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+12    THE MOST ADDICTIVE GAME OF 2015 If you like ZigZag, Run Bird Run, Crossy Road, Skyward, Flappy Bird, 1010, aa and other the most addictive games of App Store you MUST HAVE this one Endless survival game has never been so ...    33 MB    Views 645

Ball's Escape

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+28    Welcome to Ball’s Escape, most addicting & entertaining ball dodging game. Enjoy the game with funny graphic, stylish design and attractive gameplay. Your mission: survival as long as you can, regardless the number of red balls and how fast they move. There ...    26 MB    Views 5915

Survival Penguin

+11    Drop your enemy into the sea This is your mission to complete "Survival Penguin" is 3D exciting battle game that so many unique characters battle on various shapes of icebergs. Fun & Joy! ///Over 340,000 downloaded/// The unique characters includes penguin, white bear, ...    30 MB    Views 8715
survival tank game collect bonuses arena
+17    Fight with endless waves of enemies in this colorful arena shooter. You can play in one of five game modes: Survival Catch the Flag One on One Mines Rush Hardcore Survival Collect bonuses, upgrade your tank and crush your opponents. There are nine bonuses to collect. You will ...    12 MB    Views 3486
survival game simple
+13    A survival game like no other, squish targets as they fall down from the screen, but beware, once the red bar depletes it's game over. Sounds simple? The more you score, the faster and more random the Squishies come down. ...    71 MB    Views 8576
0    Welcome to the new and exciting 3986 remake of the Flappy arcade series, Will The Fish. Will the fish is a survival arcade game. Your mission is to make sure Will doesn’t get devoured by the shark’s teeth and also avoid ...    39 MB    Views 7496

Jungle Run Up Free

+15    The brand new running game, Jungle Run, hits on its dynamite debut on your SmartPhone. Life is short but running makes it seem longer but in 3D format life become full of excitment. Advanced technology is used in order to offer more ...    32 MB    Views 1011

Survival Bash

survival fighters team game
+9    An epic tournament is taking place right inside your phone, are you game for the ultimate challenge? 5 super awesome fighters are ready to take on anything that comes in their way, make your elite team and conquer the arena. Master the ...    54 MB    Views 6861

Sub Survival

-5    Survive the treacherous caves, battle robosharks with freaking lasers and defeat the bosses. Sub Survival is easy to play hard to master and impossibly addictive, so go on and dive in    23 MB    Views 395
-7    Shoots some hoops and show your basketball skills, anytime, anyplace. Can you beat your friends, or go even one better and be the best in the world and top the leaderboards. Dunkadelic is a fun basketball hoops shooting game where the ...    41 MB    Views 2556


survival mode game
+30    Owlie is a great arcade survival game packed with action and excitement. Pick up various items and fly Owlie as high as possible. The game has three modes: Dojo mode, Normal mode, Survival mode Each mode has it's own twists. The main ...    38 MB    Views 8466


gun survival game finger insects play dragging openfeint force
-1    iZappem was OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day on October 8th. It was a great success with more than 32,000 downloads. Thanks for all of the great feedback, reviews, and OpenFient friend request :) The planet has been taken over by overgrown ...    11 MB    Views 377

Arctic Chase

survival apple arctic penguin chase game lions play sea
0    Arctic Chase is a funny arcade game where you get to play with a penguin and seas lions. The game takes place in the arctic regions of Antarctica where hundreds of hungry sea lions are chasing a penguin in hopes ...    11 MB    Views 7735
time survival mode game catch distance mice
+14    Silly… Simple… Funny…. Tap on the face to catch A mouse . Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival Mode Time Mode Distance Mode Survive as long as possible on survival mode. Catch 100 Mice as ...    9 MB    Views 7726

Draw Me a Treat HD

kids survival time multiplayer children creative drawing draw figures mode develop device treat play child
0    Develop hand dexterity and creative abilities of your child together with Draw Me a Treat. Help your kids to develop calligraphy drawing and writing letters, numbers, and geometrical figures with one move Play with your children on the same device ...    53 MB    Views 7899

Tasty Fish

survival fish tasty
-4    Being at the bottom of the food chain sucks, especially for Tasty Fish. Tasty Fish is a great game for all ages. Defy nature in this adorably addictive TapnPlay arcadesurvival gameplay, and keep your school of Tasty Fish alive for as ...    28 MB    Views 685
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+8    Blast off and enjoy a wild adventure when you play A Flying Farm Animal Survival Catch. In this crazy game filled with action and animal antics, dodge evil villains and collect milk bottles to defeat your enemies. Swerve your way through obstacles, by ...    27 MB    Views 2909
survival earth mission defend
+1    Lsat Survival, is an epic Shooter with adventure and RPG elements, Are you up to the mission, and save the Earth from the invasion your the last Survival, defend the earth from the enemy attacking in waves up to 27 levels to play three ...    23 MB    Views 7285

