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+10    Why have your food fight in your stomach where no one can see the carnage? Sizzle Entertainment unleashes the every day meals from your gut and puts them in Flying Food Fight Watch the four food groups square off as ...    14 MB    Views 9275
+17    This game is simple. You need to touch on the food symbol in the bottom which have the similar food order at the last in the center. TOUCH AND TOUCH CRAZY TO CLEAR THE ORDER There are 3 difficult mode for you ...    18 MB    Views 6148

Moya World

0    Moya world is a combination fun and simplicity. Moya is a cute and flufy character, in search of the greatest food in the world he decided to for an adventure to look for it. Since Moya is contantly hungry, he ...    23 MB    Views 7872
+15    kill and logic are needed in Hungry Barnyard. The animals on the farm are hungry But the food seems far away and the path to it is dangerous. So it's up to us to help them somehow. Try to build ...    4 MB    Views 6310


+23    Help Mac D. to take his food avoiding bugs. Mac D., a cute little devil, is always in search of food. But, to be able to eat he will face many trials that will lead him to travel in different scenarios. Mac ...    8 MB    Views 9795


food snake game
+17    You control a snake, which roams around, picking up food, trying to avoid hitting the sides that surround the playing area. Each time the snake eats a piece of food, its tail grows longer, making the game increasingly interesting. You ...    16 MB    Views 6133


-2    A fun filled game with food rushing down the screen going faster and faster as you keep catching(crushing) the food. If one food get's by you, you lose. HOW TO PLAY Tap or hold on either side of the platform to make the ...    2 MB    Views 8124
food order bottom item
+14    There are many of food in the table. Help us get all the item in the order which display at the bottom of screen. Touch on all the item which have on the list at the bottom.    18 MB    Views 6504


food worm steer
-2    Worm game. Use your finger to steer the worm by simply taping to the direction you want to steer. Collec coins and food. The food lets the worm grow and a larger worm gets more points for a coin. But be aware: the ...    611 kb    Views 4897

Fast Food Frenzy HD

+1    Manage your own food stand and try to keep your customers happy in this fast paced food serving game Features: Various different customers Burgers, pies, soda and more Easy to follow instructions Fun for kids and adults alike    2 MB    Views 1604


+14    For KID For FAMILY Enjoy FoodBreaker Hit delicious Food Blocks by Paddle and Balls. Various Items Makes Your Gameplay More Exciting. Cool Food Graphics Will Make You Happy. How to get more score Try to get more Item Try to make more Combo ...    21 MB    Views 6646

Food Fighters

Related Apps food fighters world
+26    Food Fighters is an instant multiplayer mayhem shooter, with real humans from all over the world battling it out once and for all to prove who has the tastiest weaponry.. Burgers or Fries. Also in tribute to the Olympics, the challenge ...    5 MB    Views 7009
food game
-5    Download and enjoy this new awesome game Save your food from filthy rats There seems to be a continuous influx of vermin all over the world. Now , they have raided each and every homes in your community and have been ...    45 MB    Views 4172
food hungry
+13    Take part in the hungry geeks food fight Use your flying and food fighting skills to destroy all enemies in your way :) Leave us a comment and let us know how far you got Tip:: Hold the screen while shooting to unlock ...    10 MB    Views 6175

Dodge Food

food dodge
+15    Dodge Food Comes down from sky, the Rotten food Avoid moving the left and right    9 MB    Views 1354

Zombie Food

-8    Zombie Food. You're a cook, you have unfortunately been kidnapped by a zombie. It is nasty, dangerous and very hungry. It requires you to feed him with his evil vegetables. But beware, this zombie is little patient. You need to cut her food ...    45 MB    Views 2639

Hungry Rebbet

food hungry
0    Hungry Rebbet is REALLY hungry but those CRAZY goblins hid all the food in blocks. Play as Rebbet and capture as much food as You can.    24 MB    Views 3126

Hungry Trip

trip food hungry mike big
-7    Big Mike is a chubby guy in a hungry trip. He barely makes the difference between healthy and junk food, just like most of us. But help is on its way Designed for both children and grownups, Hungry Trip is a ...    25 MB    Views 8665
+3    Want a speed ride? Tap left & right, run & race in a playroom racing track free Hi there boys and girls, fans of adventure run games and fun racing arcades We have made a cool "running game for boys and ...    40 MB    Views 7395
-8    How good are you at stacking food? Can you make delicious hamburgers, chocolate cookies with cream, fresh deli sandwiches, incredible veggie burgers, fruit pancakes & delicious desserts? Now's the time to find out in this awesome game We would LOVE you to ...    37 MB    Views 3983
food game
+23    THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS Download and enjoy this new awesome game Save your food from filthy rats There seems to be a continuous influx of vermins all over the world. Now , they have raided each and every ...    45 MB    Views 4296

Fishy Phil

food phil ocean fishy
-6    Join Fishy Phil in Food frenzy Help Phil munch his way through an ocean awash with junk food. Food = points Apples are good for you, eat them to become invincible. Eating clocks will slow time down to help Phil navigate through the dirty ocean ...    32 MB    Views 131

