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+4    Learn to flip and match the different turtles to rescue them on their way to the open waters. Match different colors and perform multicombo moves to remove more turtles and receive higher scores. It’s a braintwisting, mind boggling puzzle challenge ...    14 MB    Views 5789

Sweet Touch

+15    CREATED BY A 15 YEAR OLD KID SinglePlayer Mode MultiPlayer Mode Online SinglePlayer Mode 
HOW TO PLAY: You must press the button as many times as you can in 10 seconds 
 Facebook Connect Global Leaderboard
 MultiPlayer Playing Login with Facebook required to enable ...    9 MB    Views 4621


+5    33% OFF SALE GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT "Galcon is a must. It's what you might call 'Space Risk In RealTime.'" Penny Arcade "Galcon offers fastpaced gameplay just the thing for a quick bus journey but with solid enough strategy element ...    9 MB    Views 845
+4    IF YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS ANOTHER AIR SHOOTER GAME THEN, YOU HAVE GOT IT WRONG Have you ever try to draw a circle with your left hand, and a square with your right hand at the same time? Well, this ...    37 MB    Views 8456

Evolvace E3O

+1    EvolvaceE3, transcending the super weapon EvolvaceE2. Produce E3O, the original of E3. Complete the strongest E3O by combining Guardace's powerful energy generators and weapons. Try out the performance of the battleship between E3Os created experimentally. Fight also against E1s and E2s. Transcend all. All covered, ...    NAN    Views 8557
soccer kids baby facebook game modes fun multi gamecenter free smash
+9    Save the goalkeeper from lethal shots by swiping and dicing those balls before they get to him. How long would you survive in the balls lethal attack? "This game is incredible" Download NOW Soccer Smash FREE For a Limited Time. Take care to ...    27 MB    Views 1223

Furniture Catcher

-4    Furniture Catcher is based on real events and it is about catching Czech furniture. Than you will transport it over the ocean and sell it in America as a design sensation. There is nothing easier than buying a new wardrobe and the ...    55 MB    Views 9758

the Air Hockey game

green music game air hockey center player great instant multi free
+2    Now With Online Multiplayer through Game Center the Air Hockey game is the classic air hockey game you've come to know and love It contains great, realistic, custom designed physics, beautiful graphics, single player & multi player modes, great music, instant ...    7 MB    Views 6292

Orange Run HD

Related Apps friends day orange run multi rocket game fast obstacles tracks
+13    Orange Run HD by 4uApps now available Orange and its friend Tomato want to escape from the farm They explore the World for a day But there are many dangers…. You can enjoy the Addictive Game with your ...    11 MB    Views 7258

iLand Adventures

-1    Get ready for new adventure multi level platform game iLand Adventure. Collect coins and stars; run, jump in this beautiful island, defeat enemies and enjoy the smooth game play and sound effects. Features Island is filled with enemies to defeat. ...    11 MB    Views 1552

Lucky Me Plus

games facebook challenge twitter lucky luck game lite multi version play
+14    Get rid of the crystal balls, horoscopes and tarot cards. Lucky Me is a series of chance based games that combine luck, intuition and a wee bit of smartness (yea right). Shake, tap , pinch, flick.. your way into gauging your ...    11 MB    Views 2407

Multi Jump

jump place multi
+12    First winners are announced 10 for the first place, while there are not much players yet what could be easier? Join us Next prizes are on October 1st Same time Same place Taking jumping to the whole new level ...    8 MB    Views 5771
wifi creative mode player public multi create world
+8    Create your world. Explore world created by others. Create random worlds, build whatever you can dream of. Play with your friends via WIFI or public server. Features: ► Singleplayer 'Creative mode' and 'Survival mode' ► Multiplayer 'Creative mode' ► Local multiplayer via wifi ► Connect public free servers ► ...    32 MB    Views 9324

Touch Shot Shooter

miracle sound
-4    60second miracle This creates a small ball a great miracle Please hold in tens of thousands of basketball. Features Applied physics Sound support including NORMAL / HARD MODE 3D effects 3D sound 작은 공이 만들어가는 기적 남녀노소 누구나 쉽게 즐길 수 있는 농구 게임입니다. 연인과 친구 ...    3 MB    Views 899

Don't Fry the Frog!

