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Blocks 4 Free

+2    Blocks 4 Free is an easy free game in a classic falling blocks style. But instead of filling rows, you have to connect same colored blocks to crack and remove them. Just try it out, it's free    5 MB    Views 6630

Ski 3D Free

ski free
+14    Ski through the computer forest and through flags to earn points. Use the accelerometer to control the skier. Don't miss a flag or you lose your bonus multipliers. Free version of game with ads.    1 MB    Views 724
+15    Run and shoot like hell, because your enemies are ugly aliens always out to get you. Jump, run, or slide, you must get as far as you can without loosing a life. Always be on the defense. Run through towers and ...    43 MB    Views 3697

Sheep Hero!

game free
+23    Top 1 Free Game US The Most Addictive Game Ever 4+ Game,For Everyone 2015 Most Popular Free Game Just keep throwing the sheeps How to play: Touch Drag and Aim Release    NAN    Views 3202

ShellSmash Free

+30    Venture forth into an underwater adventure in this free version of ShellSmash. Match shells to collect golden coins and progress to the next level.    28 MB    Views 7721
-1    Stressed? Enjoy this free, funny stressbusting game. Match the oncoming birds. Hold or release the screen to switch between birds.    12 MB    Views 6680


+4    Did you ever typed the alphabet on your iOS device really fast? Not? Well, this is your chance, for free Challenge yourself and your friends to get the best time. A game will only take 4 seconds of your valuable time, ...    5 MB    Views 7108
+29    How are you at the amazing race? > Fun endless game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Tilt the screen to move left and right and avoid the obstacles How far can you get? Do you have the patience? Go as ...    13 MB    Views 3054
0    The pirate booty is yours But never be greedy As what is your may be exhausted. A fun slot machine for every one Its totally free Download and Play now    28 MB    Views 8641
-2    This is a 100% free (no InApps) game for your iPad. You must hack the plagues as fast as you can And avoid the snakes    9 MB    Views 3962
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+6    How are you at the amazing race? > Fun endless game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Tilt the screen to move left and right and avoid the obstacles How far can you get? Do you have the patience? Go as ...    28 MB    Views 5472
0    Don’t let the blades get you How far can you go? DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE    10 MB    Views 6105

Bee JoyRide Free

+15    You need to guide a little Bee collecting flowers and avoiding dangerous objects... Nice arcade game with some Rock and Roll music... Free version Only the first 8 screens Have fun    23 MB    Views 303
-4    FREE It's the cutest farm game Solve the puzzles by aiming and throwing Chule, he will roll, smile and pick animals up until he reaches home Watch out for the cookie timer so you get a cookie Cartoon Animations GameCenter/Openfeint integration 40 Levels ...    33 MB    Views 3222
-3    Be the luckiest LEGENDARY fighter Win and buy all kingdoms Test your luck on this roulette Its free Play and Download Now    14 MB    Views 7039

Whizzle Free

-6    Whizzle is number game ultimate. Can you high score it? For free    12 MB    Views 6520

Feier und Eis

-6    Celebrate Reality Twist's 5th birthday with this free racer app Ride your miniature buggy right through one of our offices and beat the high score Absolutely Free Have fun music featured: Singing Robots by Daniel Alan Gautreau licensed through SoundDogs MinuteMix by ...    77 MB    Views 4943
+14    Can you make the escape? Keep the star flare alive and win DOWNLOAD NOW FOR FREE    32 MB    Views 7652
+10    Bounce…Ninja…Bounce Download this FREE Game NOW and bounce to high scores Challenge your friends and see who will win    19 MB    Views 330

Arcade Snake Expert

-2    Aarcade Snake Free DownLoad Today FREE Simple snake game is Back Eat food blocks. Avoid hitting walls and snake's tail. JJ factory 2015    19 MB    Views 2019
+29    Avoid the cogs and keep the bubble alive Challenging & Super Fun Download NOW for FREE    20 MB    Views 3425

Sea Maze Free

+21    Spin your way through this addicting maze game. Navigate your character through the maze while you are constantly spinning, causing you to perfect your reflexes and get past tricky obstacles without touching the sides, so you must move at the ...    15 MB    Views 1338

Bounce FREE!

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+9    FREE Baounce thanks to ALLINONE Casual and Puzzle GameBox Bounce: an arcade puzzle game also known as Jezzball or Kbounce.    26 MB    Views 6279
+6    Batter up Swing for the fences and see how far you can hit in this fun home run derby style arcade game Download it for FREE today    30 MB    Views 9319

Brick Ball Free

+4    Keep a ball in screen and destroy all brick. have 6 level in free version.    35 MB    Views 9054

Bubble Mags Free

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0    The perfect way to waste some time It's addictive. It's free. How much better can it be? It's super easy to start playing. Just tap the screen in the direction you want the bubble to move and aim for two ...    29 MB    Views 8855

Kamikazes Free

-1    Defend your aircraft carrier from the endless supply of Kamikaze planes determined to sink you and your allies into the watery depths of the ocean. Take on the Kamikazes in a Hellcat. Action like you have never seen before. 98% ...    15 MB    Views 4310
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+1    The birds are falling all around us Tap the birds to help them fly off before they get trapped. Watch out for special birds that help you help them Hours of fun & tonnes of levels to complete. This game is entirely free to ...    25 MB    Views 7103

Frontier Bike Run

+4    Download this free and exciting bike game Free to play today    24 MB    Views 864
0    Flap your monkey wings to fly… 1. Tap to make the monkey and not fall and avoid obstacles. 2. Don’t forget about rule 1. Download today for Free    5 MB    Views 2584
-7    Shoot the incoming zombies in the free version of this vector shoot em up game    301 kb    Views 1451
-8    Free Download Today Claw is always want you [How to Play] Keep Moving.. or Keep in Touch and Keep Survive.. New Action Arcade Game For You JJ factory 2014    6 MB    Views 5217

