosive bananas as Super Sam (your heroic monkey) maneuvers down some serious slopes. Collect coins to rack up points, but only if you're up to the task; some coins can be ...    1 MB    Views 5245

Winter Temple Run

Related Apps run coins collect
0    Run and jump fast and strong cowboy. Escape obstacles and collect all coins. Collect all coins and try to make the highest score .    14 MB    Views 4723
-8    Can you help Little Frankenstein escape? Race your Frankenstein through the dungeons collecting as many coins as you can. But beware of anything that crosses your path. Use your coins to unlock new Frankenstein guys. Unlock new Frankenstein guys (Frank, Fred, ...    21 MB    Views 3978

Urban Runner

game purchase runner coins
-9    Endless free runner game where you can collect some coins and pickups on the way, avoid from obstacles on the game and purchase diamonds to continue from middle of the game. There are some power ups where you can purchase ...    63 MB    Views 5648

Dekino Shark Run

Related Apps coins run shark
-7    Help Dekino the Shark run to collect the coins along the frozen waters in Iceberg City Just tap to jump and try not to miss any coins.    15 MB    Views 4664
+23    Simple Helicopter game. Avoid the obstacles(blocks,missiles,icicles). And fly to the goal. Collect the coins to get power ups(magnet,more coins,more lives).    5 MB    Views 1842
0    Battle the Fuzbats while making your way to Kill Zorr the great island monster. Only a select few have made it, will you be one of them? Maneuver your plane by tilting your iPad left and right and destroy the Fuzbats ...    74 MB    Views 7919

Mr. Mustache!

mustache coins collect
-9    Mr. Mustache needs your help to collect his coins. How many coins can you collect? Tap to jump and don’t hit the barriers    5 MB    Views 4226

Sophia´s Online

+16    Join us in this fun world of games, designed for girls just like you We currently offer five games in which you can earn stars and coins. Use these stars and coins in the Setting the Stage minigame, where you ...    28 MB    Views 3506

Biggy Fish

coins gamers fish
Related Apps support system coins
+18    The player must tap to flap and help the bird to avoid the green pipes and collect the coins FEATURES: Universal build (iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad) GameCenter Leaderboard Scoring system Winning and losing system Tweet Sheet Rate Game If you support our product, ...    11 MB    Views 9908

Touch Tap Runner

Related Apps collect coins
+4    Welcome to the world of Black and of White Collect Coins, Stay Alive How many coins can you collect?    7 MB    Views 3411

Ah! Coins

coins game
+21    Everyone loves Coins "Ah Coins" contains 2 games. One is an action game to get many coins. The other is an addictive puzzle game to delete coins. Enjoy "Ah Coins" world now It's fantastic    6 MB    Views 1666

Box the Candy

candy coins box
0    In this "Sweettooth" app you will be kept on your toes by keeping up with the fastmoving candy. As the candy goes by, you will have to "grab" it and place it in the correct box. With candy coming rapidly, ...    10 MB    Views 7685

Blackjack 2015

2015 coins game free
+5    Blackjack is one of the most enjoyable and popular card games of all time. The object of this game is to get your hand closer to 21 than the dealer's, without going over. With Blackjack 2015 we included three different ...    146 MB    Views 1064

Greedy Owl

owl coins
+17    Survive with your Owl as long as you can while collecting coins along the way Use the coins you collect to upgrade your Owl    31 MB    Views 2283

ADr SkyWalk

coins bridge tiles
0    Are you brave enough to try this? What you 're doing is to cross the tiled bridge between two buildings. However, the bridge is not safe. Tiles change between solid and hollow. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? >> how to play << Touch a tile ...    34 MB    Views 525


Related Apps fish coins complete
+5    Don't touch the fish Tap to help your Aquanaut collect his coins Once all 5 coins are collected, race back to the surface before he runs out of air. Watch out for the fish swimming by The fish get a ...    31 MB    Views 6546
-3    A happy go lucky bumble bee is on a journey to collect honey coins. Help him as he ventures out of his hive to experience all the world has to offer, but beware there are enemies out there that are ...    40 MB    Views 7448

Flappy Hands

extra fly coins hands
+3    See how far you can fly A parody of the 1 hit game >Tap to flap your hands and fly >Dodge the pipes >Get an extra life for every 10 coins collected Features: Simple Controls Try to collect all the coins Watch out for the gravity multiplier Be sure ...    14 MB    Views 3397

Impossible Space

Related Apps levels coins spaceships impossible
+11    Shoot to the spaceships to earn coins, powerups and unlock new levels. The spaceships appear randomly on the screen, more you go forward with the levels, greater the difficulty in destroying 12 levels with a spacial desing: bombs missile coins Test your reflexes and see if ...    4 MB    Views 5634


coins run stones
-8    What are you waiting for? A game that has stunning graphics and super thrilling gameplay Lots of gold coins Run through the levels and help the Cave Man to collect coins by tapping the screen, but be sure to avoid the Stones. Snatch ...    14 MB    Views 5379

