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Best Ipad iphone move Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

+1    It’s the memory game we all grew up loving, but with a TWIST Flex your brain muscle with this memory game. Specifically designed for the Apple Watch, we also includes fullyfeatured iPhone and iPad versions too. ENJOY: Multiple Game Modes Game Center ...    6 MB    Views 5472

Face Scape

iphone ipad face move game
+14    Face Scape is an innovative game in which you will be able to play without touching your Iphone/Ipad screen or even move it. The game detects your face and by moving your face you move your character. Try to Scape, avoiding ...    30 MB    Views 7652

Plum Nut

iphone ipad www collect game rhythm nut
+11    Explore a holiday world in this Christmas game where the magic of The Nutcracker comes to life. Collect musical notes in time with the music of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Collect powerups and outfits as you run, leap and even ...    54 MB    Views 4043

Burrito Bison

0    The smash hit Burrito Bison is finally here for your mobile devices Burrito Bison is a fun launching game with an original twist. Launch Burrito Bison as far as you can and squish gummy bears until you gain enough speed to ...    52 MB    Views 1433

Lance A Lot

+30    33% SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE FOR ENDLESS MODE Lance A Lot is a frustratingly addicting bitesized game. Lance A Lot will make you throw your phone at a wall only to pick it up so you can play again. It’s incredibly easy to ...    20 MB    Views 8233

Tabletop Speed

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-2    Turn the real world into a playable racetrack with Tabletop Speed No print outs or QR codes required. Set up your tabletop with ramps and obstacles, scan it with your device, then race against your friends in this 3D augmented reality ...    46 MB    Views 1351


ipad iphone mini air gen
+1    TapBoom Deceptively Simple Delightfully Unpredictable When a line meets the square, tap anywhere. Build your winning streak to share and compete with friends TapBoom supports all devices running iOS 8 including: iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 5s iPhone 5c iPhone 5 iPhone 4s iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad ...    650 kb    Views 5556


iphone ipad game gyro left stars experience levels
+17    NOTE: It is a real Challange to complete this game. Balance, speed and persistence are some of the characteristics that may be helpful to cope with this 3D game. Turn on the Gyro by touching the screen of your iPhone or iPhone. Keep ...    12 MB    Views 9904

Aero Hockey

+6    Yeah, we know. There are dozens of Air Hockey apps available on the app store. We tried them. All. But we didn't like them, so we decided to make our own. Instead of making crazy customisable everything, and a whole ...    3 MB    Views 1078

Pinball 3D

+6    Your Favorite Pinball 3D now gets even better. Pinball 3D is simply a game that you will play again and again. Its simply made for your iPhone and iPad, its intuitive colors, crisp graphics, and along with perfect controls take full ...    32 MB    Views 4050

Tiny Fruit 3D HD

-5    Cloudy With A Chance Of Fruits "Tiny Fruit 3D" is a 3D Casual Game.In game, you need a good balance to control iPad. By iPad builtin gravity induction, the Fruit Picker can move ASWD according to the direction where you shake iPad ...    53 MB    Views 8500


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+6    ホームワーカーズコミュニティの愛されマスコットキャラHOWACO(ホワコ)が 森の中でかくれんぼ!? 穴からひょっこり出てきたHOWACOをタップして捕まえるゲームです。 高得点を獲得して、みんなに自慢しちゃおう! 互換性: iOS 5.1 以降。 iPod Touch 4、iPhone 3GS、iPhone 4/4S、iPad、iPad 2、iPhone 5/5C/5S、The New iPad, iPad mini対応。 iPhone 用に最適化済み    10 MB    Views 3734
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+9    Tilt your iPhone or iPad to roll a ball down the center of a path to correctly play a song. Go too far to the right or left and your notes will be sharp or flat. Lean even further and ...    45 MB    Views 399

Micro Race by Total

ipad iphone total
-8    Do you remember your first moments in the world of video games with your NES? Total and Romain Grosjean bring you back into your childhood with this game. MicroRace by Total is a simulation F1game. Next to the Lotus of Romain Grosjean, ...    117 MB    Views 7387


iphone ipad gyro left experience game stars
+11    NOTE: This LITE version contains 3 games. ============================= Balance, speed and persistence are some of the characteristics that may be helpful to cope with this 3D game. Turn on the Gyro by touching the screen of your iPhone or iPhone. Keep the spinning Gyro ...    11 MB    Views 1341

