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Clumsy Chameleon!

+23    The rules are simple. Gather as many points as possible by flying your Clumsy Chameleon through the course without hitting any obstacles. You can listen to your favorite music while playing. Your music will continue to play in the background. Play the ...    20 MB    Views 1500

Rage Quit Monkey

rage scores monkey quit friends
+12    Keep calm and carry on high scoring AppBox Media presents Rage Quit Monkey, our latest totally unfair title will have you shouting at your screen while you try to beat your friends scores. Share your scores and your rage face with ...    34 MB    Views 2786

Impossible Shoot

0    Impossible Shoot is very simple to play. You will quickly become addicted as the squares become smaller and the gameplay gets harder and harder. It is a simple onetap minimalist game that focus on being "easy to pick up play, hard ...    45 MB    Views 5000
+7    ✭ Achievements/Site Reviews from the full version of Tap Soccer✭ Portugal: Number 1 in Portugal Top Paid Apps. France: "It's one of the most simple and funny football game for iPhone" in Spain: "Simple play and addictive game" in USA: "Awww man this actually looks really ...    10 MB    Views 3285

Ninja Bomb Drop

ninja bombs catch score friends high scores zen drops
+3    KABOOM That's what you will hear if you don't catch the bombs that the Ninja drops. The stealthy and smooth Ninja wants to disrupt the peace and quiet of your Zen by challenging you to catch his bombs before they ...    38 MB    Views 8521

Amazing Circle Pong

Related Apps challenge twitter facebook game pong circle amazing scores friends classic direction
+4    Amazing Circle Pong is here and free to download Enjoy the classic game of Pong with a twist Your goal is to keep the ball bouncing inside the circle. You control the direction of the paddle, tapping the screen will change the ...    6 MB    Views 2694
game jewels scores simple logic color
+4    The simple addictive 3match based logic game is now available for free in App Store This new game is a reincarnation of classic Jewels. The rules are very simple: 1. You have 3 minutes, 1. You can move each line of jewels, 2. Collect 3 ...    19 MB    Views 5318


facebook time board game rings scores pieces simple generate high score
-5    Hey Tetris fans There's a new puzzle game on the block that is reminiscent of everyones classic favorite but has a new twist or spin to be more precise. Game play is simple, all you need to do is fill ...    10 MB    Views 1650

Glide Origami

Related Apps origami paper fly plane high compare friends obstacles glide scores
0    Finally put those wasted hours you spent flying paper planes as a child to good use Welcome to Glide Origami, the game that brings out the paper plane pilot in all of us. Fly your paper origami plane through a colourful origami ...    8 MB    Views 8936
0    The task is simple: explode as many samecolored dots as you can. Get competitive by connecting Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list and prove that you are better at Color Crush than your friends with the ...    25 MB    Views 8094
Related Apps ipad twitter game addictive simple longer additional score world scores
+20    HAPPY NEW YEAR MAJOR UPDATE The Most Addictive Game has been completely rewritten from scratch and is running smoother and better than ever It's also finally available for your iPad Updates include: > Gamecenter Support > Universal App (iPad ...    2 MB    Views 843

Flippy Red Bird

Related Apps friends scores bird hours play
+9    Fly away on this addictive joy ride with our cute little bird The challenge is, HOW FAR CAN YOU MAKE IT? An extremely easy to play and difficult to master game It will have you hooked on for hours and hours, trying ...    7 MB    Views 1885

Swing Quokka

Related Apps scores friends propeller cute addictive
+5    Get ready for hours of addictive propeller flying through obstacles with a cute and cuddly quokka Help a cuddly quokka reach the sky with a propeller attached to its head. Pass as many logs as you can by tapping the screen ...    38 MB    Views 2253


Related Apps games action time iphone profile game lots play simple good shoot fire scores arcade
+1    The full version of the very popular chart topping Warblade is now available "Im loving this game Just awesome" "Warblade – An Awesome Vertical Shooter" Warblade is an arcade game with a focus on very good playability. It's a ...    41 MB    Views 4131
horse racing fun game high stickman stampede center friends scores
+16    Stickman hits the Wild West There's a stampede and you're stuck right in the middle of it Use your reflexes to dodge the horses and watch out for those fences...they're electified Get this fun new horse racing game today Fun ...    22 MB    Views 6816

