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+11    Can your neighbor really trust it? The adventure game describing realistic fear It was shut up in the house by the neighbor? It lives and can escape from its room How to play tap about an item : An item is chosen. Background tap : An ...    30 MB    Views 9392
+5    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Meow This little kitten was left without a drop of milk The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, ...    59 MB    Views 5882

Coffee House

coffee house
+13    Coffee House a simulation of the handheld game. Serve the customers as they appear.    3 MB    Views 8640
0    Make your Bird fly and don't touch the spikes In Flapping Cage, birds are trapped into cages full of spikes and traps... Let them flap through hundreds of different rooms unaware of what will come next Every 10 scores you'll be teleported in ...    27 MB    Views 8267

Rubber Room!

0    our newest 5 STAR game Get the game everyone is talking about Rubber Room is a fantastic little journey to help two bouncy balls, Bingy and Bongy help break out of jail on an alien planet ...    10 MB    Views 2836


+19    The 10 year old iPhone programmer is back with SpaceshipAdventure FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Your room is no longer a room, but the cockpit of a war spaceship. Your idevice is the control panel for it. Welcome aboard, ...    4 MB    Views 2817

Pucky Birdy

rooms game goal room player birdy score tunnels players
+12    Pucky Birdy is a funny, fast and furious hockeytype game. Enter the battle to score in one of the 6 goals, be fast but don’t forget to protect your own goal The rules of the game are terribly easy – anything ...    37 MB    Views 5795

Horror House

horror house
+10    Fantastic adventure in the Horror House The legend talkes about a lost Diamond... Find it. Visit the different rooms, but beware    37 MB    Views 9125
game rooms room puzzles fun
+27    The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solve the puzzles and all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to advance to the next room.Challenge yourself in this fun, ...    50 MB    Views 7973


+5    Weissbluth Pediatrics' 5 doctors have what it takes to perform a pediatric house call here in Chicago do you? Catch those baby swaddles and shoot down those pesky monitors Don't worry, you can grab extra boosts from coffee and donuts    19 MB    Views 587

Bbbler Ugly Room

ugly room
+8    Mr. Ugly enters a weird room Help him dodge all UGLY FACE TILES for 30 seconds till the exit door opens The game will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes Go Go Go onetouch control, simple and intuitive. world ranking    12 MB    Views 2199
waiting fun room
+3    "Being in a waiting room can be the most boring in the world. For entertainment you can organize by matching magazines are alike. Have fun over 600 challenging levels and get bored no more. How to play: Move the figures horizontally ...    6 MB    Views 2079
+15    Help the potato fly and listening to the potato flew around my room remix by Harryredz. Credits: Music by Harryredz Download the potato flew around my room remix for free Voices Duhgreatone, Amanda Scotto. Follow them on vine & big thanks ...    9 MB    Views 8588
Related Apps time objects levels hidden find play room
+14    Your room is filled with lots of stuff. Can you find the objects you need to clean up before time runs out? Be careful every wrong click might deduct time from you The faster you complete the level, the more ...    17 MB    Views 6477
santa kids christmas reindeer show room picture tree place
0    Where is Santa now? Where are the Reindeer? Use this amazing app to see Santa and his reindeer in various places around the world Check in on Santa's reindeer and even see Santa It's Christmas Day and show proof that Santa ...    99 MB    Views 7590
home design furniture time wallpaper room items princess game play bathroom
+25    Cute princess you have to decorate a room for an interior designer and consider today . To discover some really nice decorating items are going to show your skills in this cool game Create a room that you will ...    17 MB    Views 4885

飞禽走兽 直板

Related Apps animal time player shark game points silver gold slots room
-6    The big goldshark slots is currently the most popular slots game The game very entertaining and stimulating, suitable for different age player. ▲1,Support 6 player online at the same time in a room ▲2,Game player for various animal charge points,each animal odds changes along with the ...    39 MB    Views 2561

Horror House 2

-7    There's a house in a Dark Forest The legend talkes about a lost Diamond... Find it. Visit the different rooms, but beware Leave a constructive review    33 MB    Views 1303

Hamster Break Lite

+24    Don't get locked up in your cage, BREAK out The Spoiled Brat has locked The Hamster away from his precious peanuts, and you need to help him escape. Using a unique physics engine, you can bounce The Hamster off walls, ...    13 MB    Views 6496
home design house games rooms decoration game room creepy great
-1    Design the sweet home in this free app decoration game. Build the scary and mysterious house and decorate the different fascinating rooms in this awful home game. Challenge you to show you are a skilled home designer and that you got ...    16 MB    Views 1958


room hint link
-3    Escape The Room You can use link in the room. If you using the link, you can move to other room. We don't know where next room. you MUST FIND EXIT LINK Hint 1 : Each room have pattern in background. Remember it. If you ...    934 kb    Views 8765
Related Apps strategy rings pole toss top ring fun boys perfect room
+29    Remember when you were a little kid? Well this game is not just for kids, it's actually perfect for adults as well as children. Boys Room Ring Toss, see screenshots for instructions on how to earn points Are you ready to have some ...    3 MB    Views 7235

