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Best Iphone survival Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

0    The Blobs have returned, and they want revenge In this actionpacked single player game your speed and stamina is put to the test How long do you think you can last? Let's find out This is Extreme Survival    3 MB    Views 1045

iVenture HD

+3    The world of iVenture HD awaits to be conquered. Utilize easy controls to navigate your way though 5 worlds of crazy time trial and point collection gameplay. The adventure never ends in survival mode. Let your imagination and design skills ...    15 MB    Views 278
+20    The New Amazing Hero Runner Survival Collect points and keep moving to survive. Download this super casual, superaddictive, highly engaging, fast and enjoyable game NOW Rate IT    21 MB    Views 916
survival earth mission defend
+8    Lsat Survival, is an epic Shooter with adventure and RPG elements, Are you up to the mission, and save the Earth from the invasion your the last Survival, defend the earth from the enemy attacking in waves up to 27 levels to play three ...    23 MB    Views 7285

Air Hockey Survival

survival air hockey computer
-1    Air Hockey Survival delivers a new experience to the air hockey genre, face off against the computer, earn achievements, climb the leaderboard and don't let the computer score    51 MB    Views 7199


iphone survival casual game level play bandits gameplay download experience
+5    A sheriff of a small town has been killed. People are desperate for protection. Will you be the one, who will stand against the outlaws of the wild west? Westbang is a fast and funny rendition of a classic shooter game Fight ...    9 MB    Views 2883


+28    [Warning] This application does not currently support iOS 8. The latest entry in the SOULCALIBUR series, "SOULCALIBUR V" (PlayStation3/Xbox 360) Now on sale "SOULCALIBUR" series is available on theiOS. Enjoythe memorable characters and nonstop action SOULCALIBUR is famed for with complete arcade fidelity ...    215 MB    Views 8471

Zombie High 3D

school iphone multiplayer zombie survival shooting ipad horror mode weapons high game zombies story edward coming epic
-6    FROM THE CREATORS OF PRISON BREAK CRAFT 3D AND SKYCRAFT 3D Here comes the Best Action Horror FPS Game. New Story New Characters New Weapons This amazing new game is filled with intense actions and spooky horror scenes. If you are ...    209 MB    Views 2338

shadow hunter+

survival timing
-5    This is a game of survival, and survival is all in the timing. Fight back a never ending horde of monsters in this infinite brawler. Timing your attacks is very important. It's what separates your enemies from their limbs. If you suffer ...    37 MB    Views 3063

Cyber Defense

+13    The best update yet Based on player feedback, we have retuned gameplay for a greater challenge and adjusted all our store pricing. You can now brag to friends on Facebook and Twitter when you score those bonus head shots, and ...    49 MB    Views 5721
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+3    Get ready for the zombie apocalypse, defeating as many zombies as you can Triggerman is an arcade survival game and everything you need to do is tapping as fast as you can, it is not easy to be pro, so beat ...    28 MB    Views 4246

ShapeBoy JetPack

survival mode tap unlock high score training thrust
-1    ShapeBoy is at it again with an all new update Guide ShapeBoy safely through the deadly mazes in 2 new game modes The all new training mode gives you 3 strikes in an intense simulator with which you can earn stars ...    44 MB    Views 8557


action survival mode play fire rate game
+4    An awesome action game with a little twist. Defend your self against the swarm of enemy forces. Upgrade weapons and fire rate to cope with stronger and faster units on each level, and face the boss at the end. Never before ...    6 MB    Views 5931

Zoo Defenders

Related Apps survival defenders zoo animals fun modes campaign
+5    Monkeys throwing mud, chickens shooting eggs and rams laying massive head butts… sound like fun yet? Do it all and MORE in ZOO DEFENDERS As the petting zoo animals tuck into their cozy pens, invisible eyes peer in from outside the ...    20 MB    Views 8353

Zombie High 3D Lite

school iphone multiplayer zombie survival shooting ipad horror mode weapons high edward game story zombies save play
+2    FROM THE CREATORS OF PRISON BREAK CRAFT 3D AND SKYCRAFT 3D Here comes the Best Action Horror FPS Game. New Story New Characters New Weapons This amazing new game is filled with intense actions and spooky horror scenes. If you are ...    210 MB    Views 5422

