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Flight of Fire

+5    Get ready for a blazing fast ride Flight of Fire is a fast speed action game sets in a faraway land. Fly on your magic carpet and blast the enemies off the night sky    13 MB    Views 7220

Quacker Stacker

tower stack fast
+8    Test your skills in this fast and fun title by Bear Bones Games Help these ducklings into their nest by stacking them on top of one another. But time your taps carefully If your tower isn't balanced, your little yellow friends ...    35 MB    Views 6478
princess kiss fast
+12    Kiss princess as fast as you can There are 9 beautiful princess. Kiss them all... Great game for baby girl.    6 MB    Views 4288

Justin vs Jonas

fan justin fast
+1    Prove yourself a Fan Are you the most devoted fan of Justin Bieber? Or an unconditional follower of the Jonas Brothers? Recognize your Idol as fast as you can in this addictive, fast paced game Gorgeous, hand drawn graphics Show your friends ...    6 MB    Views 7805

Galaxy Warriors

+13    Take part in galaxy fights Use 4 types of weapons to destroy enemies."Galaxy Warriors" is really fast and actionpacked game. Manage ammunition and survive as long as you can. Every level cool bosses appears. Try how fast your fingers ...    34 MB    Views 563

Fast That Math

math fast
+12    Try to beat this math, your only job is trying to solve the math as fast as possible. How long can you go?    33 MB    Views 7815

Fast Ping

fast ping game
+20    Oldschool pingpong. Totally retrostyle and designed to be casual, starts instantly, even on old devices. You can play it in the subway, riding an elevator, or waiting for your hamburger on a fastfood restaurant. Tilt your device to control your bar ...    112 kb    Views 1113
riders escape fast
-4    One of the best and cool games for kids. Do you think you are fast enough? Let see your skills in action. Try to escape of this hordes of riders, be as fast as you can and get many points. This ...    25 MB    Views 8442

Tap Fast Plus

+1    Tap Fast Plus is a game where you tap a button as many times as possible in a given amount of time. See how big your high score can get    3 MB    Views 1359
+8    How fast can you dash the penguin across the icebergs without stepping into the water Includes three fun game modes Facebook and twitter integration so you can challenge your friends MUST HAVE FAST REFLEXES    12 MB    Views 4413

Spider Smash HD

spider smash fast
0    Slow ... Fast ... Fast ... MISS The Spiders will drive you insane Aim carefully, smash cruelly, don't let any single spider escape. Try Spider Smash now Have fun with this inhibiting game    12 MB    Views 7792
type fast
+5    Simply type the words that appear as fast as you can without making any mistakes. It’s case sensitive and punctuation is included Make sure you are fast at typing as the characters you type are removed in fractions of a ...    14 MB    Views 8304


game fast
+14    This is a game selecting alphabet in ascending or descending order as fast as you can. Compete with your friends how fast you can do or how far you can go in survival mode. This game is also great for ...    9 MB    Views 8661


fast game
+11    Welcome to EverTap EverTap is a game to designed to test your ability to tap onscreen buttons as fast as you can. To get the best possible result you need good fast and accurate. EverTap comes with 3 unique game modes; Sprint, ...    328 kb    Views 548
Related Apps fast tap
-9    Tap as fast as you can Who will be the best in the world?    289 kb    Views 548

Fast Kill King

kill fast king
+2    Kill all enemies as fast as you can and prove you are the fast kill king Good luck    8 MB    Views 311

2048 Fast Speed

2048 speed fast
-5    2048 Fast Speed Tick Tac the time is running as new number tiles appearing on the grid while you play 2048 Do Not get distracted or you will lose the game.    4 MB    Views 8667

Push-The Button

tnt fast push
-5    So you think you are fast? Get ready to workout your handeyebrain coordination with this fastpaced test for your reflexes. Push the buttons on time to get points. Beware of the TNT's Compete with your friends or strangers You can check your ranking ...    7 MB    Views 1266

Road Rage Action 3D

-9    Get the game to cruise around the City. Watch out for the fast cars coming along from opposite direction. Cool Blur effect when you go fast. Awesome car racing game. Good looking Graphics. Gyro Controls instead of accelerometer, Makes the game ...    35 MB    Views 9430

Moto Wheelie

wheelie fast
+5    Trapped inside the memory banks of a computer, Maya needs to find a way out. Her only ride.. a cyber motorcycle in a stunts game program. It's a long way to escape, but one that she is determined to enjoy with ...    30 MB    Views 6220

