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fischen possible

+6    Die aufgeweckten Fische im Stromsee haben jede Menge Ausdauer aus nachhaltiger Wasserkraft, Biomasse und Solarenergie. Schnapp dir die bunten Basic, Star und SolarFische und erfische dir deinen persönlichen Highscore. Doch Vorsicht Die Zeit läuft und im Wasser tummeln sich auch ...    7 MB    Views 1944

River Duck

game river online collect highscore
+11    RiverDuck is an amazing casual game. Try to get as far down the river as possible and collect stars to get points. The speed of the game increases over time. As the game progresses you can collect a bonus to ...    8 MB    Views 5447


+2    "What is your highscore? Find out The more you think before you click, the further you will advance in levels but watch out the clock is ticking...". CloxX is a great exponent of Same Games like Bejeweled. The objective is ...    6 MB    Views 7931

Girl Rush

enjoy game compete
+3    Check it out our latest game release Be able to explore your running strength To see how far you may run in the forest? Player is required to jump, slide and avoid over the obstacles. The further distances it will score ...    16 MB    Views 4376

Snake classic!

+4    SUPER ADDICTIVE AND HIGHLY RETRO SNAKE GAME If you liked the snake game that first was released on mobile phones then you will LOVE this game Snake Classic is a super retro game with brand new 60 levels to play and many hours of ...    13 MB    Views 3257


0    ZOR Get ready for the hardest challenge ever. Don't let the ball touch anything. It's not that easy. Compete your friends, compete the world with just your finger but you need to keep your eyes open because balls can be incredibly fast. Try ...    13 MB    Views 99


Related Apps hit highscore don color
+2    It's as simple as it can get: hit the right color and aim for the highscore You get 1 point for each hit. And hurry They come and go really fast, so don't hold back and rush that finger to the ...    49 MB    Views 2619

Aeon Racer

+23    "Great controls, fun levels, beautiful graphics, unique idea" — "the bright design and simple gameplay echoes all of the great things about classic arcade games" — Fly for your life in this classic arcadestyle space racing game Dogde gates, discover mysterious galaxies, train your reflexes ...    7 MB    Views 4725

Bubble Mix 3 in 1

+9    Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Now available on Mac App Store The best 3 Bubble Apps for the iPhone AppStore are now available for iPad ...    5 MB    Views 1260


-1    Meet “TapTop”, a new fascinating arcade for all ages. SPEED UP as fast as you can PICK UP objects and bonuses ELUDE permanent and sudden obstacles Peculiarities of TapTop game: • CHOOSE one character from 15 available; • PICK UP bonuses and objects; • EXCHANGE coins into bonuses and vice ...    145 MB    Views 5023
Related Apps action war mortal game skies levels difficulty gameplay awesome highscore hostile
+15    IPHONEAPPREVIEWS.NET review : "I would definitely recommend Mortal Skies: the gameplay is solid, graphics are superb, and it’s quite a challenge." TOUCHREVIEWS.NET review: "If you are a fan of this kind of game you won’t be disappointed." 1944, You are one of ...    11 MB    Views 1857

DoodLee Run

twitter friends highscore
+6    One against hundreds. One against thousands. It's him The one and only DoodLee He runs in the name of the justice. Avoiding his the most evil enemies Dr. erasers, the pencil triplets, Jack the scissors and others. Collecting golden paper ...    16 MB    Views 5521
endless highscore play score space rocket mania
-5    Endless Rocket Mania is a very addictive arcade game. Travel through the universe and dodge the incoming asteroids. The fate of the space crew is in your hands Speed through space in a futuristic spaceship How far can you go? Features: Free ...    12 MB    Views 8374
enemies fight friends compete game
+13    Run, jump, and smash in this endless runner game Compete with friends and fight enemies How far can you make it? Dodge obstacles and fight enemies to progress as far as you can. Increase your score by switching between characters and activating each ...    15 MB    Views 9757


twitter list highscore player waiting times game result tweet
+17    Waiting for the bus, a train is a few minutes late, a meeting is waiting to start. Everyone knows these situations. Suddenly there are a few minutes free time and nothing to do with it. Falxon is just for these ...    7 MB    Views 2685

21 Dice

dice skill facebook www https addictive game highscore fast
+4    21 Dice by BitStern Skill. Luck. Brain. "Excellent graphics and a perfect interface. [...] Strangely addictive." "Oddly addictive for something so simple" WithinTheGame "Gameplay mechanics make the game quite addictive." Features • Swipe the dice to hit 21 or ...    24 MB    Views 7447

