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Slide Check

+1    Test your spacial awareness Slide check is a simple and quick game with an easy premise: get the slider as close to the target value as possible. The closer you are, the more points you get Good luck    3 MB    Views 2666

Jelly Bounce

+6    Keep your jelly safe at any cost Jump and slide your way trough obstacles. HOW TO PLAY Swipe UP to jump to avoid low objects. Swipe DOWN to slide under high objects. FEATURES Easy controls easy to learn hard to master Simple and ...    44 MB    Views 7926


blocks slide tap long
+12    Supports retina display Tap and slide the blocks for as long as you can. If you leave one for too long you lose a life Directions Tap the blue blocks Slide the green blocks left or right Slide the red blocks up or down Double tap ...    2 MB    Views 1541


gaga slide
0    It's 3rd GAGA series. The Gaga Slide will check your finger slide speed. Let’s try it. N challenge the online rank. Right Now    4 MB    Views 8802
ascend blocks slide
+15    Slide the blocks to ascend    19 MB    Views 855

Slide Surfer

Related Apps jump slide tap
+21    Slide your way through the obstacles Only for Pros [How to play] 1.Tap the screen to jump. 2.Holding down touch will jump higher. 3.Tap twice to make double jump. 4.Be careful and good luck Warning: Don't be addicted For support and errors, Please contact:    8 MB    Views 782

Ninja Joe

+13    Ninja Joe must travel to the age of dinosaurs to find the mystical gems that will save his master's life. He must run for his life and get the gems from the evil velociraptors. Run through the jungle, desert and ...    24 MB    Views 3288

Dog Escape Run

dog jump running run escape play avoid streets obstacles fun slide
+28    Dog Escape Run is a free endless running game. Help the puppies to flee bath. Escape through the streets, run through the woods and on the streets of the city, rush in the tunnel but be careful to do not get ...    13 MB    Views 6189

Thief Job for Kids

-1    Special Version for Kids. It's slower and easier than original Thief Job Help Steve reach his dream of becoming a billionaire by performing the greatest theft ever; stealing jewelry and ornaments from the King of Europe himself However, it's ...    28 MB    Views 629

Asgard Run

-6    The most exciting running game on the App Store Sprint into a highspeed adventure with your chosen hero on a quest to save Asgard Use speedy reflexes to avoid hazards and grab awesome powerups. Time epic attacks against gruesome mythological foes ...    NAN    Views 9299

Giver Endless Slide

endless slide mode levels fun side
+7    Endless Slide is a fun, playgroundinspired take on the "Endless Run" genre. It's (literally) nonstop fun as you tap the screen to dodge sidetoside. You're zooming down an infinite tube, sliding past crazy obstacles and trying to collect popsicles (points), juice ...    NAN    Views 6263


game play control obstacles hell avoid slide
-9    This is very popular game in 2014, with optimal design, but more effective. Your mission is control the Sticky man to jump over or slide down to avoid obstacles. How far he could run ? it all depend on your ...    5 MB    Views 1314

Color Words

slide color play words
-7    Play in the colorful world with Color Words [How to play] You must choose the answer in 1 second: + If true, slide to the right + If false, slide to the left Try to get the high score.    7 MB    Views 82

Animal Blast

Related Apps burst slide colour set level friends
+14    Cute cats are frozen, please come to Rescue them Link them in a set of three and slide the same colour and characters to burst. Once player burst all the sets in three will able to make through next level. As ...    15 MB    Views 7641

JumpSlide Boy

running time jump screen tap slide upper day runs perform
-8    You'd think you would need a reason to run for days.. well you couldn't be any more wrong Meet JumpSlide Boy (usually just called J), a young blonde guy who's got plenty of time and really doesn't believe in getting a ...    17 MB    Views 4763


mode clear play slide faces
-8    TwoFaced is a matchthree with a twistand slide Swipe to slide, tap to clear matching groups, keep away from edges and try to keep up Check out Challenge Mode for a frantic rush to clear the screen before new faces fill it ...    27 MB    Views 47