Free AirHockey

+2    A free Air Hockey game for everybody    4 MB    Views 4910

The Line - Red Free

-8    Swipe your finger left and right to move the ball and stay in the line. How hard can it be? Keep playing this free HD game and try to beat your record    25 MB    Views 222
+23    Who will be number one? Your goal is simple you must rack up as many points as Possible to beat your friends in a world wide achievement leader board Please note this is the free version upgrade to Pro for ...    39 MB    Views 1348

Bike Rider Free

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-2    Simple yet fastpaced free racing game, tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate. Being daring and passing cars and buses increases your speed and your score. Seems easy? Take the challenge and see how far ...    17 MB    Views 4092

Fast Wind Cat

-5    Download this free and exciting cat game How to Play: 1. Tap the screen to jump across and attack 2. Avoid objects and score the farthest distance Free today.    51 MB    Views 6643
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+17    Tap to Shoot Don't let the Doges escape Easy to Learn But Hard to master Challenge your Friends Shoot at will Try to beat yout score Download it while is free    NAN    Views 4320
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+7    This FREE version is for iPad The little bee wants to fly, but it must learn how first. Help the little bee Just touch the screen on the down hills to get speed. This is a kids safe game that can be ...    13 MB    Views 3868
+2    It's WAR Fight against endless waves of your enemies in the battlefield. 21 different levels 8 unique units & special attacks (Tanks, choppers, planes, bazookas & more) Frenetic Action in Survival Mode Realistic sound effects Will you be able to conquer ...    16 MB    Views 6945

Crazy Goat FREE

goat free
+27    Experience the craziest goat game on mobile for FREE How much destruction can you create in one and a half minutes?    56 MB    Views 7336
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+25    Are you the ultimate slicing ninja? > Fun endless game play > Action packed and fast paced > Fun characters Swipe the screen to slice objects as they fly through the air and avoid any bombs and good obstacles Do you have the patience? Try ...    55 MB    Views 7403
Related Apps bubble free
+8    Bubbles keep showing up, tap on them. We are bubble breaker This is a simple fun action game that you can play in your free time. Enjoy    18 MB    Views 1977

Bubble Ball Free

Related Apps free bubble
+30    DownLoad Today FREE Try this fun, new physic game, where you will test your ingenuity and thinking skills to get the bubble to the goal. 2015 JJ factory    9 MB    Views 4264

bounce Nin-sward

free game
+15    100% free game for everyone, Each level is unlocked FREE OF COST game. Ninjas watch dream where they go for adventure and collect some coins for her poor father. and avoid from evils. DataTech Limited is producing free games for people who ...    32 MB    Views 8869

Piggies Free Fall

-4    Try out this fun and addictive piggy falling game Check it out for FREE now    4 MB    Views 8826
-6    TOP 6 Free App in Viet Nam Woow Kill Everything. Get Bigger Guns. Repeat. Oldschool arcade shooter. Nothing more. All are FREE. An additional BFG may by purchased.    21 MB    Views 4108

Arcade Roller Free

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+3    Just like in the arcade. Roll you way to the high score. You only have 8 balls, so make them count. Ads in the Free version    50 MB    Views 1026
-8    Try your luck with this new slot machine Greed is not always good Be thrifty and save coins to play more Its Totally Free Download and Play Now    13 MB    Views 5910
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+7    Free for a limited time – Try it Now All options are free & unlocked Easy to Play – Difficult to Master Choose the type of game you want to play Challenge Friends    101 MB    Views 4781
+1    Already in Apple TOP100 in more than 30 Country This is our Ads version for free, check out our AdFree version for only 0.99 You are a Super Astronaute and you need to avoid asteroid to get scores. Use ...    19 MB    Views 1054

Bounce HD FREE!

Related Apps puzzle bounce free
-3    FREE Bounce HD thanks to ALLINONE Casual and Puzzle GameBox Bounce: an arcade puzzle game also known as Jezzball or Kbounce.    22 MB    Views 2896

Superbloke Free

+8    The free version of Superbloke. Fastpaced retro 2D sidescrolling platformer. Dodge the bullets, throw the grenades, blow up the enemies, collect the coins and earn the stars. Get your name in the top of the global leaderboard. Good luck    7 MB    Views 5909
free hearts
-2    Try this awesome and exciting arcade game. You are an Angel flying in the sky and you have to drop hearts on the lovers on the grounds to free them up. You have to be fast and precise. Try it ...    22 MB    Views 445

CubeTris Free

+6    Free yourself A grand geometric struggle Play the world famous CubeTris game with improved controls and allnew social features. Addictive physics and lots of fun.    23 MB    Views 2330
0    Selected in FreeAppMagic 3 Great apps for free every day This is a special holiday edition of Shrooms 2 ♛♛♛♛♛ Something really zen about this puzzle game... ♛♛♛♛♛ Its ahhhhhhhmazing I love it. So addicting. I devote all my free time to it ♛♛♛♛♛ Epic That's what ...    23 MB    Views 5767


+6    TPFREE Tappy plane for Iphone only Tap to fly Earn 1 Point for every Goal Earn 2 Points for every Star Have fun    14 MB    Views 7086
+7    Play the addictive new runner game. You are playing as a young free runner who wants to reach his goals to become the ultimate Free Runner. However there are lots of obstacles to be conquered, even old grandma Try your ...    NAN    Views 4781
+2    Check out the new and amazing Splashy Dragon has arrived Tap to make the dragon fly and avoid obstacles. See if you can get the highest score and beat your friends. Download it for free    16 MB    Views 7224
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