Spooktacular Creeps

monsters pop features scores physics fun join earn play friends
+17    It's scare time and the monsters are out and about. Join in the fun and pop for free in this amazingly addictive physics puzzle game. Key Features Pop crazy bubble monster heads including the witch, vampire, ghost, zombie and more Choose ...    74 MB    Views 4764

Paper Football HD

Related Apps football ipad school games paper worldwide game jirbo simple play scores friends
-5    Jirbo presents Paper Football HD for iPad •Download the worldwide hit, Paper Football, now in full iPad glory •Part of the Jirbo Social Gaming Network, with +30MM downloads and counting •Paper Football HD is the classic game of flicking a foldedup paper football ...    8 MB    Views 4476

Frenzy Challenge

challenge facebook frenzy friends play scores highest difficult easy awesome
-5    Frenzy is an exciting new puzzler. Balls fall randomly into position. Swap their positions to get 4, 5, 6 or 7 in a row of the same colour. Make another move before the time runs out to get a big ...    20 MB    Views 9700

A Connect Dot Free

+10    The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can in 60 seconds. Get competitive by connecting Twitter and Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove that you are better at ...    7 MB    Views 9153

Flying Bogies Free

Related Apps twitter facebook flying free friends scores beat air plane
-1    Think you have the nerve to be a pilot? Download Flying Bogies Free to see if you do Flying Bogies Free is a fun new game in which you (the pilot) have to keep your plane in the air while ...    7 MB    Views 9391


Related Apps twitter facebook mighty world game dot screen friends faster scores
+4    Welcome to the future, save the world by stopping the evil rings from wiping out the whole DOT world. Gameplay is simple; Tap the screen ensuring that the correctly coloured MiGHTY DOT is in the path of its corresponding incoming ring. ...    28 MB    Views 1852

Swappy Monka

friends player highest week heroes scores
+9    Welcome to the world of Monka where everyone can have a great time. Playing is easy. Just swap Monkas so the color of Monkas on the stands match the one falling. Compete with your friends to be the highest rank ...    58 MB    Views 5435

Bounce U

Related Apps green high bounce points scores ups side power break simple
+27    In Bounce U you will guide your character through a stunningly beautiful yet hard world. Battle against your friends for the high score in this never ending game, break green lines for points, it sounds simple but is it? Bounce U ...    7 MB    Views 5585


Related Apps facebook jump iphone dance games frogger game friends classic play high touch scores arcade
-2    NEW UPDATE New Game Modes Turbo, NightTime, and Inferno Frogger is celebrating his 29th birthday but has never felt younger. One of the top selling video games of all time just got better with the integration of the entirely new ...    7 MB    Views 5722

Amazing Circles

0    DownLoad Free Today The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can in 60 seconds. Get competitive by connecting Twitter and Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove that you are ...    7 MB    Views 2703

Frogger Free

facebook iphone jump dance games frogger game friends classic scores play arcade high
+3    Now experience the FULL Frogger game for FREE 

Frogger is celebrating his 30th birthday but has never felt younger. One of the top selling video games of all time just got better with the integration of the entirely new ...    8 MB    Views 5764

004004 : HD Version

Related Apps friends play dots scores version
+2    Download and play today The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can. Get competitive by connecting Twitter to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove that you are better at Dots than your ...    9 MB    Views 8495
+4    JJ factory's New Puzzle Board Game. The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can in 60 seconds. Get competitive by connecting Twitter and Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove ...    6 MB    Views 764
rage maze scores quit monkey friends laser
+21    AppBox Media presents Rage Quit Monkey: Laser Maze, our new addition to the Rage series of totally unfair games that will have you shouting at your screen. Keep calm while you try to beat your friends scores. Share your scores and your ...    34 MB    Views 2425
challenge skill game addictive obstacles friends share careful famous scores
+4    Play the most addictive mobile version of the most famous skill game, perfect game for iOS Challenge your agility and reflexes Careful with obstacles Description and Game instructions Try to keep yourself inside of the game zone the best time possible ...    30 MB    Views 5300
facebook points letters score words game scores spell spelling simple
+2    Letters is a game about spelling words and scoring points. The rules are simple: Use any letters on the board to spell words and score as many points as you can in 60 seconds. Use 3 different powerups to boost your score ...    8 MB    Views 4911