Burger Max HD

survival challenge mode score produce game burger max
-5    Burger Max is a very interesting elimination game. A bit like Tetris, but different. You can eliminate two of the same food in the same column, and you can be combined to a great hamburger. Your goal is to create more ...    23 MB    Views 6034
survival time mode game face punch distance accuracy smash
+12    Lets find out your accuracy and shooting skill about punching. Its an amazing boxing face. It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the face to smash beasts. Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different ...    12 MB    Views 6417
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-3    Lets find out your accuracy and shooting skill about punching. It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the face to smash beasts. Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival ...    14 MB    Views 9198
0    Watch your step, STEP ON THE CIGARETTE This is the only rule in this additive funny game. Help a little cochroach to go home. But watch out You can only step in the tiles with the cigarette Everyone can handle ...    16 MB    Views 2985

Puppet War HD

fps war maps survival zombie kids sniper games time iphone puppet puppets game weapons studio levels flame
+21    ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME PUPPET WAR HAS ARRIVED FOR THE IPAD AND IS NOW IN GLORIOUS HD Battle the evil puppets ON A BIG SCREEN in this totally crazy, action packed, 3d FPS shooter game Blow ...    164 MB    Views 339
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+24    Only you are the one survivor in the Dungeon that all died. You have to survive from Zombie who are trying to attack you continuously. This is a shooting game with one player and survival game from zombie. The player have to attack, ...    38 MB    Views 8442
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0    HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY Lets find out your accuracy and tapping skill on love tiles. It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the heart to kiss. Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode ...    16 MB    Views 6930
eating survival fish fishes small ocean flow vast
+10    You are a fish in the vast ocean. Life in the vast oceans is not at all easy and especially when you are the hunter as well as the one being hunted. You can survive by eating the small fish and star ...    40 MB    Views 2099
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+9    Choose your ship to battle for survival or crush your friends In this action packed, visually awesome space shooter, avoid mines and wormholes and destroy the enemies Grab power ups to boost your ship and achieve glorious victory Play against ...    19 MB    Views 8065
+8    Play the first 10 levels of Story Mode and first 5 levels of Survival Mode in this Lite version of JASJ Golem and Wraith type monsters can't be killed by jumping down on them, you must shoot them refer to ...    37 MB    Views 1939

Bob Survival

survival people bob mode game rescue doors
-5    Help Bob to rescue people. Survival mode; holds and rescue as many people as you can. You can use different types of weapons, grenades, mines and a chainsaw. Pixel art graphics. How many zombies can kill? How many people can rescue? With GameCenter. Free with iAds. This is ...    17 MB    Views 6909
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-1    Welcome to the new and exciting 3986 remake of the Flappy arcade series, Will The Fish. Will the fish is a survival arcade game. Your mission is to make sure Will doesn’t get devoured by the shark’s teeth and also avoid ...    39 MB    Views 7496

Tasty Fish

+7    Being at the bottom of the food chain sucks, especially for Tasty Fish. Tasty Fish is a great game for all ages. Defy nature in this adorably addictive TapnPlay arcadesurvival gameplay, and keep your school of Tasty Fish alive for as ...    28 MB    Views 685
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+2    Welcome to Zombieville USA When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do go through their pockets and look for loose change As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it's up to ...    24 MB    Views 6345

Undead Ahead

Related Apps survival earn undead zombies
+8    Welcome The world has been overrun by zombies. You are one of just a few survivors. Drive your car down the freeway as you try to escape oncoming hordes of zombies in this fast paced survival game. Earn multiple types of powerups ...    14 MB    Views 8562

Marble Merge

Related Apps action puzzle games iphone survival game marble merge original easy mode hard fun
+1    Marble Merge brings you a refreshing and original action puzzle game designed only for the iPhone. Touch, move and stack marbles a s they fall while you merge them in a frantic frenzy of action and strategy. There's something here for ...    9 MB    Views 8102
Related Apps iphone survival military wifi zombie game zombies city support mode agents mission players attack
+10    SUPPORT iPHONE OS 4.0 and GAME CENTER Attack from the Dead is updated to iOS 4.0 and added Game Center. Now you can submit your score in Survival mode to Game Center's Leaderboard and compare with other players. Attack From the Dead ...    15 MB    Views 149

Space Survival !