Veggies Shoot

veggies shoot fast
+12    Are you up for some fun? Shoot as many veggies as you can. === HOW TO USE === Tap on veggies you want to shoot Shoot as many veggies as possible Shoot as fast as you can since the time is ...    7 MB    Views 3224
+22    How fast and accurate are you ? You should be as fast as possible to shoot down targets but for the highest score possible. 110 points depending on how accurate you are, and points deductions for the time you put on. Are you ...    23 MB    Views 5354
fast emoji
+5    Find and pop the right emoji as fast as you can. Collect gems on your way to a new highscore and unlock cool new emojis. But hurry, the clock is ticking and they are moving pretty fast. Sounds easy, right? It's ...    18 MB    Views 5084


0    Test your reflexes with this simple and fun game. You only have to tap the flies on the screen, but they will try to escape, and they are fast. Your fingers are fast enough to cover all the screen with a ...    44 MB    Views 5531

Fast Squares

-1    How fast are you? You can check this in our new game called "Fast Squares" 3 UNIQUE GAME MODES SIXTY SECONDS You have only 60 seconds to make your's score the best LIGHT RUSH You get points ONLY if every square is turned off. FREE PLAY Don't wait ...    924 kb    Views 7350

Speedy Runner (Pro)

+29    This retro runner is on his survival route in this blue period. The gameplay is fast paced and really a challenging one. He has to quickly jump over the obstacles as fast and as far as he can in this ...    4 MB    Views 4287
+6    Follow the zigzag path and don't hit the wall. Tap to switch the direction How fast can you react? Sound simple? Challenge yourself in this fastpaced arcade game Gamecenter support with global high scores. d1457d52c1    5 MB    Views 8933
-3    You have to react fast in order not to crash Download now Fun, exciting, and easy to play Great graphics and sound Simple and addicting, enjoy hours of fun.    26 MB    Views 3781

Fast Match

Related Apps fast game match
+7    Fast Paced game that challenges your reflexes and perception. Tap the screen to make the shapes match before they touch. Supports Game Center leader board for high score Universal app looks great on iPhone or iPad    13 MB    Views 3152

!! Let It Jump !!

-5    If you are a great lover of fastpaced games, then we are here to present you a challenging world for you Before you react, think fast in this casual arcade game You have to simply tap to jump over the cube What can ...    14 MB    Views 9699
tasks fast
+10    Complete all tasks as fast as humanly possible. Careful, tasks aren't as easy as they may at first appear...    18 MB    Views 528

Letter Bombs

+13    The game will improve your Fast typing Fast reacting skills Try not to let the bombs to get to you by typing the deactivation code which written on the bombs. This is your town and you had to keep it safe.    5 MB    Views 9542


buttons game reactions fast
+24    Who is the quickest? Reactions is a fastpaced party game for two to four players. Place your iPad on a table and push the buttons to join the game. Release the buttons as fast as you can when the drums ...    6 MB    Views 1169

Colorful Cube

fast game
+28    Wanna see how smart and fast you are? This is a game with extremely simple rules that really tests (and trains) your "realtime" intelligence. Some of the mental skills you'll need to use and develop to get any good at this ...    2 MB    Views 4749

Stone Man

stone man fast
+11    Super hero stone man, fast and agile at the same time a fearless superhero. Stone needs to collect precious stones for the survival of the head, Stone man's superpower is very fast jumping . A challenging course, help to overcome obstacles ...    35 MB    Views 469

Think Fast.

+22    Test your brain to the limit with Think Fast This game is meant to trick the average mind using simple colors You think colors cant trick you? Think again.    453 kb    Views 9626

Fifty & Five

-3    Ultimate fast minimalist game Are You Quick Enough? Precision and reflex is mandatory This is a ultra fast minimalist reaction game.    11 MB    Views 1219

Jingle Jump

game fun fast
+4    Santa needs your help so why wouldn't you help him in this fun and fast paced christmas game? featuring two fun game modes, beautiful artwork, original score and fast game play.... it is game for all family members, from age 3 to ...    7 MB    Views 1417
lift fast tapping
+23    Do you even lift, bro?? Compete for the fastest time by tapping those fingers as quick as you can How fast can you lift?? Features: Game Center support Beat your high score Original audio and graphics Finger tapping action    12 MB    Views 578
game fast brakes
+27    How Fast Can You Go With No Brakes The only goal of our game is Go Fast No "right" way and directions. Go everywhere as you like. Try to get higher speed and beat other players in Game Center.    12 MB    Views 3328
Related Apps jump fast
+5    If you are a great lover of fastpaced games, then we are here to present you a challenging world for you Before you react, think fast in this casual arcade game You have to simply tap to jump over the cube What can ...    7 MB    Views 9910
snowmobile fast ice
-9    Drive your snowmobile as fast as you can to escape the oncoming ice berg keep your speed or face a horrible death and low score    17 MB    Views 1405