"Crazy Spider"

iphone spider funny crazy flying enemies careful move scenes play game
+2    Crazy Spider is a funny, easy to play iphone game even for the youngest of kids. It offers different scenes of difficulty and requires both good reaction skills and speed. Spray spider webs at all of your little flying enemies ...    24 MB    Views 8994

Blindfold Simon

Related Apps iphone simon sequence game level win coins move mode
+15    Blindfold Simon is an fully accessible audio game that's similar to the memory game Simon. In Blindfold Simon, you listen to a sequence and then repeat that sequence. All action sequences are gestures on your iPhone or iPad, such as swipe ...    5 MB    Views 8375

Astronut for iPad

ipad iphone game play explore exciting
-7    Let gravity and guts be your guide as you blast off on a planethopping adventure of cosmic proportions Explore uncharted galaxies, gather star shards and avoid unfriendly life forms, all on your quest to explore the universe and become the ...    61 MB    Views 8999

Color Flows

+22    Have a sprite of fire and travel through the space of colors, in 360° Simply tilt your iPhone/iPad left or right to move your fire and avoid clashing with any color strips. Features: Amazing experience of flying and accelerating. Adjusted tilt control ...    33 MB    Views 7521
facebook ipad iphone sokoban stones levels locations button move
+16    Nitroban Pro Nitroman meets Sokoban is one of the best sokoban apps for iPod/iPhone/iPad. Gameplay: You are a nitroman who is in a maze viewed from above. You have to push stones around and try to put them in designated locations. ...    22 MB    Views 598

Family Dominoes

family ipad play game easy players scoring move rules variations
-2    Family Dominoes handles the most popular styles of play and up to six players. Designed especially for the iPad to be fun, realistic and easy to play, it gets the whole family playing everybody’s favorite game Share one iPad passed ...    12 MB    Views 6617

Snake Duel

eating time iphone snake evil snacks points game move 100
+17    Tilt the iPhone/iPod touch or swipe over the display to steer your snake and keep him out of trouble Are you fast enough to survive? Once upon a time, almost every computer came with one game, and now here it is for ...    231 kb    Views 9498
war health iphone gun battle planes full left move shoot abcville
-4    Battle of the Simpson is one of the most popular 2D Aircraft War Game. Enemy planes are coming and attacking the city, your job is to protect the city, the country and the people. You need to shoot down the enemy planes ...    6 MB    Views 2894
iphone twitter jump facebook stickman free http game treasure move follow bloody
+19    Keep jumping and keep your eyes on the things falling down. That is life. – stickman who survives longest Tilt iPhone to let stickman move. Tap on the screen to let the stickman jump. Also, collect the treasure when you can ...    11 MB    Views 7141
+5    I WANNA BE YOUR UMBRELLA Move the umbrella to protect people from the raindrops falling from the cloud. HOW TO PLAY Just tilt to the left or right your iPhone/iPad to move the umbrella. STAGE A new event is generated each ...    5 MB    Views 233


gun action iphone space game fighter faster missions drag move
-9    WINTER SPECIAL Buy SpaceFight at the reduced price now and get future updates for free Be fascinated of ...    10 MB    Views 8941


iphone action ipad level game destroy packed
+24    Triangulum is an actionpacked space shooter set in the year 2273. Your task is to escape an evil race of aliens determined to destroy earth. Surviving each level brings you one step closer to home. GAME FEATURES: 30 action packed levels 5 different types ...    83 MB    Views 7009

Ice Bag.

-8    There is no way out. Target is to follow 3 basic rules: 1) Be quite 2) Beware of red icicles 3) Have fun Press and hold the right side of the screen to move right and left side to move left. Be careful, there ...    98 MB    Views 9375


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+15    Match three game that takes a lot from titles like Tetris and Super Hexagon but mixes it into a new genre. Notable for its chiptune music that will take you back into your arcade days. [Oh I forgot the video] The ...    28 MB    Views 1603

