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+10    Death has been challenged by knights to a duel, and if they win, Death will reward them immortality. "Dark but funny at the same time, with an ominous and thrilling soundtrack you can play this game for hours or for a ...    22 MB    Views 1709


+1    "INFINITE LEVELS" "YOU WILL NEVER END THIS GAME" "WHO WILL BE MOST SKILLFULL?" iSwoop is a space arcade game inspired by the classic game Swoop which was developed by Ambrosia software. It requires high reflexes, it has great graphics and an AMAZING soundtrack. ...    18 MB    Views 4225

Simple Driver Lite

driver special robot effects soundtrack vehicles vehicle beautiful graphics simple
+17    1984. In secret laboratories of the USSR invented a robot for space exploration. And went into the dark expanse of the galaxy. Communication was lost. The robot began to improve and come back to earth to take over the planet. And ...    43 MB    Views 4467

Sinking Feeling

0    Sinking Feeling is a game about a head falling through time and space. Strategically smash and avoid panels of glass in risk/reward gameplay. Test your reflexes against intense yet deliciously simple minimalist action. Topnotch glassshattering effects combined with a ...    5 MB    Views 6539
-2    “Haha This is a fun little game. recommended” by Josh5672 FUN NINJA GAME Play A Pocket Ninja Air Battle NOW You're a brave Flappy Ninja on a mission – an awesome mission to learn to fly in time to join ...    12 MB    Views 5644

Die For Metal

Related Apps jump metal die death easy controls levels soundtrack heavy
+8    Are you ready to die for Metal? It's a brutal battle to be a member of a legendary deathmetal band. But if you have the balls, you could do it. Die For Metal is a 2D Platformer where you play as a ...    49 MB    Views 4358


http red soundtrack dots game
+3    Sinuous is an addictive reflexbased game where your objective is to avoid colliding with red dots through quick reaction. Keep an eye our for the assortment of boosts as they are the only thing that will aid you in this ...    6 MB    Views 7218

Groove Vortex

itunes groove soundtrack original vortex
+3    Groove Vortex is a new infinite action game with vibrant visuals and an original electronic soundtrack. Test your reflexes as you dart through an endless geometric maze. Dodge your surroundings while the world around you collapses. Get the original soundtrack on ...    13 MB    Views 1163
Related Apps music soundtrack world hope game sound defense
+7    THE BEST MOBILE GAME SOUNDTRACK EVER The Detroit music scene is legendary for making great music from Motown records, Madonna, Eminem and many more. Detroit Sound Defense highlights Detroit's musical talents and achievements by featuring some of the best producers representing ...    45 MB    Views 2573
-5    cRaZy Monster Truck Game ROCKING SOUNDTRACK Get ready for a wild race of monster trucks, explosions, and just overall PURE MAYHEM FEATURES Fast and crazy action Lots of monster trucks to race against Cool soundtrack. Gamecenter to compete ...    23 MB    Views 9143


+4    Touch and slide to move your block. Test your reaction skills through challenging and fun game modes. Try to complete all the levels to unlock bonus levels. Compare your high scores against the world.    17 MB    Views 3102


-1    Guide your jet pack pug through 30 levels and 6 bonus round levels. Shoot those pesky bats, avoid the jumping blobs, sneak past the sleeping dragons and destroy the smiley aliens. On your journey clear each level with 3 gold ...    120 MB    Views 6681

Love Love HD

love facebook puzzle playing ambient blocks game great soundtrack graphics falling
+3    "The lucid dreamy backgrounds, cool effects and overall highly polished graphics makes it a great experience playing Love Love. An ambient soundtrack further enhances the relaxed lovely nature of the game." Touchgen "The net result is greater than the sum of ...    6 MB    Views 4539


+3    It is the Concentration using the card of fruit. There are four levels in all. Let's challenge the clearance of all the levels using your memory.    230 kb    Views 5823

I’m Aquarius

exclusive scores soundtrack set
+12    Set in the vast reaches of space, take control of the Metronomy ship and help Joe Mount navigate the cosmic wilderness. You will need quick reactions and fast thinking to avoid the increasingly perilous obstacles in your path. From exploding ...    34 MB    Views 6736

Block Builder Free

+7    To challenge your mind and puzzle game Beautiful screen, brilliant special effects and comfortable operation make you forget time immersed in the wonderful world of the box. ================== 36 brand new levels Each layout we are carefully designed. You can play unlimited levels As you ...    15 MB    Views 9874

