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+25    Capt. Jimmy, the Parrotless, once a successful and most fierce pirate of his time, is now getting older. Being betrayed by his crews and left in a small pirate island village Jimmy wants nothing anymore but a peaceful life out ...    29 MB    Views 9887

Window Warrior

0    The monsters are coming, hurry and board the windows "Unique concept, fun gameplay, great graphics, and silly sounds.. Definitely a game that’s worth a download" Corona Labs "Cool mechanics and cool idea", "..really novel, I like the idea a ...    27 MB    Views 6164

Rails And Metal

+3    Features: 6 unique train engines (3 steam trains, 2 diesel, and 1 electric) with their own sounds. Level up your trains and upgrade them to improve HP, Fuel, amount of carts it can pull. 10 stations (located on the Countryside ...    43 MB    Views 6365

Bomber Mine Lite

+2    Bomber Mine Lite is a new strategy game for kids and adults who want to be a great gold digger Train your reaction processes and explode all the monsters This is a real battle between quick and clever cowboy and ...    49 MB    Views 1457


time monster monsters cake heroes training eggs gold
+23    DevilWorks is a monsterbreeding, timekilling, clickerstyle game. Give it a go and see if you can complete the monster guide As of ver1.0.0 there's 246 kinds of monster to collect. 【How to Play】 Raise monsters  → Raid villages and get their gold, so you can ...    9 MB    Views 8527


+15    Lights out Do you have enough visual memory to beat this new tile matching game? Memorize the board, match hidden elements, produce gold, upgrade the machine, and fight the ever so quickly increasing pressure. Play online with up to 3 opponents ...    34 MB    Views 9021

Miner Island

iphone facebook island miner gold www including snow http impressive
+28    Miner Island – The island of the gold miners Let’s adventure with the old man to conquer new lands. From the developers of the Gold Miner Ultimate – the No.1 game of Apple Store in more than ten countries, including ...    94 MB    Views 6591
cricket facebook media people apps skill love smash gold swing ball score baseball
+14    "This is cricket – with a spiked bat, bombs and gold, for hours of addictive fun Smash targets with skill and supercombos to amass the highest score, and beat people from across the world to reach the top of the leaderboard. Collect ...    34 MB    Views 1642


golf facebook challenge green map touch characters mode hole fantasy gold items
0    Fantasy golf saga == How to play == ▶ Anyone can play it By just three touches, you can hit hole in one At first touch, get ready to swing At the second touch, set the power gauge according to the distance At the last ...    148 MB    Views 67
-2    Happy St. Patrick's Day Make the luck of the Irish always be with you, especially in this game of clovers and strategy You'll need more than a pot of gold to solve this puzzle as you try to pop the fourleaf ...    69 MB    Views 5937

Gold Jumper Lite

games surface twitter facebook playing gold jumper com2us game lite customer special support mini endless
-9    Get 'Gold Jumper Lite' and dig in with a free experience of the original 'Gold Jumper'. Play in 'Lost River' with other free games like 'Toss it up,' and 'Bike Express' in 'Gold Jumper Lite.' Enjoy playing the Full version with extra ...    21 MB    Views 5142


Related Apps facebook game earth fan support gold power powerful play astroids
+20    Ever wish you could Save the Earth? Well today is your day The year is 2023, and the astroid apocalypse has cascaded with the milky way Planet Earth is in critical danger YOU are now a Drone and have been ...    12 MB    Views 3856
facebook twitter gold clothes game ninja muffler move
+3    Retro style game.(Dot,Pixel) Simple control, difficulty. If you reach a certain number of points then ninja's clothes changes beautifully (change to gold ninja) 200m : Muffler 250m : Spaulder 300m : Big ponytail 350m : Mask 400m : Helmet 450m : Red Clothes 500m : Gold Muffler 550m ...    4 MB    Views 7457

Time Slider

time puzzle facebook slider tiles higher slide
-7    Time Slider is a sliding puzzle game that challenges you to slide a number of tiles on a board to reach puzzle complete. Players will have to slide the tiles to recreate the photo at the fastest time possible in ...    65 MB    Views 8473

Lady Runner Pro

facebook tools security game runner lady beautiful gold banks http diamonds interesting
+2    Lady Runner Pro is a special version of the game for the most savvy, bold and beautiful Warehouse, Shop, House of the drug baron – there are always lots of treasure there, and even more of them there are in ...    61 MB    Views 3720
puzzle time game unicorn pink gold complete picture play puzzles
+2    GOLD EDITION NO ADS EVER TRY OUR UNICORN PUZZLE FOR GIRLS THAT LIKE PINK GOLD GAME Puzzles are always brain teasers game. But now it won`t be the same. We have brought to you attractive and fun imbues puzzle game. Unicorn Puzzle for girls ...    15 MB    Views 8395