Shuffle Ball

iphone racket finger move return smash ball curve device barrier moving
+6    Shuffle Ball is a kind of 3D air hockey game for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Shake or fillip the device as if it were a real racket and hit a smash YouTube(Search for "ShuffleBall iPhone"): OPERATIONS Service: Take your finger off on the ...    9 MB    Views 9647
ipad iphone shark escape game controls water tank
+1    Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water think again "Shark Tank Escape" puts you in control of a Hungry Shark who wants to escape the research lab where it has been kept for way to ...    44 MB    Views 2232
dice ipad iphone game play
-1    World best iPhone and iPad board dice game is Here Retina Ready Play with Family & Friends and Beat your opponents KPM Farkle brings a brand new look to the classic farkle dice game. oin the best farkle game made for iPhone and ...    40 MB    Views 7814
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-3    "it's Trials HD meets Saturday morning cartoons" "literally the BEST physics I've seen on iPhone" "that final level OMG" MASTER over 55 different tracks Each with their OWN challenge TRIUMPH over your friends and race your way to the top of the ...    41 MB    Views 1514

Magic Balls Island

Related Apps puzzle iphone lines addictive spheres deluxe play mode move pretty highscores
-8    on sale to celebrate the release of Candy Boy 0.99c/69p 4/5 stars by Macworld, 4.5/5 stars by, 4/5stars by “Lines Deluxe may have a ridiculous name, but I have to admit—it’s pretty addictive...has replayability—as do many of ...    21 MB    Views 2957

Icy Pingu

iphone ipad jump ipod good
-2    Pingu hates cold water but he likes to jump Help Pingu to jump over as many ice plates as possible but the yellow ones Win the leaderboard and be Pingus all time hero Good luck Think you are good? Post or tweet your ...    453 kb    Views 2149

Cowboy Guns Free

iphone ipad game cowboy free guns
+5    Cowboy Guns Free A lonely cowboy faces a deadly gang of gunslingers known as The Crimson Jackals. a new style of shooter game, with your friends for free Don’t miss out on one of most popular shooting game Protect your territory show us the ...    20 MB    Views 3920
family ipad play game easy players variations move lets rules
+5    Family Dominoes handles the most popular styles of play and up to six players. Designed especially for the iPad to be fun, realistic and easy to play, it gets the whole family playing everybody’s favorite game Share one iPad passed ...    12 MB    Views 3306

Games Package

-5    Ants: Sweet little universal strategy game for the young at heart. The action may be slow, but the challenges are tough and the yummy images will bring you back to the table over and over. You may even feel the ...    41 MB    Views 5120


iphone objects move hand phone motion real mind small
+9    As seen on Scam School. Move your iPhone (and small objects) with your MIND Search iTelekinect on YouTube From the creators of iForce and iPredict+ tele·ki·ne·sis noun : the production of motion in objects without contact or other physical means. For thousands of ...    2 MB    Views 9159
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-4    It's a fisheatfish world in your iPhone, iPod or iPad Try to help Walter the fish avoid the bigger fish and eat the smaller ones to help him grow. But look out for the Shark, he's always out to get ...    10 MB    Views 3328


iphone ipad game mode
+16    Language : English, French In CuBird, you control a little bird and you have to dodge cubes to survive as long as possible. Train yourself in the Challenges mode. Discover the Waves mode and play multiple characters each with a magical ability. Make the ...    8 MB    Views 3288


iphone ipad ipod touch gen
-6    ARFetch is an augmented reality game that allows you to control a small virtual dog using the tracking image of a printed page, or the back of any U.S. onedollar bill. Make him race around collecting discs, bouncing balls and ...    35 MB    Views 1157

Explosive Bubbles

iphone ipad touch bubble mines ipod bubbles
-9    Universal application: works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Click on a bubble to display the number of mines adjacent to the bubble itself. To win, burst all the bubbles except those containing mines. 2 levels of difficulty: easy, difficult. Applicazione universale: funziona su ...    535 kb    Views 3555

Glider Classic

house ipad iphone glider classic
+10    The Macintosh classic reimagined for iOS. Fly your paper airplane through a house relying on lift from air vents in the floor. Duck under obstacles, avoid electrical outlets and all the other hazards that await your fragile glider. – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – artwork designed ...    27 MB    Views 4447

Snake 360

apps iphone snake 360 control offers dial faster move easy
+4    Snake is no longer limited to four directions Introducing Snake 360 for iPhone, iPod Touch, and the new iPad, a fun twist of a game we all know and love Instead of the normal arrows, Snake 360 uses the intuitive, onscreen dial ...    883 kb    Views 3219
ipad iphone move plane land sea tap game fighters shoot waves
-2    Your neighbouring country has decided to expand their dominion and they have an eye for your land. They have decided to attack both your land and sea defenses before they try to invade. They are sending all of their fighters ...    21 MB    Views 9421