Dungeon 101

-6    + Ease Pressures with a little Addictive Casual Play Style + Can you get 100 score for Glory in 1 minutes? + Can you Survival over 3 minutes in Dungeon Maze ? Have you ever been addicted to D&D or RogueLike maze world? Or ...    18 MB    Views 8889

Square Off Full

Related Apps survival full features
-7    Blast, dodge and disintegrate your alien enemies in a desperate bid to save humanity. Wield shotguns, bombs and missiles in an insane survival frenzy. Features beautiful sound and 2.5D graphics, hordes of vicious aliens and absolutely loads of addictive fun. Game ...    57 MB    Views 860

Undead Ahead

Related Apps survival earn undead zombies
+24    Welcome The world has been overrun by zombies. You are one of just a few survivors. Drive your car down the freeway as you try to escape oncoming hordes of zombies in this fast paced survival game. Earn multiple types of powerups ...    14 MB    Views 8562
survival ocean avoid sharks
+19    Survival of the fittest in the ocean Eat fishes smaller than you avoid larger fish Always avoid sharks. Try to complete all levels, defeat the sharks and rule the ocean.    17 MB    Views 6063
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0    Make it an AllStar Summer with Homerun Battle 2 The Homerun Battle Series is at its PEAK 20 million sluggers worldwide battling it out in 300 million online matchups Back and better than ever, the beloved realtime worldwide slugger battle has a sequel ...    39 MB    Views 1570

Bob Survival

survival people bob mode game rescue doors
-3    Help Bob to rescue people. Survival mode; holds and rescue as many people as you can. You can use different types of weapons, grenades, mines and a chainsaw. Pixel art graphics. How many zombies can kill? How many people can rescue? With GameCenter. Free with iAds. This is ...    17 MB    Views 6909

Jewel Flicker

+25    Action type new puzzle game came out at last. If you flick a jewel to be linked more than three, the jewels will be broken. you can play easily and conveniently by just touchdrag action. By using the physics engine, the movement of the jewel works ...    14 MB    Views 2617
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+20    Lets find out your accuracy and shooting skill about punching. It is also the simplest but challenging game to play. Tap on the face to smash beasts. Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival ...    14 MB    Views 9198

Sloth Hop

Related Apps twitter time challenge survival sloth hop beat play addictive game tap
+15    1 The biggest game of 2014 WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE "Amazing Beautiful the sloth :)" The World's new addictive game. Save our beautiful sloth friend make his way up the river to safety. Tap along the rocks to keep moving. ...    16 MB    Views 8512

Ice Penguin 3D LITE

+1    Power up, Slide and Tilting your device Ice Penguin 3D is a speedy and dynamic game. This game is set up with basic rules of curling scoring system and replaces the stone with sweet and lovely characters. Game is played using various ...    31 MB    Views 4716
zombie survival action food turtle defense game kill stick collect play
0    The turtle zombie apocalypse has begun and the fate of all turtlekind rests in your green, leathery claws Zombie Turtle Defense is a fast and fun dualstick survival/shooter game with three unique game modes: Kill the Zombie Turtles, Collect the Turtle ...    13 MB    Views 4848

Horse Race

survival horse sprint
0    And They're Off A fun and addictive 'old school' horse racing game. It's simple style allows for quick gameplay. How fast can you go? What's your quickest sprint time? And most importantly, how long can you last on survival? With two different modes, ...    2 MB    Views 5452
Related Apps ipad games survival jump play bursting mode zombies features reach sky hero
+28    It's time for the most gory, absurd and loud Xmas ever Unleash the true power of your Vuvuzela to smash hordes zombies, play carols to the rhythm of bursting guts and jump over bloody brains until you reach the sky. Features ...    13 MB    Views 1129


Related Apps retro survival action game play arcade bullets mode levels level
-9    This retro style arcade shootemup combines astonishing visuals from an award winning artist with action packed and addictive game play. two game modes: classic arcade with 3 levels, bosses, riskreward scoring and dynamic difficulty survival mode, how far do you ...    80 MB    Views 6009


iphone survival casual game level play bandits gameplay download experience
+1    A sheriff of a small town has been killed. People are desperate for protection. Will you be the one, who will stand against the outlaws of the wild west? Westbang is a fast and funny rendition of a classic shooter game Fight ...    9 MB    Views 2883
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+7    Choose your ship to battle for survival or crush your friends In this action packed, visually awesome space shooter, avoid mines and wormholes and destroy the enemies Grab power ups to boost your ship and achieve glorious victory Play against ...    19 MB    Views 8065

