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Pigy the Pigeon

+2    The cute runner game for kids is finally here, meet Pigy the Pigeon Messenger He is not an ordinary pigeon, he has a special power that let's him carry infinite amount of letters to his backpack, your duty is to ...    6 MB    Views 9983

Frogs and Flies

game play flies
+5    A fun to play casual game that anyone can play. Eat as many flies as you can before your opponent. Compare your scores to other players around the world. If you would like to try this game before purchase, there is ...    26 MB    Views 2407

Don't Fry the Frog!

+11    EXPERIENCE TRUE MULTITOUCH FLY FRYIN' Kotaku's Gaming App of the Day 22812 Don't Fry the Frog is a new game from Blacktorch Games bringing you the best in froghoppin' fly fryin' romp through the swamp action Features: Complete more than 100 missions Increase your frog ...    18 MB    Views 5623

Jump Bird Jump

jump bird game flies support
+21    JUMP BIRD JUMP... Be careful, you can not end it if you begin. Just download it, if you like challenges, you'll find it in JUMP BIRD JUMP. This game demands skills, where you have the control under the little bird. ...    17 MB    Views 5213

Fly Lord

food flies don fly lord
-3    Don't you hate it when those flies try to ruin your beach trip or picnic? Fly Lord provides a way to get back at them. Release your frustration by finishing those irritating flies. However, be careful, those flies are playing with ...    45 MB    Views 973

Happy P's Revenge

happy flies
-4    Happy P is sick of those flies, and he's not going to take it any more. Secret Pudding scientists have built a new Fly Smasher, and we'd like you to test it Tilt your phone to bounce around the testing arena and ...    12 MB    Views 2718

Dumb Flies

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+2    Dumb Flies is the addictive, simple yet challenging game that is becoming quite popular. The object is to guide a little house fly through a gauntlet of bug zappers. This game is easy to play yet difficult to master. Very fun and ...    3 MB    Views 7482
-5    Bored? Wanna kill some time? You may as well kill some annoying flies Take a challenge and punch as many flies as you can within two minutes. And be accurate, because if you miss they may fly away. Plus... you ...    18 MB    Views 2621


+18    Solve puzzles and eat flies Help the hungry frog break tiles and capture flies Unlock new maps, fight bosses and collect trophies    46 MB    Views 5852

Bumblebee Race Free

+20    An amazing obstacle race A big bumblebee is dodging cars, mischievous flies and other obstacles. More tasks for you to get gold awards. Weather and time change, the scenery is diverse. Being big and heavy the bumblebee does not enjoy making ...    42 MB    Views 1547

Jelly Cubes 3D

Related Apps jump jelly cream ice cubes eat flies don play sweet
+11    All of us like to eat ice cream and cupcakes, but have you ever dreamed of being an ice cream? Play for the sweet, delicious ice cream and protect jelly cubes Flies are in love with jelly cubes, and they want ...    137 MB    Views 3807
time fly catch samurai world score high play flies version
-6    Free Match 3 Game "iShiwake ANGRY JAPANESE" has been released. To celebrate it, "EDO SAMURAI:Catch the fly" delivered in a limited time free "EDO SAMURAI:Catch the fly" is large version up The battle with the fly to the world stage New version ...    14 MB    Views 7907

Tamarro Volador

+7    The survival of the Tamarro is in your hands. A herd of little pigs are out to hunt him down. Help him escape, as he flies over the lands of Andorra with his propeller/tail. And while you're at it, be ...    11 MB    Views 1898

A Frog Game

frog flies game
+14    In this game you just have to catch flies. Nothing more, nothing less. But be careful, you are not the only hungry frog. Eat special flies for better scores or time bonus. You also should know that not every fly is ...    11 MB    Views 3680
giraffe game flies sky avoid helicopter
+9    Addicinting Giraffe Helicopter is an addicting game that will keep you hooked for hours on in. In the deep safari lives a Giraffe that has a propeller attached to him. He flies high and tries to avoid all the obstacles ...    12 MB    Views 7778


facebook yummy presents game awards levels wall flies style completing
+7    Yummy is one of the most exciting actionstyle games for iPhone. Gameplay is simple, but very haunting your task is to save the yummy from everlasting attacks of swarms of hungry flies. The game is deeply socially integrated, so ...    35 MB    Views 5847
adventure tiny dragon game flies taps
+5    Tiny Dragon Wings Of Infinity may well be the most played game of the year This simple, yet addictive game has a single objective...Get as far as you can Tap Tiny Dragon to help him fly higher, be careful...Too many taps ...    11 MB    Views 7150