Bomb Voyage

-7    Test your reflexes by collecting coins and dodging bombs in this fast simple arcade style game. Spend your coins in the Store to unlock upgrades and powerups to help your character survive. See how you compare to your friends on ...    6 MB    Views 6287

Attack on Frog3

+2    Overcoming severe judgment, what is collected coins of many ? All you have to do is. Touch a timely screen, let's collect coins to avoid hitting the clay pipe When you align the fellow frog appearing under? ?    2 MB    Views 6521

Granny Cane Run

home granny coins
+13    One day Granny was on her way home, when she saw coins on the street. Help Granny collect as many coins as she can before she makes her way home    14 MB    Views 4746

Penguin's Peak

Related Apps platform coins
+1    Join Pascal on his adventure up the mountain. Avoid enemies, while jumping from platform to platform collection coins. Use coins to buy items that will aid you on your quest to reach the top. Featuring an original electro house soundtrack and ...    39 MB    Views 2826
game coins egg
+2    Help our egg super hero fly to the top, collecting as many coins as you can. See how many coins you can get and be come number one in this fun, addictive game. easy game play beautiful colors trying to ...    10 MB    Views 3674

Flight Fight

+11    Most addicting game you will ever play Battle the Fuzbats while making your way to Kill Zorr the great island monster. Only a select few have made it, will you be one of them? Maneuver your plane by tilting your phone left ...    46 MB    Views 6214

Death Triple Jump

jump coins triple
0    It's simple to play. All you have to do is to triple jump your ball by tapping the screen, avoid the obstacles and collect coins 10 Balls to unlock Save your charcters button (50 coins) and continue the game keeping ...    18 MB    Views 9359

Gold Miner Slot

slot coins gold miner
+3    Have they also fed up with the everrepeating slot machines? Five rolls, a card game and that's it? Then have I set them now before the Gold Miner Slot. Classic with three rollers which also einzeld are preserved to this slot machine brings ...    79 MB    Views 8966
coins collect spring
0    Bounce on the spring the collect the coins but watch out, the spring will start to move. Avoid walls and collect as many coins as possible.    13 MB    Views 5082


Related Apps jump ring coins
+16    WARNING Ring Jump is extremely addictive Make the ring jump and avoid hitting the line when collecting coins. How many coins can you collect ? See what level you can reach    15 MB    Views 1651

Catch The Coin !

coin catch coins
+28    Help the Miner to collect the coins in the mine. You will get one additional coin if you catch the diamond. smash the stones to make them fall off and let the coin drop into the mining car. 30 different ...    65 MB    Views 6732

Kicked Out

coins game
+2    You've been KICKED OUT Your girlfriend is not happy and she's throwing all your gear from your apartment Use your gaming skills to dodge golf clubs, guitars and amps, your favorite records and DVDs and other items. EARLYBIRD OFFER COINS ON SALE ...    5 MB    Views 8884

Boosty the Robot

coins hat
+4    Help Boosty fight endless hordes of friendly robots. Do your best to get the highest score The more points you get, the more coins you receive. Use the coins in the Hat Machine to get Boosty an awesome looking hat.    5 MB    Views 3347

Take all coins

-8    Tap the screen to move the hero and take all coins to win.    41 MB    Views 4896
game score glass coins
+4    Get the coins in the glass by tapping on the screen. Each Glass has a different color and each has it's own score multiplier. Your score gets higher and so is the difficulty of the game by increasing the speed ...    7 MB    Views 4250

Gap Runner

gap coins runner
+10    GAP RUNNER download this new and completely free application and have a lot of fun Speed across the gaps and collect coins, but be aware that, when the screen hits you, the game is over. Buy new colour themes in the ...    84 MB    Views 1030


game coins ocean king
-5    OCEAN KING is a very unique and adventurous game. Guide your submarine through the beautiful coral reef. Avoid hitting any obstacles that comes in your way but try to collect as many coins as possible. You can use coins to buy powerups ...    25 MB    Views 1246

Green Bird

Related Apps fly coins tap
-3    A very beautiful designed TapToFly game. It's very simple to play, just tap to fly around the jungle, collecting coins and avoid hitting the arrows. Collect more than 100 coins to transfer them to Typiora    39 MB    Views 8165

Nothing to do Here

driving coins
+5    The nothing to do here meme finally has its own game Travel, explore and collect coins showing that you are the best driving your jetpack Get all the coins, make a perfect driving and save fuel for extra points Discover the secret ways ...    22 MB    Views 1243
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