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Best Jump ninja run Apps | ARCADE-gamesios

+6    Ninja Pig in the wall is a fun and simple game to play with. The game rule is very simple, try to run and hide in the wall gap. Tap the bottom block, and the Ninja Pig will jump follow you. Your ...    38 MB    Views 6037
jump ninja
+1    Help the sackboy ninja jump as far as possible by holding and releasing the screen to power up his spring. How far you can go...? Feature: Remove ads support Share social Game center    12 MB    Views 7185

Daylight Ninja

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+2    Why should all Ninjas work only in night shifts? This particular ninja is a bit afraid of the dark and has decided to do the job in bright daylight. Daylight Ninja is fun and addictive platformer game that presents a new ...    48 MB    Views 7793

Ninja Cubes

0    Ninjas, ninjas, ninjas everywhere Help our two cubical protagonists by jumping over the hordes of enemies in this addicting, endless game. Features : Easy to learn, hard to master Different outfits to unlock Colorful minimal graphics Ninjas How to play : Tap ...    26 MB    Views 374

Jump Ninja - Swing

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+2    Looking for a game that is similar but harder than Flappy Bird? Jump Ninja is the answer. Jump Ninja is easy to play, hard to master. Play either solo or with your friends with Nextpeer integration. Master the skill and ...    25 MB    Views 7008
+3    Muscle Run is a sensational fusion of bloodthrilling endless Infinite run, A genetic freak Ninja has escaped asylum and he is on a run in the town,he has to dodge many things before he can get to his loved ...    39 MB    Views 8103
chubby ninja fun ninjas game version run
+5    THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME ADS It's chubby ninja time Get ready for a fun, action packed ninja game featuring a few chubby ninjas who are out on a very big adventure. Run and jump your way through ...    30 MB    Views 5730

Spring Ninja

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-6    I am a Ninja. I'm handsome and... fat. However, I cannot jump over 5 cm. My creator wants me to fly high. He bought me an amazing spring. Wow Not bad I now can jump, like a cat    15 MB    Views 545

Ninja Mission

+3    Ninja Mission is a fast paced, highly addictive Ninja run, jump, shoot game where your goal as Ninja is to run and kill all trained enemies who have captured the peaceful fun loving town in Kungfu valley. Complete all missions in ...    8 MB    Views 3143


+26    ZOMBITSU (noun: zombitsu) a traditional form of Japanese sword combat against warriors of the undead. The evil Lord Nakatomi has torn apart your land and unleashed his army of soldiers for total destruction. Play as Hiro, the last known Zombitsu ...    73 MB    Views 8046
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+15    Enjoy yourself in a world of jump ninja Put your skills to the survival test Challenge as many levels as you can Responsive tap controls, calibrated your way. You need control the ninja to jump into the river to escape from ...    37 MB    Views 8099
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+4    Launching Lethal Ninja, the most dynamic and the swiftest Warrior that the realms have ever seen. Travel with him through the endless Sojourn collecting all the gold along the way. Jump over those crazy spinning wheels, fire from cannons and ...    107 MB    Views 851

Ninja Joe

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-6    Ninja Joe must travel to the age of dinosaurs to find the mystical gems that will save his master's life. He must run for his life and get the gems from the evil velociraptors. Run through the jungle, desert and ...    24 MB    Views 3288
+21    Ninja Chicken Run is an endless action run game. You play the role of Ninja Chicken running bravely in the face of indomitable challenge from the Foxy the skillful hunter. Ninja is no easy bird he knows his ...    37 MB    Views 4275
twitter jump facebook game ninja run controls start great
+12    The legendary black ninja is ready for adventures with you The game takes you back to the ancient far east world, where you have to perform a great run at a stary night. Run and jump with your spy ninja ...    10 MB    Views 5610
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0    Brace yourself for an amazing adventure in Tiny Animal Fun Run. This addicting and challenging gameplay will make you play for hours Families and kids love it Guide this cute tiny animal run through the mythical land and get the BEST ...    15 MB    Views 1213
running multiplayer ninja run lost treasure play game competitors emperor
-8    New throne Emperor just gave out a new command for all ninjas to find back his lost treasure within a limited time. Only the winner can be heavily rewarded. Play this latest MULTIPLAYER running game Ninja Run Definitely addictive Your mission: ...    27 MB    Views 2451
jump number big ninja
-2    Freaking mad with Big Number Jump Big Number Jump is a simple game Just help the big ninja number jump to keep them safe. How to play: Touch in right/left screen to help big ninja number jump.    25 MB    Views 9026
-8    TAP TO JUMP and TAP TO HOLD FOR JUMP HIGHER Simple Awesome Controls ,Try this Endless Runner Game. A secret stealth Ninja has just finished his biggest and most dangerous assassination. Now he is being hunted through the Jungle Help him ...    31 MB    Views 1757