Crunch A Roach

house crunch roach
-2    Your house is in mess, roaches invaded it, and you have to be quick accurate and decisive in order to prevent them from taking over your place. You will have to continue pursue them all over the house until you get ...    9 MB    Views 9188

Fruit Defender

house fruit defenders
+19    Help the fruit defenders from invaders Anything that isn't a fruit is the fruit defenders' enemy Don't let them take over the fruit defenders' house by preventing them from reaching their final destination in the house. More upgrades and levels to come    19 MB    Views 3908
-3    Decorate your own extreme home in this free app decorations game. Build your imagination house and decorate the different rooms in this extreme home game. This is perfect simulation app to design & decorate your home with best 3d looking furniture and ...    18 MB    Views 6851

Real Puppy 3D

Related Apps dog food iphone puppy room touch bone happy play realistic
+30    Enjoy a virtual puppy in your Iphone with full 3D impressive graphics In a great looking realistic room you are going to take care of a little puppy who needs you Handle many aspects of his life while interacting with the ...    24 MB    Views 9515

gujy pyjamas

-5    Help Gujy protect his house .Hit the enemies and stop them reaching the house.This is a simple and fun game.    13 MB    Views 3268

Where Is The Milk?

-2    Meow This little kitten was left without a drop of milk The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and ...    73 MB    Views 5189

Derp Pop!

room chat background pop
+2    Someone is trolling your chat room and you need to pop those derps. Features: A laggy chat room (background image, doy) Background music that your granny can dance to. Lots of derps and trolls 120 seconds of Derps.    6 MB    Views 3366
driving car truck game control simulator cars 4x4 accelerate room buggy
+3    Sequel of most downloaded simulation top game Thank you for playing Run at relaxing living room and try all the control mode. Try all the new RC crazy cars like Big truck, Buggy or Muscle... Take control of your battery truck or ...    36 MB    Views 84
games puzzle twitter facebook match treasure island game room stars play fish friends in4ray
-5    Your mission is to conquer the sea horizon, pass levels and try to get all stars in each level of Best Matcher Treasure Island game. Awesome mix of match and sort in one addictive Best Match Treasure Island game for ...    15 MB    Views 4840
time challenge balls barrier room ball shorter evasion clean
-2    Developer of the game Hopee presents ROOM Evasion Challenge. Rooms have to be clean all the time for a reason. After a science experiment failure, Tinker Ball's dusty room turned into a total chaos. The black balls of dusty things ...    29 MB    Views 746
Related Apps space save room gallery station
+19    Design your own room by the Space Station Select: The background color for the walls The floor style The space gear The window Then you can share your space room with planet earth using: Facebook Twitter Email Instagram Save to the picture ...    34 MB    Views 9604

45th Street

twitter facebook stage weapons unlocked secret clear street room bonus buy
+17    Survive at 45th Street 45th Street was dominated by gangsters. To survive is to kill. Will provide a variety of weapons to fight. All weapons can be upgraded up to level 20 and become stronger as it gets upgraded. The default weapon is a ...    21 MB    Views 5927

Dots Adventures HD

maps retro map game score room find rooms play great stars
+3    Dots Adventures is a classic retro style room based platform game. Dodge the enemies, find the keys and collect the pickups to score big and progress. Complete rooms quickly and cleanly for extra score bonuses and star awards. More stars ...    75 MB    Views 8661

Shoot Da Bird

bird shoot hunting game levels 100 birds room trophy
+12    Grab your gear, head down to the water and get ready for Shoot Da Bird, an addicting hunting game that doesn’t require you to be knee deep in a swamp before the sun even rises. Blast your way through 100 ...    18 MB    Views 6746
waiting fun room
+17    "Being in a waiting room can be the most boring in the world. For entertainment you can organize by matching magazines are alike. Have fun over 600 challenging levels and get bored no more. How to play: Move the figures horizontally ...    6 MB    Views 2075

Escape The Museum

0    We are glad to present you the brand new puzzle game Escape The Museum. This room escape adventure takes you to the strange museum with many interesting locations and mind blowing riddles. If you think you are clever enough ...    NAN    Views 3493

Winkel Ball

rooms mode room ball play spikes ups high blocks
+1    Collect the key and exit out the door, seems simple but there is so much more. Winkel Ball is easy to learn but hard to master. Draw a paddle anywhere to control a bouncing ball. Get the angles right to move ...    48 MB    Views 9744

Cookie War

war army cookie battle multiplier battles room increase win winning
0    Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate cookie commander? The Great Cookie War has raged on for decades, but everything is about to change it's up to you to turn the tides of battle ==== CHOOSE A SIDE ...    13 MB    Views 3285
modern living room find hidden objects
+3    State of the art and lovely. What kind of modern living room will you live in? There are a wide selections and lots of different operations to choose from Find hidden objects and special living room functions from (15) contemporary and ...    14 MB    Views 4990