Annoying Fly HD

fly flies annoying store realistic review sound modes 100
+12    Where on earth is that annoying fly sound coming from? "it's vey realistic, and lots of fun" app store review "Realistic sound and fun to see how annoying it it if someone cannot find the source of ...    13 MB    Views 6663

Fly Lord HD

-8    Don't you hate it when those flies try to ruin your beach trip or picnic? Fly Lord provides a way to get back at them. Release your frustration by finishing those irritating flies. However, be careful, those flies are playing with ...    57 MB    Views 1472
Related Apps butterflies fun game flies catch jars play super free
+24    Butterflies is a fun arcade and action style game that requires timing and strategy to catch butterflies in jars as they float around your screen. Everything is fun and carefree until the flies show up. Watch out Flies will multiply ...    29 MB    Views 2240

Jelly Cubes 3D PRO

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+12    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS All of us like to eat ice cream and cupcakes, but have you ever dreamed of being an ice cream? Play for the sweet, delicious ice cream and protect jelly cubes Flies are in love with jelly cubes, ...    132 MB    Views 1161

Duo Fly Fight

turn flies insects fly
+26    Fear had gripped insects. People attack them, trying to kill. Pair bold flies, Tito, Gunny, managed to escape Be bold and courageous, obernis from rapid and large fly swatter Turn right, turn left and you farther from death Help brave ...    39 MB    Views 5390

Frog In Hell Free

jump eat frog flies endless world jumping game fall rush
+20    Your pond has been destroyed Jump from one piece of shattered landscape to another to escape the fireball of destruction. See how many flies you can eat along the way in this highly addictive endless platform jumping game. How many files ...    75 MB    Views 433
Related Apps game fun jars catch scoops cones ice super cream flies
+22    Scoops is a fun arcade and action style game that requires timing and strategy to catch ice cream cones in jars as they float around your screen. Everything is fun and carefree until mutant flies show up. Watch out Flies ...    20 MB    Views 6681


-3    This game is to swat a fly . How to play is simple. Hit the fly by the fly flap. The background of the screen is camera picture. You can enjoy the feeling that the fly flies realistically. In 60 seconds, how many flies can ...    1 MB    Views 5101

River Raid Free

river raid jet enemy flies fighter game player fuel
+1    Atari 2600 versions of the game River Raid bring back your childhood memories Experience your dads games the player flies a fighter jet over the River of No Return in a raid behind enemy lines. you fight by tankers ,helicopters ,fuel depots, jets,hot air ...    14 MB    Views 9157

Absurd Mall Math

math shoes flies mall price absurd pair bear
-4    It's a normal day at absurd mall, the usual craziness abounds. The shoe store has an infestation of shoe flies and it's up to Oxnard Bear to eliminate these pesky insects. Oxnard arrives at the scene with his trusty flyswatter ...    12 MB    Views 5714

Swatter HD

-8    Swat your way through hordes of flies with three incredibly fun modes of play Classic Mode: Swat flies through 30 increasingly challenging rounds of play. Each round the flies get faster and the clock gets shorter Arcade Mode: You have 60 seconds to massacre ...    12 MB    Views 8539


+4    A fun relaxing game . Get as many pesky flies as you can using an assortment of weopons .CRUSH THOSE FLIES    6 MB    Views 7649

Flying Toast Lite

music game toast flies give flying funny character main
0    Flying Toast is an easy and very attractive game. The main character is a funny toast that indefatigably flies up. Your task is to help the main character to fly as high as he can, turning away from annoying shelves, ...    13 MB    Views 7708
web meter flies ants game supported day retina reach
-6    All Incy wants to do is to spend a nice day relaxing on his web. Unfortunately his web is being attacked by a swarm of flies. Incy's task is to rid his web of all the flies at the ...    23 MB    Views 8380