My Army: Reloaded

army war time facebook enemy troops gold mission extra supplies frantic squad
+17    Ready for the most frantic and craziest mission to save the World? Press reports from the My Army Propaganda Office: "You'd be hard pressed to find a more frantic, heart pounding's a ballbreaking, timesapping winner" Pocketgamer “Repeated attempts to top the ...    31 MB    Views 8524

Time Clickers

time upgrade gold team game cubes micro enemies 100
-9    An incremental game with guns & time travel. Your mission starts now Collect gold, upgrade your click pistol & hire a team of elite sharpshooters to help with defeating the enemies in this free clicker idle game. Not a fan of ...    67 MB    Views 3724

Gold Thief (JM)

+3    Collect gold coins and avoid the spikes to beat your friends scores. Quick and easy to play, but difficult to master Share your thoughts and feedback on the game to help improve the game. Please support and follow us Website: Facebook: Twitter:    4 MB    Views 6308

Golden Kim

time gold dig hit button mushroom bucket golden bomb color
-7    Golden Kim dig and dig to get a gold bullion until his country grew stronger. There are three buttons on the main screen as follows. You use the right button to dig through. The right button "dig" Dig through the obstacles. The left ...    18 MB    Views 4944

Collision: Pilot

strategy time flags medal bronze silver death gold pilot
-5    Can you get all your flags?. Survives and get your medal. Tower Defense Strategy. Are you ready to not collide? Can you get all your flags?. Survives and get your gold, silver or bronze medal. Tower Defense Strategy. Features: It's very easy to ...    22 MB    Views 6590
magic time game award gamer pocket touch gold coins
+22    Over 6 million downloads "I highly recommend Magic Touch." – Toucharcade "It's almost impossible to have a single go, and there's a breathless brilliance to proceedings that means you'll probably lose hours of your life here." – Pocket Gamer Gold Award Wanted, Wizard required ...    35 MB    Views 7251
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+25    Attention: These SCARY Savings will make you SCREAM We have decided to offer a huge 100% discount for this beautiful and addictive game for coming year end holiday. Click INSTALL to get it now before the promotion ends like FLAPPY BIRD ...    22 MB    Views 8221


facebook time game finger lot color
+27 > "phenomenally addictive" •It's easy Last as long as you can by stopping the color from hitting the line. Just use your finger to erase the onslaught of color. •Thresh through time on your way to claiming your spot on leaderboards, ...    8 MB    Views 3313
+3    Happy St. Patrick's Day Make the luck of the Irish always be with you, especially in this game of clovers and strategy You'll need more than a pot of gold to solve this puzzle as you try to pop the fourleaf ...    69 MB    Views 151


time facebook twitter https game max
-6    Come play with Max He's just a nice guy involuntarily stuck in a game world and needs your help. 15 min Max is the ultime game to prove your actual gaming talent. No time to practice. No endless hours of griding ...    27 MB    Views 3276

Gold Diggers

facebook gold http www deep digging dodge earth deeper machine
-8    Start Your Engines Follow a team of notorious Gold Diggers while you take control of one of the wild west's best kept secrets: Gigantic Superlicious SteamPunk Digging Trams. Your goal? To find yourself some Gold Just steer the Digging Machine through ...    46 MB    Views 6660

Piggy Coin

+3    Can you get "Gold Medal" from this game? It’s easy to play, fun for all the family & ages. Just collect the coins to piggybank :) Feature : ○ Unlimited Gameplay ○ Newest Challenge Game ○ Share you high score to your Friends ○ It’s easy to ...    8 MB    Views 4311
Related Apps facebook twitter armor gold game ninja arm move change chest
0    Retro style game.(Dot,Pixel) Simple control, difficulty. If you reach a certain number of points then ninja's clothes changes beautifully (change to gold ninja) 5second : Big ponytail 10second : Chest armor 15second : Spaulder 20second : Waist armor 30second : Leg armor 40second : Arm armor 50second ...    6 MB    Views 3518

Tiny Coin

Related Apps time gold diamonds gemstones mode coins bombs collect game collected
-6    Hello, everyone. This is a very interesting game. Gold, gemstones and diamonds drop down from the clouds. Of course, there are also the bomb mixed with them, the task is to collect them , but not to collect the bombs. Collection: click ...    5 MB    Views 1085

