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Dragon Invasion

+8    Fly through the castle breathing fire down on the fleeing knights Tap to fly Play with up to 3 friends Fly through golden pipes    13 MB    Views 3738


+12    A Simple and fun game to play. Fly and collect stars avoiding obstacles Instructions to Play: Tap to fly and tilt your device to change direction. Collect stars as quickly as possible.    36 MB    Views 3491
+15    Fly your way through crazy obstacles    14 MB    Views 4414


+22    We have always dreamed of flying. In our World you need wings to fly. But, hopefully, in doodle planet you can fly with tiny arms.Let's join doofly in this journey.It can fly but needs your help to avoid platforms, monsters, ...    43 MB    Views 1956

Commander Birdies

+5    It's a plane... it's a bird... and... wait a minute it's another bird and another one.... and it seems they all have the same target: To bring down Commander Birdies and his plane. "Hi, the Commander here and I would love ...    42 MB    Views 5194

Micy Roll

+6    Micy dreams every night to fly to the moon; tonight, it’s time to start a great journey Steer Micy in exciting landscapes, explore a whole new world, overcome obstacles to finally reach the highest mountain and fly into space. In this universe, ...    48 MB    Views 5076

Crazy Air Hero

+4    Fly some of the most advanced Aircrafts in the world. Experience a new level flying Features: • Simple swipe based Gameplay • Simple control, just swipe to control your plan • Endless Fun • Dodge the incoming obstacles • Tons of Obstacles • Collect coins to enable ...    14 MB    Views 6154
+5    Do you want to fly? You can fly as crazy bird with your ears. Not only you, but Your Friends also Attention It's dangerous And, even your friend might hate flying DO IT NOW FEEL SOMETHING SPECIAL    7 MB    Views 3532

Tiny Plane™

power high collect tiny dodge fly ups fruit long flying
+29    Take on the role of a highflying hound in Tiny Plane. Fly as far as you can in this infinite, highscore game. Collect power ups and dodge dangers as you stay on the tail of your feline foe. • TO INFINITY… Soar ...    44 MB    Views 499
+19    Fight dinosaurs Fly To Freedom Help FlameyBird escape the world ending meteor strike before it wipes out all life Familiar game play with new controls > Tap and Hold to fly up > Let Go to Glide down > Dodge the Dinosaurs > Collect Eggs With ...    12 MB    Views 5825
Related Apps bird collect pixel game fun fly free escape flappy
+16    Bird Escape Free is a fun cool flappy pixel bird adventure game. Every Family member will love it. Get it now. Tap on your device to make bird fly. Avoid obstacles to collect your conis... and most importantly... beat your friends ...    5 MB    Views 8124
Related Apps ace coins tilt obstacles achievements score chicken fly instantly collect
0    All Ace Dynamo wants to do is soar through the sky and not get creamed by floating meteors and spinning fans. Can you help this crazy chicken realize his simple dream? Just tilt your phone to make Ace speed through ...    26 MB    Views 2305
Related Apps adventure kid panda coins space jetpack collect find game fly
+3    Fly this Kid Panda geared with his powerful jetpack in his Space Adventure. Accompany Kid Panda on his adventure through space and collecting your coins. Try to make the maximum distance possible and as many coins as you can with the amazing ...    25 MB    Views 8585

Jetpack Cat

Related Apps cat twitter games facebook jetpack enemies robot collect fly abilities high powerful
+16    A cat, a jetpack, and robot monsters Pilot Jetpack Cat as he takes to the skies in this arcadestyle shooter. Blast the evil robot enemies and collect power ups to fly as high as possible. Along the way, make sure ...    63 MB    Views 3450

High Like a Fly

+12    It probably looks like yet another Flappy Bird clone, but in this game you navigate the fly by swiping your finger instead of tapping. It is much more difficult than it seems.    6 MB    Views 7392