Food Cutter

food facebook game
-2    This is an action packed food slicing game with lots of yummy and tasty fast foods like burger,hotdog,pizza,sandwich and french fries. Features: 1.Slice food as they are thrown at the screen, and avoid bomb. 2.Game Center integration including Leader board and achievements 3.Pause,resume and ...    3 MB    Views 8471

Hungry Boo

Related Apps food boo hungry
+2    Little Boo is hungry. But he is too lazy to go out and hunt for food. He always sits in his cozy room listening to music. Help the crazy chap to get some pastries and snacks. Turn the device to guide ...    34 MB    Views 6848
-1    You are a MASTER CHEF NINJA. Your mission: cut the food and avoid the bombs. Enjoy hours of fun with this simple but engaging game.    9 MB    Views 6576
food fast foods buy
+22    We are swamped with fast food these day from big chain restaurants. Say "No" to fast food by matching like food items to make them go away. At certain rounds, you will be bombarded to eat more greasy foods, at which ...    36 MB    Views 1833
Related Apps dogs cat food awesome madcap fish bones trash cans run
+3    Crazy madcap cat vs. dogs ROCK on the streets of New York A hothead stray cat, a thunderbolt of dogs, is tired of a hard street life, full of problems. He is not interested in the fish bones any more. He ...    62 MB    Views 3269

Food Factory

-8    A fun food sorting game in which players must accurately distribute food items into different groups.    13 MB    Views 938


food household
-1    Cliff is a household cat. His cousin was a famous TV persona, the guy even had its own show. Due to its success, the whole family is quite spoiled. Like most household pets, its wild hunting instincts are a bit rusty, ...    20 MB    Views 5155
food piranhas amazon piranha
+11    "Visiting amazon you can see a shoal of piranhas and you can not miss the opportunity to show your master skills in handling dangerous fish. Feed Piranhas one at a time indicating the way to the food, prevents two or more ...    14 MB    Views 9896

Alice Roll

food alice
-5    Alice grows small because of eating a cake. If Alice eaten that another food, Alice would have at risk. Running on donut to dodge a food and collect a star to glow big again. Cheshire Cat will make a portal to help Alice. And ...    58 MB    Views 3665
food jump running run caveman game cave reach meat fun
-9    Welcome to Caveman run. Caveman Run is exciting running game where lonely caveman has to travel through the wild to reach his Meat. Help Caveman Run and Jump and fly to reach his food. Feed some meat to the Caveman. He ...    16 MB    Views 7826


food feed gator gators
+1    Help feed the Alligators that have come to visit your Apple device. Select the similar colored gator food as it swims by and drag it to the appropriate gator to feed them. The more food you feed to one gator ...    11 MB    Views 3151

Junk Food Fatsos

Related Apps food hero junk level
-5    Junk Food Fatsos is fast and fun with entertaining, original artwork and animation. The hero with the shopping cart jumps around in search of fruits, veggies, and treasure on each level while trying to avoid a horde of hungry junk ...    29 MB    Views 4993
Related Apps food blind survival time cat long achievements original run close
-3    Gerald is a Blind Cat that doesn't know he's on a dangerous platform. Keep him alive by feeding him food. FEATURES Four Unique Themed Survival Levels (more to come). • Original A simple starter. • Snow Blizzards make it difficult to see. • ...    116 MB    Views 5670

Serve them Right

food serve customer simple game
+11    Serve the customer the right food. Serve the right customer the right food. Serve the left customer the right food. Not confusing. Very simple game. Serve the food coming on the table being rotated on a belt to the customer who is ...    27 MB    Views 2755

Hungry Fridge

Related Apps food fridge hungry
+2    Hungry Fridge is an addictive game The rule is simple – you have to feed the Fridge with the proper food, but watch out for the timer as the type of food the Fridge wants changes randomly.    4 MB    Views 5330

Fly Lord HD

-9    Don't you hate it when those flies try to ruin your beach trip or picnic? Fly Lord provides a way to get back at them. Release your frustration by finishing those irritating flies. However, be careful, those flies are playing with ...    57 MB    Views 1472

Lunch Urge Crush

Related Apps food foods fast
+16    We are swamped with fast food these day from big chain restaurants. Say "No" to fast food by matching like food items to make them go away. At certain rounds, you will be bombarded to eat more greasy foods, at which ...    35 MB    Views 9932

Snake Snake!

food snake played piece jack
-7    Snake Snake? Snake Snake You may have played Snake before, but you really haven't played until you've played Snake Snake. Take Snake Snake from piece of food to piece of food on a journey from your back yard all the way to ...    31 MB    Views 6629

Noodle King

Related Apps food game junk
-9    An interactive game that tests your finger tips and eye sight. The objective is to identify the difference between a noodle bowl and junk food. A 30 second game that allows people to accumulated accumulate points by slicing junk food and ...    29 MB    Views 3300

