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+9    Help this penguin and get him some fish so the penguin survives this cold winter. Easy and fun to play Just touch the screen and the penguin will follow your finger. Challenge your friends aswel by getting more fish than they ...    4 MB    Views 6324
fish obstacles
+1    Yado fish is the most favorite game where the fish swim as long as you can and avoid the obstacles. When you hit the obstacles, it gonna be fun with a little shake on your iphone or even ipad. Also, multiplayer support ...    11 MB    Views 9974

Hungry Fish!

fish sea www
+3    Big fish eat small fish Just follow this simple rule to grow and become the biggest fish of the sea. Quality and quantity of food will vary during the game as you become bigger. Are you ready to dominate the sea? Music ...    5 MB    Views 5046
+3    "In the post apocalyptic world lakes are full of zombie fish. All survivors must work together to eradicate the epidemic and your job is to kill the zombies fish. How to play: Throw the bait and take it as deep as ...    8 MB    Views 7130

Flappy - the fish

+3    Flappy the fish is a friend of flappy bird with his own adventures. New and cool features will follow soon...    16 MB    Views 1873
0    Eat fish to get scores. Avoid starfish. Use accelerometer to move player. You can set different positions depending on how you hold the device    10 MB    Views 53
+6    Save seabo from the dangerous preditors in the ocean. Tap to swim & avoid the jelly fish    10 MB    Views 7981

Fish Retrieve

0    Puzzle Game Help this fish get into water. Remove the wooden blocks and release the fish to the bucket of water. 28 levels of fun    68 MB    Views 6277

Chute fish

0    Help fish to find a tube of the same color. Guide it by drawing obstacles with your finger    11 MB    Views 7149

Fluffy Fish

0    A family fun game, Fluffy Fish is a game that will take quick reaction from thumbs. This medium paced game will keep you coming back. 6 different fish. 4 different backgrounds. 1 hungry shark. Music by: Kevin MacLeod.    12 MB    Views 3325
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-3    You Only Have One Goal: To Keep Smiley Penguin Running Get running Smiley Penguin need keep running to escape from the frozen ice island. Your running speed will increase constantly, you also have to avoid obstacles along the ...    23 MB    Views 9570
+4    Play as a greedy fish and collect as many pearls as you can. In fact your task is not easy. Game has 27 levels and on every level you will meet different obstacles and enemies fishing hooks, electric eels, ...    17 MB    Views 1830
-9    Let a fish get out and get in. Hold and release the screen to move the black fish.    5 MB    Views 4074

Bite the Fish Lite

+2    Always dreamed of catching an ide? Husky? Your time has come Catch the ide Pull fish out of water and throw in the boat Based on legendary yaaz youtube video.    8 MB    Views 7686

Hook Challenge

+23    Help our friendly fish to arrive home safely Move the evil fisherman's hooks to clean its path and let the fish swim happily. The farthest you get, the higher the score. Challenge your friends to see who is the best ...    16 MB    Views 5804
-1    It’s pretty crowded at the bottom of the ocean. Can you find the right fish?    4 MB    Views 4412

Bone Fish

game fish
-5    A simple and fun game where you choose either a cat or dog and match with falling bones and fish. This is a free game with no ads give it a go    9 MB    Views 3514

Catchy Fish

-4    How to play? Tap the screen on the left or right side of the fish. Don't hit the obstacles (fish net) and try to help the fish escape. If you pass each fish net, your score will increase. Compete high scores with your friends. Good ...    3 MB    Views 5734

Splashy the Fish

+17    Its a big sea out there for our little Splashy the Fish, help him explore this challenging world and see how far you can get. UNLOCK SPECIAL SPLASHY FISH    11 MB    Views 1318
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+11    Swim with the three colored fish in the depths of the sea Each fish has different Capacity, which fish swim with you? Avoid obstacles in this fun adventure, simply by TAP TAP TAP ... > Graphics in pixels detailed and many fun effects > ...    3 MB    Views 1475

Penguin Fish Run

running penguin fish run avoid touch game obstacles play
+14    Have fun alone or with your friend in Penguin Fish Run players. Play the role of a small penguins running on a treadmill and avoid obstacles in this exhilarating party game. Gain victory and show your friends who’s the king ...    6 MB    Views 4716