A Connect Line

Related Apps friends connect dots scores play
+12    Download and play today The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can in 60 seconds. Get competitive by connecting Twitter and Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove that you ...    4 MB    Views 9109

Zippy Chopper

game helicopter scores friends coins
0    Based on the original helicopter flash game Press the screen to go make the helicopter go up and release to make it go down to guide the helicopter through the level while trying to dodge the walls and collect coins. Spend ...    8 MB    Views 8871


scores friends game
+9    Try to beat your friends scores in this highly addictive game How many times can you push the button in 15, 20, or 30 seconds? Compare your scores with friends using Game Center to see who is the best Try ...    5 MB    Views 9657
Related Apps soccer kick ups scores game ranking worldwide friends country player
-2    Do you like soccer? What about a little friendly competition? Soccer Kick Ups is a brand new fun game that combines both The game lets you compete for your own country along with your friends and compares scores with players ...    24 MB    Views 4274

Chicken Adventure

Related Apps adventure amazing game wings flap chicken scores simple friends tap
+9    Tap the screen to flap your chicken’s wings and try to avoid obstacles. Help your chicken flap its wings and go as far as possible in this amazing game. Have fun and beat your friend best scores. Once you start, you can’t stop ...    22 MB    Views 1796

Tiny Owl FREE

owl tiny game pinky world high play friends leaderboard scores
0    Escape Avoid Bats and Mines in Tiny Owl Tiny Owl takes the Endless runner (i guess endless flyer) genre Help our friend "Pinky" the little Owl to get as high as he can, avoiding the obstacles such as rolling mines, spikes, bats ...    13 MB    Views 2391

Double Digits

-3    This game will keep your on your toes, or should we say thumbs? Dodge swaying, swinging, and spiraling shapes to rack up a HIGH SCORE Double Digits features: Thumbbased gameplay. Your thumbs are your two best digits, so why devote them ...    27 MB    Views 1038

Airport Madness

time friends open scores worldwide feint airport real game
-3    Planning a new airplane trip? Worrying about losing your luggage? Take control in your hands and try your luck as an airport suitcase packager. Sharpen your reflexes and be careful not to lose your luggage. Don't be clumsy, the more you ...    4 MB    Views 3025

Pixel Crash

Related Apps retro newer game scores pixel simple button learn devices
+9    Looking for that new quick to pickup game? Got the blues because your favorite game was yanked? Looking for something just a bit different as well though? Pixel Crash is a super addictive retro avoidance game. Simple one button control thats ...    41 MB    Views 9841


items friends scores simple big faster candy fast play control
+27    New style block puzzle game. "HalloPop" You should stop increasing monsters on Halloween day. 1. Simple control. Gesture control is simple and funny. Cutting the increase path of monsters will make you clear stages more fast. 2. Fast and accurate. "HalloPop" is 60 seconds game. Try ...    15 MB    Views 2110

Pinball Worlds

facebook pinball playing friends highscore play ranking show daily scores
+7    England needs your help. Our 2nd Pinball World Competition is on its way and England needs some great players to reach the top. Select your faviourite country and play through 16 missions for a new highscore. Challenge your own highscore list or ...    6 MB    Views 1615

EXO Puzzle Game

Related Apps puzzle challenge facebook game pieces friends play powerful scores
+25    EXO is a new brainsqueezer puzzle game by Urkin Exchange pieces and try to overdrive those of the same color before they reach the center, in this chasing and addictive puzzle game. But pay attention, when pieces on the lanes are overdrived, ...    41 MB    Views 2631
Related Apps adventure facebook money gold miner dynamite diamond scores high friends game
0    Gold Miner is a most popular casual game. Gold Miner Adventure is a special edition of classic gold miner game. With Gold Miner Adventure, you can play Gold Miner together with your friends, challenge your friends, compare and share high ...    31 MB    Views 6426


Related Apps jump beat game high scores friends score addicting fun
+11    Ginger Run features: use your little intense ginger stickman to sprint on this adventurous road and jump over as many little orange cones as you can.. jump right into game instantly and start racking up a high score see if ...    5 MB    Views 6402
Related Apps iphone email send scores ipod friends show top speed score
-3    MySpeed is the new iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to discover your typing speed using your iPhone or iPod Touch keyboard MySpeed is easy to use, and allows you to send your scores online, to show to the ...    956 kb    Views 3562

