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Best Friends multiplayer ups Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

+2    The most exciting cookie matching puzzle game ever This game will make you hungry for more Swap and match three or more cookies to rack up as many points in 60 seconds Insanely addictive and tons of fun Challenge your friends in ...    50 MB    Views 4777

Game of Flaps

+15    Can you guide your dragon through the city pillars? It’s up to you to flap your wings and keep the dragon alive Our game gives you the great sidescrolling flappy gameplay you’ve come to expect wrapped in the exciting genre of ...    38 MB    Views 8400
Related Apps multiplayer game fun diamond play gems friends world jewels
+4    Feast your eyes with shining,shimmering and sparkling treasures ow the world Diamond Cursh offers you another addictive swapping and linking game that'll have you hooked all day through Swap and match three or more jewels and gems to boost treasure points ...    28 MB    Views 5930
+20    The clan of vikings awaits you.. Guide your titan through the death race and attempt to survive the race through the jungle. Swipe your finger to smash boulders and clear the path for your viking. WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE? Go on ...    30 MB    Views 1326


multiplayer mode field choose ball friends activate force highest
+29    No more following the ball, now you must activate your force field to repel the ball and prevent it from entering your side, be careful, you just have a limited amount of energy to activate your force field, but watch ...    26 MB    Views 3872

The Waiting Game

Related Apps time multiplayer waiting game skills friends good
+20    How good is your sense of time? The Waiting Game challenges you to find out With the help of 3 short tests you can know how good your timesensing skills really are The Waiting Game also includes a multiplayer section which allows ...    1 MB    Views 2913
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0    More difficult that Flappy. Are you up to the challenge? Flappy Winds: the first solo and multiplayer flyer game. Challenge your friends or play in epic online matches with your own avatar Your mission is to become the Zen Master of the Winds. ...    10 MB    Views 2892

MonsterCrafter Pro

Related Apps multiplayer monster battle train create world friends gold
-6    • DREAM IT. BUILD IT. TRAIN IT. BATTLE IT • The sequel to Guncrafter has arrived Craft your own pet monster. Train and care for it. Adventure through harrowing, bossfilled dungeons. Battle online against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in ...    74 MB    Views 2240
multiplayer flappy game friends fun world flying
-5    + MULTIPLAYER FLAPPY GAME + Are you better than your friends??? The world is watching you and your flappy reflexes Test your skills in this multiplayer flappy flying game as you and your friends compete in real time Beat your friends for countless ...    6 MB    Views 934
+25    Download the easy to play but hard to put down super fun arcade game FEATURES: Simple but fun and addicting gameplay Multiple Levels to keep you challenged Multiplayer – challenge your Facebook friends Beautiful Graphics, cool music and sounds Download and start having fun right now    13 MB    Views 2313
challenge multiplayer fish realtime flippy floppy friends side wings flapping
-3    Multiplayer realtime Flippy Floppy Fish deep in Ocean Challenge your friends to beat you in Flapping the wings of tiny bird fish. Apart from this it has capability to play side by side with other peers and Game Enthusiasts in ...    23 MB    Views 6163
multiplayer mode fun game mathematical friends
-2    This app will help you improve your mathematical skills. It is fun, colourful and educational at the same. Super addictive try Competing with friends in multiplayer mode, then ardor, good mood and a lot of fun is guaranteed. Without knowing your mathematical ...    15 MB    Views 4110

Goblins Attack

Related Apps multiplayer challenge goblins addictive attack friends
+8    Challenge your friends in a simple and addictive multiplayer arcade game Be the best to defend your treasure against the goblins Defy your Facebook and Google+ friends, or compete with new ones. Select multiplayer mode and repel the successive waves of enemies to ...    35 MB    Views 3052
multiplayer play online score friends doomsday game ammo players
-3    √ Enjoy the game play : Doomsday √ Multiplayer gameplay, Play with friends This is the battle between you and other players online around the world Pick the best ammo to get the high score Conquer your friend by getting the higher score Features: √ Multiplayer √ ...    41 MB    Views 3889
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+5    How fast can you tap? Are you able to move your fingers at lighting speed? Compete against friends and players around the world and tap your way up the MULTIPLAYER and become tap king FEATURES: MULTIPLAYER Against your friends . Try to beat ...    10 MB    Views 4946

Puffle Tap Pro

Related Apps multiplayer game tap club penguin friends graphics pro
+4    Puffle Tap Pro is now available to play on your iPhone and iPad Experience amazing, HD gameplay with NO lag and NO ads. Now you can challenge your friends in a live game using the multiplayer/online button Connect with your Facebook ...    18 MB    Views 2615