Ninja Run 忍者

people jump ninja japan evil black shogun power run
-1    Fear and darkness are spreading all over the Ancient Japan. One ninja is ready to confront an evil shogun and his daimyos. Can he end the bloodthirsty tyranny of the corrupted shogun and save the people of Ancient Japan from ...    47 MB    Views 9035
game ninja temple tower run city amazing rush
+1    Ninja Rush city is an innovative endless runnner game as similar to Temple Run and Temple Run:Brave. In the Night streets of New York, Ninja runs from tower to tower to get back off from Horror zombie.that's cool to see Michael ...    13 MB    Views 6566

Ninja Slash! Runner

games ninja slash game cutting environment slice experience support run rush
+6    Are you tired of always and only slice fruits? No problem You're one step away from starting the final slicing experience In a world of chaos populated by monsters and demons, only a ninja with her legendary katana can restore order ...    42 MB    Views 5722


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+19    Honored as App Store Best of 2012 in Japan Don't get too addicted How far can you run? Become one with the wind and outrun everybody else ■ Just tap your screen. A game as easy as pie. Tap the screen to jump ...    37 MB    Views 7904
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-8    Help the Little Ninja to avoid different obstacles and run on an odd 4lane midair track Be quick, stay focus and don't let him stop / crash (omg) Collect Gems and unlock new characters Beat your best score and share it with your ...    13 MB    Views 9951

Jump Ninja Chicken

+7    The clash of funny animals is coming Create your own saga Make your ninja chicken jump higher and higher Be careful don't crash into the other animals. Jump over the turtles,snails and other kinds of enemies to be jump ...    7 MB    Views 325
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-2    Great game where your Ninja jumps of obstacles. It's pretty challenging Test your reflexes as you race to escape from the Temple. Tap to jump and avoid obstacles, collect coins and get more Ninjas, and see how far you ...    18 MB    Views 7236

Ninja Jump Game

jump ninja jungle game arrow run devil
+4    Ninja Jump is a brand new game with the style of classic running and jumping. jungle is full of danger,the devil hunter awaits,and the winter is coming and the air is very cold,he needs your help to come over the land ...    31 MB    Views 2728

Ninja Run HD 忍者

+1    CAN ONE NINJA END THE REIGN OF TERROR? Fear and darkness are spreading all over the Ancient Japan. One ninja is ready to confront an evil shogun and his daimyos. Can he end their bloodthirsty reign and save the people of ...    48 MB    Views 6857

Ninja Super Run

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-5    Ninja Super Jump is a fun addictive running game for players who like action running jump around, beat enemy run around to collect exciting collectibles, life and boosters by escaping with the obstacles. In this exciting game your goal is reach ...    10 MB    Views 5014

Run Ninja, Run

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+1    Featuring an unique art style, compelling music and a fast and intense gameplay, Run Ninja Run is the thrilling new endless runner available on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You are a renegade ninja escaping from one of your contract ...    9 MB    Views 3234
jump time granny ninja bug emoji run characters hates world blast shoot
+4    Welcome to the crazy world of Bug Blast Of Burger, Emoji, Robot And Ninja Granny crazy people shooting crazy bugs In the mist comes four heroes: Mr Hamburger, Sgt Emoji, i420 RT and Ninja Granny For all of their lives, ...    16 MB    Views 6440

Ninja Run 360

jump ninja run 360 tap addictive screen platform
+3    ADDICTIVE NINJA ACTION Run and jump your way to glory in this endless 360 degree runner Take on the role of a stealthy ninja as he runs through the moonlit night sky, hopping from platform to platform trying to ...    7 MB    Views 5620

