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Brake Down Free

+14    How good are your reflexes? Brake Down is one of the most frustrating games you'll ever play. The retro look and simple controls will bring you back to the golden days of classic video games. Line up the hole to allow the ...    15 MB    Views 4330


+8    Guide WingBat safely through the cave. Dodge rock formations, collect fireflys and see how long you can survive WingBat supports Game Center Compete with your friends The making of WingBat is being documented to help people learn to make games. If you ...    20 MB    Views 1587

2forU The Games

+5    2forU is one set of seven games that you can connect with each other and play simultaneously. Choose one of the ten different combinations and win real prizes from McDonald's. With Move Update you will get individual bonus for each game.    26 MB    Views 3829

Cubic Games

games bang support game
+5    Old school game with a modifed gameplay. Retina support. Includes 4 games: Bangbang Snake Races Building In following updates new games will be added and there will be support Game Center.    6 MB    Views 7398

Loony Foxes

games eggs loony
+6    The main character Black Nose Loony Foxy is trying to steal eggs from chickens while the big chicken is sleeping, there is not much time for the fox to collect as many eggs as possible. First game from a new games ...    45 MB    Views 8556

Bobbles Lite

games 100 rated countries
+22    Find same colors in horizontal or vertical directions. You can choose between 90 seconds or infinite game modes. Rated among the 100 best Games in 1 country. Rated among the 100 best Arcade games in 4 countries. Rated among the 100 best Puzzle games ...    3 MB    Views 3447

Berry me

games berry
+4    Cute, but absurdly challenging berry games won't let you get bored Set records and challenge your friends. Now the game includes 3 different minigames — and it's just the beginning    16 MB    Views 5402
games fruit shadow
+26    The fruit is lost his shadows and there are many of shadow here. Just help him to get his shadow You will develop their skill with funny fruit like this game. This will be good for their focus and intelligent. It is ...    16 MB    Views 2348

Quack Quack - Lite

games quack fun
0    "Quack Quack" The sound the spells nothing but Unlimited Entertainment 5 mini games rolled into one. Never ending source of excitement. Catch, Jump, Hop, Shoot, Slash....your way to Fun Features Cool Graphics Simple Gameplay Nice Music Different Games Warning Highly addictive Use without Caution We take all responsibilities of the ...    16 MB    Views 4379


+13    This is a game about kissing. We do not like racing games, shooter games, etc. It is so simple We hope you enjoy it Kisses    49 MB    Views 453
games shadow fruit
+29    You will develop your skill with funny fruit like this game. They will see many of shadows and must decide what shadow is the right one. This will be good for your focus and intelligent. It is fun and will help ...    16 MB    Views 9491

Fab Fred

games fred
-5    This is the first full reworking of the classic 80's game Fabulous Fred available for iPad. There are 9 games to challenge your mind, your memory, your speed, your luck and your ear for music. This electronic compendium of games has ...    3 MB    Views 3350

Allan Game

games game
+19    Revive the old days of arcade with good old Pong. Meet the game that was one of the most important games in the history of video games. Test your skills and earn as many points as you can and be ...    27 MB    Views 1318
games paper airplanes game
+3    Would you like to fly? Play this addictive game of paper airplanes in the office, you have to avoid all obstacles in the game. Paper airplane games are a fun way to entertain yourself at work while the boss is not ...    6 MB    Views 9460

Resident Slots

slot games
-5    Check up the good luck with the new slot machine "Resident" Features: + 5 reels + 9 lines + 2 bonus games + possibility of doubling + pleasant sound effects + completely touch management + automatic addition of credits + no donates app The excellent application for easy pastime for ...    28 MB    Views 7095
+28    A great twist on Deer hunting games Your now playing from the deers point of view. Try to escape the deer hunters as the try to shoot you down. Three deer to choose from. Only on Apple Devices.    13 MB    Views 6267
+6    One of the most popular arcade games. Actual simulation pushed gold, builtin rotary table games. Simple, excitingWaiting for you to challenge    28 MB    Views 6837
games game arcade
+12    Do you like great arcade games? If you do you are going to love this game Use the left and right hand side of the screen to move around... This game requires a lot of skill and patience :)    7 MB    Views 7728
+15    This App is a summary of the Game Boy Advance console and games information. You can read at anytime without the Internet connection.    4 MB    Views 2478
+9    Do you remember the GameBoy we played when childhood? This game is for you to recollect your childhood. It contains Tetris, Plane and Snake now. And more classic games will be put on it. More function is that you can ...    6 MB    Views 7350

AK Arcade Games

games kitchen arcade
-5    Try out AK Arcade games an app with many games Three games available for a start 1) Kitchen Knife hit oranges with knives to make juice 2) Hammer slam pesky rats on the kitchen floor 3) Silent Slicer quietly slice ...    6 MB    Views 5203

