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+15    "Hen House Havoc is a highly addictive and yet, simplistic game. Children and adults alike can play it have tons of fun and stay entertained for hours on end. It is highly recommended – get it today" This FREE ...    7 MB    Views 7818

Hen House Havoc

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+12    "Hen House Havoc is a highly addictive and yet, simplistic game. Children and adults alike can play it have tons of fun and stay entertained for hours on end. It is highly recommended – get it today" Got a ...    7 MB    Views 631

Horror House 2

+7    There's a house in a Dark Forest The legend talkes about a lost Diamond... Find it. Visit the different rooms, but beware Leave a constructive review    33 MB    Views 1303

Winter Wars

+5    Winter wars is a shootemup where you have to defend your house against waves of snowballs, children, and angry snowmen. Stop them from burying your house Dr. Bill Stacy, PhD is trying to change the weather so it doesn't snow so ...    8 MB    Views 4165
+10    "Bugs Army" is a free defensive shooter game from Kuma the Bear, the publisher of popular games including "PopCork"and "What's Up? Zombie". Repel the various bugs invading the house by attacking with weapons No registration required, and it is easy to play ...    20 MB    Views 7121
+2    Welcome to Pets Fun House 2 for Tango Where fun comes to celebrate You've been left incharge of this cool pet shop, you'll have to feed, clean and groom pets and keep them happy and cheerful. But that's only half of ...    47 MB    Views 7336

House Racers

+28    Experience a race game with mice's cars inside the house and around it. Enjoy the extreme race cars sliding and full physics Try one of the 6 cars or try to beat an opponent in one of the 4 levels But ...    75 MB    Views 658
+7    "Clash Of Home" is a small story of the home. Some enemy destroy this home. Husband and wife wan't to make a dream house. There are 15 different adventure levels. There are so many home parts are lost. Play each level and earn money and ...    19 MB    Views 7107
0    No ads in this Pro version. The enemy have invaded your home land and the battle now rages in your street. Your house is in danger as enemy tanks blast their way closer and closer. The last line of defence ...    23 MB    Views 6383
+1    NON STOP ACTION PARKING GAME SUPER HD 3D GRAPHICS Get ready for an insane crazy driving simulation game where you get to drive a gangster taxi In this thrilling, adrenaline pumping driving and parking game, your goal is ...    93 MB    Views 7350
rpg house games solve dorothy mystery game closet simple floors
+30    Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and Seek Coming out of the closet after waking up, she couldn't remember why she was there in the first place. In order to solve this mystery, Dorothy started to explore the ...    65 MB    Views 4151

Angry Wolf

house wolf angry eggs steal game start hen
+10    Utilize your reaction and precision to help cute Angry Wolf steal as many eggs from the hen house as possible. Game starts as the sneaky Angry Wolf goes to steal some eggs from the hen house. Hens are not as simple ...    3 MB    Views 9778

Crunch A Roach

house crunch roach
0    Your house is in mess, roaches invaded it, and you have to be quick accurate and decisive in order to prevent them from taking over your place. You will have to continue pursue them all over the house until you get ...    9 MB    Views 9188
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+20    One lovely day in one nice town on one pretty street people were moving in... Are you ready to step into the new House? Because you aren't gonna be alone — the little rascals are everywhere And you will need some ...    171 MB    Views 6450
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0    THE AWESOME NEW SLOTS GAME What happens in the fun house, stays in the fun house......until now Slots Fun House is hours of fun; earn experience points and win your way into even more slot machines, using your experience to unlock even ...    45 MB    Views 6161

House-Ball Free

house ball game hours types test town level houses
+2    HouseBall is an extremely addictive and enjoyable game filled with quirky characters and packed with 30 unique levels designed to test your puzzlesolving skills In HouseBall, each level is a neighbourhood, but the houses of each town are missing one vital ...    23 MB    Views 4826

When Zombies Attack

house zombie zombies survive mode killing attack onslaught endless amount
+28    Survive the zombie onslaught by killing zombies and upgrading your house "Your only hope now is survival by fortifying your house and fending of the zombies with your trusty CR86 C5 Hunting Rifle." Survive the zombie onslaught by keeping the zombies away ...    5 MB    Views 421
halloween house game aliens undead guns attack weapons candy blast
+2    Brat Attack is now FREE No ads, no InApp Purchases Just a cool free game This is it The Halloween game you’ve been looking for Monsters, vampires, mummies and aliens have invaded to steal all of Earth’s candy You have to ...    26 MB    Views 2766
+5    It's time to escape from dangerous house garden Can you escape? You are a small creature and you're really scared You must jump and avoid all adversity Try to house garden escape in tons of cartoon animations Run on 18 level ...    48 MB    Views 1867