A Pirate Prince

facebook jump magic adventure pirate prince island game cloaks find gold
+6    Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through the Pirate’s Island as the Pirate Prince A valuable treasure of gold coins has been scattered across the entire Island and you must collect them all on your biggest adventure yet The Pirate ...    136 MB    Views 5229
Related Apps time adventure machines game fun miner gold
-3    Gold Miner adventure is a remake of gold miner game by the AsuraGame. This game has several fun items, entities, power compared to the old game. Have fun with 3 gamemode which is time, number hook, and against bot. Contain 60 levels and ...    19 MB    Views 2696

Gold Miner !

facebook playing gold reward www game features score feedback
-1    Gold, diamonds and dynamite? That's right, you're a gold miner and it's your job to mine as much gold and come out with the most amount of money you can. Are you ready? FEATURES: Addictive gameplay 30 unique levels but playing ...    50 MB    Views 6412

7 Elements

twitter time facebook elements game score match gold power element special frenzy touch
-2    Bucaa Studio proudly presents: "7 Elements", an all new multitouch match3 game for the iPad. Set off in a mysterious ancient civilization theme, "7 Elements" brings traditional match3 game to a whole new level. Whether you are a casual player looking to ...    32 MB    Views 6686


facebook people games iphone twitter video gold stone game level www https world
+2    With more than 1 million gold coins collected by hundreds of players in 3 weeks, Goldstone is going strong. We believe Gold Stone is the best iPhone Fantasy game ever. The greatest of it's kind. Reasons why you'll love Gold Stone: Why ...    22 MB    Views 411


facebook twitter time health game achievements pause monsters weapon gold weapons
+27    This game is for elite gamers (and people that like monsters). Hi Do you hate monsters? Me either.  But slaying them in a video game is entertaining and that’s what DieMonstersDie is all about.  You see, Transylvania is a peaceful place ...    5 MB    Views 2793


Related Apps time clock match game simple gold experienced longer
+30    Hexel is a new twist on an the classic match3 game type. Combine three or more hexes together to make a match, or form six to make a ring. It sounds simple, but when the clock is ticking and you're ...    27 MB    Views 3252

Coin Hunter 2

-1    By the leads of the map father left, the brave pirate Anne, a 19 years old Irish girl, found the treasure of an empire in 19th century from wrecks deep under sea. Here you are with Anne, begin the journey of ...    16 MB    Views 6879
Related Apps ipad time game coin treasure gold coins hunter
+6    By the leads of the map father left, the brave pirate Anne, a 19 years old Irish girl, found the treasure of an empire in 19th century from wrecks deep under sea. Here you are with Anne, begin the journey of ...    14 MB    Views 8414

Lady Runner Lite

facebook tools security game runner lady gold http diamonds simple
+2    Lady Runner Lite This version of the game will allow you to fall in love with a charming plunderer, be sure that the desire to download the Pro version will come very soon Everyone loves beautiful girls, and all beautiful ...    48 MB    Views 5669

Open Fire Gold

facebook twitter time open fire gold www
0    Get ready to load your weapons and open fire with Open Fire Gold, an arcadelike military shoot'emup, that will have you uncontrollably wasting hours of precious time. Featuring two different game modes: Survival and Timed, OpenFeint integration, including Leaderboards, Achievements, Chat, ...    17 MB    Views 2208
fishing twitter facebook slot game gold coins play pirate mini coin win machine
-6    Prepare to be mesmerized by the most addictive and fun pirate coin drop game in the iTunes App Store Drop pirates to find gold coins, play the slots, and find out how to play the mini fishing game to win more ...    17 MB    Views 8711

Meerkat Siesta!

Related Apps twitter iphone coffee love facebook game meerkat items cute gold http high
+28    OPTIMIZED FOR iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 "An addictive game in a fusion category" "Undescribable... perhaps a combination of 'Whackamole', 'Pocket God', 'Spot the difference' and... well... doesn't really matter. It's a heck of a game" Do you like meerkats? They are cute ...    11 MB    Views 1587
police people car drivers time emergency ambulance truck game gold firefighter vehicles
magic twitter facebook flying armor damage tower towers dragons gold air fantasy units
+10    LuddenMedia presents Fantasy Defense Quest, a fun and addicting fantasy romp through a world of magic and sorcery only on the App Store The world is in danger from the invading Orcs, and the forces of Man, Elf, Dwarf, Undead ...    185 MB    Views 5945
time pony pretty game play team cute gold rings fly dragons
-6    Flying is what makes being a pony so fun. It's also the most difficult thing a pony will ever learn. In the distant magical land of Alegrisia the mystical pretty ponies and cute little dragons like to pass the time with ...    44 MB    Views 6078