A Connect Cookie HD

Related Apps dots friends scores connect
+9    The task is simple; connect as many samecolored dots as you can in 60 seconds. Get competitive by connecting Twitter and Facebook to see your friends' scores on the High Scores list. You can also prove that you are better at ...    7 MB    Views 7025

Laser City Defence

Related Apps city friends scores game beat defence high attack
-7    Your city is under attack You are the last line of defence, help people evacuate the city by holding off the enemy missile attack Simple to use, pick up and play gameplay, test your reactions and dominate your friends high scores Challenge ...    4 MB    Views 6934

Stunt Cat!

cat ipad iphone scores unlockable stunt friends dangerous rings collect power graphics
+16    Stunt Cat is the furriest new hero for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Help Stunt Cat in his quest to make a name for himself as the worlds cutest skydiver Tilt your devices from side to side to collect as many ...    12 MB    Views 2771
Related Apps racing hit friends game skaters skills scores unique subway skateboard
+24    Race, jump, flip and trick your way through Subway Skateboard League Choose your favorite skater (EACH with UNIQUE skills) and hit the concrete ready to impress your friends and rivals Keep your eye on the CLOCK so you don’t run ...    71 MB    Views 3548

21 & FUN! Lite

card cards game fun simple scores modes classic gameplay lane
+11    "21 & Fun has very nice graphics, and silly sounds and for those that enjoy the game of 21, this fast paced action should offer you a pretty good time." AppCraver "21 & Fun—not your standard blackjack app—is a well polished game ...    6 MB    Views 798

Flappy Glider

paper glide plane highest game flappy scores glider beat friends
-9    New awesome paper sheet styled arcade game Flappy Glider. It's a lot easier that Flappy Bird Glide with a paper plane to reach highest scores Beat your friends highscores, share your score on twitter and facebook with flappyglider tag Great ...    4 MB    Views 1163

Attack on Pirates

Related Apps facebook challenge games puzzle music action friends enemies game pirates high scores fast attack
+2    Attack on Pirates is one of the best action puzzle games out there. Exciting and addicting fastpaced match3 puzzle game that no one can resist. Can you dominate the pirate world by eliminating all the enemies? Enjoy this 5star experience ...    28 MB    Views 9830

Linkies Puzzle Rush

puzzle board rush scores twist beat match worlds friends level
+8    Make The Connection, Clear The Board, Feel The Rush Play Linkies Puzzle Rush Linkies Puzzle Rush shakes up the world of match3 games with a twist. Link matching shapes as they collapse, collide and rebound before time runs out. Unleash powerful ...    41 MB    Views 3597


teeter game achievements great features addictive hazards plank simple scores
0    If you've got things planned for today, don't get this game Teeter is a toe curlingly addictive casual physics game that will literally have you on the edge of your seat. The objective is simple : Stay on the plank for as ...    14 MB    Views 674
challenge playing game friends scores don addicting
+29    Instagram: guyjuniorv Don't miss is a new hard, but heavily addicting game that will make you want to keep playing it forever, challenge your friends and familly share your scores with the world, try to be number 1. Includes 1. Top charts in ...    5 MB    Views 3264

Golinngo Pro

game simple control scores life
+8    Life of Linn – the little mosquito isn’t that simple as it looks like. Little Linn finds it hard to go through the various stages of the game. Life of this little bird is at stake and he needs your ...    16 MB    Views 9476
time flappy play game device friends pipes fire scores decrease
+1    Flappy 2 made it to the end of the game. Now help flappy fly backwards through the fire pipes. Your score will start at 999. See if you can take flappy back to 0. Play with your friends/team/yourself at the same time on the ...    7 MB    Views 463

Drag Tag Smash

music twitter action facebook smash game enemies drag tag score simple scores
+16    REVIEWS "Unique Breakoutlike style. Great electronic background music; synchs with gameplay. Pushes a lot of mental buttons; flashy visuals, large numbers, etc." INDIE GAME REVIEWER: 5 out of 5 – “I can’t stress this enough: The GAME. COSTS. A BUCK. For ...    31 MB    Views 3207
love twitter game simple bird pipes longer world score scores
+5    This is a free special edition of the Most Addictive Game If you love 8Bit retro games, this is the game for you It will keep you entertained and addicted for hours Are you bored? Stuck somewhere with nothing to do? ...    1 MB    Views 4943
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