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+4    "Crazy Monsters of the Space" is a casual game designed to give you great moments of fun. Intended for adults, young people and children, no matter how old you are. Free the monsters who are prisoners in their bubbles. And ...    7 MB    Views 9058

Monsters Attack

+30    Try to kill the largest number of monsters, bonuses that fall out of the monsters will help you to do this. 5 types of monsters: Orc Viking Ninja Pirate Yetti 3 type of bonus: life add points lightning 3 languages: English Russian Ukrainian    13 MB    Views 1484
dragon evil doom monsters
0    Dragon kingdom needs your help once again. The Evil lizards of doom have risen from the dead , and they are on their way to destory our our peacefull dragon utopia . Choose a warrior , and strike those evil monsters before ...    52 MB    Views 9696

Roll N Run

monsters rolling tiny
+28    Don't look back and keep on rolling Alien monsters have landed on the paradisiac shores of the Mudanza island. Home of the “Tiny Dodoos”. Help them fighting back, running, collecting Star coins, smashing monsters and reaching for the highest score Tap ...    17 MB    Views 8695
support shooter monsters
+5    The Monsters are coming. It is up to you establish our defense line A shooter style game with great graphics and gameplay. If you like it, please, leave a review on AppStore. If you find any bug on this first version, please, send ...    41 MB    Views 6451

4096 Match Mania

monsters 4096
-1    Join the numbers and get to the 4096 Monsters Swipe to move all Monsters. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. Get to the 4096 Monsters, and reach a high score    39 MB    Views 6442

Monster Brick

game addicting monsters
+6    A addicting game where you play like a pong, but instead of another player, you are going to hit the monsters. You control a paddle and launch the fire ball on the cute monsters to break them all. Use dozens ...    17 MB    Views 2309

Mad Finger

0    Have you ever thought that there is a whole Universe inside your phone? And right in the center of it orbits a beautiful planet where cute little creatures live. They adore you. You are their Creator. The creatures are so ...    7 MB    Views 9033

Monster Pop Fr

pop monsters
+2    Its Fun Tapping Game. Pop the Monsters and save your city from them. Tap your way through the cloud filled sky of monsters .Collect many power ups and points in limited time. Upgrade to remove ads Download for free now    8 MB    Views 6736
+2    How far can you run? Take control over our active hero. The controls are very simple. Simply kill the monsters and the flying dragons along with monsters that hinders you. Dash through the forests in this endless run and dodge the opponents ...    18 MB    Views 526

Blow Away Monsters

monsters blow
0    There were monsters coming to your house. Blow away monsters, now    16 MB    Views 4619
Related Apps monsters fun
-3    An exciting arcade game that will keep you mesmerized for hours You have to tap the monsters on the head to send them back underground. But beware of the mean monsters that steal your points Four Fun Characters Endless Gameplay Fun for the ...    13 MB    Views 5884

Temple of Doom

monsters 100
+6    An epic adventure through 100 levels of monsters, traps and danger. Have you got the brains and fast reflexes to escape all 100 dungeons in this unique action puzzle game from utopian games. Bats will chase you, Ghosts will try and trick ...    34 MB    Views 661

EW Monsters

Related Apps monsters fly save
0    So a Dragon wants to eat you. You grab balloons to fly and save your life. Other monsters are flying, SAVE THEM TOO Then, you fly with your favorite monster. Later, compare your score and your monsters. Action is everywhere. Tension ...    23 MB    Views 2469

Modern Space Ninjas

Related Apps monsters ninjas space
0    The ninjas have taken to space in this arcade style, 2D game. Tap the screen to shoot a ninja star at the monsters. Don't let the monsters get past you or else you'll lose points.    4 MB    Views 9025
Related Apps york monsters fun save
-4    The monsters are invading earth. They are landing in New York and the only one who can save us is this courageous Penguin. You are in control. Shoot the smelly fishes at the attacking monsters and kill them all. This ...    67 MB    Views 9934
green game monsters
-2    Green Monsters is here Beware of the enemies and make sure to kill them to survive the game. Collect all the coins. Enjoy the game and good luck    5 MB    Views 808


monsters game screen
0    Stop the Monsters Simple & Fun, Jumpie is a game where the alien protects his land from monsters. As the monsters appear on the right, you must keep Jumpie in their way and destroy them by jumping into them. Just tap ...    28 MB    Views 8885
+5    Look Out ALIEN MONSTERS are trying to invade the EARTH and only YOU can stop them BUT WAIT Before you CRUSH them all down with your Big FINGERS, make sure to avoid your ALLIES that are also trying to help So put ...    27 MB    Views 862