MoscaGogo HD

sleep man flies bar faster achievements tap decreases mosquitoes
-1    Let the old man sleep squashing all the flies and mosquitoes who enjoy flying around him. Little flies, one tap to kill. Big flies need two taps. Annoying mosquitoes one tap. The more flies that are on the old man's body, the faster the ...    30 MB    Views 6485

Down Like Flies

-7    It's summer time. Make as much hits as possible and dump the flies into the honeypot. Use left or right rotating blocks to not miss the honey    1 MB    Views 965


gun flies fly swatter machine day game waves hardcore
+12    An army of naughty flies are ruining your sunny day They keep reproducing all day long and their forces are growing fast. The ordinary fly swatter can’t hold them back much longer. Pick up your trusty machine gun and ready the ...    46 MB    Views 4275
picnic version bugs free ants crush flies
+16    What can be better than a picnic? But there are the hungry picnic bugs Do not let them get to your food. Test your agility and reaction speed. This version of the game has no advertising. We recommend you to download the free version, and ...    37 MB    Views 9463
pinball flies flippers sewers
-4    Flippers the Frog loves flies. THIS IS NOT your typical pinball game. Unlike pinballs, flies don't roll, they bounce. Use the "flippers" to help the flies escape to the sewers. You get 2 more flies every time 1 escapes to ...    22 MB    Views 3950
cats eggs clumsy flies throw bound aware play tails knock
+9    If you haven't ever tried to bind two cats by tails this game is for you Two cats are too clumsy to disentangle and too hungry to stop. Naughty cats throw off eggs from the shelves to pick them ...    66 MB    Views 4314

Flippers Fly Killer

-9    Flippers the Frog loves flies. But, these flies are taking over the swamp in swarms. FLIPPERS HAS GOT A GUN Just aim and fire. Beware, because the fire flies are harder to beat Flippers has to get 100 Flies. GOOD LUCK, ...    20 MB    Views 7205

Catch a Fly

spider king flies catch enemies small
+4    Small spider is waiting for his posterity to hatch. But angry flies led by the Spider King have already developed evil plan to steal Spider's children Help small spider to beat his enemies and free his breed Build your web in ...    48 MB    Views 2972

Tap Tap+

tap mode flies accuracy coming space
+2    They're coming The Space Flies are coming The planet's fleet is away on training and you are the only one who can stop them Do you have what it takes? Features: Standard mode: smash as much space flies as possible in a set ...    21 MB    Views 185

Flies Attack

flies hit
+14    Flies are annoying Try to hit as many as you can before time runs out How many can you hit? Don't touch the bomb in your pursuit and the clock is your friend. Look for the golden fly    22 MB    Views 2144


flies birds careful
+19    Help your little friend SpinFin collect as many flies as he can on this fine sunny day, but be careful, because the birds are as hungry as SpinFin is and they are after YOU As well as careful dodging, SpinFin has ...    31 MB    Views 356

Freakin' Flies

Related Apps time iphone flies swat cute collect simple coins
+13    Swat them flies Collect coins Unlock weapons Go CRAYCRAY Swat some flies and kill some time Tap the screen to swat and splat the Crazy flies. This app works on the following devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or better, ...    47 MB    Views 2731

Killer Flies

+19    Interesting game to smash the the flies and score the best with four different modes. Basic Kids Rush Adventurous So keep smashing the bad flies and do not touch the good flies.    23 MB    Views 4960

Fly Control

fly flies control jam froggy cute
+9    Get your buz on and help the cute little flies reach their stinky targets Squish flies as temporary food to regain their energy. Watch out, controlling them is not as easy as it sounds Avoid flies from crashing into each other ...    19 MB    Views 1596

Crazy Chameleon HD

action chameleon flies play addictive full game catch
+30    Play as a hungry Chameleon and catch flies by extending your tongue. Pretty simple to play, addictive and full of action. Can you help the chameleon to eat the correct flies? then Help him to catch the right flies Make sure to protect ...    43 MB    Views 7620