Honey Queen Deluxe

game honey highscore online compete list harder youtube version
+19    Honey Queen is an incredibly addictive puzzle game. Your task is to combine the right honeycombs to fill as many honey glasses as possible. Each glass has a number printed on it. To fill a glass you'll have to find ...    5 MB    Views 230
Related Apps dot spinning catch beat game crazy play score highscore addictive
+20    Catch the Crazy Spinning Dot Crazydot is an arcade Game that's so simple to play yet hard to master. Crazy dot can be addictive if you try to beat the highscore of 38. This game is going to test your brain reflexes and ...    8 MB    Views 5709


+15    Defeat Gravity This game is more than a flappy bird clone. The graphics are fantastic and they were designed with passion.The gameplay is only for experienced gamers ;) and harder than every flappybird pendant. Fly thru the two infinite levels and ...    55 MB    Views 2332

Straight Lines

games lines game create beat friends line straight number highscore
+5    The rules of this game are simple: Draw lines to avoid the blocks, increase your score and beat your friends If your line touches a block, you lose. Also, you may never create a line inside of the red circle ...    4 MB    Views 7081
easter family rabbit eggs frantic highscore send fall beat balance
+2    Can you save Easter? Help the Easter Rabbit collect chocolate eggs in this frantic family game. Get all the easter eggs without making the Rabbit fall The machines are out of control They are wildly throwing baskets full of eggs, and ...    51 MB    Views 1685

Cloud Critters

jump game critters characters cloud unlock centre highscore free collect
+2    CLOUD CRITTERS FEATURES • An endless arcade game with simple one touch controls • Compare your hopping skills against others and share your highscore with friends • Game centre game leaderboards. Can you beat your friends’ highscore? • Game centre achievements and objectives. Unlock ...    78 MB    Views 4541

Shark or Die

time shark friends highscore feeding swimmers predator turn
-8    Deep terror: You are a deadly predator who snacks on unsuspecting bathers Those nasty humans keep making shark fin soup, so it's time to turn the tables Turn into an ocean predator; avenge your relatives and snap anything in your jaws ...    20 MB    Views 2619

Boulder Clash

Related Apps endless game compete fun friends
+17    Endless fun for all Tapping with skill and precision will be your defense against endless slabs of crushing boulders smashing all around you. Invite friends and compete who can rack up the highest score. FEATURES Simple tap controls that are easy to ...    26 MB    Views 1272

Pinball Worlds

+7    England needs your help. Our 2nd Pinball World Competition is on its way and England needs some great players to reach the top. Select your faviourite country and play through 16 missions for a new highscore. Challenge your own highscore list or ...    6 MB    Views 1615
zombies shoot coming monster compete
+10    THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU Zombies are everywhere and they're coming after you Test your skills and help your monster shoot the zombies before they get you HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST? Kill as many zombies as possible Compete against your friends ...    13 MB    Views 5259

Epic Speed

speed epic game system highscore
+5    Epic speed is a classic speed test game where you have to hit the buttons in the same order as they light up. Don't get fooled by the easy beginning as the game gets harder and faster the longer you ...    8 MB    Views 552
+17    Challenge your memory and see how many levels you can go without messing up Look at your checklist to see the items that you need, then go purchase them from the vending machine, dont mess up though or you will be ...    12 MB    Views 9847

Rope Walker

rope walker highscore balance walk
+30    Why go for a walk in the park when you can walk on a tight rope on top of a gigantic canyon? In Rope Walker, every single move counts as you try to keep your balance on the tight rope. Resist the ...    87 MB    Views 2051

Crank Out

mode classic levels unique stats beat endless highscore gamecenter control
+5    Don't let the eggs fall down Bring all the eggs safely from one assembly belt to the next one to make sure that they get cleaned, colorfully painted and packed as a gift Control one transporter on each side of the ...    19 MB    Views 7239

Lemon & Lime

game lemon start today simple highscore ios
-8    Lemon & Lime is a simple and very addictive game. The game is simple, just match the color of the Lemon & Lime with two simple spinning controller. Matching each fruit will gain you one point of the game. Start ...    10 MB    Views 6368
machine highscore beat memory
+23    Challenge your memory and see how many levels you can go without messing up Look at your checklist to see the items that you need, then go purchase them from the vending machine, dont mess up though or you will be ...    11 MB    Views 3630