Cat the Fish

+18    Eat small fishes, avoid big fishes. Tap to jump and catch the fish in the air.    5 MB    Views 6356
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-2    Run and jump your way across the ice collecting fish, but avoid the polar bears and Eskimos Travel the furthest to set a new high score Collect fish along the way to upgrade your penguin. Choose from the Super Hero Penguin ...    25 MB    Views 3124


fish compete game
+15    online (strategy) petit game It is a game to compete with others to catch more fish on the table. Rule is just simple. Choose your favorite cat charactor and tap a fish ordered in the ascendant. You can also compete someone in ...    6 MB    Views 4276

Fatty Fish Blitz

-2    ON SALE 50% OFF DOWNLOAD NOW THIS PRICE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME VERY ADDICTING FISH GAME ON EARTH Once you start, you CAN'T STOP YOU WILL JUST BE ADDICTED Little Fatty Fish needs your help Swim the fish but you must avoid ...    760 kb    Views 5032
fish quest
+1    Follow the adventure and take part in the quest to help the young fish escape the aquarium and discover the mystery of who and what he is, and where his future lies.    242 MB    Views 532

Shark vs Fish

fish shark chase
-3    Play as a shark in a fish tank and chase 'em down. Tilt the phone to chase down the fish as they try and escape your hunger. (kinda like spore) Choose to be a shark or a killer whale and corner the ...    4 MB    Views 2602
-5    "Little Fish" is an obstacles game. Make small, short taps to keep the fish afloat, but look out for the eels 4a3e0b093c    8 MB    Views 4826


+10    Hold to make the fish dive, being careful not to collide with the ever quickening obstacles. Collect stopwatches to slow down time, but how long can you survive???    13 MB    Views 6090
fish whale
+3    Stop the attack of the fish on the whale. The more you can destroy, the faster they keep coming. "Fun game to play to pass the time." Ian Z. Can you save the whale? Download Now    42 MB    Views 3111

Pac Fish

+27    A fish goes hungry around his home for the food that his owners gave him has run out. So he sneaks into the jellyfishs' tank to see what food he can take from there Features: Pac Man play style 3 Different power ups Can ...    5 MB    Views 301

Fish Run !!

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+12    this app is a nice game Do you want to help the yellow fish ? help him to run away and get the max score as you can    2 MB    Views 7082

Slappy Fish Jump

-2    Tap the screen to get the fish in between the pipes.    23 MB    Views 6207


rocket fish
+10    Leave it all behind Just swim away Go on This is ROCKET FISH, babe    39 MB    Views 7627
doodle fish
-1    Splashy the Doodle Fish is drawn for one purpose only to swim through the depths of copybook ocean and collect sparkly bubbles.    11 MB    Views 7635

Shark Attack HD

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+24    Can you save our little penguin from the hungry sharks? Use your finger or mouse to move teh penguin around the screen, collecting fish as you go. Power up with a big blow fish.    5 MB    Views 4391

Fish Deep Swim

time swim playing fish game play points deep fascinating obstacles
-6    Your child gets a new friend, and it's a cute fish A suspensfull sea race is waiting for you to take part in We glad to present you our new game Fish Deep Swim. This game is simple to play ...    75 MB    Views 6365

Master Fish

-1    Have fun catching fish with your fingers. Prove your skills and your reflexes. Dozens of different types of fish Master Fish is priced at only 0.99 What are you waiting to buy it    21 MB    Views 3855

Guppy Bait

pipes fish
0    Help the fish swim between the pipes and rescue as many guppies from the sharks as possible. Try to beat your high score and compete with other players. Don't hit the pipes or the sea bottom or the game is ...    11 MB    Views 2426

Flappy Fish+ ONLINE

fish online
+13    SPLASHY FISH • Tap on your device to make the fish swim • Try to get highest score possible by avoiding all obstacles • Play ONLINE with your friends • Game Center, Facebook & Twitter    12 MB    Views 9647

Top Fish.