monsters battalion
-2    monsters, explosions, senseless destruction. you've seen the movies, you know what to do. Choose one of four giant monsters (Googelon, flutter, Techs, and the Vapour) and start causing havoc. Your sudden arrival has caught the military off guard, but they're on ...    3 MB    Views 5501
pinball monsters
+11    This is the only game where all sorts of monsters are fighting in a pinball ring Crazy Enjoy.    13 MB    Views 9245
monsters jelly pop
+2    Jelly Monsters is a fun pop puzzle game for all ages. Pop the Jelly monsters by tapping them in the right order, to to make them explode. Enjoy each level with different challenges, we will withouth a doubt bring you ...    20 MB    Views 5483
monsters spring hero fuzzy
-6    Monsters love to snack on fuzzy balls. Guide Jeff the spring hero to safety away from the hungry fuzzy monsters. Aim for the best score possible Dare to tackle impossible mode for a real challenge    20 MB    Views 3812
puzzle game amazing monsters
+3    TIME TO CRUSH SOME MONSTERS You won 't be using guns, bombs, but will be using shackle traps to finish the monsters. This is an amazing puzzle game that will test your strategy and skill. ================== Features ================== Incredibly fun and amazing ...    28 MB    Views 2116
+3    Target practice on monsters Tap the monsters that appear on the screen to get points in this cute and fun game    39 MB    Views 6997
monsters sea
-5    Join Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, as you battle a fierce ocean of sea monsters in this actionpacked, epic, fastpaced adventure Shoot down hordes of sea monsters as you navigate the daring oceans on your speed boat. FEATURES: + Cool graphics + Exciting ...    33 MB    Views 8994

Monster Whack

monster monsters tap whack
+7    Monster Whack Adorable little monsters are hiding in the grass. Tap them to gain points. Timed mode only at this time: tap as many monsters as you can within 30 seconds    12 MB    Views 3701
+12    Save Fuzzy from the Monsters Tap and hold the left or right side of the screen to move. Avoid touching the Monsters and Spikes    8 MB    Views 4477
fly monsters
-1    Fly Fly Fly Fly and take all the stars you can Seems easy? The monsters don't think the same...    38 MB    Views 6586
monsters ship life space
-3    "You are the hero space ship traveling in a distant galaxy when suddenly several monsters from a temple on the planet Zar try to attack you Dodge the monsters by tilting your device. Every time you hit a monster you ...    15 MB    Views 8073

Monster Cake

cake monsters attack monster
-5    Grandma wanted to bake a cake for her grandson, but the fridge was empty. Only a few people knew that grandmother had a unique recipe for a special cake Monster Cake And the best place to get all the ...    67 MB    Views 1005

Angry Fred

monsters buildings destroyed game
-2    This is a physics based game where you must destroy the monsters and knock down their homes. There are many levels and each one is more challenging than the last. To play the game, the player must launch the guy ...    3 MB    Views 3812

Monsters On Wheel

monsters wheel
+12    A unique game where the rolling monster has to collect coins and moves by sticking from one wheel to the other. Alien monsters have to reach a destination for a reunion and wanna party hard,but the path isn’t easy.Its full of ...    41 MB    Views 8928
monsters monster cute dash
+6    The world has been begging for monsteronmonster violence and we aim to deliver Cute Monster Dash pits adorably cute monsters directly against their horribly ugly counterparts in a fastpaced battle Use your mad skills to rid the earth of the ...    10 MB    Views 3950

Smiley Escape

Related Apps avoid monsters smiley move
0    Tap & place your finger anywhere on screen to move smiley. Avoid monsters. Longer you last more you score. Keep trying to move and avoid monsters and submit your best time.    2 MB    Views 6468
Related Apps world fight monsters
-7    It's a story about Shushan's young juggernaut, who saved the world. you need to fight against a lot of monsters from evil world and demon from hell. you need upgrade your equipments and skills. This is very important. you can ...    37 MB    Views 4666
Related Apps monsters gravity
0    Brave pigs started adventure Tours, there are all kinds of trap monster jungle.The gravity sensing escape,jump by touch. Avoid and challenge a variety of monsters, arrived at the end of the victory. This game guarantees you many of fun Features: · Simple and ...    30 MB    Views 687

Tap Tap Monster

+22    You need to tap the enemy monsters but killing friendly monsters would cost you points So be careful and good luck in hunting the evil monsters. You can listen to your own funky music, just start your iPod before Tap ...    18 MB    Views 7265
Related Apps shoot monsters tap
+1    Shoot as many monsters with the cannon. How to play: 1. Tap the button of the correct color monster to shoot it. 2. Blast as many monsters before time runs out. 3. Get the highest score and share with friends. Get it for FREE now    40 MB    Views 8495
game monsters ages
+15    Run for your life, try and get to the little girl who the monsters have captured. This game is full of twist and turns. Grounds that pop up at you, and monsters that are trying to attack you constantly. Very ...    22 MB    Views 1221

Hit Monsters

hit monsters
+24    Touch anywhere on the screen to shoot spike ball. Hit the monsters to score. Don't hit the cat. How far can you make it? Have Fun    23 MB    Views 4633