Shaqdown 2

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+8    ○ZOMBIE FIGHTING AT ITS BEST Shaq returns in ShaqDown 2. Time to get your hands dirty. This time it is a massive 3D action/fighting episodic game experience. Shaq has made the decision he can no longer in good conscience, protect what remains ...    250 MB    Views 2304


action survival mode play fire rate game
-6    An awesome action game with a little twist. Defend your self against the swarm of enemy forces. Upgrade weapons and fire rate to cope with stronger and faster units on each level, and face the boss at the end. Never before ...    6 MB    Views 5931

Assault Shooter

survival survive ships
+2    It's year 3451 and aliens have invaded our planet. You are one of the few survivors left. Try to survive as long as you can and destroy their ships. Defend 4 different warzones against alien invasions until you eliminate all ...    15 MB    Views 7357
+13    Featured New & Noteworthy game in the USA, Sweden, Italy, UK and many other countries The survival of the Sheeps is at stake. Help the shepherd to catch all the sheep before they run away to the most dangerous place on ...    5 MB    Views 4139
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+1    This is a very awesome and addictive survival sniper game (free) with amazing 3d graphics, for the people who loves the first person shooter genre. As a veteran marine commander you are alone in the frontline. So take your sniper, look ...    55 MB    Views 7260


action survival movie hand moves play unique story kung combat experience mode
-8    Based on the action thriller Sha Po Lang 2. SPL2 is a 3D arcade game that features world class action movie stars, life like Martial Arts Moves & realistic hand to hand combat experience. Are you ready for this fighting ...    77 MB    Views 3187

Square Off Free

Related Apps survival features play levels
-2    Blast, dodge and disintegrate your alien enemies in a desperate bid to save humanity. Wield shotguns, bombs and missiles in an insane survival frenzy. Features beautiful sound and 2.5D graphics, hordes of vicious aliens and absolutely loads of addictive fun. Game ...    40 MB    Views 6121
time twitter facebook games survival strategy mode giants towers defend game waves special battle play
-3    Action Packed strategy game defend your Castle from Giants with help Towers. Upgrade your skills from time to time defend your Castle from the waves of Giants. Put your defense and strategic skills to the ultimate test in the new Survival ...    56 MB    Views 1371
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0    How long can you survive? Luna Pilot is a challenging, spacethemed, arcadestyle survival game. Tap the screen to move your ship and avoid the enemy missiles.    6 MB    Views 3144

Survival Race

survival police race avoid escape cops
-7    Survival Race is an addictive escape driving game Tap left and right to steer the Survival Race car and avoid the police Race around town in a wild police chase Avoid all obstacles and out run the cops Awesome Graphics Hours of Fun ...    67 MB    Views 933

Resize - Game

Related Apps survival mode
0    Race through courses while avoiding obstacles by changing your size Features: Over 25 adrenalinefilled levels that will test your reflexes. Survival Mode. How long can you survive? Online Leaderboard. Try out Survival Mode and earn your name on the board. Three different control schemes. An exciting ...    5 MB    Views 3302

Halloween Survival

Related Apps survival halloween challenge game collect
-6    A New Creepy Crawly Survival Game That Will Challenge You on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Play as The Red Wizard and take on the hoards of sinister spiders that are slowly crawling towards you. Survive for as long as ...    33 MB    Views 850
survival adventure run game jungle brave frontier score runner play
+1    Are you ready for Adventure Run with your favourite Survival in Jungle Run 3D Are you ready for play with your favourite Survival in Jungle Run 3D Download the most addictive one touch Best Runner game "brave frontier survival run 3D" for ...    37 MB    Views 6378

The Hungry Birds

music challenge time survival game hungry birds world elements play display levels
+4    Discover the fourth part of the "Element Blast" Saga: Best Juggling Game for Your device, it's a MustHave game You, Spirit of Wind, face your destiny: Fast as lightning, save your favorite Flowers from the threat of the Hungry Birds and ...    14 MB    Views 829
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+5    Only you are the one survivor in the Dungeon that all died. You have to survive from Zombie who are trying to attack you continuously. This is a shooting game with one player and survival game from zombie. The player have to attack, ...    38 MB    Views 8442


time artwork facebook twitter design survival action adventure game save world fun gameplay unique play stars
+4    Excellence in Gameplay Award winner, Crystal Pixel 4th game of the year SlideDB Indie Prize Awards Best Art Finalist Casual Connect Best Action Game Nominee BestAppEver Most Innovative Game Nominee PocketGamer Awards Game of the Year Nominee Gaming Illustrated "An astoundingly ...    122 MB    Views 9894

