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0    Super hero Bird to the rescue He is fast and he is very furious Tap to fly Avoid obstacles Try to reach as far as you can    10 MB    Views 2375
+10    Hero Vs Monster2 Unexpected Counter Attack It's a simple and addictive game SOUND PROVIDED BY ECONOVATION Made By Zabob Studio    12 MB    Views 914
game hero bird flappy
+6    Flappy Bird ? again ? no better than ... flap your wings again and be hero ... Fast and addictive ... new game style avoid pipes and collect coins to save the bird and beat your best score and YO + 2048 theme if ...    4 MB    Views 5174

Egg Hero!

eggs hero save fox
+21    How to play? Drag the chicken to save the eggs that the fox has stolen. Watch out because this fox is sneaky and may drop something other than eggs Be the hero and save the day by catching the eggs    2 MB    Views 6758

Monster Frenzy

+1    Monster Frenzy is fast and fun with entertaining, original artwork and animation. The blue rocket ship hero flies around on each level to avoid a horde of urban legend style monsters Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil. Find different ...    23 MB    Views 9581

Hero Sprint

hero sprint
0    Hero Sprint is a fun infinite runner game where you use the screen to slide 0c56b33155    42 MB    Views 2368


hero http fly
0    See the world from the air with the latest alternative energy: Fart power Fly your hero as far as you can. Collect money and upgrade your hero. So you can fly him even further.    11 MB    Views 17
american hero foolz save
-6    These Foolz are dumb in many ways, but they don't want to die Take control of an American Super Hero and save them these idiots Become a true American Hero in this latest popular Foolz release You must complete each level in just ...    42 MB    Views 3035

Flappy Hero Birds

+5    A Unique game which unites four well known and beloved heroes Heroes are angry and ready for mission Choose Hero Tap to fly Avoid obstacles Try to reach as far as you can    19 MB    Views 1335
-2    Can you get your hero through the maze? Avoid walls and obstacles. Just tap the screen to move hero to right or left. How far can you go?    9 MB    Views 5902

PETMAN - pixel hero

jump game hero pixel
+21    One touch one jump Retro pixel graphics Pet sounds Unique music Hero Metamorphoses Pure nonsense? Fast jump & run game, perfect to compete with your friends in the Game Center.    10 MB    Views 3397

Galactic Courier

hero documents
+7    Issue with crashing is being investigated. Look for update soon In a galaxy where there is not really a need for paper documents, there is one hero that will deliver those documents, at great personal risk. That hero, is ...    10 MB    Views 4574

Legend of Hero

legend hero
-4    Legend of Hero is fantasy action game with RPG elements and realtime combat.    57 MB    Views 7829

Heroes Skating

challenge hero heroes
0    BE CAREFUL: SO ADDICTIVE If you are ready to be a Hero then take the challenge. Tap on your screen device to make our Hero jump and avoid obstacles, challenge other with your high score. 13 Heroes trophies to make you an ...    4 MB    Views 1600

Grocery Hero

-1    These groceries need a hero Are you up to the challenge? Catch the falling groceries and save them from impending doom in this quick, fun, and addictive game    9 MB    Views 9884
bullets game hero
+24    So, how many ships can you destroy with 10 more bullets ? In this sequel of "10 Bullets", the objective remains the same : wait for the perfect spot and shoot to trigger massive chain reaction. And this time, upgrading your ...    27 MB    Views 2285

Stick Captain Hero

stick hero captain
+15    Stick Captain Hero Addictive games Stretch the stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down How far can you go?    41 MB    Views 1883

Fly Crazy

hero coins fly advance
+26    Ready? Off you go Fly as fast as you can through exotic scenery to collect coins and advance through the levels. As a flying adventurer or as an out of control baby, slalom between hippos and pirate ships to capture ...    79 MB    Views 6653

Puppy Drop! HD FREE

+29    A brilliant fun game of skill and timing as you try to become a 'Puppy Hero' You are challenged to save as many of the poor puppies as possible while keeping all the balloons in the air. There are bees to ...    50 MB    Views 5040


hero robot
-4    Hero Bot, He Robot or Hero Robot. Call it the way you want, it will certainly make you feel like a Hero You were sent by the U.S. intelligence to clean the streets from the invading troops of an unknown planet. You ...    217 MB    Views 4790

Kid Hero

kid hero fly
-8    Kid Hero is a fun and challenging flying game. Help Kid hero fly through objects and save the world. How far can you fly?    2 MB    Views 3095