Gravity Crush

Related Apps time crushing monsters
-3    Crushing monsters is the goal, there are 10 levels, each one with 3 different challenges that increase in difficulty with each level you advance, crushing monsters gives you more time if you run out of time the game is over.    91 MB    Views 7506
health monsters collect fruit
-1    Collect items and fight monsters while running Can you keep up? Collect the fruit to retain health and defeat the monsters to stay alive. If you miss the fruit or get attacked by the monsters, you lose health and can ...    19 MB    Views 9579

Knights & Dragons

monsters 100
+5    An epic adventure through 100 levels of monsters, traps and danger. Have you got the brains and fast reflexes to escape all 100 dungeons in this unique action puzzle game from utopian games. Bats will chase you, Ghosts will try and trick ...    35 MB    Views 2263

Alien Battlefield

monsters longer survive
+10    This is a indie game. There's no way to escape ,the only target is to survive. Now, pick up your gun and get ready to fight with countless monsters from another planet. Hints: Four different style weapons help you survive longer , that's right ...    106 MB    Views 3356


-8    The survival of Captain Hat is at stake. Escape the angry sea monsters while collecting treasure to unlock faster ships. Take advantage of ice blocks and bombs to outrun the vicious monsters to become the most cunning pirate to have ...    24 MB    Views 5027
game monsters big
+7    Look Out ALIEN MONSTERS are trying to invade the EARTH and only YOU can stop them BUT WAIT Before you CRUSH them all down with your Big FINGERS, make sure to avoid your ALLIES that are also trying to help So put ...    27 MB    Views 4451

Boulder Crash

diamonds collect monsters
0    Collect the diamonds and avoid the monsters. You have to collect all the diamonds to exit the level. Stones and diamonds can drop and kill you and monsters.    7 MB    Views 3494

Pong Monster

pong monster monsters
-7    Pong Monster is a fun new way to play ping pong. Tap the screen to change directions to avoid the monsters. Bounce up and down to gain points while avoiding the monsters that are after the pong ball. Share high ...    10 MB    Views 1148
game borders monsters
+5    The goal is simple, match the monsters to the correct borders. Just watch out it doesn’t take long for things to start speeding up and will require your ninjalike reflexes As if that wasn’t tricky enough be sure to also ...    40 MB    Views 582

Slayin Monsters

Related Apps monsters battle
+7    Go into the dungeons of those 8bit gem. Slay monsters that invaded with your plasma gun. Battle evil minions, and major bosses in the this classic 80s style retro game. Get ready for battle    27 MB    Views 2785

Monster Frenzy

hero monster monsters frenzy
-3    Monster Frenzy is fast and fun with entertaining, original artwork and animation. The blue rocket ship hero flies around on each level to avoid a horde of urban legend style monsters Bigfoot, Mothman, and the Jersey Devil. Find different ...    23 MB    Views 9581

Earth vs Monsters

Related Apps earth monsters play mayday
-7    MAYDAY MAYDAY Monsters are invading Earth Defend earth against the hilarious monsters and wacky robot invaders. Simple to pickup and play but o so addictive gameplay. Join the earth defense today    28 MB    Views 6019

Monsters Shooter HD

Related Apps monsters shooter
-8    The monsters are coming. Only you can help us to defeat their invasion. HOW TO PLAY: Monsters Shooter is a game where you must destroy all monsters. To do that, shoot monsters in order to make groups of 3 or more. More monsters means ...    34 MB    Views 8289
Related Apps monsters crazy
-3    A Unique game which unites four Little Monsters Crazy Monsters are angry and ready for mission Choose Hero Tap to fly Avoid obstacles Try to reach as far as you can    19 MB    Views 6917
arrows destroy monsters man
+2    Just One Common Man (The MangoMan) & Lot of Corrupt Monsters. Those Undead Monsters are on the mark. Just One Mission to destroy them. Youíre the Humans last hope to destroy them with your brain and power. But beware you have ...    31 MB    Views 8607
bash monsters
-8    Regress to the 1980s with this lighthearted "retro" arcade game. Alien monsters from outer space were happily minding their own business until you turned up and, like an idiot, you started bashing them on the head with a shovel. Inexplicably they became ...    1 MB    Views 9176

Bubble Dragon

Related Apps monsters advanced dragon
+9    Control the dragon and clear levels from monsters. You can catch them into bubbles. If you touch bubbled monster it will burst. There are 2 types of monsters: simple and advanced. Each 6th level of the game includes 4 advanced monsters. They can shoot ...    5 MB    Views 3679
pizza monsters
+21    Monsters love pizza They will do anything to get their hands on your pizza. In order to stop the monsters from stealing your pizza you must outwit them with speed and strategy. Features: Tap the pizza to remove it. Your goal is to ...    29 MB    Views 4119

Bagman 2 for iPad

caves holes monsters trapped
+1    Bagman adventures continue... Bagman, a lost and lone miner, found himself trapped 99 floors underground armed with only a shovel. Help him get to the surface by digging holes and advancing throughout the many caves. Each of the cave is made ...    10 MB    Views 5066
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