Bubble Birds

Related Apps ipad iphone birds game hours bubble play
-1    This app rocked WinMo, Android and Blackberry markets and now it is available on iTunes The COOLEST interpretation of the classic "Bubble Shooter" game with beautiful graphics and guaranteed hours of fun Innovative design, interesting gameplay, and relaxing jungle ambiance sounds ...    30 MB    Views 6533

Fish Frenzy Pro

Related Apps iphone ipad fish game grow simple
+23    Fish eat fish, a simple principle of the fish world. Player controls a lovely fish, the goal is to grow up your fish as soon as you can by eating smaller fish, meanwhile, avoid to be eaten by bigger fish, ...    17 MB    Views 1251
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-5    Retro Hoops brings all the fun of Retro Basketball Gaming to your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Featuring ; 6 Fantastic Hoop Themes To Play 6 Different Balls To Match The Theme 3 Different Game Modes Universal App iPhone, iPhone5, ...    27 MB    Views 8955

Bubble Birds HD

Related Apps ipad iphone birds game bubble play hours
+26    This app rocked world markets and now it is available on iTunes This version of Bubble Birds is free The COOLEST interpretation of the classic "Bubble Shooter" game with beautiful graphics and guaranteed hours of fun Innovative design, interesting gameplay, and ...    42 MB    Views 6917

Fruit Hop

iphone ipad fruit hop
-4    Join the 5,000 other players that have been having a hoppin' good time Bad Apple has taken your girl Palma the peach and it's up to you to save her Control your little fruit friends and hop your way to victory Features ● Wacky ...    28 MB    Views 4257

Stealth Inc.

iphone ipad stealth avoid fast deadly higher
+4    NOTE: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1 are unfortunately NOT SUPPORTED. Stealth Inc will only work on iPhone 4S/iPod Touch 5 or higher, iPad 2/Mini or higher Stealth Inc is a fastpaced stealth platformer featuring brutal hazards, ruthless enemies, fiendish ...    73 MB    Views 799


iphone engine http www technology front movements move
-9    Phonect A Novel Motion Detection Engine for the iPhone New cutting edge technology tracks your hand and converts it to inapp cursor movements. Control UI elements, or recognize custom gestures it's all possible with Phonect Phonect is an ...    10 MB    Views 946
Related Apps ipad game baskets version apples fixed controls move feint
-1    Top 100 in many countries Updates ( Jj v1.51 has been approved and contains higher rez graphics now Poopants7 Fixed iPad controls. Thanks for pointing that out version 1.51 High resolution graphics update for iPad users Version 1.41 iPad controls fixed Version 1.4 iOS4 fast task ...    24 MB    Views 8185

Magic Oracle + Dice

dice magic ipad iphone answer shake
0    Have your very own portable fortune teller with magic dice. Formulate a question, shake your iPhone or iPad, and receive an answer about your future. When you shake or tap, the device gives you an answer and plays a magic ...    874 kb    Views 6379


eating time iphone snake evil snacks points 100 move ipod
-4    Tilt the iPhone/iPod to steer Nibbles and keep him out of trouble Are you fast enough to survive?   Once upon a time, almost every computer came with one game, and now here it is for iPhone – iPod. Move Nibbles around the ...    640 kb    Views 8610

Digital Hammer

ipad iphone game hammer higher center
+26    Your finger will become a hammer, in this frenetic game of skill Hit all the nails that you can and test your reflexes Up the leaderboards of the Game Center to become the best hammer in the world. Universal Game HD Retina Graphics Play ...    42 MB    Views 7178

Joey the Snowman

iphone ipad game joey snowman snowflakes
+4    Help Joey the Snowman to keep himself cool and have a great white christmas The rules are simple: Collect as many snowflakes as you can to keep the temperature low. You will find useful tools or bonus points in the gift ...    10 MB    Views 7010

WarDrone 3D

ipad iphone
+13    No Ads. WarDrone 3D is an endless plane shooting game, available to play online, and iOS Devices e.g. iPhone and iPad. You need to avoid colliding with other airplanes and their missiles to stay alive. How to control your WarDrone. Tilt your iPhone/iPad to ...    31 MB    Views 7610


ipad iphone time play view times game levels roll
+7    Tilt your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to roll a ball to knock over numbered pins in order. Avoid falling down the black holes. Roll over the green button to open the doors to the outer rooms. Play in topdown view ...    11 MB    Views 826
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