President Party

multiplayer presidents ring rabbit friends crazy completely play solo
-4    An international conference is about to start. All the great presidents are present: Barrack Obamo Francois Bollande, Vladimir Potine, Angelo Merkol, Shinzo Abba, Xi Jumping, David Cameraman ... and a very special guest: a pink rabbit completely crazy And that's ...    6 MB    Views 3981

Run Chicken, Run

multiplayer play mode friends run single game center fun chicken
+16    Can you help the chicken get to the other side? Play this fun endless runner and see how far you can go Stay alive, avoid obstacles, and collect coins With single player and multiplayer modes. The fun continues with multiplayer mode: Play against ...    112 MB    Views 1900


-7    Fly through the clouds and guide your trusty ball through the sky See how high you can bounce, but watch out for the spiky walls Get power ups as you go, and see if you can outmaneuver the wind and become ...    4 MB    Views 4565
action multiplayer jump granny friends compete
+1    Granny Jump swoops into action in this brand new endless action flying game. Connect to your facebook to compete against your friends in Multiplayer mode. Simple one touch controls Easy pick up and go gameplay Gain medals for your distance Compete against your friends' ...    11 MB    Views 8946

Cookie Crunch Mania

multiplayer cookie friends fun game play dash bite
+10    Satisfy your cravings with the deliciousness from Cookie Bite Dash Lots of mouthwatering decadent goodies from the delightful bakery shop. Swap and match three or more sweet treats to boost sweetness in 60 seconds Insanely and addictively delicious and tons of ...    18 MB    Views 4457
magic multiplayer elf dark compete friends tournaments levels fun
+30    Test your gaming skills to help Arla run, jump and dodge heartstopping obstacles in this new and exciting HD fantasy running game. Collect the potent elf magic bottles required to reverse the evil dark magic that enslaved our hero, Arla, ...    40 MB    Views 4757

Falling Edge

multiplayer edge falling friends player mood play
+16    Let's see how can you save the little stick man from falling of the edge . It might look easy but it's harder than you think. The most Amazing and coolest thing is that you can play in multiplayer player mood ...    15 MB    Views 3928
Related Apps multiplayer game jewel bonanza friends play fun
+4    Jewel Bonanza offers you a addictive swapping and linking game that will have you hooked all day long Swap and match three or more jewels and gems to boost treasure points in 60 seconds Insanely and additively delicious and tons of ...    20 MB    Views 6631

Mr. Painter

+4    Welcome to Mr. Painter’s world. Help Jepegüí Painter to discover who he is along the 4 game worlds. His diary is the key. Worlds Help Mr. Painter along the 4 different worlds. They all have their different quirks and patterns. Find out ...    177 MB    Views 354

Catch that Bird

Related Apps multiplayer time catch mode bird friends game online flying birds
+20    Tired of all those happy and angry birds flying all around your iDevices? They have been flying for too long. It's time to catch them all Catch that bird will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. Try to catch as ...    11 MB    Views 4361

Push the Ball

Related Apps multiplayer facebook twitter game push ups power ball tap friends coins missions
+15    Endless gameplay, missions, single and multiplayer, iPad retina graphics, social networks integration and the most colorful illustrations Push the Ball has everything you need to make every moment fun From BOZERO, the creators of Smoody and Airport Golf comes a new ...    19 MB    Views 7976

Battle Slimes

+1    UPDATE New Team Battle mode and new powerups "super simplified multiplayer brawler" Pocket Gamer "Fun local multiplayer game" TouchArcade BATTLE SLIMES is a fun local multiplayer game. Control speedy & bouncy slime blobs as you compete with friends and family. Score by ...    20 MB    Views 7038
Related Apps multiplayer game hey enjoy friends match
-5    his game is so enjoyable you wil be crazy to put it down Click and drag each of the animals and form a pattern, horizontal, vertial or diagonal any which way you think will get you a good score. Compete with friends ...    14 MB    Views 2992
Related Apps challenge basketball multiplayer shots game friends score online usa addictive
+25    'the best basket on ios' by vjlecve (UK) 'Love it the best game ever' by A jolly good show (Australia) 'Just such an addictive game. Simple but great.' by boolaboosky (USA) 'Awesome multiplayer' by The mexian bandito (USA) Customer ...    40 MB    Views 6132
Related Apps multiplayer frozen game play match friends
0    Feast your eyes with shining, shimmering and sparkling treasures of the world Frozen Match offers you another addictive swapping and linking game that'll have you hooked all day through Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode Features: Simple and Fun Easy to learn hard to ...    22 MB    Views 8291