Jurassic Flight

flight jump time run eggs collect jurassic fly game longer high
+21    Enter a Jurassic world to fly and collect eggs as a pterodactyl. How to Play: Touch and hold to run. Release to jump and begin your flight. The longer you run and the closer to the edge of the cliff you jump, the longer ...    23 MB    Views 8076

Stinky Fly

-4    Join 'Ick' the worlds cutest, stinkiest fly on his first adventure that will have you ripping your hair out with frustration as you try and guide him through the obstacles to eat his lunch. PS: Remember to take regular breaks from ...    32 MB    Views 1262
+11    The game introduction This is a test of your ability to control the game. You will control a sprout of the small airship, flying in the world full of danger. The story Protagonist Mr. Q on one trip unfortunately met disaster, awoke to find ...    47 MB    Views 6929

Incredible Sheriff

incredible fly collect game sheriff
-8    The best Action game for your IOS devices. This Incredible sheriff is blazing his way across the galaxy. It's fun to fly as Amazing Cowboy and collect coins. Download now and experience the joy of fly and collect. Game Features Realistic Graphics Easy to ...    40 MB    Views 4242

Fly High

fly world play collect earn game high
0    An experiential game that combines accuracy, challenges and fun. Collect bonuses and fly as high as you can over the world of Mogobe. Suitable for ages 6+. Hit the center with the hammer in order to fly up to the sky ...    17 MB    Views 7879

Crazy Space Runner

powerups control fly obstacles tilt simple device enable collect coins
+18    Fly some of the most awesome spaceships. Experience a new level flying Features: • Simple motion based Gameplay • Simple control, just tilt you device to control your spaceship • Endless Fun • Dodge the incoming obstacles • Tons of Obstacles • Collect coins to enable powerups • ...    14 MB    Views 8561
-8    Enjoy and fly like never before Soar through beautiful landscapes, solving exciting challenges. Race against your friends and other players for fame and glory Your mission is to fly as far as possible. Download now for FREE, and find out if you’ve got the ...    18 MB    Views 9980
+1    Fly in the hard scenery without impact in the pipes. Get the high score and happy play.    10 MB    Views 2493
-6    Flying bees collect honey and various fruits, forcing the bees can not fly. And to collect the fruits of the float to keep score. Accumulate points to get very nervous fingers and handson training force. Children who play either.    13 MB    Views 11

Funny Birds FREE

-4    Fly into freedom A parody of the 1 smash hit game > Tap to flap and fly > Dodge the colored walls > Compete with your friends Features: Catchy Soundtrack Simple Controls Multiple Backgrounds Charming Pixel Art    4 MB    Views 200

Dragon & Spikes

+8    Fly high > Tap to flap your wings and fly > Tilt your device to move left or right    21 MB    Views 6680

Doodle Fly - Fellas

+19    Tap the screen to fly the flies. By holding taps these two fellas change directions and release a rope that will collect the eggs. Each egg is 1 point... Of course you will be challenged... There are some objects through ...    7 MB    Views 7054

Tap Fly Bird !

medal score coins walls collect tap fly game bird
+1    Hello Gamers, Help this Uber Cool Flying Bird to collect coins and go through these walls. Just Tap To Fly But Control Your Taps You May End Up Colliding With These Walls.... Exciting Graphics & Sound Effects will make you keep playing this ...    7 MB    Views 6628

Flying UFO

-3    The Most Popular Game in the world Flap to fly... HOW TO PLAY > Tap to fly. > Avoid pipes. > Super Star give you one life. > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.    17 MB    Views 401

Jumping Bird 3D

+28    [How to play] 1: Fly in a continuation jump by tap. 2: Fly forward and avoid the earthenware pipes.    91 kb    Views 8002

Gliding Sparrow

+7    Want to play an even harder endless fly game? now try this Touch the screen to fly with your wings, avoid the tire stacks, fly as long distance as you can Experience the survival adventure, through the world by dodging obstacles.    4 MB    Views 7357

Super Fly

game coins fly controls store enemies pew top upgrade collect
+15    Over 20 MILLION games played Come join in the fun 2 Arcade game in the app store Top 25 overall apps You're a regular fly just minding your own business but endless waves of enemies want to eat you for lunch Survive as ...    14 MB    Views 4650

Iron Wings

+13    Easy game play. One tap to fly. Avoid obstacles and wild birds. Not fly very high, eagles are waiting for you. Not fly too low, there are snakes    24 MB    Views 667

Fly Up!