Barrel Rush

challenge survival game obstacle play avoidance long classic pickup features duck
+20    Challenging obstacle avoidance game, survive the rush How long can you last? now with game center and challenge mode. • Features Easy game play, immediate pickup and play mode. Train your strategies with this obstacle puzzler. Use obstacles and foresight to ...    6 MB    Views 7319
+30    Survive the treacherous caves, battle robosharks with freaking lasers and defeat the bosses. Sub Survival is easy to play hard to master and impossibly addictive, so go on and dive in    20 MB    Views 3479
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+4    This Time Its YOUR TURN to Hypnotise the Witch Tap on the face to Hypnotise the Witch . Otherwise the game will be over. There are three different mode of this game. Survival Mode Time Mode Distance Mode Survive as long as possible ...    10 MB    Views 6426

Mental Survival

survival horror mental survive creepy zombies
-5    Mental Survival Best Horror Game on IOS 2014 You're in the old Mental Facility and you need to endure your mental illness and run away. Haunted by creepy zombies and ill patients you have to survive the crazy maze of jumpscares and ...    118 MB    Views 8492
survival multiplayer shooting prison mode michael cops escape block coming play break
-7    WELCOME TO THE PRISON BREAK CRAFT Immerse yourself in Michael’s breathtaking escape plan in Story Mode. Or relieve your stress by simply shooting at various enemies and mobs in Survival Mode How about showing off your block gun shooting skill to ...    162 MB    Views 7096


time survival iphone viruses 100 game mode rate limit reaches infection play
-7    English below V iPhone 3GとiPod Touch (2nd gen)では動作しません。ご了承ください。 This game will not run on an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2nd gen. Our apologies. ただ今無料配布中 超簡単操作 ウイルス達をタッチでつぶしてください 指でプチプチつぶす新感覚ゲームです 一人で黙々とプチプチするもよし 友達や恋人と一緒に探してプチプチして盛り上がりましょう GAMEルール ウイルスはどんどんフィールドを汚染していきます。 汚染メーターが100%になるとゲームオーバーになります。 またNORMALとHARDには制限時間がステージ毎に設定してあります。 制限時間が0になるまでにウイルスを全て倒してください SURVIVALMODEは時間制限がありません。 汚染度が100%になるまでプレイできます。 GAMEMODE 3種類のゲームで遊べます NORMALMODE 全8ステージ初心者向け設定でお気軽に遊べます。 HARDMODE ウイルスが大増殖PANDEMIC状態から無事CLEARできるか NORMALMODEで慣れたら是非挑戦してください SURVIVALMODE 制限時間無し あなたは一体何分持ちこたえられるのか? 汚染度が100%になるまで永遠にプレイ可能です。 ウイルスについて 小さなウイルスは1pixelサイズよーく見るともぞもぞ動いています。 大きなウイルスは素早く倒さないと爆ぜて小さなウイルスを増殖=PANDEMICさせます。 大きなウイルスほど得点が高く、小さなウイルスほど得点が低くなります。 ENGLISH This game is free Simple, but addictive Squish the viruses by touching them. Look carefully and crush the viruses. Play by ...    6 MB    Views 7395

Jungle Run Up Pro

Related Apps running survival game run jungle experience life play awesome obstacles fun
-3    ++++ NO ADS ++++ The brand new running game, Jungle Run, hits on its dynamite debut on your SmartPhone. Life is short but running makes it seem longer but in 3D format life become full of excitment. Advanced technology is used in order ...    31 MB    Views 5169

shadow hunter+

survival timing
0    This is a game of survival, and survival is all in the timing. Fight back a never ending horde of monsters in this infinite brawler. Timing your attacks is very important. It's what separates your enemies from their limbs. If you suffer ...    37 MB    Views 3063

Spin Survival

survival spin avoid leave review game
+14    SPIN TO AVOID THE OBSTACLES Spin Survival is a beautiful fast paced, crazily challenging and awesomely addictive game Spin yourself around by tapping left or right and avoid the walls The more you avoid, the quicker they come This game was developed and ...    5 MB    Views 655


survival gun time game modes power ups play weapons points favorite screen sound
-4    "Possibly the Best DualStick Shooter On the App Store" Customer Reviews "Automatic 5 Stars" "Awesome and addicting game... Get it now.. Totally worth it.." "Just a fun simple game that is surprisingly addicting" "This game gives me gratification. I shoot things. They burst ...    12 MB    Views 9174
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