Stationery Sprint

games dragons
+11    YinShong is locked in a beautiful shadow theater play. Run as the story is told in the background. But be aware, the dragons made of paper are as much dangerous as they look. And the fire can give YinShong a ...    77 MB    Views 1141


+10    Plop same colored balls to gather points and reach the next levels. In PlopIt you can rotate the board It's a unique feature for this kind of games. In this free version you have two different games. Increasing levels make the game ...    2 MB    Views 2693

Simple Mind Games

+1    Simple Mind Games. SMG is a simple yet fun and addictive collection of brain teasers. Test your memory and problem solving skills with these eight mini games, intelligently designed with smooth graphics and straightforward gameplay. Quick fire rounds of 1 minute stretch ...    2 MB    Views 9217

G.A.R games

+6    Guerilla Augmented Reality Games lets you enter computer generated environments through trackable objects or images in the real world. G.A.R games Harstad FishyBasket NorCargo dock, downtown. Look for RampeStrek logo. GarageZombie Coming soon    34 MB    Views 915

Hot Spot

games hit red spot
+3    Totally rebuilt from the ground up. This game will have you panicking before the end and all you have to do is hit the red button The aim is simple. How many times can you hit the red spot before your ...    13 MB    Views 3065
games candy
-3    Fly our tireless hero past an inexplicably neverending array of pipes while picking up magical yet meaningless candy. Why? Because, surprisingly, it's really fun And funny And it will remind you of some other games the whole world loves but we ...    2 MB    Views 5063

Hopy Games

-9    Play Zombies TD, Dress up and many more games on Hopy Games, Tap and Swype your way through many joyful Free Games (juegos) like in FRIV .    27 MB    Views 8874


+6    Choose your zoid and play in many games in this great gaming console.. Win coins in the games to unlock new characters and new veichles. Send us your draws for news zoids.    71 MB    Views 7862
games duck ducks
-6    A great twist on duck hunting games Your now playing from the ducks point of view. Try to escape the duck hunters as the try to shoot you from the sky. Play as one of four ducks or geese. Only on ...    13 MB    Views 4381

Devils Jump Extreme

games jump love
+1    Just like Doodle Jump This is one of the most addicting and funny games around the AppStore. If you liked to play jumping games you will love this one. Whoever liked DoodleJump will also love this one Lets see how much devil ...    1 MB    Views 8536
games game
-1    Free for a limited time There are many addicting mini games in this game. They are so fun and exciting. Would you like to challenge these games now?    27 MB    Views 4044

Games Room

games room
0    Play multiple games in your own games room    3 MB    Views 7578
+4    One of the most popular arcade games. Actual simulation pushed gold, builtin rotary table games. Simple, excitingWaiting for you to challenge    33 MB    Views 3377
games boxes tapping
-5    SALE: Check out our "Playito's cool games MEGAPACK (10 games total)" for just 6.99 Kids will love tapping on flying Santas to drop some coloured presents for them. Dropped boxes can be picked up by tapping or dragging your finger. Each colour ...    22 MB    Views 7009

FREE AtlantiSub


The Seasons

games seasons game
+4    SALE: Check out our "Playito's cool games MEGAPACK (10 games total)" for just 6.99 Unique match3 puzzle game (you need to combine at least 3 same symbols in a line in any of 6 directions to eliminate them from game ...    53 MB    Views 4139

Sophia´s Online

+4    Join us in this fun world of games, designed for girls just like you We currently offer five games in which you can earn stars and coins. Use these stars and coins in the Setting the Stage minigame, where you ...    28 MB    Views 3506

GamePackage 10-1

+22    Do you want to be known as the person who has "The complete package"? Here is your chance Game package IS the ultimate package With 10 different types of games for the price of ONE, you'll please everyone around ...    183 MB    Views 4301
games wallpapers remember
+2    Think you know videogames? Well, you need to know your history, and if you know it, then you have to show it Over 150 wallpapers in all their lorez glory that showcase the only system that gave the legendary Atari VCS ...    4 MB    Views 2243


