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+28    Take on the role of Gumbo and put your mad bouncing skills to the test in an epic game of trampoline dodgeball Your cheeky buddies are armed with a shiny new ball that has your name on it; perfect your ...    32 MB    Views 1182

Candy Bubble Blitz

+4    The sweetest and most delicious bubble shoot game Strawberry, milk, mint, chocolate and popping candy Challenge to work out the puzzles that are composed of numerous candies, with the company of the cute Billy. Help each other with your friend, and ...    31 MB    Views 6919
time clock facebook minute game skills cannon clocks play killing hour fast
+16    Sometimes, we all seem we have time to waste. Other times, there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done In this race against time, you must "kill time" by firing a cannon at clocks It's just ...    21 MB    Views 4929

Día de Muertos

facebook dead great game fast skills feed ranking world gameplay
0    Mexican cultural tradition made an interactive fun touch game. The Facebook Game right in your mobile. Tons of entertainment offering food, drink and flowers to your dead in their own “ofrenda”. Be fast and don’t let them pull your feet. Great ...    15 MB    Views 9333
Related Apps time clock facebook minute clocks skills game cannon play pro killing
+14    Sometimes, we all seem we have time to waste. Other times, there doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to get everything done In this race against time, you must "kill time" by firing a cannon at clocks It's just ...    21 MB    Views 6433

Trick Shots Pro

Related Apps basketball facebook twitter trick shots shot master skills shoot head friends
+18    THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO MASTER THE BASKETBALL TRICK SHOT? The Harlem Globetrotters are known for their amazing skills and hilarious antics on the court. They spend hours a day perfecting the art of the basketball trick shot. Now ...    114 MB    Views 1614


+8    Wormix — a turnbased tactical game where you can fight against the computer or your friends using dozens of weapon types and countless combat strategies. Wormix is optimized for iPhone 4 and above, iPod touch 4th gen and above, iPad ...    73 MB    Views 9613
Related Apps racing hit friends game skaters skills scores unique subway skateboard
+21    Race, jump, flip and trick your way through Subway Skateboard League Choose your favorite skater (EACH with UNIQUE skills) and hit the concrete ready to impress your friends and rivals Keep your eye on the CLOCK so you don’t run ...    71 MB    Views 3548

Finger Master

music challenge finger master memory game improve rhythm friends musical skills
+17    Finger Master is the most enjoyable memory and sound coordination game there is Play Finger Master and find out how sharp is your color and music memory ability. You can choose from different music instruments such as : Piano, Violin and ...    26 MB    Views 8578

Star Dodgers

-8    Call it Spaceship Arcade Game...Call it Spaceship Training Simulator...Star Dodgers is the game that will test your spaceship dodging bullets skill to the limit. Star Dodgers will increase your reflex skills, that will help you in playing all other arcade ...    17 MB    Views 1416


food facebook friends based compete fairy
+6    Fairy of the food are appearing Happily eat the food, You will get Coins and Gems. Compete against your friends for Facebook Punish a bad chef Use the abilities of each fairy to avoid bombs. WaguWagu features speedy controlbased, scorebased competition. You can invite your Facebook ...    45 MB    Views 1986

Social Submarines

social facebook submarines game pirate bounty drop friends
+24    Social Submarines is a fun game where you blow up your friends and steal their money This modern take on the classic submarines arcade game lets you download your Facebook friends and incorportate their images in the gameplay Drop bombs from ...    26 MB    Views 7549
Related Apps time skill facebook mechanics freestyle baseball skills game mode player points real custom review
+5    Notice The corresponding version of ios8. We will update as soon as possible. sorry for the inconvenience. Freestyle Baseball’s News Updete (1.5.0) 1. Add New Pitching Form (LeftHand Pitching) 2. Add new costume items 3. Add Tapjoy (Free Charging Function) ◇ Freestyle Baseball has surpassed 200 ...    67 MB    Views 2514

Bumpy Birds

facebook birds high bumpy friends
+1    Help the Bumpy Birds fly Tap the screen to flap up and get as high as you can Watch out for the Bully Birds. Gobble the golden butterflies for a boost How high can you go? FEATURES: Simple, endless gameplay. Colorful ...    35 MB    Views 5278
basketball challenge game ios shots friends don leaderboards point skills
+4    Show your skills and challenge your friends in the most addictive basketball game for iOS Your goal is to score as many shots as possible from each of the five different positions on the line. Each ball that hits the basket ...    32 MB    Views 9939