Pirate's Rope

Related Apps features highscore swing support
+14    "Captain...this is a Munity Walk the Plank" "Arrr....not again." Swing yourself with your grappling hook into the Freedom to the Landsman, but be careful and don't fall in the Water to the Sharks Features: different Gamemodes Local Highscore GameCenter Highscore and Achievements Multiplayer ...    9 MB    Views 3112
game honey highscore number glass players online list compete
-7    Honey Queen is an incredibly addictive puzzle game. Your task is to combine the right honeycombs to fill as many honey glasses as possible. Each glass has a number printed on it. To fill a glass you'll have to find ...    5 MB    Views 1195

Circled 2.0

drawing circles circle draw game highscore worlds friends
-9    Can You Draw? Can You Draw Well? Circled is a revolutionary game, that challenges your circle drawing skills. The game is simple, draw 10 circles, and go for a highscore. You get awarded points for the quality of your circles, plus additional bonuses for ...    5 MB    Views 5717
pinball ipad playing paper check online highscore obstacles compete
+2    There seems to be a problem with iPad 1 at the moment. Please don't install if you have an iPad 1 Optimized for iPad Paper Pinball is BitsAlive's new arcarde/action/doodle game that guarantees endless pinball fun... literally The mission is simple... don't drop the ...    15 MB    Views 5967


game modes beat highscore basic customise friend include head
-4    Having trouble with your mental arithmetic? Flap42 is the game for you Flap42 is a game suite which contains two fun and interesting games, both helping you get faster at doing basic arithmetic in your head. Great for kids and ...    109 MB    Views 496
+8    This game starts hard and it gets harder and harder The Flappy Purple Bird Pro is a comic style flying bird and he lives in the country. You help him fly with your tap on the screen. With every tap the ...    11 MB    Views 2670


multiplayer mode levels touch classic highscore online screen singleplayer controls
+3    The classic video game par excellence is coming to your iPhone and your iPod touch better than ever before. New fascinating levels, singleplayer and multiplayer mode and innovative touch screen controls redefine classic gameplay. Compete with players from all over ...    847 kb    Views 2877
Related Apps personal panda ninja runs gameplay platform level highscore
0    PANDA RUSH Panda runs and runs and runs and just can't stop. Touch to make him somersault from platform to platform so that he doesn't crash into the ground. NEVER let PANDA FALL in this endless runner game? Brag to ...    18 MB    Views 540

Paper Pinball Lite

pinball playing paper compete highscore obstacles check online
+1    Paper Pinball is BitsAlive's new arcarde/action/doodle game that guarantees endless pinball fun... literally The mission is simple... don't drop the ball But things will get harder as you reach higher regions be prepared for new obstacles and new combinations that will ...    15 MB    Views 2102


iphone difficulty fight level enemies set levels highscore unique ipod
+13    This is the lite version of iGuardian. It has the first mission of the full version for you to try out. iGuardianLite is a classic 2D shooter in which you will guard the safety of your people. The world has gone mad ...    10 MB    Views 5183
dots simple dot orbit fun beat crazy addictive sizes highscore
0    In "Dots Trouble an orbit surfer with a twist" you have one simple objective: Avoid the dots. Sounds easy? well, many a man has thought the same before you, but this game is knuckle bustlingly tough. You help a ...    40 MB    Views 8436

Toilet Training

toilet compete training
-4    Toilet training was never part of the school curriculum? No matter, with this new app you can prove your skilled marksmanship even after a few rounds of beer. Aim right and you can keep going, soak your shoes and you ...    13 MB    Views 6796

Poingball mobile

game highscore unlocked free change features mobile depending
+15    Are you looking for a nice simple game of pong, but do you also want a bit of excitement? Well, then Poingball is just the game for you Poingball offers you many different options that will change the game completely. You ...    6 MB    Views 4644

Jumping Jaxx

Related Apps facebook jump boosters flowers beautiful jumping upgrade highscore friends beat obstacles
+8    Escape from the big bad wave, with dangerous piranhas Jump through an endless world with funny obstacles and beautiful flowers. 