frog fry flies fly touch don multi
+6    EXPERIENCE TRUE MULTITOUCH FLY FRYIN' Kotaku's Gaming App of the Day 22812 Don't Fry the Frog is a new game from Blacktorch Games bringing you the best in froghoppin' fly fryin' romp through the swamp action Features: Complete more than 100 missions Increase your frog ...    18 MB    Views 5623


game bombs throw turn interstellar avoid multi opponent
-1    Bond with people in this energetic twoplayer of animal herding. Use all your ten fingers to bond the animals in your field before your opponent. Throw bombs at his Bondimals and keep yours away from the electric fuse Bondimals is a quick ...    23 MB    Views 4377

Tank Crisis

Related Apps tank missiles enemy shoot kill fire multi player enemies missile
+4    Bomb enemy tanks with cool weapons such as raygun, nuke, critical dmg (one shot one kill), Skyfall and multimissile. Don’t stay idle while enemy is shooting at you Defend yourself using antimissile turret, shield and defensive blocks. Your missiles can be upgraded to ...    65 MB    Views 2966


comic asteroids aliens spaceships multi artificial spaceship game space angle tilt
+1    "If Asteroids Was a Comic Book ... it's a very nice take on Asteroids and certainly worth downloading." Touch Arcade AN ARCADE CLASSIC captured in comic style, now exclusive for the iPhone™ and iPod touch CLIMB UP in the infinite vastness ...    18 MB    Views 1486

Sound Ninja

+3    Sound Ninja is nonstop action and gives you the guilty pleasure of cutting through your enemies. Rest your eyes, tune your ears and ready your reflexes for an immersive and entertaining ride into the world of one of the scariest warrior ...    56 MB    Views 1884


time game simple high multi controls break fast
+11    Polyeon is a fastpaced multitouch game where you must break shapes to survive increasingly challenging waves in a neverending race against time. The simple interactions, beautiful visuals, and tight controls will keep you coming back for more. Compete against your ...    40 MB    Views 7833
Related Apps zombie zombies game free multi swiper play features puzzles great
-7    Zombies attack and are on the run eating the brains of everybody with a warm and juicy brain tissue. Step up and defend the world against the undead swipe your way and match zombies to splatter them away from ...    42 MB    Views 9671

Ball Fill Free

Related Apps games balls game fill ball touch multi free create drag version
+5    Ball Fill has been designed with MultiTouch and Accelerometer in mind. Few other games are so responsive to whatever you do to your device It's an Ultimate Filling Game NOTE: fingers seen on the screenshots have been added for demonstration purposes ...    9 MB    Views 2729

Pinball Magic

pinball magic iphone ball touch ipod multi
+3    NOTE: The Pinball Magic™ app is designed to work with the Pinball Magic accessory machine cabinet. For information on where to purchase the Pinball Magic accessory, please visit Pinball Magic is the latest in New Potato’s line of fun and ...    24 MB    Views 7124

Crystal Crash Maths

fractions time reading games numbers levels year objectives multiple maths multi focus multiplication
+12    Crystal Crash Maths is a fun mathematical game which covers a wide range of learning objectives. The game is carefully differentiated to meet the expectations of the new mathematics curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6 (age 511). Mathsframe is dedicated ...    53 MB    Views 5524

Sector 24

0    Fight hordes of enemy spaceships in Sector 24 of the Zeta quadrant. You have one life, and the enemies are numberless With one finger or using multitouch, you must destroy as many enemy spaceships as possible. See what the highest score ...    16 MB    Views 5957


virtual time health player opponent saved single match game multi players play
+6    StarBattle is a fastpaced twist to the traditional "battle fleet" game. It will bring back old memories, with an updated look and familiar feel. Either two players, over a bluetooth connection, play against each other or, a single player challenge the ...    4 MB    Views 6792

Finger Block

target blocks finger game multi block
0    === FEATURED NEW AND NOTEWORTHY IN MORE THAN 20 STORES === ================================= It's a very very adicting, challenging, puzzling physics game. In game, you drag the block by your finger. You should place the target blocks to the target position. You can control multi blocks ...    17 MB    Views 5993

Balloon Slash Lite

+24    The floating balloons move up quickly… Slash them the faster you can Do multi slashes to pop many balloons at once. You will increase your score with balloons multi slashing. Don't miss many balloons to get the level bonus. But be careful ...    9 MB    Views 3799

Jumper Block

game play color simple hours multi block endless
+13    Tap to Jump and fly your way through an endless fun game Geometry block jumping game. Multicolor player and scenes. Simple one touch game play Product feature: • multicolor • simple to play • hours and hours of endless game play • fast action.    5 MB    Views 1650
king billiards pocket game pool world multi head quick play
+19    We are proud to present you The King of Pool billiards(8ball). The king of Pool billiards is the only one that contains standard Pocket billiards game Eightball & trick shot. We believe that everyone is a gamer at heart and ...    21 MB    Views 1596


touch multi flowers insects game bugs device concentrate bug
+9    Buzzzzz… In this cute world of insects you must keep a close eye on the aggressive green grasshopper, the crazy yellow fruit fly and the destructive lady bird. They may look sweet and make cute sounds, but watch out, these insects ...    8 MB    Views 172