Related Apps multiplayer game power screen ups
+5    Just stay alive This extremely fun competitive multiplayer game has simple objectives with lots of complexity Fight each other in different multiplayer modes on the same screen up to 6 players Use the left and right buttons to move your player and form ...    17 MB    Views 3861
Related Apps facebook game neon gem match glow ups fun friends
+5    TAP into the ultimate Match3 gem game with a neon glow . . . millions have downloaded this colorful, bouncy, replayable fun puzzle game that will keep you coming back and competing with friends. NOW with NEW bonuses blast, ...    48 MB    Views 6024

Ring Runner

Related Apps challenge facebook ring game score play friends power post ups
+2    RECENT UPDATE Addition of a new terrain – The Antarctic Guide your ring through 3 freezing terrain levels of Antarctica as you find yourself surrounded by polar bears, penguins and seals Now play each terrain with numerous animations of lively flora and fauna ...    12 MB    Views 7802

Droppy: Adventures

multiplayer time adventure game 2013 awards capture ups
+4    KRI Awards 2013 Best Debut Nominated KRI Awards 2013 Best Mobile Game Nominated KRI Awards 2013 Best Casual Game Nominated App of the Week Since the beginning of time, the Elements have been mercilessly and hopelessly fighting each other… Stop It’s not cool ...    252 MB    Views 9417

Paddle Swap

multiplayer time challenge play paddle friends online swap battles score
+1    PLAY Paddle Swap A simple one touch Multiplayer Casual game that is impossible to put down. Just tap and swap the Paddle to score. Challenge your friends to play this fun & addictive game and beat their score. Do you ...    41 MB    Views 1764
Related Apps multiplayer achieve brick princess game reach friends amazing
-3    Brick Rotorcraft is a amazing Facebook multiplayer endless jumper game to achieve maximum scores. Compete with your friends to reach the Bricks princess and achieve his dream. Try the multiplayer in the amazing brick copters to have a blast and fight over ...    8 MB    Views 4601

Mr. Pew

0    Explore the galaxy with Mr. Pew on an infinite journey through space With two exciting modes, players can either travel as Mr. Pew and test their skills battling through many unique enemies in Singleplayer, or fight alongside and compete against ...    43 MB    Views 1580
multiplayer games mode player single game friends race
-7    One of the best new games in the app store Choose between single player or race against your friends in multiplayer mode. Download now to get one of the most fun games out there. Features include: Impressive physics and graphics Perform exciting ...    23 MB    Views 2165
Related Apps time challenge multiplayer friends awesome play gameplay mode game reactions
+2    Touch a Spark to extinguish it. Collect all blue sparks in time, but avoid red ones. You can only be wrong 3 times. How far can you go? Challenge your reactions, there is no time to waste Play against the time. Can you ...    28 MB    Views 2443

Cube Uprising

multiplayer challenge cube levels concept increasing game friends
+9    Ever wanted to try something difficult, challenging and fun at the same time on your iPhone? Try Cube Uprising, a new game that completely revives an old concept. Impersonate a little cube in his way through many levels, jumping through countless obstacles ...    8 MB    Views 9856
Related Apps racing multiplayer awesome race friends speed monster
-2    Race MONSTER TRUCKS in the desert in the ultimate racing experience of your life Enjoy the speed thrill and race against your friends with our awesome MULTIPLAYER FEATURES: Incredible off road speed racing Awesome HD graphics and music Simple controls for ...    19 MB    Views 2665
Related Apps twitter multiplayer facebook rabbit free play game bounce friends
-5    Race plays a leap rabbit online, free Play in real time with other opponents in this multiplayer gameplay. How to play: Bounce Bounce 1 and reach the sky limits the maximum wind becoming Super Star ... 2 Get the greatest distance 3 Share with ...    19 MB    Views 1417
multiplayer pets sumo arena controls favorite knock ups activate power
+9    Welcome to the world of Manotas Where creatures are bred as sumo pets to battle in sumo arenas against the bravest warriors in the world’s favorite sport Triumphant heroes are rewarded with awesome riches while the defeated will fall to ...    124 MB    Views 9942
multiplayer jungle jetpack quest power play enemies ups bananas collecting
+25    The long awaited sequel to the smash hit game Jungle Quest has finally arrived Jungle Quest Jetpack is a new and improved version of the original with awesome new gameplay, POWERUPS and enemies Jungle Quest Jetpack even allows you to play ...    59 MB    Views 6379

Party Curling

party action multiplayer friends curling frenzy player throw perfect
+2    Get ready for intense tactical multiplayer action in Party Curling Choose your strategy: hit the middle, play a safety stone or throw strong takeouts. Throw your stones in four different game modes: • Make easy takeouts in Classic • Enjoy full packed action in ...    22 MB    Views 9289

