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Color Cube

+11    With Color Cube you can playfully test your color perception. You just have to find only the different colored square :) Have Fun    2 MB    Views 3604

Hello Color

+13    The first release version of Hello Color Includes: 3 game modes Color Graph with Best & Worst colors High Scores Facebook connect    14 MB    Views 230


color play game
+22    Chro∙ma∙zo∙a (ˈkrōmə + ˈzōə) ― 1: a brightly hued singlecell organism. 2: a colorful, fastpaced game of survival in the spirit of classic '80s arcade puzzlers. Play an amoeba and hunt other critters that match―or are next to―your color on ...    7 MB    Views 9820

Cover the Color

cover color
+5    Cover the outlined color with the black square to get as many points as you can Just tap the screen to line them up. Try to not to match them up too far away from each other How many colors can you ...    2 MB    Views 7702

Tap That Color

+1    Tap That Color Choose your color and match it, simple right? How hard could it be?    4 MB    Views 7021


+30    Draw a line to connect globez of the same color and make points and be the king of the leaderboard. Quick and intuitive match 3 game, with a limited amount of time score as much as you can by connecting globez ...    6 MB    Views 2596


+8    COLOR RUSH, test your brain's reflexes. Just tap to rotate the color wheel to catch & match the dropping balls. Sounds simple rite? Give it a try. WARNING Cases of extreme addiction    4 MB    Views 4146


color game
+30    A game which requires you to align the color of the two triangles with the color of the incoming ball. See how far you can get and challenge your friends with this seemingly simple yet quite difficult game. Use your quick ...    3 MB    Views 1349

Color Crazy Wheel

+15    Tap to match the color and get score. Ẹnoy the game    9 MB    Views 3871


+17    A panel is judged The sound on a roll which will aim at Fast Judge, and a tasteful view of the world make you a captive It is moment of 面白革命capsule+. Who on earth is it that gets the name of FastJudge? Hot ...    14 MB    Views 8165
+12    This is a crazy fast pace game with every color you you can imagine. Instructions: Tap the screen to jump and aviod the black    5 MB    Views 6469

Color Collide

+7    the fun and addicting game about hitting the right color at the right time. you can choose between touch and tilt control, and you can even post your highscore online.    26 MB    Views 6007


+24    Tap on 3 or more of the same color blocks before your board fills up Tapping more blocks earns you even more points. Earn coins to purchase more bombs and unlock new color packs The blocks are coming. Can you ...    7 MB    Views 9885

Color Assault

game color
-3    Tap the right color to brake the words Try to beat all records and climb the leaderboard You think it's easy... I don't think so... Some issue with the game? Contact us at: We appreciate your help to improve our game    7 MB    Views 9740

Color Coordination

color coordination
+9    Color Coordination puts your reflexes to the test as you simply tap a corresponding color prompted on screen that you choose Challenge your friends for bragging rights in this new addictive game.    612 kb    Views 6558

Color Drain

0    An endless color matching game. Kill some time testing and improving your color matching skills.    31 MB    Views 2489

Impossible Color

color game
+13    Shoot the colored balls according to the color appearing on the screen. Attention the time is short and the game will get more challenging at every second. In order to succeed in the game you must have good instincts, quick thinking ...    3 MB    Views 5424
color fall
0    Tap the screen in time, let the same color balls fall into the same color circle How long can you last out? Challenge the Impossible.    10 MB    Views 5739


-9    This game is "simple," all you need to do is to see if the color matches the word. You will continuously react to the changing colors, can be fooled by the background color. Be careful not to dazzle;) It is much ...    3 MB    Views 345

Color Invader

-6    Shoot a plane with same color like me.    20 MB    Views 327

Color Swirl

-3    Match the falling dots with the correct color    3 MB    Views 1565

Crazy Jumping

Related Apps color tap
+2    Tap for jump and avoid different color and if same color "no tap"    5 MB    Views 1190


+10    Act Fast all you have to do is connect the shapes and color. Make as many line as possible in 60 seconds, and if you can form up lines into a square you get more points. Easy peasy. You can go for ...    12 MB    Views 179

Flappy Colors

+21    Use your brain to correctly put the Flappy into the correct color. But the written color, not the block color Prank game for your brain    6 MB    Views 8790

Tap Color Tiles

+3    Click different color arrows on the bottom of the screen to make the Volcano erupt According to your using time, results ranking from lowest to highest E, D, C, B, A, S grades, can you get the best score S? Download it ...    14 MB    Views 2566

Pass Through Color

pass color
-2    Choose the right color to pass through the wall.    7 MB    Views 5822


paint screen color
-5    White canvas with color paint game. [TURN] to swirl toward the center and press Apply a black screen with a color line will work right And outside the screen, where it overlaps with the end if you have already painted.    468 kb    Views 8253


+7    Challenge your memory on the addictive Color's game. For each correct guess on the color sequence presented, a new color will be added. Besides the highlight on the color, each one corresponds to a musical note. Let's see how far ...    4 MB    Views 2885

A Game Of Color Pro

+15    Match The Color is Here… Most Simple & fun. Just touch to clear Stage and Get More Fun… We try to implement your suggestion as soon as we can. Please give us feedback Have a good Time. JJ factory 2015    5 MB    Views 5760
color freaking
+2    Freaking Color can make you freaking mad We have 4 color, and very simple to play, just tap on your screen to match arrow with the correct color.    25 MB    Views 6308