Run Run Pig

Related Apps facebook run youtube free friends pig
+14    Simple, impossible and fast games. Run Pig Run keeps you entertained in your free time. Get the highest score and exceeds your Facebook friends on the online leaderboard. Get acorns inviting other Facebook friends and resurrect when you die. Download it ...    33 MB    Views 2597


facebook cargo crazy friends fun touch game
+6    Combine in this allnew game concept by skill, vision and quickness different colored cargos to "winning lines". The increasing severity ensures longlasting fun. The most challenging puzzle game ever Crazy Cargo is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Help ...    26 MB    Views 4194
reading children map word facebook apps apple twitter skills unit sounds lessons www park
+27    Children can learn new reading skills anywhere with Park Planet – part of the popular online Red Apple Reading program that children LOVE and parents APPROVE Two park maps comprise a total of 76 lessons for ages 4 to 6, ...    862 MB    Views 2325

Krono Football Free

+4    The game that you used to play on your watch when you were young, now is back to your iPhone Do you remember when you used to play football on your Kassio? We know you grew up and maybe you don't ...    29 MB    Views 4272
adventure bigfoot test friends hunter hilarious ranger skills game track
+5    The adventure of a lifetime awaits Travel from Bigfoot National Park to the Forbidden Rainforest as you track down the fabled beast and all his wild friends. Bigfoot is fast on his feet – but you’re faster Test your reflexes as ...    NAN    Views 6224

Freestyle Baseball

Related Apps time skill facebook mechanics freestyle baseball skills game mode player points real custom review
+21    Notice The corresponding version of ios8. We will update as soon as possible. sorry for the inconvenience. Freestyle Baseball’s News Updete (1.5.0) 1. Add New Pitching Form (LeftHand Pitching) 2. Add new costume items 3. Add Tapjoy (Free Charging Function) ◇ Freestyle Baseball has surpassed 200 ...    67 MB    Views 9999

Funny Squares Mania

Related Apps facebook friends score squares
+24    Want to improve your eyes and brain capabilities? Match three or more colored squares and get your score as high as you can in 60 seconds. Just drag your finger to connect the animals horizontally, vertically or diagonally to clear them out. Take ...    28 MB    Views 1635

Count Sheeps

facebook highscore barn count friends number submit
-3    Try to count more sheeps as your friends or other people all around the earth. The goal is to count all the sheeps that are in the barn. If you think you achieved a new record you should press the submit button ...    25 MB    Views 29
Related Apps football soccer facebook ball balls friends physics
-7    This is a football / soccer juggle app with realistic physics. 9 DIFFERENT BALLS: You can play up to 9 different balls which have different physics: classic football / soccer ball basketball volleyball stone ball tennis ball golfball rubberball baseball rugby We will ...    27 MB    Views 9075

Tappy Skull

+13    This skull will test your player skills. Make the skull pass trough the increasing difficult obstacles and try to get the highest score. This is not an easy game and your skills will be put to the test Make your friends jealous of ...    14 MB    Views 9150
facebook twitter police car games driving parking game free nowgamez handling drive levels skills www easy
+23    We present to you this free parking 3D game which needs your skills to drive the high detailed levels This game gives you amazing visuals and an excellent handling. You can drive 30 levels with increasing difficulty and you can ...    51 MB    Views 5338
food playing facebook fish game icons sea icon smart screen level black skills
+11    These fish claim to be smarter than any human After all, if eating fish makes you smart, then are fish already the smartest animal on the planet? You'll find out when you try out this match and eliminate contest How to Play "Under ...    34 MB    Views 355
+19    Do you think you are a good car driver? Yes Then this game is for you to test your driving skills. You car is running on a strange way where you have to face a lot of obstacles and need to ...    54 MB    Views 6079

Swatter for iPhone5

Related Apps facebook update compete friends
+14    Stress reduction by hitting a fly It can play by waving iPhone at your leisure The week ranking with Facebook friends can also be enjoyed Is due to correspond also to a game center by update Also compete with people around the world Will aim ...    13 MB    Views 7538
Related Apps twitter facebook zombie game meridian returns http alive shooter skills
+27    Your nightmares continue in actionpacked zombie slaughter game... "Alive 4Ever RETURNS gives us another look at just how a dualstick shooter should be delivered." Touch Arcade "...a far better game than its predecessor and establishes it as one of the best ...    19 MB    Views 9775

The Waiting Game

Related Apps time multiplayer waiting game skills friends good
+22    How good is your sense of time? The Waiting Game challenges you to find out With the help of 3 short tests you can know how good your timesensing skills really are The Waiting Game also includes a multiplayer section which allows ...    1 MB    Views 2913
match head sweet mode skills friends buddies smash
-6    Do you love match 3 candy games? Have you ever wanted to match your skills against your friends in a head to head duel? Now you can with Sweet Smash with Buddies Gameplay Features Single ...    16 MB    Views 2584