Gold Taker - Tap

time gold nuggets collect
+18    "Gold Taker" "This is my favorite game to pass time" indygamer8808 "Your handeye coordination will be tested. Mark my words" buckeyenationwider Collect the hopping gold nuggets by tapping them at their exact positions. More gold nuggets will flood the screen as time goes on Collect ...    8 MB    Views 5636
puzzle facebook bear game teddy coins colorful gold graphics bombs magnets
+11    +++ Toy Claw Machine Fun For Kids of All Ages +++ A colorful and kid friendly puzzle game that everyone will love playing. Beautiful HD graphics and animations make for the perfect game to play with your children. The goal is ...    53 MB    Views 5742
time facebook twitter www http
+4    Is time to become an expert paratrooper Choose your character and jump… controls the fall with the motion sensor of your iPad. Dodge swirls and tries to reach the goal in the shortest time possible. Win and unlock different maps with ...    145 MB    Views 7166
racing facebook multiplayer challenge granny race cart friends gold members cast check super
+29    Granny Rush is the ultimate in cool track racing fun. Leap aboard a crazy mine cart and hurl Granny and friends through the Mine caverns. Watch out Granny's coming up the rear, she's got the gold and she's not stopping ...    44 MB    Views 4020

I Hate Water

Related Apps time fish water river factories gold live beautiful
+3    Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful gold fish in a river.... Then the humans came along and made factories around the river.... All the toxic waste from the factories directed to the water... Water has become polluted and the fish can't ...    1 MB    Views 7900


golf facebook challenge green map touch characters mode hole fantasy gold items
0    Fantasy golf saga == How to play == ▶ Anyone can play it By just three touches, you can hit hole in one At first touch, get ready to swing At the second touch, set the power gauge according to the distance At the last ...    153 MB    Views 2778
Related Apps facebook time balloons pop feedback tap
+5    Popping balloons has never been more fun Colorful balloons are floating up. When 3 or more of the same color connect, you can tap and pop them Pop enough balloons before the time is up to get more time and more ...    23 MB    Views 3474
challenge time jellyfish play coins collect hooks gold swing options repel
+1    FREE to play NO PURCHASE required to enjoy the added options just collect enough coins through game play to exchange them. Help Jellyfish navigate up through the gap while avoiding the swing hooks and collect gold coins. However, Jellyfish can only dart ...    13 MB    Views 1003

A 45th Street Lite

twitter facebook weapons secret stage street room survive careful gold
-9    Survive at 45th Street 45th Street was dominated by gangsters. To survive is to kill. Will provide a variety of weapons to fight. All weapons can be upgraded up to level 20 and become stronger as it gets upgraded. The default weapon is a ...    22 MB    Views 9303
twitter facebook bubble fantasy coins special http gold quest unlock challenges
+4    LuddenMedia presents Fantasy Bubble Quest, a fun and addicting romp around a world of magic in need of your help It's Bubbly Questing Fantasy Goodness The world is in danger and only YOU can save it By popping bubbles. Go on an ...    42 MB    Views 8960

Pirate Kings

Related Apps ipad iphone facebook pirate islands kings game friends support revenge gold
+4    Pirates, welcome aboard Sail the Seven Seas, battle your friends around the globe, conquer beautiful and exotic islands, and sit on top of the worldwide leaderboard Become a Pirate King now Pirate Kings is easy to learn and hard to put downa ...    92 MB    Views 1575

Fishing Joy HD

Related Apps fishing twitter facebook music gun chinese joy nets game experience net gold fish creatures
-6    Fishing Joy is an insanely addictive game that’s sweeping the world with +100M users worldwide In Fishing Joy, you’ll be able to have a deepocean experience catching magnificent species of fish and creatures the ecofriendly way The game features stunning ...    100 MB    Views 997

Globs™ Free

Related Apps time facebook globs game graphics online
0    The hit online game Globs is finally available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Match colors to merge Globs and get big points. Over 70 million people have enjoyed the online version and now you can play Globs on the ...    15 MB    Views 4512

Toys Inc.

toys facebook playing toy tap game factory unique fame leaderboard gold win
+13    What Our Users Are Saying: "I haven't seen a game quite like this before" "I just can't stop playing this game It's so unique and unlike anything else on the App Store I'm totally hooked" "Not regretting the one ...    90 MB    Views 8247
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