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+9    If you like solitaire, you'll love TriniTower. The object is to clear all three card towers. Arcade style play provides 18 achievement levels and three game play modes: Normal, Race the Clock, and Marathon.    5 MB    Views 3981

Lets Play!

+2    Take advantage of your iPhone's gesture recognitions with "Let's Play". Watch Smiley's reactions as he asks you to perform different actions and you have to complete them before the time runs out. A range of difficulties and speeds will keep you ...    3 MB    Views 394

Undertown Jumper

+1    Undertown is here Play through this amazing world And if you want you can always play in Free Style Mode. Enjoy    10 MB    Views 7575

Maze Dodger

+3    Very simple, looks easy but its not. Try it twice and you will play it again and again. Tilt so "Octo" gets the key then go thru the door to get out of the maze. But watch out, don't get hit by the ...    3 MB    Views 2718

Basketball Hoopz 2

+15    Hoopz 2 brings in a new stadium court and timed play mode. Just check out the new play style    35 MB    Views 1075

Giddy Man

+1    are you fast ? able to concentrate enough? it is time to challenge yourself. quickly jump or grovel under the stones.try to survive as much as you can. easy to play hard to master. try to beat your friends score with your unique stunt ...    8 MB    Views 3618

Freaking Add

+5    Tap to choose the correct answer within 1 second ranking button lets you play and share games with your friends, it is not only just killing your free time, but also increase your calculation ability this is the game with simple design so ...    3 MB    Views 6645

Amazing Missile

-4    Avoid the dots while advances ranking button lets you play and share games with your friends, it is not only just killing your free time, but also increase your calculation ability this is the game with simple design so it is very easy ...    8 MB    Views 2824


+6    Play this fun and addictive game by helping the Jellyfish swim to the surface of the ocean. Play and compete with friends to see who gets the highest score.    12 MB    Views 9756


-7    Funny and simple game. Easy to play only start and play. You must count how many objects have fallen. Many progressive difficult rounds.    35 MB    Views 8653

Timber Iron Bomber

0    It's time to play Very easy to play but hard to master. Be the master and beat your friends 3.. 2.. 1.. Bombs away    31 MB    Views 1735
0    Try this fun and cool escaping the zombies game How to Play: 1. Tap and drag to move boy 2. Dodge enemies and stay within the borders 3. Get the highest score and share with you friends Free to play today    12 MB    Views 5131
-6    Free for a limited time – Try it Now All options are free & unlocked Easy to Play – Difficult to Master Choose the type of game you want to play Challenge Friends    101 MB    Views 4781
-2    "Play the legendary Wimbledon on your mobile device. Have fun playing the three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. How to play: Slide your finger on the screen to hit the ball."    20 MB    Views 8979

Triple Jump!

+30    WATCH OUT The fatty birds needs to fly to keep them safe IS IT THAT SIMPLE? Features: > Easy to Play but Hard to Master > High quality modern retro graphic and music > 100% FREE TO PLAY. > GAME CENTER    8 MB    Views 3100
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+4    Try your luck with this new slot machine Greed is not always good Be thrifty and save coins to play more Its Totally Free Download and Play Now    13 MB    Views 5910

K8 Bubbles

-6    Fire bubbles to make matches of three or more and clear the board. Enchanting graphics, lots of levels. Easy to play, challenging to master Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors Available to play on mobile and tablet devices    8 MB    Views 3751


jellyfish play
+4    The new amazing game Jellyfish is now on your iPhone and iPod. You can also play on iPad Tap on your device to make the jellyfish swim. Avoid obstacles to level up beting your friends high score. Compatible with GameCenter Are you ...    NAN    Views 7369

Racing Slot

-9    Have a wild time with Tiki Slots You've been given 200 FREE coins Play now and earn more Features Unlimited play Beautiful theme Playful sounds I hope you enjoy    4 MB    Views 5884

Above & Beyond ®

-6    Be careful You are using a Flying Propeller bomb and the obstacles you need to avoid are hard. [HOW TO PLAY] • Tap to change direction. • GameCenter Enabled. Challenge your friends. Play now Enjoy the game.    10 MB    Views 8935