Space Destroyer Pro

Related Apps multiplayer game friends don battle buy space crazy
+10    OMG ONE CRAZY MULTIPLAYER GAME CRAZY DOWNLOAD IT NOW Tell All Your Friends :) The space destroyers are ready to take an epic battle, dodging from all asteroids that stand in their way. Challenge your friends to a battle and compete with them, ...    25 MB    Views 8604
Related Apps treats multiplayer sweet game play fun friends candy match
+12    Satisfy you sweet tooth with the deliciousness from Sweet Stuff Treats Feast your eyes with colorful and enticing flavors of different sweet stuffs Swap and match three or more sweet treats to boost sweetness in 60 seconds Insanely and additively delicious and ...    16 MB    Views 7019
multiplayer play online score friends game ammo players
-8    √ Enjoy the game play : MS Grasshopper √ Multiplayer gameplay, Play with friends This is the battle between you and other players online around the world Pick the best ammo to get the high score Conquer your friend by getting the higher score Features: √ ...    35 MB    Views 6345
multiplayer gems game friends connect saga jewels jewel play fun
0    Feast your eyes with shining,shimmering and sparkling treasures ow the world Jewel and Gems Connect Saga offers you another addictive swaaping and linking game that'll have you hooked all day through Swap and match three or more jewels and gems to ...    19 MB    Views 6804

Dirt Bike Rage

bike multiplayer action dirt tracks friends realistic rage boost points
+24    MOST ADDICTING DIRT BIKE GAME IN APP STORE OVER 35 REALISTIC DIRT BIKE LEVELS Get ready for some High Flying, Wheelie Popping, and Major Air Grabbing Action as you Jump, Flip and Race your Friends Through 35 Amazingly Realistic Dirt Bike ...    32 MB    Views 7905
toy game power ups world physical flow friends
0    The Monskey world is under invasion. You can help your Monskey cleaning the invaders from the different Monskey areas. Defeat the final boss to save the planet Improve your world ranking by mastering your Monskey and competing against your friends. Physical ...    NAN    Views 6918
treats multiplayer sweet fun sweets play game friends match frenzy
+7    Satisfy you sweet tooth with the deliciousness from Sweet Stuff Treats Feast your eyes with colorful and enticing flavors of different sweet stuffs Swap and match three or more sweet treats to boost sweetness in 60 seconds Insanely and additively delicious and ...    18 MB    Views 6871
Related Apps multiplayer duck enemies city power bread collect play ups nick
-7    Nick the Duck is the boss of his park and needs to collect as many bread loaves as he can Help him collect lots of bread, but make sure he avoids his enemies FIRE TOXIC BURPS to knock out the bad ...    48 MB    Views 9134
sally big coin ups pull power tricks friends score collect
-1    Surf endless waves with champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons Drop in carve your way across the wave, dodge the rocks, grab powerups, catch BIG AIR and pull EPIC TRICKS in this fantasy world there are no limits and rules other than to ...    76 MB    Views 2276

Bird Climb

Related Apps multiplayer play friends bird game fast fun online tap top
+3    Bird Climb is a simple one touch Multiplayer Arcade game that is impossible to put down. Challenge your friends to play this fun & addictive game and beat their score. Tap to fly your Bird to the top and avoid the ...    72 MB    Views 448
Related Apps cooking multiplayer master match play friends kitchen fun game
-4    Enjoy your day with the fun brought to you by Cooking Master Match 3 Play with different kitchen utensils and enticing food that you usually see kitchen Swap and match three or more items to boost excitement in 60 seconds Challenge your friends ...    15 MB    Views 3507
Related Apps jump multiplayer birds game attacking avoid controls high friends box
-9    MAJOR UPDATE With attacking birds this might be considered nearly an impossible game Can you avoid the birds? It's your tilting controls vs. the birds. You asked for enemies and we delivered. Bottom line How high can you jump? Awesome features: ◪ NEW ...    8 MB    Views 1644
Related Apps time multiplayer exciting real play friends avatars ups power world
+25    The zombies are out It’s the end of the world and there are no brains left to eat. Compete against your friends or random people in realtime to collect brains. Play as exciting avatars on challenging terrains. Use exciting power ...    80 MB    Views 6899
christmas family multiplayer hockey air friends table game
-4    Christmas Air Hockey is a great multiplayer game for Christmas found in game arcades. Christmas Air Hockey can be played with your friends or family around the Christmas table. Players attempt to score points by using a plastic mallet to hit a ...    6 MB    Views 8590
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