Cake Dash

cake multi cakes flow dash
+7    Get into the flow by strategically timing and directing cakes into the correct side The rules are really easy, but keeping the smooth flow of cakes can become a task that only the best multitaskers can manage to do Play Cake Dash ...    20 MB    Views 6440


multi tapper
+1    MultiTapper is a challenging new game that takes a simple concept to test your reflexes, coordination, and ability to multitask.    312 kb    Views 1103

World Conqueror

shooter gameplay enemies world addictive sound
+11    A 3D HD realistic vertical scroller shooter 60 amazing selectable missions to explore across varied environments: city, snowfield, sea, secret bases, tunnels and more Simple and addictive gameplay that test your dexterity. Fastpaced action, intense combat and 60 difficulty levels ...    101 MB    Views 893

Run 24Hours HD

games play run friends hours multi support obstacles fast game
-4    Run 24 Hours HD by 4uApps now available You can enjoy the Addictive Game with your friends NOW Run for 24 Hours through various obstacles as far as …… Beyond your imagination This is the best of the ...    11 MB    Views 4885

Touch Wars HD FREE

Related Apps survival touch game multi mister fingers high enemies interface sound
-3    A Mister Game presents to you TouchWars A frantic, actionpacked, multitouch shooter Using the multitouch interface use your fingers to create electric bolts between two, or even three fingers Test your skills at this awesome new game Features: Full screen high definition graphics ...    13 MB    Views 8206
Related Apps war game helicopter enemy air multi fun special level command
-7    THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS Voted one of the best up and coming indie games of 2014 – 147 Apps Check out this new fun and cool game Guide with precision your multirole helicopter, demolish the enemy defences ...    15 MB    Views 695


-8    Mr Fiquette, Master Gentleman Thief, has busted out of jail and has set his sights on the good citizens of Bootleg City. Come, join the fun of stopping Mr. Fiquette by dropping objects onto his head before he reaches his ...    40 MB    Views 8007

Cash man free

money cash man lucky fun counting give multi coins
+4    Not every one like money. But everyone like Cash Man .Cash Man can give you the fun of money, even if you don't have money you can still have the fun of counting money. Cash man will let you choose ...    21 MB    Views 4562

Mach Ball

speed aim ball stage multi challenges world ranking
+19    The new sense action game appears in iPhone and iPodTouch. The name is 『Mach Ball』 It plays a game until the turning ball that rages reaches the length and breadth mutual financing association of the stage of the inducement simple. Aim at the movement of the ball and ...    5 MB    Views 7175

Touch Wars

Related Apps touch game multi interface fingers mister sound enemies frantic
+18    A Mister Game presents to you TouchWars A frantic, actionpacked, multitouch shooter Using the multitouch interface use your fingers to create electric bolts between two, or even three fingers Test your skills at this awesome new game Features: Revolutionary multitouch interface Upgrade your ...    13 MB    Views 2435


magic time cup play cups players effects real multi unlock
+2    FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY [MAGIC CUP CHAMPION 2011] 3, 2, 1… Go Move the magic cups fast and play against others realtime to become the Magic Cup Champion A coin is hidden under of three magic cups and you ...    17 MB    Views 3018
iphone games monkeys game paradise touch version multi levels designed full
+5    Critics 9/10 "It’s a great game to have on your phone" The iPhone App Review 5/5 "Paradise Monkeys is fun, in fact, its not only fun but extremely addictive." 5/5 Dogmeat from Touch Arcade 17/20 "This ...    19 MB    Views 7766

Amazon Farm Pro

farm facebook kids baby game amazon player multi download friends gamecenter
+27    Save the man from by swiping and dicing those fly before they get to him.How long would you survive in the fly lethal attack? "This game is incredible" Download NOW Amazon Farm Take care to don't touch, you are fast, this ...    18 MB    Views 5869


play game player fun platform multi single achievements screen
+10    Furrr is pure entertainment. Check out your mindtohand coordination in this witty game. Use your reflexes and let your fingers swiftly tap the “flying words” like airplane, pigeon etc. as soon as they appear on your screen. It’s easy, instant fun. ...    40 MB    Views 4980