-5    It is the beginning of a pleasant party. Now, I will begin magic. [How to play] Let's play magic using a tap, swipe, and a pinch. A stick, a hat, coin, a card, and cards.  There are various kinds of magic.  Let's play freely and boldly. [Warning] Please ...    6 MB    Views 800

Spider Escape

+13    Play the most amazing game in the AppStore [How to Play] Drag the spider around the screen Avoid balls trying to crush the spider Do not hit the laser walls Try it now and get addicted today    7 MB    Views 5454

Nutty Nuts

nuts play
-3    Meet Mini. This cute little squirrel loves nuts. Help him to jump over all kinds of obstacles to get nuts. Game Features: Simple one touch controls. Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master. Stunning graphics: beautifully detailed ...    25 MB    Views 5981
+25    So it’s time to experience the adventure with this fast paced action game with some beautiful graphics with complete addiction to play over and over again every time you fail to do so and die. Instantly download to play it in ...    18 MB    Views 1000


game play
+5    Play the classic game of getting four dots in a row on the game board Play different levels and different difficulties to try and master the game.    2 MB    Views 7025
game play
+14    This is a game that will test your skills in multitasking and reaction. After you play you will want to play again to try and beat your high score. This game s a total time killer    7 MB    Views 8885

Swing Froggy

+22    Flying with a propeller hat is not as easy as it looks. How To Play : Tap to change directions. Be the NUMBER 1 with the best High Score Features: 3 different backgrounds . Play with Game Center Rate IT Enjoy it    5 MB    Views 7717
+18    Have you ever met the Amazing Wheeling Wolf? Well in this game you will get a chance to play him. Do some super high flips off the hills or in the downhill mode ride as fast as you can without ...    35 MB    Views 1781

3D Ping

+11    3D Ping is a 3D PONG clone. It's a fun game which is easy to pick up and play. The computer player adjusts it's ability to match your skills as you play. It's so effective, you barely notice it happening.    133 kb    Views 5225

Block Runner Free

-7    Jump and Duck to avoid the obstacles. Play on an endless random level to compete on the leaderboard or play through all 10 levels.    2 MB    Views 5934

Greater Or Less

+1    Endless challenge from a simple game How to play : Download Play No more    23 MB    Views 1217

Dotted Bricks

+22    Great game that you loved to play for hours. It's simple to play and it is for every age. Download it and have fun.    10 MB    Views 4721


+29    Think you've played Pong enough? Try Ponggle. Play against computer. Play against family or friend. Play online with Peer to Peer mode. Visualize the game progression with graphs. Awesome music and sound effects. Share scores on facebook, twitter. Challenge your ...    7 MB    Views 3332

Tap the Game

-7    Daily, the most recent of fun to play. Every hour of the day, one of the most simple games that you can play when bored. Compete with your friends to make the highest score. Just click more to win and need to be ...    26 MB    Views 8248

Santa Supafly

+3    Play with this funny christmas game No missions, no levels, no think... just play Use the accelerometer to jump on the left or right, collect all gifts to increase your score and challenge with your friends Merry Christmas    9 MB    Views 5463

Icy Hockey

+3    This is a fastpaced rendition of the classic air hockey game. You could either play solo with three levels of opponent difficult or play against your friend.    2 MB    Views 6098

Hex Invader

+2    Choose the color of neighboring cells to capture. The winner is the one who first captured more than half of the field. Play with each other, play with the computer.    3 MB    Views 6336


0    SCUUBE Play Scuube in more than 80 levels Play against your friends Who creates the best highscore? Be careful The game is addictive    19 MB    Views 6738

Clash of Birds

+2    Have a bird fly the sky with a rocket propeller going over obstacles and many levels. Add your own drawing or photo to play the game Designed specially for iPhone, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPad and iPod touch (including all generations). Download & Play today    34 MB    Views 771

ToyBox Bash Free

play game
+13    Help Flick the Knight save his friends from the evil toy box king in 50 changeling levels Features: over 9 hours of game play Obstacles Gorgeous artwork Amazing game play So what do you got to lose?    8 MB    Views 3218