-7    Fly Up is a fun, and simple game. All you have to do this is the tap the ball upward without it getting hit by the challenging course of moving blocks.    6 MB    Views 8700

Fly Cat Adventure

cat fly mission collect guide project fuel gameplay super flying
0    Guide the cat from hitting the obstacles in the way for Fly Cat to complete his mission. STORY Kat, the retired scientist from catarmy was working on his latest project a Jetpack Whilst working he was contacted by his former superior with ...    42 MB    Views 2621
wingsuit flying balloons fly extreme collect
+10    It's a Bird, it's a Plane, no it's a Wingsuit, no, it'a Mattress. Matty the Wingsuit Mattress is Ridiculous. Why is there an Inanimate Object Proximity Flying? …because he can. Wingsuit Mattress Extreme Proximity Flying is an Endless 2D Sidescroller. Fly Low and ...    81 MB    Views 9669
+6    Amusing Bird The somewhat different Flappy clone Amusing Bird is out Let the Bird fly by moving your head up and down. Collect Coins for even more points and watch out for the Pipes... How to play: Move your head to ...    14 MB    Views 4378
Related Apps zombie characters zombies fun air helicopter force shoot fly save collect
+30    Pro version: No Ads. Most characters unlocked. Zombies are everywhere Only the Air Force can save the town. Can you fight the battle? Can you shoot zombies without crashing? This is life or death and you are in charge. Fly fast, ...    27 MB    Views 2672

Cat Flight

Related Apps flight cat people game fly mode play coins collect crystals open
+30    A refreshing and easytoplay game for people of all ages ====================================== "Cat Flight" is an action game of a cat that flies its airplane across the vast sky. Collect coins and crystals and upgrade airplanes to fly further. LET'S FLY ====================================== Game Features: Simply flick the ...    33 MB    Views 8819
santa christmas game candies fly fun trees collect tap xmas
+16    Santa Christmas Rush is a FREE game with addictive and exhilarating arcade gameplay. Enjoy the Christmas spirit with this exciting, fast paced and fun action runner game. Help Santa Clause deliver Xmas presents before sunrise and collect candies. You'll have to fly the ...    14 MB    Views 3582
Related Apps adventure pigeon fly enjoy game control collect bird graphics sky
+20    We proudly present you our new brilliant Pigeon Fly Adventure arcade game It is an amazing game where you will be able to fly up to the sky with a pigeon, a funny little bird Join its marvelous journey and ...    54 MB    Views 1957

Its not a bird

+12    Game Tap to Fly which is a satire about a priest that tried to fly with balloons and was never found anymore. This is what happens after that episode.    30 MB    Views 4174

Fly Crazy

hero coins fly crazy points slalom players treasure experience collect
+13    Ready? Off you go Fly as fast as you can through exotic scenery to collect coins. Get back your treasure, that an alien ran off with As a flying adventurer or as an out of control baby, slalom between hippos ...    48 MB    Views 4

The bat

iphone trophy collect bugs bat level combo catch receive fly escape
-1    No shooting, no killing soldiers. Just a simple bat runs after his food. A very fast paced reflex game. Global high scores trophy system special combos to collect The gameplay: You have 30 (sometimes more) seconds to collect the butterflies and dragonflies. ...    2 MB    Views 1148
Related Apps rocket coins collect fly
-7    Touch to fly, you will manage and collect rocket fuel that would fly as far as possible. Collect coins that would pump parameters rocket and the magnet will help you get more coins.    27 MB    Views 8764