Soap Bubble Arcade

mana bubble soap slide game arcade pop bubbles
-5    Soap Bubble Arcade Pop bubbles and share your score on Game Center. And it's a free game. How to play? Easy Tap or slide on bubble(s) to pop. Sliding costs mana. Blue bubbles give 100% mana also mana increases periodically. Be careful when using your mana. If you ...    5 MB    Views 612

Slide Golf Mini

golf game hole mini slide
+5    Are you ready for an incredible Mini Golf game? Slide Golf Mini is a 12 player golf game that offers two 18 hole courses a 19th hole versus mode and a Golf Shop with new balls and backgrounds. There is ...    71 MB    Views 9657


+4    Let's see how far Joe can go with Jenny on the sloping hills? Then again, how far might you go with your partner? It’s your virtual chance to do something big for your loved one Join the challenge that awaits ...    24 MB    Views 1503

Yeti Game

jump game yeti snow screen fun slide ice finger easy score
+1    Yeti Game is a fun, fast paced action game. Help to escape snow man from the high mountains. Help snow man to slide along a rope over the water and jump on the ice. don’t let him to fall and ...    15 MB    Views 6439
Related Apps puzzle game slide win
+10    Slide to Win : Free Puzzle Game • 100 Puzzle Levels • 14 Achievements to unlock • Gamecener for Top Score • 5 Different theme for game • Improve your thinking by playing this memory puzzle game.    13 MB    Views 9222

Pinguin Slide

device collect penguin bears slide
+10    A nice Shooting game, between a Penguin that slides, and Bears that try to catch him. Tilt your device to make the Penguin slide left and right. Collect Diamonds to get ammunition. Avoid the Bears and tap the device to Shoot ...    5 MB    Views 4802

Skid Racer! Free

racer full play speed race slide
-3    Skid Racer receives a great review on Slide to Play Slide to play writes “The App Store is the ideal place for simple games that pack a lot of fun, and Skid Racer is a prime example.” and goes ...    11 MB    Views 2892
faster unique tree slide crash infinite
+17    Canopy Crash AllStars is a infinite “slider” game. Players takes control of a “crasher” as they slide faster and faster down the infinite “Forever Tree” collecting leaves and powerups while avoiding obstacles at increasingly breakneck speeds. 6 unlockable “Crashers” to pick ...    23 MB    Views 5315

Football Rampage

+17    Select a player from the 6 best footballers in the world and go on the rampage of your lifetime. Remember – don’t let anyone stop you. All you need to do is get past the obstacles – slide, head butt, jump – ...    13 MB    Views 1571

Jungle Mafia HD

shooting direction slide animals jungle
-2    Physicsbased shooting challenges including aiming target... Gear up your weapon and prepare to take aim…. Come in to feel the excitement in shooting... ===================================   In a tropical island where there are group of adventurers they are looking for the possible natural resources for export ...    16 MB    Views 3669
slide flag hero
+11    Hoodie Hero loves to slide on his tummy. Unfortunately sometimes he gets too excited and falls off the cliff Control hoodies excitement by gently tapping the thermometer. Here is what's included: Slide from flag to flag in Highscore Mode 6 Unlockable ...    16 MB    Views 6994

Skid Racer!

racer play speed slide
-7    Skid Racer receives a great review on Slide to Play Slide to play writes “The App Store is the ideal place for simple games that pack a lot of fun, and Skid Racer is a prime example.” and goes ...    11 MB    Views 272

Slide 'n Square

square slide
0    Slide 'n Square is a retro style puzzle game with infinite amount of levels. Move the square to the circle: less moves means more points. Unlock new colour themes as your total score is high enough    27 MB    Views 450

Ocean Run 3D

Related Apps puzzle jump obstacles test level slide features ocean pieces
+6    Dive in and surf the seabed Surf underwater and complete levels by grabbing bonuses and floating puzzle pieces Test your limits by surfing as far as possible and collecting as many seahorses as you can. Simply swipe your finger to jump and ...    54 MB    Views 1862
games jump life arrows obstacles slide game endless world block
+1    Being the lord of your own world, you most probably think that there is no way life can get any better. However, with monsters constantly sprouting like creepy crawlers, ghosts, and even dragons, you have to leave your home and ...    15 MB    Views 5025