Ninja Run! Pro

ninja run cows coins watch fast internet game direct links
0    Visit for the backstory PRO VERSION FEATURES: ad FREE FASTER speed more ALIENS new NINJA COINS a the arrival of a new ARCH NEMO and yes... still COWS NINJA RUN Watch out for the evil alien's and deadly cows?? Ninja's are crazy, collect the Ninja coins, hop ...    7 MB    Views 3741

Mad Cats vs Ninja

Related Apps jump cats side ninja mad
-2    Avoid the frantic attacks from the Mad Cats using all of your Ninja abilities. Jump, double jump, and side to side movement will be needed to make this game go as long as you can.    5 MB    Views 3923
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+6    Think you're the best ninja around the world? Prove it Put your ninja skills to the test and show everyone what you're made of You’ll have to jump e run over rotating platforms out there The goal of the game is to run ...    22 MB    Views 9905
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-6    Jump over the platforms while avoiding the shurikens. Become the cube ninja and complete your training, beat your own score and challenge your friends. Endless game = endless fun challenging and addictive Ninja theme    14 MB    Views 8540

Run Ninja Run DX

facebook games zombie twitter run ninja exciting popular
+5    Our popular "Run Ninja Run" is now out for iOS Exciting new features include: All new exciting stages Completely redesigned new characters Difficulty settings Throwing stars to attack the enemy Run through the jungle and mountains and head for the castle Run Ninja ...    50 MB    Views 4649

Jump!Kung Fu Ninja

-2    Kung Fu Ninja is a nailbiting mix of Action games. You can manipulate endured about beating, When there are three energy blocks have big stunt, More needs to try How to play: Tap on the screen to let the Kung Fu Ninja jump, destroy all ...    3 MB    Views 9385
running run ninja amazing samurai game
-1    The new infinite running game is here Enjoy the adventure and feel the adrenaline rush Amazing Up Ninja and Samurai Run Away is a running game where a ninjas and Samurais runs through a vertical wall while jumping to avoid ...    29 MB    Views 1543
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+30    This is an exciting and funny game. Slide your finger to give a rope make Ninja up Jump as high as you can and avoid trunks,helicopters. How far can you jump?Like a bird flying in the sky?Want to experience the thrill of sky ...    17 MB    Views 1313

Ninja Run!

ninja run cows direct fast links internet important game watch
+20    Visit for the backstory NINJA RUN Watch out for the evil alien's and deadly cows?? Ninja's are crazy, collect the Ninja coins, hop on a rockets to fly but watch out you're running on empty. This fast paced runner, keeps ...    7 MB    Views 4481
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0    √ Quickly ninjajump over and roll through the stones as fast you can √ Run the Cool Ninja Girl through the chinese village √ Do not let the Ninja Girl bump into the stones "Super fun addicting game Highly recommend the download Playing ...    19 MB    Views 2890
blocks ninja dragon stars booster speed wooden run ultimate
0    Join Rukinodota the Ninja on his quest and journey to collect dragon stars in the mystic jungles of a secluded island in the west. Ninja run The Ultimate Hero Ninja.., is a limitless, gravity defying, 2d, sidescroll game that will ...    15 MB    Views 5539

Turtle Ninja Run 3D

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+2    Turtle Ninja Run 3D is the new action packed combat endless runner Run, jump, fight and drive through the streets dodging obstacles, trains, cars and foot soldiers. Unlock exclusive weapons and equipment that will keep you one step ahead. Use your ...    57 MB    Views 2769
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-9    Fury Of Ninja Race Run and Jump is finally here Try this awesome thrilling Endless runner game with Brand New Characters,Achievements,and gamecentre integration. Fury Of Ninja Race Run and Jump is an endless running action game. Features: Excellent Graphics and Audio Effects Tap ...    23 MB    Views 9917

Ninja Star Jump

Related Apps jump ninja star
+1    Train your ninja warriors. Jump the Ninja Star Shurikens How To Play: Tap to jump    7 MB    Views 5522

A Box Ninja Run

Related Apps ninja box rooftops quickly master impossible run
0    Nimble Ninja Action Almost Impossible to Master Help Box Ninja across the rooftops by quickly building platforms for him to walk across. If you make the platform too short he will fall so be careful Game Features: Challenge family and ...    32 MB    Views 5331