Berd Terd

shake rocks waiting pick day don room revenge chris
+26    Download the latest game out of Chris Busenbark's living room entitled iHappyVille and SWTOR Buddy The very first application developed out of Chris Busenbark's ( living room and drawn by Anna Myerscough's ( fingertips Have you ever wandered out to your car ...    3 MB    Views 4402


house pumpkins stop
-2    For years pumpkins have been carved into sick and twisted jackolanterns but this time they have had enough. They are attempting to destroy your house through an aerial assault. Stop the pumpkins before they reach your house or never get ...    144 kb    Views 7208
clean puzzles room
+23    Girls are helpless? No way Our charming little girls in new game For Equality Little Girls Fixing Things manage to do everything on their own Look at them: these little ones can clean out a pipe, cope with the ...    63 MB    Views 8033
games game touch simple room tactics waiting mode enemies kakao
+5    The ultimate casual game is coming through Kakao It will bring you to the whole new experience Simple as puzzle games Cheerful as rhythm games Intense as shooting games This game has them all. This simple game is waiting for your magical touch But you need tactics ...    NAN    Views 4975
house time cleaning find room maid game cute start dirty
+14    Let’s show our cleaning skills, girls Time is running and you really don’t want anyone to find the house in this stage All those ambassadors, ministers and presidents are the guest of this huge and dirty house It's time to clean up this ...    11 MB    Views 9256
people cards battle room quasar enemy supports ships bases phase
-9    Local multiplayer War Match your skills against your friends in a realtime Battle Room. Supports up to 4 people simultaneously on the same iPad. Supports up to 16 people for Season play. Smash fighters into enemy hulls. Launch Destroyers and Battlestars against fortified positions. Send Shockwaves ...    46 MB    Views 892
harry kitten helium room higher living
+16    Help Harry the Helium Kitten float from shelf to shelf, as he climbs the living room wall. What starts out as an easy climb for Harry gets harder as he climbs higher the shelves get further apart the higher he ...    1 MB    Views 3899
sock throw happened room game practice court
+19    Bane and Jimmy are players of the WALTER Tigers Tübingen in the BasketballBundesliga. They are very competitive and always want to be the best. Of course they show this every weekend on the court fighting for their club and fans. ...    23 MB    Views 8914
Related Apps spikes full play room tap bounce avoid troll survive black
0    WHO LET THE TROLLS OUT??? Cute little troll is trap in a room full of spikes. Help our little troll survive the room full of spikes. Try not to let him get impaled. [HOW TO PLAY] Tap to bounce Avoid the black spikes from ...    8 MB    Views 5038

Doors Escape Keys

solve doors easy room escape
+3    Opening the doors may not be easy task as you might think, your mission is to escape from every room, but to do this you will need to drag the correct key to each door from the room. Sounds easy, ...    9 MB    Views 6336

Toy House

toy house
+3    Everyone is crazy for picking a toy from the toy house; a type of toy picker machine How many toys can you pick from this toy house?    4 MB    Views 8709
clock sleep voice twitter alarm arm stop wake room test good
+14    Aarm is probably the best thing after sleeping You can shout at it whatever you want and it will stop beeping. The app also includes a game for when you can't sleep, and more Waking up will never be fun, but we ...    7 MB    Views 4825

Danger Room

room danger
+1    Step into the Danger Room and you'll never leave. Not like you have the option. Avoid...well, I guess everything Grab the mystery boxes to either make life in the Danger Room easier or more difficult If you see any kittens in ...    13 MB    Views 9350
drone parrot game www room living escape
+12    To make a long story short: those mean aliens took over the world (also known as your living room) and it is time for you and your AR.Drone to escape. While escaping you should try to rescue as many survivors as ...    NAN    Views 880
Related Apps time palace items princess room stage saloon levels find kitchen
+17    It's time to clean up this cute crown princess home. Could you help princess clean up the palace now? Hurry up because the prince is about to arrive Time is running and princess really don’t want anyone to find the palace in this ...    10 MB    Views 6811

Hamster Break

hamster levels room rooms set finger place launch tap
+22    Don't get locked up in your cage, BREAK out The Spoiled Brat has locked The Hamster away from his precious peanuts, and you need to help him escape. Using a unique physics engine, you can bounce The Hamster off walls, ...    14 MB    Views 583
gun gyro doors enabled room zombies hell door
-1    A completely new type of zombie defense game from the creator of the hugely successful gun app, iGun Ultimate. EPISODE 1 Knockin' on Hell's Door You are in the middle of a mysterious room filled with doors. Block and fortify the ...    14 MB    Views 8942

Spa Room

room amazing game
+4    It's amazing game for create decoration room for kids and girl's. There are so many amazing changes in the room. All are folding so change everything in the room and decorate your favourite room. It's amazing Free Game Play and Enjoy....    14 MB    Views 5800
house ellie clean
-3    It is time to clean up the house Ellie decides to collect all her toys, through away garbage and wash floors. Would you like to help her? Cleaning the house can be really fun with Ellie After you clean the house ...    30 MB    Views 4823
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