Hexagones Getaway

Related Apps video time game skills replays friends free share play increase reflexes
+13    Avoid your enemies and the dashed blue lines of the game field for as long as possible. Prove yourself to your friends and relatives by sharing a video of your best play. You can also add video comments to your ...    38 MB    Views 9723

Save the Sheep

Related Apps facebook game friends save sheep
+10    Check out new addictive and FREE game from Colorbox and become hero while aiming at and breaking down cage and save lovely sheep from strange Alien Features Innovative flick control Gorgeous graphics Challenge with Facebook friends on Weekly Tournament ...    15 MB    Views 8207
Related Apps puzzle baby animal rescue monsters animals blocks skills naughty friends
-9    Swap Blocks Save Animals More than a rescue Monsters from outer space have kidnapped the baby animals Rescue baby animals and reunite them with their parents. Swap, tap, and clear samecolored blocks to rescue your animal friends and send the monsters flying out ...    NAN    Views 6957

Master Panda

Related Apps jump twitter facebook game panda ablue2k master skills addictive push
+2    "This game will certainly push your skills to the limit” Colleen Regan, Help the Panda finish his training on the obstacle course and fulfill his destiny to become MASTER PANDA. The game will push your skills to the limit as you ...    12 MB    Views 9174
Related Apps games adventure facebook time game http free fish bigfi big discover skills
-9    Try this immersive, highquality game for FREE Then continue the adventure with a ONE TIME unlock NO VIRTUAL ITEMS, NO INTERRUPTIONS… you’ll OWN this game for life. Help Jessica transform her aunt`s failing old bakery into a complete success. Get Jessica’s Cupcake ...    71 MB    Views 1832
+14    Patterns of Oblivion Dots: Will you master the game or fall into oblivion? PoO Dots is a fun game with a deep meaning. A metaphor of life. From an UNSPOKEN TRUTH the Myriad of things and patterns are created, Recognize the ...    38 MB    Views 4598
Related Apps facebook fans avoid official free friends page
+3    Here comes the new adventure of what's up & down, The most addictive game ever Your mission is to navigate "What's up & down" 19 billion times to avoid all the obstacles, once you start you cannot stop Tap anywhere ...    7 MB    Views 3981


Related Apps facebook friends leaderboard score
-2    A timeless Arcade classic game in which various shapes are falling and you have to try and stack them as tight as possible. Fill a whole line to destroy it and score points Compete with your friends on Facebook and climb to ...    31 MB    Views 1000

Zombies vs Toys

toys challenge chess games facebook tower zombies world skills http championship www
-2    The Toys are back to get rid of Zombies Zombies vs Toys is so much different to regular tower defence games. Build the most useful path to the stage by gaining block points, you can upgrade your tower and skills. Battle through ...    69 MB    Views 6009
facebook challenge tournament stones magical craft weekly tilt ore skills friends
+10    Are you the best crafter in Elfenland? Help the elf by combining, rotating, moving and stacking iron ore to create the magical demonium. Put your crafting skills to the test, set a new highscore and compete against your friends in ...    73 MB    Views 9953

Bookstore Dash

social facebook gifts dash friends life customers character upgrade compare skills
+28    Dash to catch all things in the busiest bookstore Bookstore Dash is FREE TO PLAY and available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai REVIEWS 5STAR Appdictions "Great game I am very much enjoying this game." 5STAR iPhoneGlance "Addicted Love ...    87 MB    Views 2026

Grenade Warrior

facebook twitter game http modes www levels free bad grenade skills
0    Grenade Warrior is free for a limited time in association with Download the Daily App Dreams App to find out about the other free apps on offer each day Blow up huge waves of bastards As WW2 approach to its end, ...    23 MB    Views 5251

Fluppy The Bug

Related Apps master flying friends skills bird score flappy trees
+30    Fluppy was challenged by his master Flappy Bird to enter the forrest of Floating Trees. His mission is to master the art of Flapping. An ancient flying technique that requires extreme concentration and some serious finger tapping skills on your phone...a ...    8 MB    Views 2247

Hospital Havoc 2

hospital facebook twitter health havoc patient http doctor gameplay skills game
+9    Hospital hijinks and hilarity ensue in Hospital Havoc 2 Cure deadly diseases and mortifying maladies in the sequel to the original Hospital Havoc time management sim game. Play as a budding doctor and prove your healthcare prowess through careful prioritization ...    99 MB    Views 4954