Simple Color Puzzle

+19    Very simple color puzzle(Samegame) game. Touch the block group that has same color. The more blocks broken at once, the more points scored.    2 MB    Views 7429
color game
0    A simple matching game. How to play: Tap on the screen to stop the spinner and match the color with the color of the arrow    3 MB    Views 6199


-1    Change color both left and right Bees to get the beehive has same color    58 MB    Views 2862

Block 4

Related Apps color blocks
+25    Match 4 or more blocks of the same color to clear them from the board. Chain together as many color matches as you can before the blocks reach the top    5 MB    Views 8173
color harder
+8    Test your eyes to the extreme. Can you spot the color block with different color? Be careful, it gets harder and harder    4 MB    Views 1515

Color Link!

color game
+2    a very simple small game which can be played for hours. simply touch the screen to rotate the colors. catch the balls with the right color or it will be game over can you beat the leaderboard to 1?    15 MB    Views 1122

Black or White ?!

-3    Tap to change color,Match the shape's color which com over. It's easy but hard.    6 MB    Views 2884
-4    Easy and simple gameplay. You just need to connect the matching colors. Don't cross the lines else pipe will break Features: 100 of levels Different mode of gameplay 10 different board sizes Additional level packs available for purchase Time challenge is available Enjoy this ...    11 MB    Views 9443
color impossible
-9    Color Go is the game that takes "impossible" to the next level Grab the targets to change color and land on the platforms. The control is superb and easy to learn... The difficulty will make you cry. How long can you survive?    30 MB    Views 1624
-8    Match The Color is Here… Most Simple & fun. Just touch to clear Stage and Get More Fun… We try to implement your suggestion as soon as we can. Please give us feedback Have a good Time. JS entertianment.2014    14 MB    Views 9808
color trap
-7    Trap the Color as fast as you can. Tap the right color tiles. It's a lot harder than you'd think. What's the highest score you can get? 4c3de93d8d    3 MB    Views 6464

+ Color Lines +

+27    Color Lines is one of the best classic puzzle games from our childhood. The goal of this game is to arrange balls of the same color in straight lines (vertical, horizontal or across) rows of arranged balls will disappear and ...    24 MB    Views 1592
0    Find the different color in the deck. Complete as many decks as possible in 30 seconds.    3 MB    Views 9968
0    Match the color of the dots with the color on the circle and get a point. It's as simple as that Tap on the left or right side of the screen to make the circle spin. Share you Best Score on Facebook ...    25 MB    Views 7752


-5    A minimalistic endless runner. You have the ability to change your color, but if you fall down or you don’t match the color of the platform you are touching, it’s over. Try to beat the high score Inspired by Chameleon Run ...    17 MB    Views 6553

Shape Twister Free

Related Apps color match
+30    Color Match > Using onetap or dualtaps gameplay, match the falling dots with the correct color > Challenge your friends to see who can get the farthest. Seems easy right?    4 MB    Views 2546


-1    Poppolo is your new way of life. Poppolo is the new game you will love to hate. Rules are simple. When you pop a ball of one color, finish the rest of the balls of that color suit. But beware. You'll know.    3 MB    Views 3190

Color N Balls

Related Apps color balls
-3    Color N Balls is an arcade casual game with well known controls and highly addictive. It provides a shortterm memory exercise and strengthens the color matching skills. It’s rhythm bears excellent relaxing features as well.    84 MB    Views 7552

Color Stripe

+10    Screen killer has arrived. Experience the Color Stripe to test your agility. Rules are dead simple Phase through color stripes by matching the the color of the ball with them. Features Extending color set Adaptive speed    29 MB    Views 9921

A Game Of Color HD

+3    Match The Color is Here… Most Simple & fun. Just touch to clear Stage and Get More Fun… We try to implement your suggestion as soon as we can. Please give us feedback Have a good Time.    7 MB    Views 5756

Block Down

Related Apps color game block
-6    Free for a limited time You're the square. Now fall Game Features Block Changes Color's Continuously Endless Game Ever changing Background Color Retina display Listen to your music while playing Very Addicting And Much More...    5 MB    Views 8911

Color Ring!

color ring
+1    Put simply, this game is just pong in a circle, with some colors. The rules are few. Just make sure the color of the ball is the same as the color of the part of the ring it hits. Each bounce ...    5 MB    Views 3900

Switch Pong

+3    The classification game which pushes the button of the same color as the color of the box which falls from a top.    23 MB    Views 2788
Related Apps tap color
+13    Tap the tile with different color from others. This is a 1minute time limit. How far can you go?    7 MB    Views 230


Related Apps tap color
-9    Tap and hold when you are on color sectors. Don't tap when color secters are about to end How far can run?    24 MB    Views 4756

Just Touch

+1    Just Touch is a simple game in which you should touch each color as fast as you can without repeating the same color, be aware that the colors change of position    2 MB    Views 3053
+8    "A CUTE LITTLE GAME TO TEST YOUR NERVES AND YOUR CONCENTRATION." Swipe the arrow but not to the direction it is pointing but towards the color it is made of. Make high scores and challenge friends.    22 MB    Views 7953

Color Spotter

-9    Do you get the ability of color recognition totally? This game is a testing tool to help you with this. What happens if you choose the wrong tile of color? It's a pity Don't be the loser. Features: GameCenter Sound background, ...    6 MB    Views 4574

I ate colors

jump colors color
-9    Don't let Mr Shade eat all the colors How many colors can you save? Rules are simple: Tap and the color square will jump. Each color can jump only once each round Sounds easy? We will see...    11 MB    Views 3005
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