Reflex Timer Free

Related Apps free fast
+14    Test your Reflexes and see how fast you are in all the different Game Modes. Challenge yourself and your friends to beat your High Score Also play against a friend in the 1vs.1 mode and see who is fast Buy the Ad Free ...    2 MB    Views 5982


fast alien
+29    Hang on for a fast ride Alien Smack Attack is a simple fun exciting game based on how fast you can tap on the alien ships to send them out of orbit. The more you play the faster the aliens ...    2 MB    Views 5852
Related Apps fast game match
+15    Have fun with this fast color matching arcade action game Catch ghosts, shoot to transform monsters, match colors, and cause chain reactions Can you unlock and beat the final stage? Are you fast enough? Let's see ● 18 beautiful stages. ● Stunning ...    16 MB    Views 5176

Brick Break Fast

Related Apps brick fast break
+3    Very very faster ball coming. Enjoy FAST brick break game    1 MB    Views 7437
fast flying elevator
+3    Help the Camel MC avoid the flying shoes of fury Can't leave the elevator (stay within the square or you lose) You'll have 100 problems trying to escape these fast flying stillettos Challenge your friends to beat your score This game moves fast, like ...    23 MB    Views 1879
crash fast
+4    Drive fast and don’t crash. Just that simple. You will need to exercise your fingers. Moreover, you need to be fast. Highlights: Addictive gameplay High speed racing Welldesigned graphics and music Leaderboard and achievement 

 GIFT THIS APP: Click the “Buy App” arrow ...    9 MB    Views 3354


fast blades game
+8    Are you fast with your fingers? Can you think fast? Then this is just the right game for you Ninjump is a highly addictive, simple and a super fun game that requires you to think and react fast to incoming ...    4 MB    Views 4637


exit fast
+12    Shiftavoid is a simple avoider game where the objective is to guide the ball to the flashing exit as fast as possible. Upon reaching the exit, all the objects shift to new positons, creating another level. Getting a higher score ...    8 MB    Views 5833

Ape Punch

ape button fast punch
0    Go APE with Ape Punch The original fast paced button masher has returned with a fresh, clean, and modern interface. Your objective is to earn top score by going ape and tapping the button as fast as you can before ...    5 MB    Views 1306

Match Till You Drop

game burn fast
-9    Ever experienced a finger burn? This is the game for you. You need to swipe fast so fast that your skin will burn red hot. Don't be fool. The game starts out easy and is deceptively simply. But, then it gets ...    62 MB    Views 469

Line It Up Now

line fast
-5    How fast are your reflexes? How fast is your reaction time? In Line It Up you will be able to prove that Can you handle obtaining the highest score with out letting everything get to you head? This game is for everyone and ...    5 MB    Views 304

Retro Runner HD

Related Apps fun game fast bit
+5    LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER 0,99 for a few days Quickly jump over and roll through obstacles, as fast and as far as you can FEATURES:
 Very fast paced gameplay
 Really challenging Epic 8bit artwork Amazing 8bit sound effects Simple touch controls Incredibly fun, just one more time, endless ...    11 MB    Views 7631

Mountain Block Jump

Related Apps fast game play
+3    How long can you crossing, jumping off, taping, and avoiding Trees or obstacles and collect all the Coins? In this game you need to have a fast mind and a fast finger. Don't play this game if you have heart problems. ...    17 MB    Views 8306


Related Apps game tap fast
+11    Can you count from 1 to 9, like really, really fast? Tap the numbers in ascending order, as fast as possible, before the timer reaches zero "The game of the century" W. A. Mozart Instant replay, no endless menus or configuration: ...    26 MB    Views 1170

Miner Man

miner game fast
+18    Dig as fast and deep as you can with your miner before your time runs down Miner is a casual reflex game in pixel art style. Speed and fast decisionmaking is vital in this game. Master your skills to beat your and your ...    21 MB    Views 2986

Fast Finger First

+5    Let's see how fast you are to arrange 4 options in the correct orders.    8 MB    Views 2583

Fast Food Frenzy HD

Related Apps food fast customers
-3    Manage your own food stand and try to keep your customers happy in this fast paced food serving game Features: Various different customers Burgers, pies, soda and more Easy to follow instructions Fun for kids and adults alike    2 MB    Views 1604
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