Vector Jet

Related Apps facebook twitter plane game stars boost avoid hold collect fly
0    BEWARE OF ITS DIFFICULTY WILL YOU BE STRONG ENOUGH ?? Explore the caves of Doom Drive your Paper Plane through the most dangerous undergrounds you've ever seen, dodge traps, avoid asteroids, boost through collapsing caverns and collect as ...    29 MB    Views 4758

Kiwi Wonderland

green birds dream kiwi collect fly game www distance
+6    Everyone has a dream and this Kiwi wants to fly like all the other birds. With a little help from Mily the Dream Pixie his wish is fulfilled when she shows him the way to Wonderland. Dream the dream ...    62 MB    Views 8901

Fly Zone

+8    Finally, someone left you to pilot two of the funnest planes to fly The Pitts biplane and the F22 Raptor. Be careful those landings can get dicey    83 MB    Views 2174

Rocket Plane

flight time plane paper rocket fly targets collect missiles game boost air
-1    Rocket Plane is a game developed in Brazil, in which you have to fly a paper airplane that will face all kinds of obstacles, dodging the ground targets, or targets that fall from the sky with parachutes, and even wind ...    19 MB    Views 5289

Ninja Hen

Related Apps ninja eggs hen collect fly swipe tap enjoy obstacles
-9    Be one with the Ninja Hen An endless runner, jumper, and flapper One touch controls, Tap to Jump, Tap again to Flap and fly up. Swipe up to do a Chop Kick and bust your way through obstacles.. Swipe down to ...    15 MB    Views 3842
+2    Try to fly as far as possible. > Tap on the screen to fly > Submit your score and compare it globally or with your friends Have fun with this little addicting app.    18 MB    Views 7349

When Cats Fly

+23    Take to the skies as George the cat as he attempts to fly. Dodge birds as you fall to keep your 9 lives intact    27 MB    Views 5222

Astro Kat

Related Apps astro dream island kat stars collect fly
+7    Astro Kat an adventure of a kitten who dreamed to fly. Fortunately, in this dream she can do whatever she wants too. Astro Kat has a jet which helps her to fly in her imaginary astro dream world and whenever she ...    19 MB    Views 9099
flight kiwi collect trees dream fly coins falling flappy bird
+2    «Believe in your dream» it’s a slogan of this game. Kiwi knows it firsthand. She wants to fulfill her dreamboat and to fly, but she can’t, because she has small wings, let’s help her She's ready to fall from ...    9 MB    Views 8888

Flap the wings

+6    Heeeeeeelppp Our baby bird is practicing to fly Learn to fly with her through the beautiful mountain forest Luxurious day/night cycle graphics for added viewing pleasure Compete with friends to see who goest the farthest    4 MB    Views 8693
Related Apps adventure pigeon fly enjoy game bird collect control sky graphics
+9    We proudly present you our new brilliant Pigeon Fly Adventure arcade game It is an amazing game where you will be able to fly up to the sky with a pigeon, a funny little bird Join its marvelous journey and ...    65 MB    Views 4357

Flappy Pig Saga

flappy pig friends scores bacon game collect physics fly don
+18    Exciting NEW Flappy Game Play as the new Flappy Pig for a LIMITED TIME ONLY Starts easy and gradually increases in difficulty. Addicting for Flappy Bird beginners and veterans alike Collect bacon and beat your friends' scores Flappy Pig explodes ...    23 MB    Views 2793

Wobbly Hamster

Related Apps nuts hamster obstacles avoid moving fly collect tap
+18    Help the wobbly hamster collect as many nuts as possible Tap to fly and avoid the moving obstacles while collecting as many nuts as possible Thought flappy bird was hard try this How to play: Tap the screen to make the hamster ...    17 MB    Views 1225
Related Apps asteroids fly
+10    Fly through a field of moving asteroids and avoid collisions. Pickup a green asteroid and become invincible to smash red asteroids and get points. Simple yet highly addictive game a great time killer. Test you speed and reflexes and ...    55 kb    Views 4126
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