2 Pixels

Related Apps game pixels control harder skills friends
+8    2 Pixels is a vertical scrolling action game that will push your skills to the limit Tap and hold on one of the pixels to control it and the other pixel will move on the opposite direction. You’ll need to ...    28 MB    Views 3404
games cooking cook food facebook apps chef recipe cake maker kitchen game follow skills
+8    Bakery story games for those who want to open their own restaurant. Cooking games for girls, boys and their parents Enjoy cake job games without any recipe finder. Cake Maker will teach you how to cook a delicious homemade sand cake with ...    82 MB    Views 9557


facebook friends knockout
-9    It's a knockout Pick your Faves, surprise your friends Haven't you always wondered what your friends' Faves are? Download and find out ■ discover your Faves using Faverest's knockout system ■ choose your Fave celebrities, movies, foods, sports, etc. ■ compare your Faves with ...    5 MB    Views 3195
games adventure facebook time game http free fish bigfi big discover skills
0    Try this immersive, highquality game for FREE Then continue the adventure with a ONE TIME unlock NO VIRTUAL ITEMS, NO INTERRUPTIONS… you’ll OWN this game for life. Help Jessica transform her aunt`s failing old bakery into a complete success. Get Jessica’s Cupcake ...    70 MB    Views 7702

Heli KiwiBird

adventure facebook kiwi heli obstacles www skills long google check collect
-1    Journey starts Flightless kiwi bird . His dream came true using a propeller hat, Search for the stolen Kiwi by the bad pork, let's leave a long journey . 'Heli Kiwi' adventure with the suspense and thrill, shall we start now? Easy to ...    10 MB    Views 8383

Heroes Saga en

facebook world heroes game battle hero experience real super saga skills
-3    2015 the most classic Legendary Hero 3D mobile game is hitting the town 《Heroes Saga en》 is the first action adventure RPG mobile game in Southeast Asia.It brought together the world’s most famous movie and anime heroes, their most popular skills, ...    134 MB    Views 7792

Skies of Glory

wifi war pilots golf multiplayer games action world combat skies friends glory based play fly skills
+1    Gear up for the ultimate in multiplayer air combat SKIES OF GLORY takes you back to the groundbreaking aeronautics of World War II, set in the real life terrain of both Pacific and European theatres of war. Over land and ...    17 MB    Views 9155

Shake Spears! HD

magic facebook game knight shake epic worlds bosses http skills spears
+3    Shake Spears is a game of GLORY, HONOR, and FAME Become a valiant knight and enter tournaments to compete for the heart of a beautiful lady. Travel through FOUR worlds of wonder, win battles in 20 cities, and beat challenging ...    91 MB    Views 8459

Ice Cream Buddies

facebook games challenge play friends match skills ice buddies coins cute earn
+8    Have a cool & refreshing treat with friends this season with Ice Cream Buddies Beat your friends in a FASTPACED MATCH 3 game on the go. Not to worry if you don’t have buddies to play with, there are cool ...    32 MB    Views 5457

Smart Sea Diver

facebook sea game diver friends obstacles smart
+2    Smart Sea Diver, is free and endless game for all kind of users. Its engaging and interactive game. To save yourself your life, you need to avoid obstacles and bottom of the sea by tapping on screen. The more you tap, ...    30 MB    Views 6966

KungFu Age

time age fighting facebook business kungfu world battle real join skills game heroes martial
+15    ※ The innovative realtime battle game which TOPPED the Japan and Korea APP ranking list for THREE weeks. ※ RECOMMENDED by more than 10 authoritative medium. ※ It’s FREE and let’s join the ultimate Kungfu battle now In this world you can collect hundreds ...    196 MB    Views 3787

RetroLabel 26K

twitter facebook share create friends instagram
+1    Remember those groovy Atari 2600 cartridge labels from the 70s and 80s? Now you can create your very own from your iPhone Create labels for games that never existed and share them with your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Check out ...    4 MB    Views 5011

Luminous Fish

twitter facebook world fish glowing ocean fishes monsters game skills
-3    Have you ever dreamed about the mysterious and beautiful world in the deep ocean? Have you ever wished to become a hero to protect the world as in a Hollywood movie? Luminous Fish will give you a ticket on an exciting ...    25 MB    Views 5227

Zanda Pandas

Related Apps pandas pillars zanda friends dodge skills master unlock
-9    Escape through the dangers of treacherous pillars as the scared Zanda Pandas and their friends. Master your skills as you rush and dodge through pillars while being chased by the hungry ghost. These lovable red pandas will test your gaming ...    11 MB    Views 9524
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