Related Apps survival space
+5    Space Survival The invaders arrive, and they aim to destroy the Earth. Begin the adventure to defend it and fight against its enemies.    42 MB    Views 910

Tunnel 3D Lite

survival tunnel faster rank easy version harder mode
-3    This game is for guys and girls who are fond of games with high speed racing and who are ready for a real trial for their reaction. Your task is to fly through the tunnel and escape. Does that sound easy? You ...    7 MB    Views 3070

Scribble Hero

iphone personal doodle ipad action survival advertising sketch apple user data scribble hero policy privacy enemies nickelodeon
+23    NOW FREE Get drawn into an actionpacked world when you join the heroic doodle, Sketch, in a battle to save your notebook from an army of sinister scribbles and evil doodles Scribble Hero charges real money for additional inapp content. You ...    51 MB    Views 245

ShootStorm Survival

survival life game
+5    This is the free singlelife Survival version of ShootStorm, a fastpaced neoretro 3D arcade shootemup with touch and tilt control options. Carve a circle as the enemies fly out at you, twisting and turning. Automatic shooting keeps the controls simple and ...    22 MB    Views 7325

Mental Survival

survival horror mental survive creepy zombies
0    Mental Survival Best Horror Game on IOS 2014 You're in the old Mental Facility and you need to endure your mental illness and run away. Haunted by creepy zombies and ill patients you have to survive the crazy maze of jumpscares and ...    118 MB    Views 8492

Sub Survival

+2    Survive the treacherous caves, battle robosharks with freaking lasers and defeat the bosses. Sub Survival is easy to play hard to master and impossibly addictive, so go on and dive in    23 MB    Views 395
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-7    Blast off and enjoy a wild adventure when you play A Flying Farm Animal Survival Catch. In this crazy game filled with action and animal antics, dodge evil villains and collect milk bottles to defeat your enemies. Swerve your way through obstacles, by ...    27 MB    Views 2909
survival challenge crate save prince jolly
+20    Can you survive as long as possible, longer than your friends, and become the best in the world Touch and drag Prince Jolly around inside crate 99 avoiding the crate edges and the enraged Jollies which bounce around and speed about ...    53 MB    Views 5529
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+15    Tap to rotate your shield, stopping incoming hostiles in their tracks. Whether you're lounging on the sofa or riding the bus home from work, you can always compete with your friends for the highest score in this retrostyled arcade game. Rototo ...    45 MB    Views 6008
house art survival iphone stop attack robo game gallery battle protect
+24    This game was designed to run on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and the corresponding iPod Touch hardware. There is a lite version available in case you want to try it on your device. Why is it that for every super ...    32 MB    Views 1665

Meteor Blitz HD

Related Apps iphone gun survival time game meteor blitz global controls shooters top shooter
+13    Apple's "Best of 2009" The best shooter on the iPhone and iPod Touch, now available on the iPad Discover the game that has thousands of people coming back every day _________________________________________ FLING Fling compatible _________________________________________ KILLER FEATURES AUTOPAUSE Your game pauses the ...    32 MB    Views 5267
survival game fans
+13    SRRN Games is very proud to present Always Outnumbered: Survival Representing the cutting edge in Atariinspired technology, AO: Survival is our gift to all of our awesome fans. You can download the game for free on almost any platform AO: Survival ...    20 MB    Views 2920
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+5    Commander SpaceBeard’s spacecraft is under attack. Stranded in space he has no option but to fight Arm him with an array of arsenal and get to work doing battle with alien bugs in a fight for survival. Collect coins scattered around ...    44 MB    Views 6715

Halloween Survival

Related Apps survival halloween challenge game collect
+4    A New Creepy Crawly Survival Game That Will Challenge You on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Play as The Red Wizard and take on the hoards of sinister spiders that are slowly crawling towards you. Survive for as long as ...    33 MB    Views 850

Meteor Blitz

iphone time action survival game meteor blitz top global arcade shooter ranking instant
+3    Game of the Month Touch Arcade Top 10 Action/Adventure Game in US and Japan Apple Year in Review 5 Stars "Meteor Blitz is one of the highest quality space shooters we've seen for the iPhone...this one comes highly recommended" ...    38 MB    Views 4605
zombie survival rule virus infected zombies
+30    There are two rules when dealing with Zombies: Rule 1 – Don’t get infected. Rule 2 – See rule 1 The Zombie horde is chasing you but you can prevent infection by crushing each virus before it gets you. Keep your blood healthy ...    30 MB    Views 3252

Circle Survival HD

survival game long circle destroy squares circles square
0    Circle Survival A quick game to satisfy your arcade craving. Three exiting game modes: Survival Dodge the evil squares as long as you can, only the most talented can last long against the relentless barrage. Kamikaze Turn the tables and play as ...    4 MB    Views 1989