+29    Move play pieces through revolving gears to achieve a high score, or play against an opponent.    35 MB    Views 214

Beats Breaker

+17    Break Musical Notes to play sounds. The Ball sets the beat. Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and Classical levels. Never the same song twice as you play a challenging round of bricks arcade fun    22 MB    Views 7682

Cowboys Jockey

game play
+8    This is a new game, you can use your own voice to play the game, you can play together with the puppy in the house. The game features: more horses, more than one track betting system. .    19 MB    Views 8579

Urgo Balloon


Air Dash HD

game play
+29    This is a action game , the flying piggy must survive under the attack of birds. Try to fly as far as you can FEATURES: Simple click controls to play the game Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements to compete with your friends Incredibly ...    8 MB    Views 3101

Batty Flap

-8    This is the Remix Do you believe you can Fly? Original HipHop Soundtrack by K.Scott Play this with your Beats on >You already know how to play >Physics are a bit easier for better game play    11 MB    Views 6708


dolphin play
0    Bad Dolphin ready to play with you help the funny dolphin swim in the sea between corals, play with crabs and another animals for have more fun.    6 MB    Views 972
play swamp
-8    Get these critters out of the swamp Line up three or more identical animals vertically or horizontally. Earn tons of tokens along the way and use them to buy Powerups. 3 Way to Play & 4 PowerUps to take your skills to ...    34 MB    Views 884

Cowboys Jockey HD

game play
+22    This is a new game, you can use your own voice to play the game, you can play together with the puppy in the house. The game features: more horses, more than one track, betting system. .    15 MB    Views 7203


+3    Lucioles is a game where you have to collect all lights while avoiding the red stars. Hurryup before darkness complicates everything. Even then, you'll still be able to play by ear. Based on a unique physics and graphics engine, Lucioles has intuitive controls ...    19 MB    Views 6422


+6    The new work which succeeded the view of the world of that "expert of continuous hits" that did 1,500,000 download achievement came out Also the name ■ How to Play ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Red flips on the left and flip blue by ...    14 MB    Views 8280
+10    Robocopters is a friendly robot guy. He is very cool because his greatest mission is to fly far far away to the infinity and beyond. Can you score 100 points? Play now HOW TO PLAY? Tap to change direction    4 MB    Views 2129


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-7    The original, addictive arcade game that's fun and so simple anyone can play it Tap to spark pulses of light that ripple out and push nearby bubbles. Score points by merging bubbles of the same size and colour. It's like playing cosmic pool ...    78 MB    Views 5690


-7    This is a great game Easy to learn, but hard to master. Create sets of 3 or more in a line to make them disappear. and move fast to get higher score. It’s extremely fun to play with your Facebook friends Exchange Leaves ...    17 MB    Views 446
+28    Do you have good eye hand coordination? Hope so, because you'll need it for this game. You need to tap the planes and avoid the spiders. When you go slow the music breaks up. When you go the right speed, ...    13 MB    Views 1582

Tap To Flap - Free

play game
-9    An enjoyable fastpaced tapping action game with three lovable characters to play. Play as Philip the flying squirrel, Lia the soaring owl or Charles the blue bird. Extremely Easy and Fun to Play Charming Pixel Graphics Game Can Last for a Minute or a ...    10 MB    Views 2242

Watch Out!

-4    WATCH OUT The big guy needs to jump to keep them safe IS IT THAT SIMPLE? Features: > Easy to Play but Hard to Master > High quality modern retro graphic and music > 100% FREE TO PLAY. > GAME CENTER    2 MB    Views 3617


+2    It is practice series as hotly as the friend of 面白革命 capsule+. A stick is only lengthened If it does not arrive, it is headlong to the bottom of a valley. With no shoutinginvoluntarily, "Ahhhhhh" mistake ■ How to Play ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 1.Push のばす and ...    9 MB    Views 1971


+28    Challenge your friends in this fun, fast, skill based multiplayer action game • Play up to 4 players against each other on the same iPhone or iPad. • No friend around… Play solo against computer controlled bots. • Simple one button touch controls.    25 MB    Views 618
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