Real Estate Rumble

house home build
+3    It's time to build your dream home, and build it you will However, your evil nemesis seeks to destroy the fruits of your labour and will stop at nothing until your lovely new home has toppled into rack and ruin. ...    12 MB    Views 4082
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0    Play this fun house building game for FREE today. Swipe the houses down as accurately & fast as you can. The aim of the game is to stack houses as high as you can This simple game is hours of fun for all ...    16 MB    Views 1884
house love vegas slots free
+1    TOP MOBILE SLOTS CASINO EXPERIENCE This new free game is very fun, exciting an addictive. If you love Las Vegas Casinos filled with Slots, Poker, and Roulette then you will love HOUSE OF VEGAS CASINO. Its free download now    45 MB    Views 3509
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-7    One lovely day in one nice town on one pretty street people were moving in... Are you ready to step into the new House? Because you aren't gonna be alone — the little rascals are everywhere And you will need some ...    43 MB    Views 2396
zombie house zombies game tap smash defend fun swamp dead
-6    Defend your house from swamp invading zombies trying to eat your brains. Dead Swamp Zombie Invasion is a fun zombie tap to crash and smash defense game. Your mission is defend the house and survive a horde of zombies coming your ...    31 MB    Views 7573

gujy pyjamas

+3    Help Gujy protect his house .Hit the enemies and stop them reaching the house.This is a simple and fun game.    13 MB    Views 3268
house fight president white rick game increase
+18    White House Fight House is a turn based fighting game. A vision of how elections could be handled as the incumbent President of the United States of America works to prevent losing the job of Commanderinchief. Fight as the President ...    2 MB    Views 1614
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+3    From the same team that brought you Shooting Gallery Mayhem years ago on the PC, comes the new mobile app version for your iPhone or iPad Faithfully reproduced from the original graphics and sounds, the game also incorporates new features such ...    20 MB    Views 4754

Jet Jump Santa

-7    Help Santa deliver his presents Santa Claus comes jetting into the 21st century leaving his reindeer in the stable and utilising jet power How do play: Hold the screen to stop the engine Let the sleigh fall onto the roof of the house When santa ...    3 MB    Views 9144

Ghost Master

house find ghost
0    There are ghost hiding in your house, yes in your house. Your mission is to find out where they are and relieve them by using your dissolve gun. Their shape very, from a light ball to a skeleton. If you ...    29 MB    Views 9853
house time cleaning find room maid game cute start dirty
+28    Let’s show our cleaning skills, girls Time is running and you really don’t want anyone to find the house in this stage All those ambassadors, ministers and presidents are the guest of this huge and dirty house It's time to clean up this ...    11 MB    Views 9256
house white fence don
0    Jumping the White House fence is the new thing in town, even beings from out of space are getting in on the action. Well you've been recruited to stop those Aliens who got over the fence, from getting to the White ...    10 MB    Views 8231
house facebook mice quick
+13    Quick Mice – First Raid. One lovely day in one nice town on one pretty street people were moving in... Are you ready to step into the new House? Because you aren't gonna be alone — the little rascals are everywhere ...    29 MB    Views 2771
home house dream clash play parts lost free find
-8    "Clash Of Home" is a small story of the home. Some enemy destroy this home. Husband and wife wan't to make a dream house. There are 15 different adventure levels. There are so many home parts are lost. Play each level and earn money and ...    21 MB    Views 6803

Slaughter House

house fun meat
+10    Slaughter House is four fun mini games packed in one with one solid theme. Slaughtering. You play the role of an employee at a slaughter house who gets to have all the fun of making meat from animals. But this ...    16 MB    Views 8626

Running Tigers

running house tigers
+11    House Point reporting system for Trafalgar School for Girls in Montreal, Canada. The app retrieves current house points from a database and displays them in a race amongst the Traf houses depicted as Running Tigers. Many items are clickable and ...    6 MB    Views 892
house ghouls
+8    You have stumbled upon a beautiful mansion. It is seemingly uninhabited, but strangely in the middle of nowhere. Just out of curiosity (and the strangely humbling welcome sign), you step inside. However, you find that there is more than dust ...    6 MB    Views 8014


house time fun obstacles screen play great stages tap
0    Simple to play and much of fun Just tap and tilt your screen to avoid obstacles and get excited. A cute mouse, Micky was lucky to find a warm delicious hotdog. Now he is going to bring this great stuff to the house. But ...    7 MB    Views 2142


+4    For years pumpkins have been carved into sick and twisted jackolanterns but this time they have had enough. They are attempting to destroy your house through an aerial assault. Stop the pumpkins before they reach your house or never get ...    144 kb    Views 7208

Obama Lawn Care

apps house lawn tap obama president white game care
-7    From the creators of "Tap Out The Ninja" now comes the ultimate game app for the 2012 elecion year Obama Lawn Care. Help the President maintain the White House Lawn by tapping out pesky Republican intruders.  Obama and Democrat supporters will ...    7 MB    Views 1819

Guardian Popon FREE

house marines throw household order carrot build game items
-6    This application is a trial version You can try the game playing the Episode 0. Marines are attacking a newbuild house Popon has built a fancy carrot house in a restricted area without permission. Soon after, the marines found it out and gave ...    16 MB    Views 2597