Drive 2 Survive

Related Apps survival action features game drive survive
+28    Drive 2 Survive is a fun & addicting game that will push your survival skills to the limit You just escaped from prison and with the help of your buddy and his armed vehicle your mission is to run away ...    10 MB    Views 3191

Red Storm Survival

survival play red robots storm
+12    Fight back at Robot Invasion. This base vercrowded with Robots not all of them are friendly. Actually all d like to blow up stuff. Play as last survival to destroy as much as possible enemy robots. Check out for ...    18 MB    Views 8103
survival red storm robots play
0    Fight back at Robot Invasion. This base overcrowded with Robots not all of them are friendly. Actually all d like to blow up stuff. Play as last survival to destroy as much as possible enemy robots. Check out for ...    31 MB    Views 2902

Horse Race

survival horse sprint
+20    And They're Off A fun and addictive 'old school' horse racing game. It's simple style allows for quick gameplay. How fast can you go? What's your quickest sprint time? And most importantly, how long can you last on survival? With two different modes, ...    2 MB    Views 5452
survival games check cool
-6    Check your survival skills in the city games Be the best warrior in online battles. Can you pick up a better weapons and fight against your rivals? Try cool features: Cool offline survival Awesome multiplayer mode. Play with people all around the ...    67 MB    Views 2619


time survival iphone viruses 100 game mode rate limit reaches infection play
+28    English below V iPhone 3GとiPod Touch (2nd gen)では動作しません。ご了承ください。 This game will not run on an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2nd gen. Our apologies. ただ今無料配布中 超簡単操作 ウイルス達をタッチでつぶしてください 指でプチプチつぶす新感覚ゲームです 一人で黙々とプチプチするもよし 友達や恋人と一緒に探してプチプチして盛り上がりましょう GAMEルール ウイルスはどんどんフィールドを汚染していきます。 汚染メーターが100%になるとゲームオーバーになります。 またNORMALとHARDには制限時間がステージ毎に設定してあります。 制限時間が0になるまでにウイルスを全て倒してください SURVIVALMODEは時間制限がありません。 汚染度が100%になるまでプレイできます。 GAMEMODE 3種類のゲームで遊べます NORMALMODE 全8ステージ初心者向け設定でお気軽に遊べます。 HARDMODE ウイルスが大増殖PANDEMIC状態から無事CLEARできるか NORMALMODEで慣れたら是非挑戦してください SURVIVALMODE 制限時間無し あなたは一体何分持ちこたえられるのか? 汚染度が100%になるまで永遠にプレイ可能です。 ウイルスについて 小さなウイルスは1pixelサイズよーく見るともぞもぞ動いています。 大きなウイルスは素早く倒さないと爆ぜて小さなウイルスを増殖=PANDEMICさせます。 大きなウイルスほど得点が高く、小さなウイルスほど得点が低くなります。 ENGLISH This game is free Simple, but addictive Squish the viruses by touching them. Look carefully and crush the viruses. Play by ...    6 MB    Views 7395
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0    TAP THE TUNA? The carnival ain't comin' to town no traveling road show just goldfish, carp, and Eskimos. So, there ain't no moles to whack, but plenty of Tuna to tap. And more holes in this pole than pretzels ...    25 MB    Views 3225
survival map skulls touch evil doesn
-8    Inspired by retro based games, Hatty and Skulls Survival is a simple game, which centers around Hatty (a smiling head) who needs to avoid the evil skulls in an endless gameplay. All that you have to do, involves moving him by ...    2 MB    Views 7799
soccer survival football game league championship slam world
-3    The most addictive Soccer app is Here With stunning new visuals and awesome new features League Football Survival World Championship Slam Game is a must have for any Soccer fan Download Now    17 MB    Views 1155

Survival Bash

survival fighters team game
+7    An epic tournament is taking place right inside your phone, are you game for the ultimate challenge? 5 super awesome fighters are ready to take on anything that comes in their way, make your elite team and conquer the arena. Master the ...    54 MB    Views 6861
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-4    Were it comes again, STEP ON THE CIGARETTE 2 After the huge success of Step On the Cigarette, comes it’s sequence. This is the only rule in this additive funny game. Help a little cochroach to go home. But watch out ...    19 MB    Views 1910
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