Be aware of the special boosters, as dynamites and swimming rings that helps you escape from the wave easier – remember ...    44 MB    Views 2842
Related Apps bugs challenging smash highscore
+19    The bugs are gone crazy How long can you resist? A funny, but challenging game at home or on the road. Smash bugs on your own or compete with your friends. Fight the advancing plague of bugs, smash them with your ...    43 MB    Views 4124


mission based shooter distinct missions highscore gameplay
+2    Features: Mission based gameplay in 3 different scenarios. Impressive graphics Frantic action Achievements in form of promotions. World leader highscore boards The press wrote: iPhoneFreak NightFlight is an excellent retro scifi shooter with a distinct look all of its own, and enough attention to detail that it shames ...    5 MB    Views 4779

Orbital ShootOut

compete classic shootout
-8    The classic oneonone shootout game. Use your cannon to blast the orb over your opponents goal line to score points. Compete in Classic, Multiball or one of the special arenas. Play against a friend or compete against the computer.    56 MB    Views 4628

Heidi's Workout

workout highscore eyed controls score branch falling
0    LET'S REMEMBER HEIDI, THE CROSSED EYED OPOSSUM. Everybody knows Heidi, the crosseyed opossum of the Leipzig Zoo. Even at the Oscars in 2011 she had a leading role. Help Heidi with dangling between the branches. Try to get as far as possible ...    13 MB    Views 9453
personal panda ninja runs gameplay level highscore platform
+5    PANDA RUSH Panda runs and runs and runs and just can't stop. Touch to make him somersault from platform to platform so that he doesn't crash into the ground. NEVER let PANDA FALL in this endless runner game? Brag to ...    18 MB    Views 5231


Related Apps time highscore game block faster play track screen
+11    IMBALANCED The Ultimate One Button Experience Featuring fast & simple gameplay on a procedural track, Imbalanced is the perfect game for both threeminutes game sessions and sleepkilling hours of highscore hunting. ONEBUTTONGAMEPLAY Touch the screen to jump from block to block, getting ...    27 MB    Views 8472

The Fruit Fly

Related Apps fruit compete friends spider fly
-5    Save the fly from the spider. Help him collect all the fruits. Missing a fruit will put him close to the spider. Easy to play and hard to master Upload your high scores, and compete with your friends and players ...    21 MB    Views 4387
Related Apps action kids retro halloween ghost arcade swinging endless great save highscore
-2    Help The Ghost escape by leading him through the traps in this challenging game " Ghosts don't Die Turns out they do and we need to save the nice ones Help the resident friends ghost save himself from the swinging axes ...    47 MB    Views 9557

Turtle Jump FREE

Related Apps jump turtle easy highscore game free hit funny
+7    Turtle Jump is a FREE funny and addictive arcade Game in 8Bit Retro Style. You think it is easy ? Then try it. You control your hero called "Han" who shouldn't get hit by an aggressive zombie turtle. To avoid this you need ...    5 MB    Views 443

Furball Madness

furballs bounce highscore play slide trouble biggest
+13    You've been leading a peaceful life on Jungle Island since you remember. The only trouble you're always facing are FurBalls. These creatures multiply like mad, and always get themselves into trouble. This time they jumped right into your power generator Now, ...    4 MB    Views 5265

Pinball Xmas

pinball games xmas ball extra highscore
+11    EXTRA 5 FULL GAMES pack Just 0,99 Search for "BIG 5 Games" or "riffel" For limited time Play a FUN pinball machine Game Center Highscore Local Highscore Retina Display 3D Table Real physics Extra Ball Multi Ball Xmas Sound Effects Xmas Music Merry Xmas    14 MB    Views 5487

Wendy Wetter

weather highscore cute world ear fans
+26    Even if the weather is lousy outside Wendy Weather and the WeatherWonkis will make you smile from ear to ear Dive into the world of and Wendy Weather. You and your friends, the WeatherWonkis, you make the weather Your Wonkis ...    41 MB    Views 4018
Related Apps golf endless holes compete
+11    An endless golf course where you compete against hundreds of other players Will you top the leaderboard? You have billions of holes to find out Endless holes of retro golfing glory Drive, chip and putt your way to victory Online ...    24 MB    Views 86
Related Apps personal panda ninja gameplay runs platform level highscore
+9    PANDA RUSH Panda runs and runs and runs and just can't stop. Touch to make him somersault from platform to platform so that he doesn't crash into the ground. NEVER let PANDA FALL in this endless runner game? Brag to ...    22 MB    Views 9646
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