-8    Funny game for a boring day Eat fish to get scores. Avoid starfish. Use accelerometer to move player. You can set different positions depending on how you hold the device.    11 MB    Views 8944

Heavy Fish

heavy fish
-3    Heavy Fish has a hard time staying off the bottom of the sea. Help heavy fish navigate through the obstacles. If you liked Flappy Bird, you'll love heavy fish.    26 MB    Views 491

Tasty Fish

survival fish tasty
+14    Being at the bottom of the food chain sucks, especially for Tasty Fish. Tasty Fish is a great game for all ages. Defy nature in this adorably addictive TapnPlay arcadesurvival gameplay, and keep your school of Tasty Fish alive for as ...    28 MB    Views 685
+17    Eat fish to get scores. Avoid starfish. Use accelerometer to move player. You can set different positions depending on how you hold the device    18 MB    Views 5710

Puffy Fish

puffy fish
+1    Help Puffy Fish survive by dodging coral, sharks, and more Collect bubbles to score points.    1 MB    Views 7998

Speedy fish

playing fish obstacles speedy
+8    Speedy fish is an arcade fish game, help the fish to avoid as much obstacles as you can to get points. Collect lives while playing so that you can use it when you lose to continue playing and keeping your ...    40 MB    Views 4589
fish smashy
0    Hours of fun This colorful and very addictive game will become your best friend at the time of boredom Enjoy Playing Smashy Fish Don't let the fish get past the pipes    5 MB    Views 2609

Fish in a Barrel HD

fish barrel
-9    So you think "Shooting fish in a barrel" is easy? Well lets see how well you do when the clock is ticking. Careful you don't want to shoot more than your fishing licence allows, if you go over the quota it will ...    13 MB    Views 5074

Flying Fish

flying fish
-5    A flying fish that tries to cross pipes Flying Fish supports MOGA and other Mfi game controllers on iPhone and iPod Touch.    7 MB    Views 5990

Impossible Fishy

Related Apps jump fish
-1    Guide the fish though the levels, jump over the anchors to avoid them, and make it to the end Instructions: Touch/Tap to jump the fish.    2 MB    Views 8385

Floppin Fish

-3    Save the fish from speeding cars by leaping over them This insanely difficult game will provide fun wherever, whenever. How many points can you get?    22 MB    Views 884

Fish Flap

iphone fish flap
+13    The new amazing Fish Flap is now on your iPhone. Tilt your iPhone to move the little fish    14 MB    Views 1957

Feeding Fish

fish feeding
+5    Feeding Fish is a casual game where you must guide the character to keep your live as long as possible. Collecting points for each obstacle you feed. Tap on the screen to make the fish swim and avoid the seaweed FEATURES: 1. ...    32 MB    Views 1963

Cat Scram

jump dog cat tap obstacles double fish distance screen air
-4    Cat Scram is a new endless running game from Kuma the Bear. A dog chases after you, easily knocking obstacles aside. To get away, use your physicsdefying, feline double jump If the dog catches up to you, just eat a ...    21 MB    Views 6087

Shark Attack.

+2    Save so many fish as you can Swipe to top to make fish jump    2 MB    Views 4756
fish whale
0    Stop the attack of the fish on the whale. The more you can destroy, the faster they keep coming. "Fun game to play to pass the time." Ian Z. Can you save the whale? Download Now    42 MB    Views 4514

Swimmie Fish

+3    Tap your fins and try not to hit anything under the sea Get addicted to Swimmie Fish This game has ads    16 MB    Views 7753

Fish in a Barrel

fish barrel
+18    So you think "Shooting fish in a barrel" is easy? Well lets see how well you do when the clock is ticking. Careful you don't want to shoot more than your fishing licence allows, if you go over the quota it will ...    13 MB    Views 7150


creative bubble bubbles game fantasy fish obstacles eliminate level special
+9    Get the best of the classic Bubble game experience in PopSaga:Fantasy, Straightforward operation feel, And the most beautiful Bobble game. In many countries, PopSaga:Fantasy has received millions of players love and recommend Download Now and global players to subvert the classic BEGINNING ...    78 MB    Views 486

Flappy Fish Frenzy

flappy fish frenzy
-3    Help Flappy the clownfish swim his way through a maze of obstacles. Flappy Fish Frenzy will take you on a wild ride and redefine your love hate relationship with your favorite iOS device. Post your high scores to Game Center and ...    5 MB    Views 2022
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