Jump Out!™

Related Apps jump levels
-7    They are captured within 4 walls Their only hope is the cap they are holding onto, as if trying to catch a straw in a hurricane Surrounded by cunning traps, they look ahead and see… the exit. These bugs have ...    26 MB    Views 4743

Bean's Quest

iphone jump presentation music ipad stage bean arcade touch soundtrack ios perfect quest
+3    "An iOS platformer that actually works." Penny Arcade "…offering a huge amount of replay value and an overall stellar presentation." Touch Arcade Enjoy platforming perfection on the go Five worlds to explore with three achievements per stage Bean's Quest is ...    25 MB    Views 9244

Cut the Cheese

+7    Cut the Cheese a brand new awesome game for everyone Best cheese slicer on iOS Swipe with your finger and cut the part of cheese without mice. Be patient or go for a fast win, listen to the funny soundtrack ...    67 MB    Views 1127
action retro game infinite soundtrack
-1    A HighAction Retro Cyberspace Infinite Runner for both iPhone and iPad Get ready to conquer the future that the 80s warned you about. • Retro Synthwave Soundtrack • Radical neon "vector" graphics. • Unlock 19 Unique CyberSpaceships • 8 Infinite Survival Modes • 4 Pro Challenges • ...    55 MB    Views 1380

Sky Vault

Related Apps gun action iphone sky vault awesome amazing shooter space fast soundtrack stages
-2    Sky Vault is an amazing vertical space ship shooter for your iPhone, iPod and iPad Shoot the different enemy ships and break the highscore. Fly in 4 worlds and get all collectibles on the way like warp, shield, fast gun, double ...    13 MB    Views 2413

Data Hunter

+11    Sale You are a DataHunter , a galaxy explorer in search of artifacts and technology to be sold on the black market Watch your back, manage your ammo and stay alive Features : 8 Story levels 2 survival modes ( one unlockable) Comics 3 difficulty levels 5 weapons ...    23 MB    Views 8874


Related Apps walls levels
+1    Mr.Papi (red ball guy) is rolling down a dangerous hill, where many walls sprout out. Tap the screen anywhere to jump timely and avoid the walls This game contains the following 3 levels Normal, Hard, and Move (higher levels are unlocked ...    2 MB    Views 4834

Flood Levels

flood levels
+4    For iPhone 3GS and above. Stay alive and get to the exit Flood Levels adds levels to Doodlehead Flood and deadlier octopi. Build structures using seeds and outrace the rising flood waters.    4 MB    Views 8288

Buster Red

0    Press/Player Commentary ===================================== "... this vertical shooter is bound to keep you playing for hours on end. The wonderfully colored levels and hand drawn graphics that are outlined in black all come together in a perfect package that challenges you and keeps ...    15 MB    Views 1775

Bit Pilot

games music action iphone apple retro magazine love bit pilot game controls touch screen featured soundtrack
+15    You've never played an iOS action game that controlled this well. "Asteroids meets Canabalt" Kotaku As seen in the WIRED Magazine App Guide 9.0 out of 10 As seen in MacLife Magazine As reviewed in Giant Robot and Tap Magazines Kotaku's Gaming App of the ...    29 MB    Views 1305


Related Apps ipad multiplayer game circle control controls button fun soundtrack play
0    Centrifeud is a competitive multiplayer party game played on a single iPad. “If there’s anything exciting about touch screen games, it’s that we can do this now: we can control the player’s physical proximity, we can change it in the middle ...    11 MB    Views 9367

Sheeple Chase Lite

-5    Let's Race Guide a turbocharged sheep to victory against his farmyard foes Try the Countryside and Antarctic courses–jampacked with jumps, speed boosts and challenging obstacles Get as many juicy apples as you can on the way to winning the cup. With easytomaster ...    20 MB    Views 5015
+5    This isn't your average shooting gallery. Multiple levels of everything from animals to aliens and everything in between are here for your enjoyment. Many scenery objects can also be destroyed or shot for points. Features Eleven Main Game Levels Unlockable Levels ...    58 MB    Views 8020