Escape I

house escape find game save sound haunted
+2    I beckon you forward, into my house for a scare Crumbling face with a sign that says “Enter if you dare” From Poem "Haunted House" by Sheila Roy Meet Johny, the boy who were accidentally trapped in a haunted house. Find supporting ...    6 MB    Views 1139
minecraft house butter game hero squid endless edition skin mojang
0    +BEST ENDLESS RUNNING GAME+ +SELECT YOUR CHARACTER AND EXPORT SKINS TO YOUR OWN MINECRAFT GAME ACCOUNT+ There lived our hero who served Awesome Butter and he had collected tons of Butter in his house. On one peaceful night, Evil Squid came into ...    13 MB    Views 3147


house ipad roaches mode creepy
0    Want a creepy app to freak out others in your house during this festive time of year? How about squishing tons of roaches with your fingers, complete with creepy music and icky sound effects Two modes included: In 'game' mode, simply ...    6 MB    Views 6294
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+1    Hidden Objects in the House Hidden Object in House is completely free hidden object game. No any cost for any themes. Hidden Object in House is a free game in which your skills will be challenged like never before You can choose from several ...    13 MB    Views 1673

House Defence

house military property mode heavy stand
-9    Your crazy neighbour wants your property and has hired a private military company to take over by force Equipped with the lastest and most deadly military hardware, you have a hard fight to keep your property It's up to you ...    4 MB    Views 3184

House Destroyer

driving house buildings bulldozer destroyer dozer control demolition break
-3    Meet new driving adventure and find out what it looks like to do the heavy equipment operator job. No more sweet homes and houses of fear. Just empty spaces all around. House Destroyer is a funny and addictive demolition game with challenging ...    32 MB    Views 5280
house truck town deliver beautiful mail packages fun throw box
0    This game is a simple fun action game. In a beautiful town, drive a mail truck to deliver tons of packages to each house. This is a great fun job. The package need to be sent right into the building in ...    14 MB    Views 6902
coffee house crafted hand carefully gaming experience levels mug
+13    The musthave, physicsbased, puzzle game of the year Serving up over 70 challenging levels of handcrafted, mouthwatering entertainment, Barista Coffee House is good 'til the last drop Your goal is to get the coffee from the mug's starting point to the ...    16 MB    Views 886

Magenta Arcade

house finger hat languages cycle long arcade based
+11    MAGENTA ARCADE is a fingerbased topdown shooter brought to you by Long Hat House. Become a god Your finger is a weapon, but also your greatest weakness. Know when to touch the screen to attack or retract to defend yourself The ...    59 MB    Views 2385
house people arcade finger hat languages cycle long
+9    Play Magenta Arcade's Chapter 1 for free The first of five in a truly challenging game. MAGENTA ARCADE is a fingerbased topdown shooter by Long Hat House. Become a god Your finger is a weapon, but also your greatest weakness. Know ...    59 MB    Views 2909

Quicky's World

house world augmented tree reality color life
+9    Discover Quicky’s World Join Quicky, the NESQUIK rabbit, on a fun packed adventure in his world of awesomeness Together you'll play games, solve puzzles, ride bikes and skateboards. You'll learn a little more about nutrition and fitness and he’ll show you some ...    279 MB    Views 2260

Home Key

house key
-1    Move the man to keep a key for open house then go to the house.    7 MB    Views 1982
sexy house game payouts skills hot pro
+14    The wildest, hottest and sexiest Blackjack game is now on iOS Yes, its time to try your hand at blackjack The game features a challenging single player experience and will have keep you doubling down and getting huge payouts. The house plays ...    42 MB    Views 1778


house call
-7    Weissbluth Pediatrics' 5 doctors have what it takes to perform a pediatric house call here in Chicago do you? Catch those baby swaddles and shoot down those pesky monitors Don't worry, you can grab extra boosts from coffee and donuts    19 MB    Views 587
house foxes game fred hen fox farmer
+3    Get those %& pesky foxes before they get the chickens with this phenomenal puzzle game. Fred the farmer is fuming mad about the sneaky foxes constantly trying to raid his hen house. Help him get rid the foxes. Conquer levels by firing ...    89 MB    Views 6516
house tower build blocks mushroom towers competition stages world stable
+13    Welcome to Mushroom House Blocks Build up towers from mushroom house blocks There are two modes to choose, World competition and stages World competition: compete against players from all over Build as high and stable tower as you can Stages: Complete the towers for ...    6 MB    Views 3732

Frog Commander

house spooky studios frog water commander
+20    Jump from one water lily to another. Avoid falling into water. Easy to learn, hard to master Play Frog Commander by Spooky House Studios now Spooky House Studios creators of Bubble Explode and Rail Maze    18 MB    Views 2886

Coffee House

coffee house
+2    Coffee House a simulation of the handheld game. Serve the customers as they appear.    3 MB    Views 8640

Let the Cat in Free

cat house kittens stars open cute
+24    Let The Cat In is the cute puzzle game about little kittens that you need to help get into the house. The player's task is to arrange all the things and mechanisms inside the house for creating fantastic chain reactions, ...    94 MB    Views 3526

Where Is The Milk?

house milk explore kitten kitchen starve find don room
0    Meow This little kitten was left without a drop of milk The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and ...    73 MB    Views 5189
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