Space Tanupa

home space attack laser boards counter multi galaxy touch
-6    The Tanupa are on their journey to the galaxy to find their new home planet when they encounter an unknown alien attack Your missile silo has been damaged and your only means of protection is to use the space reflection boards Make ...    NAN    Views 6188
treats dog time accessories adventure levels effects enemies special game sound snake
-3    The best Snake action with a unique twist The retro pixel snake has been replaced with the all time favorite wiener dog. We have brought the classic Snake game to a different level, with over 30 different tasks combinations in 80 levels, ...    38 MB    Views 2005

Galcon Fusion

games game galcon multi player conquer fusion mobile online
+26    60% OFF SALE GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT Galcon is a must. Conquer the Galaxy like never before Superb multitouch interface. Online realtime multiplayer. A game MADE for the iPad. Galcon Fusion is an awesome highpaced multiplayer galactic arcadestrategy game. Send swarms ...    19 MB    Views 2651
slot pinball game roulette multi bank activate numbers mode win minor
-7    Casino Madness is a fast paced vertical scrolling pinball that emulates realistic physics using the Box2D physics engine. Enjoy the thrill of the Casino by playing on the Roulette, Blackjack and Slot Machine, or play some of the numerous game modes. Game ...    7 MB    Views 2571
tetris game touch gameplay arcade simple multi real
+25    Enjoy the vintage taste of a real arcade in the modern era multi touch glass Dwice™ is designed by Mr. Tetris exclusively for your mobile device. Simple and original gameplay is totally based upon the native features of multi touch mobiles. Beat more ...    9 MB    Views 9217

Earth Vs Mars

earth mars missiles lasers send defense play player multi game
-4    Earth Vs Mars is a unique multiplayer game where two players compete on the one device for defense of their planet in classic arcade strategy game play. Choose Earth or Mars and fling missiles at your enemy. Knock out your opponents ...    4 MB    Views 7157
game hillbilly characters multi coming levels play player fast
+24    Excellent Game Fast ATVs, long flowing Beards and high jumping multilevel multiplayer Hillbilly action. Features Play against racers all of the world in this fast paced quad racing game. Collect moonshine to earn points and unlock new levels. Special unique characters Run ...    36 MB    Views 7955


+19    iJezzball is a wonderfully addictive and simple puzzle game. The object of iJezzball is to break up the playing field by making walls while avoiding atoms. iJezzball features: 20 challenging levels 20 beautiful backgrounds Fluid 3D graphics Striking sound effects ...    64 MB    Views 8211
running jump music game tap single obstacles multi modes graphics player
+5    Your skill and speed are put to the test in this epic survival running game In this fast paced running game, your goal is to run as far as you can whilst avoiding deadly obstacles, collecting bonuses on your way. ...    35 MB    Views 9513


touch dots levels shoot electricity fingers level space multi
0    Unique multitouch and tilt mechanics combined with trippy retro graphics. Touch the screen to warp space and shoot electricity from your fingers. The blue dots move away from where you touch. Maneuver them into the goal and they will turn ...    88 kb    Views 5273

Jumper Block Free

game play hours color simple endless multi block
-9    Tap to Jump and fly your way through an endless fun game Geometry block jumping game. Multicolor player and scenes. Simple one touch game play Product feature: • multicolor • simple to play • hours and hours of endless game play • fast action.    8 MB    Views 1661

Multi Shadow Runner

Related Apps multi runner shadow shadows white run hard
+19    Multi shadow runner an addictive game You have to tap the white zone to make the runner (the shadow is running) jump over the obstacles at the same time. First is 01 shadows, and then more 04 shadows. There are 05 ...    32 MB    Views 6599
slots vegas las fun win multi line barrel spin
-7    Whisky Barrel Las Vegas Slots Fun Spin to Win, Multi Line slots Multi Line Bets 20 lines Fun Exciting theme 3 Different Themes Get More Coins Win the Jackpot Feed Back Love our App? Want new features? Got any suggestions? Having any issues? Email us at ...    21 MB    Views 2741
love adventure multiplayer challenge aliens space cheese spray multi collect junk faster
+17    The invasion has begun aliens are causing chaos in our world... what do they want? Spray cheese, lattes and the dreaded thing that we call meat in a can Aliens visited us from millions of light years away they travelled ...    16 MB    Views 8440

Tractor Beam

Related Apps music beam tractor touch application ipod arcade ship multi gameplay
+5    Your engines are down. Use your tractor beams to move. "Some of the most fun we've had with 0.99 on the iPhone and we still can't put it down" Slide To Play Tractor beam is a powerfully simple and addictive arcade ...    5 MB    Views 1522
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