30 & Dirty F2P

dirty game enemies lamb zones years power ups soundtrack
-3    30 and Dirty is back, and now it's FREE Don't let the screenshots fool you, this game rocks Just because I suck at drawing doesn't mean you should dismiss this game as crap Grab the dual stick shooter that started it ...    8 MB    Views 6557
original destroy bricks glass shards ups levels soundtrack
+3    Shards is a modern and revolutionary approach to the classic brick breaking / arkanoid games from 80's. Every level has its own fractal background and uniquely arranged as well as arbitrary scaled and rotated glass bricks for you to destroy. ...    25 MB    Views 8419
original bricks glass background destroy ups levels soundtrack
-9    Shards is a modern and revolutionary approach to the classic brick breaking / arkanoid games from 80's. Every level has its own fractal background and uniquely arranged as well as arbitrary scaled and rotated glass bricks for you to destroy. ...    28 MB    Views 8730
smile saga game impossible brain attention amazing relaxing soundtrack
+3    Smile Impossible Brain Saga is a hard and very interesting game that will test you attention and reactions. Smile Impossible Brain Saga has one simple task that you should do over and over. Touch the screen on the right moment ...    14 MB    Views 3114


+23    A very funny , fresh and addictive game with more than 30 colorfull levels. Regularly some new version will include new free levels.    5 MB    Views 7763

Retro Racer

retro racing school racer free inspired soundtrack
+14    Due to the exciting launch of our latest app Likeness Retro Racer is now free Retro Racer brings oldschool racing into the palm of your hand Inspired by classic arcade racing games, Retro Racer delivers a surge of racing ...    12 MB    Views 84

Nightmerica (USN)

monsters generated weapons game randomly soundtrack full bullets guns
-8    【爱应用】 海外特约限时免费,高品质正版应用,限时免费下载,“爱应用”帮你搞定! Like pixels? How about randomly generated weapons? What about crazy monsters trying to rip you to shreds? Welcome to The United States of Nightmerica. Nightmerica is a game about facing the monsters inside your head, and shooting them with ...    10 MB    Views 1696


ipad action travel game soundtrack play
0    By Zach Gage and Kurt Bieg Finalist at Indiecade 2011 Finalist for for Best Mobile Game in IGF2011 "Innocently sucks you in for hours." ABC News 4/5 Stars iOS Game of the Day for January 13th "A deep and ...    19 MB    Views 8417

Deep Fall

-8    Seriously maddening and fastpaced Simple endless fall down game with amazing soundtrack Deel Fall Features So hard it makes you mad Amazing soundtrack Slick physics effects Simple fastpaced gameplay Free to play One of those free apps that you want to ...    18 MB    Views 5567


+13    An Amazing Brick Breaker game with many levels for days of fun Complete all 50 levels while trying not to miss the falling gifts    12 MB    Views 237


+7    Horror survival woman version Try to complete all levels full of amazing monsters. New levels will be add every month.    14 MB    Views 3978

Cutout Fighter

fighting music school paper game hand world black soundtrack cheeky insanely
+3    Made in gorgeous old school pixelated graphics style with an insanely cheeky 8bit music soundtrack, this fighting game will keep you glued to your shiny handheld FEATURES: ✓ Glorious old school pixelated graphics style ✓ Fabulous animated paper effects (yes, paper instead of ...    18 MB    Views 1425


Related Apps trip challenge run bit game levels play worlds slide soundtrack
+2    UPDATE: You asked for it New control schemes Try them all TOUCH ARCADE 4.5/5 “The game is beautiful, polished, and naturally has a great soundtrack.” 148APPS 4.5/5 “Really, Bit.Trip Run is just an immensely satisfying game. It nails that balance of challenge ...    314 MB    Views 5451

Captain Bad...

Related Apps time bad captain game levels center cash features soundtrack special
+5    He's coming to your mobile device with stunning stopmotion animation and a mindblowing soundtrack This intense vertical shooter is your golden ticket to the gameshow Captain Bad..., where you’ll be stalked by enemy forces while you scour pulsepounding levels for ...    144 MB    Views 5522

Fast Finger™ Plus

Related Apps twitter facebook fast soundtrack unique trails youtube itunes original
+16    A trailblazing maze runner at your fingertips Fast Finger™ Plus features no ads, no IAPs, and unlimited lives Blaze your own trail through more than 200 challenging mazes while dodging dangerous obstacles, including rotating saws, spinning blades, giant lasers, and guided missiles. ...    43 MB    Views 3792


multiplayer single soundtrack head
+26    Now completely free just because Enter the dark world of Laserdome: a SciFi action game that embraces a retro arcade style. Battle the denizens of the Laserdome as you struggle to survive, or take on a friend head to head in ...    39 MB    Views 838