+3    you love strategy games, here is one of the games missed, I named PING You must eliminate all cells bumpy and keep only the hollows. courage and enjoy    2 MB    Views 8461


games game youtube
-5    POLYLOOP is a new type music game. No difficult rules. Nothing to remember. Trace two rolling circles simultaneously and continuously. Just simple From kids to elderly people. This game is recommended also for those who shy away from games until now, and those who have got ...    13 MB    Views 5440


games ball game
+2    Free endless run game in classic arcade style: kick the ball against gravity and travel with hypnotic colors and sounds, with short games for fast relax. Autotuning difficulty: the game will thrill you without stress: enjoy the fun playing every time ...    10 MB    Views 6353
games ipad shooter classic
+12    10in1 Classic Games for iPad BrickIt, Square Shooter, Sojurn, Space Shooter, Basketball, JumpUp, Flick Pool and more Many hours of fun with a small app footprint    9 MB    Views 2826
games fun pro
-8    Do you love dinosaurs and games? Then download this fun adventure now Simple to learn and hard to put down. It's a fun classic game that can be played by all ages. Dodge enemies, earn lives, and challenge your friends ...    15 MB    Views 5553

Life 360

games life 360
+12    Explore a wide world of endless adventure through the life of a miner. Combined with various elements from similar games, Life 360 is innovative and full of the characteristics you love in 2D games. Features: Awesome Soundtrack (Music by Eric Skiff) ...    21 MB    Views 463

Turtle Giant

games turtle
+2    Play turtle games for kids online at Pet Games. You will find free turtle games for girls and other games with all kinds of pets.    1 MB    Views 8040

Mega Bounce!

games infinity
-2    Protect the middle ball by rotating a wall around it and deflecting the red balls. Destroy more and survive longer to beat your high score Get 7 of Infinity Game's best games for only 1.99 Search "Infinity Games Bundle" to get them    17 MB    Views 2749
games cheats famous xbox
-3    Xbox Most Famous Games Cheats. Easily Difficult levels can accomplish by using innovative guides and cheats.. User friendly Description    2 MB    Views 1674

Quack Quack

games quack fun
0    "Quack Quack" The sound the spells nothing but Unlimited Entertainment 5 mini games rolled into one. Never ending source of excitement. Catch, Jump, Hop, Shoot, Slash....your way to Fun Features Cool Graphics Simple Gameplay Nice Music Different Games Warning Highly addictive Use without Caution We take all responsibilities of the ...    17 MB    Views 7104

Arco Pin

games start game
0    This is a new game type based on two classic games pong and brick breaker. Various obstacles popin while you play hit them and get points for destroying them. This is ultimate fun playing against your friends or family Tap in ...    3 MB    Views 6853

Game Player

games player game
-3    Game player has been designed for gamers who like to make money from their skills. Game player is also a great business opportunity for those who master the games to build up there revenue. So if you like to play ...    24 MB    Views 4539


games game color lol
-6    ================================== How to play Same Color Just, Same Color Hold button is ColorHold lol ================================== The only similar to the rhythm games, games that's it Require the agility, game that's it Very simple game, that's it Pass the time for games, that's it Title honest game, that's it Thank you, ...    16 MB    Views 9486

Eurostorm the Game

games levels free
-1    NOW FREE to celebrate our newest 5 STAR games "Zombies in Flight" and "Hungry Chicks" See for more info Thanks all for propelling us to 3 in italy and france in the Games/Strategy Free category and top 25 in US You ...    22 MB    Views 5358


games computer
+5    Play against the computer or friends, you decide. This is a clone focusing on the fun of a technical match and a good rally. The computer won't dominate you but will give you a fair challenge. If you have any comments ...    1 MB    Views 8169


games screen
+2    This is one of those games you just want to keep at round after round. Like all the best casual games, this one is based on a simple idea. Very well implemented, nice music and clear visuals an ideal game ...    37 MB    Views 1563
games spirits
+8    Running through dark, bleak and barren landscape the viking warrior fights the spirit hoard. Armed only has his axe and crazy rage he takes on the spirits that haunt his village. Help him defeat all the spirits and get to ...    94 MB    Views 1939
games wheel pixel
0    Join the fun with Pixel Casino Games. Enjoy all day bonuses and exciting mini games including slot machines, blackjack and the famous prize wheel.... Features: Fortune spinning wheel Black jack table with automatic dealer Leader boards for top ranked players Ready for iPhone and iPad Built ...    58 MB    Views 2931

Amazing Runner

action games special bug
+5    Minor Bug Fixing Fixed double gem IAP bug The very special actionrunning game, built on Epic Games' Unreal Engine The unique tracks never shown in other games of this kind Each character has special animation ,movement and sound effects Special action style controls: circle,tap, tilt, ...    57 MB    Views 5385

All In Playwav

games game version
+2    Version 1.1.0 Add new game MagicBlock Next new game will come soon. Version 1.0.1 Fixed ios4.0 4.1 crashes. Next new game will come soon. Version 1.0.0 Will Fix ios 4.1 issue soon. HIGHLYPRAISED GAMES in 1 APP new GAMES ADDED w/ every FREE UPDATE    14 MB    Views 6089
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