Ninja Realm Race

Related Apps ninja game obstacles run kung fast prove enemies race realm
-4    “This game ate up an hour of my time, and I loved every minute of it” AppsThatRock Ninja Realm Race is a fast and super addictive game. You are the best Kung Fu Ninja on the planet. As a ...    35 MB    Views 8239
action ninja chubby game fun unlocked ninjas packed run
+5    100% FREE EVERY CHUBBY NINJA UNLOCKED ACTION PACKED NINJA RUNNING GAME It's chubby ninja time Get ready for a fun, action packed ninja game featuring a few chubby ninjas who are out on a very big adventure. Run and ...    30 MB    Views 3976

Ninja Jump Jump

Related Apps jump game life ninja
+27    .: Ninja Jump Jump :. Jump Tap the screen to avoid the shurikens. This game is simply brilliant. Intuitive controls, clean graphics, and addicting gameplay. This game will change your life. If you don't already have it, I have no idea what you ...    7 MB    Views 7064


games fighting ninja game free run fun kill enemies kung goal fights
+12    fights are always exciting action, but if you fight ninjas... Use your skills of tactic and skillfully best enemy Do you under the force? NINJA TURLES game where your goal as ninja is to run and kill all trained enemies ...    46 MB    Views 3172
jump tap double ninja meow
0    Tap to jump and double tap to double jump the Meow Ninja. How far you can go ? Let's see.    6 MB    Views 3612
Related Apps jump ninja boy stars
+7    Jump on board with Boy Ninja Run and jump your way across the city rooftops, collecting ninja stars and dashing through the air. Cover as much ground as you can, but beware of the Evil Ninja Collect ninja stars to upgrade your ...    27 MB    Views 6931

Make Ninja Jump

Related Apps jump time game ninja run multiple play addictive
0    Are you Ready to Make these Ninja's Jump. This Game is very addictive, Only play if you dare to play. You have to make multiple ninja's run at the same time. Features Very Addictive Game. You have to run Multiple Ninja's at the ...    31 MB    Views 2100
games jump stickman ninja amazing
+5    15 amazing stickman games. ◈ Amazing Jump ◈ Run Master ◈ Stick Ninja ◈ Orbit Hero ◈ Color Ninja ◈ Queue ◈ Swing Rope ◈ JumpJump ◈ 2 Runners ◈ True Man ◈ NeverDie ◈ Kungfu ◈ Hoops ◈ Dodge Ball We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments More exciting stickman games coming your way ...    31 MB    Views 8156

Light Jump Ninja

Related Apps jump platform addictive ninja
-2    Test your Ninja Jumping Skills Instructions: Use the green circle arrow as like a charge up bar, the longer you hold down the farther he will jump. Jump platform to platform to get the highest score WARNING: Highly Addictive Features: Addicting Gameplay Beautiful Graphics ...    7 MB    Views 266
Related Apps action game ninja score play control easy high world run
+9    FAST PACED NINJA and FRUITS ACTION PACKED ADVENTURE This ninja is ready for some FRUIT action  Sprint through a fantasy clumsy world at light speed, dodging and leaping as you run toward your ninja destiny.  A simple and fun game. Player control a ...    54 MB    Views 8911

Flapping Ninja

Related Apps jump ninja
+26    Guide the flappy ninja through sky scrappers. Just tap to make the ninja flap and jump. Keep tapping to make him jump longer and higher, but you must avoid hitting buildings and falling into the abyss. Best your scores and earn ...    25 MB    Views 1884
Related Apps jump run ninja game play tap free
+13    Play this latest MULTIPLAYER running game Ninja Run Definitely addictive Tap To Jump Long Tap For Jump Higher Avoid Hitting Obstacles This is a Free game. Simple to play but highly entertaining Download now and start your ninja run adventure    28 MB    Views 6941
fortress speedy ninja speed wall run
+12    Lead Speedy Ninja run and jump on the fortress wall Speedy Ninja try to use his superspeed and run on the fortress wall. You need to help him dash left and right through all the obstacles, the running speed will ...    17 MB    Views 6623
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