Simple Driver

driver special beautiful effects soundtrack vehicles vehicle robot graphics simple
+6    1984. In secret laboratories of the USSR invented a robot for space exploration. And went into the dark expanse of the galaxy. Communication was lost. The robot began to improve and come back to earth to take over the planet. And ...    46 MB    Views 9662
space game dude soundtrack challenging levels enjoy graphics attractive
+1    ”Attractive Graphics.” ”Appealing Soundtrack. “ ”Challenging levels.” ___________________________________ Space Dude is a highly fascinating game and, it's all about strategy, scifi / futuristic and action. It’s an iOS game that makes you enjoy its wild adventures with ultimate fun Help the Space Dude escape an ...    48 MB    Views 8489
time history library sword train swords soundtrack experience master training chosen full
+20    100% OFF LIMITED TIME SPECIAL FREE FOR THE NEXT 72 HOURS ONLY (Regular 1.99) "This is the definitive sword simulator on the app store." Gary V. Welcome apprentice. We have called on you for a specific purpose. You don't know ...    44 MB    Views 1655

Occupied Forever

-5    Addictive gameplay, crazy story and a bit of Zen. Can you get everyone to the restroom on time? Use the early levels to relax. Later you will have to manage Androids, terrorists and kids in increasingly frantic levels with moving restrooms ...    25 MB    Views 9590

iMP: Surf the Music

music dance iphone game surf fun soundtrack funk track cool
+15    IMP: Surf the Music SPECIAL 50% OFF SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR NEW UPDATE ==== What players are saying about iMP: ==== "In a game built around music, it had better be good, and this is good. ...    11 MB    Views 5895

Blokshot Revolution

games game week soundtrack touch revolution featured smash score
+9    "The game plays like a dream...simply divine..." Touch Arcade 5 Star Review, Forum Game of the Week "Neat simplicity...strangely compulsive" Pocket Gamer Bronze Award Featured in's Best iPhone Games of the Week Feel the rush. A beautiful firework display ...    42 MB    Views 7904


music play boxes full devices fast clean soundtrack dodge
-1    Boxes are falling from the sky how many can you dodge before you crash? Slide the stealth plane left and right to navigate through the field of boxes. The more boxes you dodge, the harder it becomes FEATURES FULL ...    40 MB    Views 5533


iphone varied vehicles store soundtrack auto grand
+7    "Payback could well be the best Grand Theft Auto clone you've never heard of. ...there's absolutely no reason not to get in on this superbly crafted videogame" 91%, GamesTM "This is one of the most addicting games in the Apple ...    172 MB    Views 3883
flight retro game pug soundtrack flying magical avoid skies soar
+23    Take flight in Magical Pug Flight and soar to the skies with a Red Caped Pug Get blown through the city, and avoid obstacles using skill and precision in this retro, endless flying game Avoid enemies like Airplanes and Flying Pigs, and ...    7 MB    Views 7130

Super Splatform

Related Apps levels infinite soundtrack full gold level unlock mode unique
+11    In 2002, Splatform started the jumper genre of games, even if nobody knew it. Now, Super Splatform, a challenging platform jumper with authentic NES style graphics and full chiptune soundtrack, is availabe for all iOS devices Make your way through 50 ...    2 MB    Views 8885

Mockingjay Bird Poo

0    Tap the masked birds to make them explode and destroy the rest of the flock. See if you can clear the field in the expected number of taps. "The first couple of levels were fairly easy but got very challenging ...    16 MB    Views 7130
money comics challenge game free fun album chance rats achievements soundtrack arcade
+18    Great news Now it is possible to challenge friends, colleagues and other random players for real money Player with the greatest skills wins the challenge Olympic team. Fame, fans and traveling around the globe. However, if you are not fit enough ...    46 MB    Views 2412
+21    Try to finish all 40 levels increasingly hard with the help of the revolve and pick up the stars Features : 40 Levels Physics Achievements Stats Online ranking with Apple Game Center    27 MB    Views 9396
ninja epic battle tap pocket air fly soundtrack mission awesome
+20    EVERYTHING UNLOCKED FUN NINJA GAME Play A Pocket Ninja Air Battle You're a brave Pocket Ninja on a mission – an awesome mission to learn to fly in time to join an Epic Air Battle against a wave of ...    12 MB    Views 5595

Mr. Particle-Man

Related Apps twitter retro ipad action games game particle man ios challenging levels soundtrack support http
+14    From the creator of the critically acclaimed iOS game Ms. ParticleMan comes the eagerly anticipated and enigmatically titled sequel, MR. PARTICLEMAN. Remember the fun, fastpaced, and brutally difficult classic arcade gameplay from Ms. ParticleMan? No? Well, Entertainment Weekly called the game ...    33 MB    Views 3123
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