Spider Runs

jump skill garry spider flies game
+22    Welcome to my Spider Kingdom Fun and Flies for all tastes Come in, jump to any spider web and enjoy Oh, wait a second... Did you hear that? Somebody came back Garry, is that you? You were supposed to come ...    36 MB    Views 6614

Fly Must Die!

tap fly flies
+5    Catch flies with chopsticks. To kill a fly you must hit it precisely with the tips of the chopsticks. Miss a bit and it flies away. We'd recommend to use both thumbs: one to point the chopsticks and the other to ...    515 kb    Views 6671

Flies killer - free

flies killer anger kill killing bugs game
-5    Flies Killer is one of our hugely successful bug killing apps. Annoyed with flies? We bring you the ultimate way to get even with those flying beats Smash flies with your finger They run fast and freely on your screen but ...    21 MB    Views 412

Fly Swat!

flies fly swat red easy bugs
+5    The flies are out Swat flies by touching the screen. Each fly will only be around for a little while so react fast and if you see a red beacon, time is running out. Let three flies get away and ...    22 MB    Views 6708

Frog Story

facebook video weather game flies frog story leaf pond piranhas play control
0    Smart flies and hungry piranhas must be beaten to become king of the pond Frog Story is a free to play game which offers 100% pond fun You are at a wonderful place, sitting on a leaf in a pond and everything ...    43 MB    Views 2734

Buzz Attack

action flies mode weapons coins physics buzz buy wave paced
-2    Buzz Attack is an original sidescrolling fly squashing indie action game Flies have invaded the park It’s up to Gus to fend them off while trying to avoid getting bitten by the pesky swarm Collect coins to buy weapons like the fly ...    8 MB    Views 5051

Flyz Free

Related Apps wasps touch don tongue flies eat free version catch
+28    This is the FREE adsupported version Full version has global high scores. Fun frantic addictive gameplay with colorful graphics Give those yummy Flyz a good tongue lashing Touch the screen to fling your tongue to catch bugs and eat them. Flyz are ...    3 MB    Views 6888
fly slots flies jackpot play big spin bet spins
-3    Big bet, Big wins when you play Vexin Botfly Slots Match pairs of botflies displayed on slots. Available types of botflies are warble flies, heel flies, gadflies, larvae, common housefly, mosquitoes species of tick butterfly, crane fly, bee fly, moth fly, ...    9 MB    Views 3090

Let Me Eat!!!

flies day levels
-5    It's a perfect day for a picnic. But wait, flies are everywhere Don't let them ruin your day. Test your reaction skills with this fun and addictive game. Each level is harder than the last one. Be careful so the flies do ...    31 MB    Views 5606

Flappy Toast

music game toast flies funny flappy give character main
+9    Flappy Toast is an easy and very attractive game. The main character is a funny toast that indefatigably flies up. Your task is to help the main character to fly as high as he can, turning away from annoying shelves, ...    15 MB    Views 6182


Related Apps flies trap tap fly
+15    Venus the fly trap is hungry, but those pesky flies are quick Test your reflexes and catch as many flies as you can. Top the leaderboards for highscore in one round, or total number of flies caught Tap the screen to close ...    11 MB    Views 6366

River Bunch

tim flies eat
+8    Tim The Thing has always been known as the happiest living thing on Earth and now that he is a Father his happiness will live on forever But, oh no The evil flies have arrived to take away Tim's little one. Never ...    12 MB    Views 4179
war facebook frogs doom lake game play battle flies pro blasting
+12    This game contains NO ads Classic arcadestyle game play. The frogs were happy living in Lake Doom until the flies decided to invade Help the Lake Doom frogs protect their home from the pesky flies as they try to ...    21 MB    Views 155

Tofu Rescue

tofu flies arcade soup touch game push ios angry rescue
-8    Tofu Rescue is a "push to survive" arcade game. Enraged and angry flies want to eat the Tofu swimming in your soup. Will you be fast enough to stop them? You have to push flies from bottom to top. If you touch a ...    11 MB    Views 5541
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