Thief Job

job facebook twitter jump time thief http www slide achievements upgrades buildings endless
0    Thief Job is FREE for limited time Don't miss it Help Steve reach his dream of becoming a billionaire by performing the greatest theft ever; stealing jewelry and ornaments from the King of Europe himself However, it's not easier than it ...    27 MB    Views 7117
Related Apps racing penguin slide levels fly flying
+25    This new version has all levels unlocked and no Ads. Racing Penguin (or Flying Penguin) is a physics based slide and fly game Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. Go as fast as you can to escape ...    20 MB    Views 5370
time jump running game run slide play stickmen challenging obstacles control
-1    VERY ADDICTIVE Play Two Stickmen at the same time Can you do it? Control two Stickmen at the same time Are you ready to try the most addictive and challenging game? Can you control two runners at the same time? How ...    10 MB    Views 6337

Slide 'Em

Related Apps slide fun
-9    Looking for a fun quick, fun arcadestyle game to play? Look no further Slide the boxes into the correct colored boundaries to get the highest score in the lowest amount of time    5 MB    Views 2147

Penguin Roll

penguin fun game slide
+9    Enjoy crazy penguin velocity. Turn your screen to get the penguin to his friends, but be careful this penguin can’t swim. Shake your device to help him hop. Slide across the ice, bounce on springs, avoid the icicles and sleepy seals ...    6 MB    Views 6756
+18    Adventure Ice Bear Run is fundamental platform runner game with new frozen ice theme & environments with amazing power ups and more adventure land to explore. Slip, slide, and jump in your way through this frozen game to discover the new ...    40 MB    Views 6386
endless slide mode levels fun side
-4    Endless Slide is a fun, playgroundinspired take on the "Endless Run" genre. It's (literally) nonstop fun as you tap the screen to dodge sidetoside. You're zooming down an infinite tube, sliding past crazy obstacles and trying to collect popsicles (points), juice ...    48 MB    Views 9764

No1 Slide Puzzle

Related Apps time puzzle slide stage world
0    We will continue to clear the stage in order from Stage 1. It will measure the time for each stage. Time that was measured, all as ranking in Game Center will Kisoiae and slide Pazura around the world. Who in the slide puzzle ...    14 MB    Views 7410

Moving Goal

goal ball score slide
+7    Slide the screen with your finger, throwins. Aim for a goal in basketball, people from all over the world compete in and score The ball 10 ball possession. When you remove the goal, I will decrease. If I enter in a row On ...    24 MB    Views 3168

Stickman Runner

music jump side tap great game screen runner slide
+19    Run, Jump and Slide your way through obstacles in this Free Runner Game.Featuring simple Stick and Line graphics. Fast paced running, increasing difficulty, great music and gameplay, easy touch controls makes this game a great time killer. INSTRUCTIONS: Tap on the RIGHT ...    26 MB    Views 3885

Shadow Run

Related Apps jump screen slide tap run
+20    Run for the record [How to play] > Tap the top of the screen to jump > Tap the bottom go the screen to slide > Jump over pits and slide under walls >>This is game is difficult, but very addicting    27 MB    Views 6958

Spring Cat

cat spring slide
+4    Spring Cat needs your help Run through stunning cityscapes and spring your way to glory Jump, slide and stretch your way through the challenging environment using Spring Cat’s unique springs. Test Spring Cat's ability from easy through to hyper insane mode ...    15 MB    Views 5648

City Pursuit !

london paris jump pursuit cities game city obstacles slide play
+1    Chase your way through major cities of the world. Grab all the cash you can and travel the furthest distance possible across major cities of the world. Run , Jump ,Slide ,Avoid obstacles and don't get caught How far can you go? Start ...    7 MB    Views 4516