Raining Zombies

-1    It's RAINING ZOMBIES Zombies are falling from the sky and our Hero is in even more trouble than before. By tilting the device left and right you can guild our Hero to avoid falling zombies while grabbing goodies like Shrink Pills ...    13 MB    Views 9383

Rush Hero Stickman

hero stickman
+15    Your hero is in danger situation. Let's help him... Touch and drag to move the hero stickman in order to avoid the falling rocks How many score can you make?    6 MB    Views 5568

For Big Hero

big hero
+12    Stretch the Big Hero in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out If the stick is not long enough, you will fall down How far can you go?    8 MB    Views 7779

Stick Samurai Hero

+5    Stick Samurai Hero Cool game Stretch stick in order to reach and walk on the platforms. Watch out The stick must be long enough, if not, you will fall down If you place your stick right in the middle of ...    7 MB    Views 798
weapon hero shadow
+5    The big war is coming. This is the time we prepare for weapon to fight. The hero weapon is losing its shadow. Help the hero find the right shadow from many shadows. This is really good for relax and look great weapon.    17 MB    Views 5899
-6    this a hero world,you need to finish the hardest job. this is a easy game,just need to jump and fire. 4 big scenes,many monster,you will love it.    20 MB    Views 5762

Flappy Hero Saga

Related Apps heroes hero
+8    A Unique game which unites four well known and beloved heroes Heroes are angry and ready for mission Choose Hero Tap to fly Avoid obstacles Try to reach as far as you can    19 MB    Views 7181
Related Apps world hero super fly
+25    Going to fly around the world with Super Hero Mr. B This game a simple and addictive Basically, you need to make some magic on the screen to let the Super Hero bounce and fly with you around the world Have ...    11 MB    Views 7870
stone hero
0    Stone Hero is very simple. When the red line reach the middle black, tap the screen How many times can you win?    7 MB    Views 6346

War Hero

+29    War Hero is an incredibly addictive coordination and rhythm game that will have you on the edge of your seat. Can you keep up with your commanding officer? "5 Stars One of the best games i've played on the iPhone"    8 MB    Views 7680

Super Ketmon

friend hero super
+14    Hi How are you ? Excellent? But our hero feels very bad himself. His bride was stolen and you can ask us: who did it ? The malicious vizier thieved her and holding her in a prison Our hero said that ...    74 MB    Views 7519

Lumberjack Hero

0    Stretch the stick to get to the next tree. Stretch carefully, because if the stick is too short you will fall off. Lumberjack Hero now has amazing graphics, new sounds, and platforms that move up and down See how far you can get ...    11 MB    Views 7070

Red Hero

hero find
+9    You are a small piranha lost in the big ocean. You are known as the Hero. There is a long journey for the Hero, and it must finish all the levels to find its family… but that will not be ...    12 MB    Views 9145

Chicken Hero •

Related Apps chicken fox eggs hero
+3    Chicken Hero How to play? The fox has taken the eggs, drag the chicken to save the eggs Remember The fox is smart and it can throw other objects to you. Avoid them Gamecenter Enabled.    27 MB    Views 8714
move exit hero
+8    Move the yellow gear wheel to the exit. More fun levels in this challenging sequel. You tap the right and left screen to move the hero to the exit. Next level will comming soon.    34 MB    Views 4045

Turtle Hop

+12    Been stuck on an island and want to escape, but do not know how to swim and have no tools to build a raft? The only way to escape is by jumping on turtles. Yeah, you heard it right ...    52 MB    Views 3558
Related Apps hero flappy
-8    Cool Flappy Game on Roofs Hero is fast and he is very furious Tap to fly Avoid obstacles Try to reach as far as you can    7 MB    Views 5789
jet fire game hero
+10    Join Jet Boy Hero as he travels back in time to save a Medieval Kingdom from terrifying dragons. Fight off these fire breathers by blasting away on your futuristic jet. Action packed Work yourself onto better jets with heavier fire ...    19 MB    Views 3253

7 Pillars

pillars game hero
+2    There has been an awakening in the pillars. Your goal: eliminate them. In this game, a game highly similar to the well known arcade game of “WhackaMole” you most tap down the pillars once they pop up. Be careful though, ...    3 MB    Views 4076

Countertop Course

kitchen hero
+12    You aren't the hero this kitchen needs, you're the hero this kitchen deserves Dodge flatware and silverware as you dash through across the kitchen counter in this new endless runner But be careful, if you jump, your partner will slide. Keep ...    5 MB    Views 6541
jolly hero dragon
+1    Help Dragon boy Jolly the Hero defeat the monsters in the lands. Easy to play.    27 MB    Views 3842