Angry Burger Hero

food sell
+14    At least one time in your life you thought : could i sell food on the roads ? Well , with this game you can do it Sell food to people on the road , trees and aliens and prove ...    61 MB    Views 3404
food hungry path
-8    Skill and logic are needed in Hungry Barnyard. The animals on the farm are hungry But the food seems far away and the path to it is dangerous. So it's up to us to help them somehow. Try to build ...    4 MB    Views 2241

Crocodile Run

running music jump winter cold food crocodile run game apples tap screen levels collect
-6    Crocodile Run The amazing run game, little crocodile wants food, help the little crocodile to find its food in this cold winter. make crocodile run without falling into the ice cold water and to take all apples. just tap the ...    38 MB    Views 1483
dogs cat iphone food madcap awesome bones trash cans fish run
+1    Crazy madcap cat vs. dogs ROCK on the streets of New York A hothead stray cat, a thunderbolt of dogs, is tired of a hard street life, full of problems. He is not interested in the fish bones any more. He ...    29 MB    Views 7140

Salad Dodgers

food salad fast
+9    Eat Fast Food, Dodge Your Greens Simple....... Or is it? Profound Productions LTD are proud to present our debut game.. Salad Dodgers A touching journey of one man's struggle to achieve his goals of obesity, by devouring all fast food items insight, ...    19 MB    Views 2261

Vampy Bat

food bat
+8    Vampy Bat is a game in which vampy fly at night to find food. but also there is inedible food for Vampy. So beware Have fun.    6 MB    Views 1655

Ostrich Runner

food eat small
-3    Run and eat food to stay alive What do Ostriches Eat? They eat a variety plant matter such as roots, leaves, and seeds. Sometimes they eat small invertebrates (insects) and small rodents (mice). They also swallow sand and pebbles which help them ...    21 MB    Views 2399

Falling Food

food floor falling
+4    Catch the falling food before it hits the floor, no one likes food on the floor Avoid all non food related objects though or you will lose This is version 1.0, if you find any bugs, please report it to me Future Updates: 1) ...    1 MB    Views 5588

8Bit Endless

Related Apps food fast 8bit fruits eat
+6    How much fast food do you eat in a day? Well I hate fast Food who am I am Wrwr the Dino, unlike the others I like fruits and I want them in 8Bit. So eat Fruits skip Fast Food and never ...    4 MB    Views 6662
Related Apps food collect delicious
+5    The cook is throwing out delicious hamburgers and fried chicken legs. However, pans is also thrown out by mistake. Collect food and don’t touch pans. Have fun    16 MB    Views 7738

Save My Food

Related Apps food bugs barrage save play
+24    FORRR SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That's what the bugs might have said when they saw the food lying there in plain sight ready to be taken. Go BOMBASTICALY BLAZING in this crunchy unbelievably satisfying experience of protecting your food from the bugs who dare take ...    7 MB    Views 2947

Fast Food Hero

food healthy vegetables fast worlds
-9    This is our first application on the AppStore, a tribute of the classic pacman game Eat chips and burgers instead of pills Run and avoid the vegetables and healthy food catch you And over all finish them when the power of ...    11 MB    Views 8618
Related Apps food minecraft running runner craft run items collect avoid style man
0    Pixel Craft Boy is running for food , please help. Choose Your Runner Thief runner ,Firefighter runner ,business man ,Doctor , Truck Driver ,Soccer Player, police man runner,Sheriff runner Avoid container obstacles,traffic car and tractors , go for maximum distance as far as ...    38 MB    Views 396

Chunky Pig

Related Apps food friends pig chunky score
+23    Get some grub, quench your hunger and beat your friends. Have an amazing time eating all the food until you become the super pig, to be the one with the highest score among your chunky friends. How to play? Just drag your finger ...    34 MB    Views 8027
food game fish leaderboards high
0    Move the ugly fish around and eat all fast food you can to get points in this survival arcade game. The food, and also other objects, are thrown by a careless girl driving a jet ski. But it's not that ...    6 MB    Views 9727

Sriracha Shooter

food shooter
+8    Sriracha lover? Then it's your day to be a hero. Only you can save the world from dull food with Sriracha Shooter. The higher your points, the more food you can douse in delicious, spicy sriracha. Put sriracha on everything, then ...    21 MB    Views 6401

Health Food Frenzy

food health frenzy healthy
+28    Health Food Frenzy is a sidescrolling shooter game aimed at reinforcing healthy eating habits. The player must avoid junk food and eat healthy food to earn points throughout increasing levels of difficulty.    16 MB    Views 8344

Taco Catch

Related Apps food game taco run
-5    Play this addictive taco game tap the screen to fill the tacos with food avoid losing food as the game ends when you run out unlock new ingredients as you progress easily restart this quick game every time you run ...    17 MB    Views 9358
food game hotdog
+16    Unleash the flying food Mega jump your hotdog through the horde of horrible veggies Gather riches along the way to unlock fun new playable food items. Game only available on Apple Devises.    11 MB    Views 8298
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