Video Slide Puzzle

video puzzle slide game
+23    Video Slide Puzzle is a fun game that uses the iPhone's builtin camera to create slide puzzles. ✭ Challenge your friends ✭ Hours of gameplay ✭ Every game is different ✭ Twitter, Facebook and Game Center    5 MB    Views 1176

Gear Jack

jump jack style unique levels cool visual slide gameplay game
-1    Help Jack escaping from the W.Hale, the first fully automated starship created by the humans, that was hit by a huge electromagnetic showckave and that is now slowly floating toward a black hole The entire robotic crew has gone crazy, and ...    41 MB    Views 2928

Dotello: Slide

http bulkypix www slide
-4    Dots are on the move Stay on the board, reveal the hidden rows. Climb to the top, how far can you slide? You can contact us for technical difficulties or simple feedbacks at:    21 MB    Views 1937

Slide To Survive

debris center move slide game survive
-1    Idea In deep space debris from an old super nova exploding is coming right at you, you have to move yourself to avoid collision with the debris. How long can you last? Controls You use your finger sliding left to right to move ...    3 MB    Views 2287


game fun slide touch
+23    This game is about a girl, that need your help. You must pop bubbles, slide stars, beat hearts and so on to guaranty her fun. In the game you will use multi touch/slide/tap all in coordination and whit a deadline time. ...    5 MB    Views 9705

Colors Slide

Related Apps slide colors simple
+30    Which one? Yours Eyes or Brain win. Colors Slide is a beautifully simple and addictive puzzle game made for iOS. The rule are simple. only reverse the orange slide.    9 MB    Views 4816


clouds dodge slide
-2    Fly, dodge, and speed your way through the maze of clouds Casual gameplay for any type of user Easy and Hard mode Share features Compete with friends Highscore counter (So you can always improve) Simple controls A pickup and play anywhere Instructions: Hold ...    28 MB    Views 1744

The Hardest Run

running jump cat challenge camera game obstacles swipe challenging flee slide
+27    Getting fed up with the usual running games that don’t really offer much of a challenge? Defy the limits of your wits and reflexes in this fastpaced, actionpacked running game Dash, dodge, slide, and jump over obstacles while trying to ...    52 MB    Views 8913

Penguin Slide Mania

penguins slide
+9    Race 2 penguins at the same time Slide left and right to keep the penguins alive. Fun, challenging and free    26 MB    Views 7197

Ninja Rush Free

jump ninja samurai slide rush free click shuriken game rope
-8    3 million downloads on android market Now come for apple app store. Rush to the end of this ninja world. Yet another excellent FREE game from Feelingtouch Inc. shuriken, lurker, samurai. This is the jungle of ninja master. Try your best to jump over ...    13 MB    Views 3004


twitter shapes hit combinations http slide launch
+5    FREE to download Many colorful shapes drop down, you can use 3 shapes & 3 colors to make different combinations, and launch shapes to beat them all HOW TO PLAY: · Slide to the left or right to make different combinations. · ...    16 MB    Views 9082
Related Apps puzzle slide level
+5    Thaw out the level's key by navigating it through a maze. You can move puzzle pieces around the level, but choose wisely, there's not a lot of room Slide Tetromino will puzzle and challenge you for hours    60 MB    Views 7329
slide amazing character box 1010 square
0    —————Amazing 1010 Square Box One the great challenging gameplay———— Slide your character to the right to board platforms as they slide up and down or across. It’s not so easy as it seems to be How to play : Tap on the screen ...    4 MB    Views 8899
slide tile black
+14    Slide the black tile to the right direction. Easy and fun to play, but very challenging to fully master. Beat your friend’s high sore at leaderboard. Share with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo and so on.    17 MB    Views 7296


action jump zombie people deliver packages friends slide
+5    ==[Note] Update is available only with WIFI connection.== In the not so distant future the world is filled with zombies and most of humanity is too scared to step outside. However, an elite, but jovial mail delivery squad known as Quickboy ...    NAN    Views 4266
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