Puppy Drop! FREE

puppy hero
+25    A brilliant fun game of skill and timing as you try to become a 'Puppy Hero' You are challenged to save as many of the poor puppies as possible while keeping all the balloons in the air. There are bees to ...    49 MB    Views 2821

Button Hero

guitar hero
-5    So you think you can tap in rhythm? You think you are a pro because you master guitar hero? News flash : Guitar hero is for babies Come if you dare. This is the ultimate music game. Are you crazy enough to face the beat?    16 MB    Views 2371
zombie hero quarterback game
-7    The Quarterback Zombie Hero Game is a challenging, addicting game that will keep you busy for hours Zombies are overtaking this small town and it's up to the local football hero to pick them off one by one Features: Great for ...    8 MB    Views 1337

Domino's Pizza Hero

pizza game hero
+3    Rise through the pizzamaking ranks and become a Pizza Hero in this popular game from Domino’s Pizza Make top quality virtual pizzas by kneading dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling cheese, placing toppings and more as you race against the clock. Compete against other ...    82 MB    Views 1780
Related Apps jump play hero
0    Play with our little hero Jump jump jump to survive Do your best to make him alive and rock the highest score Play now, enjoy    5 MB    Views 6602
hero flappy
-6    beardpower This summer Europe will be flooded with the new single of a bearded... woman. The winner of a popular European Sining contest has become a new idol among bearded... women. Well why do we miss this odd trend? The main hero will set ...    34 MB    Views 5848

Treehouse Hero

mighty hero aliens
+5    You are the mighty hero of the squirrels. The treehouse defender. Aliens have crash landed in your forest Pounce down on them from above atop your mighty treehouse. Use a wide array of powers such as bombs, freezing, acorn drops ...    14 MB    Views 7617
slide flag hero
+4    Hoodie Hero loves to slide on his tummy. Unfortunately sometimes he gets too excited and falls off the cliff Control hoodies excitement by gently tapping the thermometer. Here is what's included: Slide from flag to flag in Highscore Mode 6 Unlockable ...    16 MB    Views 6994
Related Apps iphone touch jelly hero
+13    Have you ever wanted to be a Jelly Hero? :> Touch the screen to stretch the magic stick and meet dangers and adventures But how far will you go? Everything depends on you FEATURES: •One touch gameplay. •Three colourful worlds •Game Center, 64bit Support iPhone ...    17 MB    Views 9845
iron hero enemy space
+5    Lead Iron Hero and avoid missiles Iron Hero flew inside of the enemy's space base. To control Iron Hero and dodge the enemy's missile attacks, you'll need to tilt your device left/right. You can also collect energy balls for extra points Throught the ...    14 MB    Views 9588

Toaster Hero

+25    Toaster Hero is a simple game of the art of pastry marksmanship. Shoot your way to a high score and try to make it in the illustrious sport of toaster shooter. Live the legend    2 MB    Views 2557
Related Apps fly avoid obstacles hero
0    Heroastic game Help the little hero to fly through and avoid deadly obstacles [HOW TO PLAY] 

 Tap and hold to fly your role into the space 
 Avoid obstacles and fly through the girders
 Challenge your friends high score Please drop a review    53 MB    Views 3489
Related Apps hero samurai power ninja
+1    Be the super power samurai hero you always wanted to be in this ninja adventure Get your blood pumping as you run along and stop the bad guys from taking over. Test your reflexes by avoiding the obstacles and dangers that come ...    13 MB    Views 1278

Heli Hero

Related Apps gameplay heli hero
0    The town is ablaze Take control of the local Fire & Rescue helicopter and save as many civilians as you can... Do you have what it takes to be a Heli Hero?... Game features: Fun Arcade style gameplay... Colorful graphics... Easy, pickup and play controls Short ...    19 MB    Views 8136
red hero blood dragon
0    2010 BEST GAME Get it now and don't miss out After destroying everything that stood in my path I finally could resurrect the "Red Dragon".... The bloodthirsty hero looking to reclaim his honor and titile... The Hero seeks quest after making a blood pact ...    7 MB    Views 5036

Super Hero Hop

+13    Are you able to save the day and be the hero? Tap left and right to make the hero move and collect as many items as possible before time runs out. Highly addicted and FREE. Check it out now    14 MB    Views 9889

A Jumpy Ninja Hero

Related Apps ninja hero
-6    Lead your ninja hero to victory. Use his special jumping skills to avoid obstacles. Collect all the cool outfits and complete all the challenges    11 MB    Views 521
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