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Rainbow Tiles

0    Start with red, then tap the colours of the rainbow in order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple to earn points. Don't touch the wrong colour or it is gameover. You have 20s to get as many points as possible.    5 MB    Views 6364


+21    Your mission: Colonize Mars. To do this you will need to hit their defenses with every thing you've got, leaving a trail of carnage everywhere you go. And maybe have a little fun. You can earn points by destroying martian airships and ...    1 MB    Views 1951
zombies points long
+3    How long can you last against a never ending swarm of zombies? Defend yourself from zombies in 3 different locations with your gun. The number of zombies that come for you will increase over time and you have to shoot ...    94 MB    Views 8369
points rod nuclear
-1    Tap hard to survive the apocalypse Collect radioactive rods to build your nuclear reactor: 10 points plumbum rod 30 points uranium rod 60 points plutonium rod 100 points thorium rod    7 MB    Views 1734


+16    Welcome to Tapville Tap to your heart's content Earn experience points for tapping Level up with more experience points We're working hard on adding fun to Tapville So share your thoughts and ideas on features in the comments    18 MB    Views 4532

Invaders 8Bit

+12    Defeat waves of aliens with a cannon to earn as many points as possible. Difficulty rises along with the levels. Tap the screen to shoot, can set 'Auto Shoot' from settings tab. Tilt your device to Right and Left to move ...    5 MB    Views 433
+6    Pop Pop The Balloons is a cool action game very easy and intuitive to play, but it will be hard to stop playing. Hit with your finger the blowing up balloons on the screen, came on don’t let them vanish away ...    19 MB    Views 9005

Deft Juggler HD

ring points gain
-6    Get ready for an exciting arcade futuristic juggling Move the platform, juggle the ring, strike "HIT ME" icon, gain points to access the next level Don’t let the ring fall or you’ll lose a life Complete all levels and gain ...    35 MB    Views 5005

ko fish

+9    Pass the pipes to get points.99999999 points you can get. Challenge yourself.Share your score in Game Center,play with players all over the world.Physics effects,real water effects.    2 MB    Views 7285

Wood Block Pinball

-3    Pinball meets wooden blocks See how many points you can get. The more blocks you hit, the more points you get Don't let the ball fall past the paddles or it's game over.    23 MB    Views 2945

Aircraft War

aircraft points
+29    NOW FREE Protect your aircraft from other aircrafts and balloons. In order to get more points, collect coins, go as far as possible and destroy every enemy units. Avoid your aircraft crashing to rotating platforms and fire. Do not forget to upgrade your guns, ...    27 MB    Views 97

Vortex Raider

points vortex
-7    Inspired by the simple joy of arcade games from the 70's and 80's. This is an easy to play, yet addictive, game. Perfect if you are after a 5 minute time filler, but equally playable for an hour or more. Guide your ...    7 MB    Views 6672

Swappy Fire

+10    Run away from the enemy rockets for the longest possible time and earn points. 1. Tap "Play" to start the game 2. Move the rocket to escape from the enemies 3. More time you can resist, more points you acquire Available for iPhone, iPad ...    3 MB    Views 5484

Veggie Slice

-2    Use your screen to slice up the veggies to gain points If you are not quick enough, your points go down and try to avoid bombs as they will make you lose points    38 MB    Views 5584


points tap
+6    Tap to guide the "ProtoTap" through an endless barrage of obstacles Build your reflexes and rack up those points Oh, and one last thing, make sure to beat your friends 5 Achievements • God: (100 Points) • Platinum (75 Points) • Gold (50 Points) • ...    9 MB    Views 2756
points splat bubble
+9    Pop the cool underwater bubbles to make a big splat and score points Get even more points if you splat the correct ones with sea creatures inside Great Bubble Craze fun    13 MB    Views 8731

Sniper's Eyes

sniper slider points
+6    This is the awesome game of Sniper's Eye where you can win points and earn fame by dragging a slider. Your goal is to place the slider as close as possible to the target value. The closer you are, the more ...    3 MB    Views 9990

Collect Dots Line

game number points
+11    A simple and extremely addictive game A great game to relax at the end of the day. Connect as many points of the same color. Dial setting the number of points for a certain number of moves. You can use bombs, permutations and ...    8 MB    Views 6370


-9    three points are touched and a miracle is caused ■ How to Play ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Touch three points in comfort. When the line of them draws an equilateral triangle, a miracle occurs. The caused miracle is minced as record and can be perused from ...    11 MB    Views 8427
-5    Optimized for iPhone 6 Tap the screen to slow Bowncies's fall. Avoid the icicles. Bounce on ice to gain points. Collect the egg coins for extra points.    8 MB    Views 1267

Pound the Pug 3.0

-9    Atlas joins PJ to help her get to her castle. Tap on PJ, Atlas or the Gold Bone to score points, but watch out for Circe the cat, she will still points. Get to level 10 to win the game.    20 MB    Views 2921

Magic Targets

+13    Very addictive game Hit the target before it disappears from the screen. The smaller the target that you hit, the more points you gain. Let the target disappear and get points off.    3 MB    Views 5061

Avoid @@

+4    Tap to change lane Avoid, dodge or what ever comes to you 100 points: Little Secret gift 200 points: Big gift 500 points: What the hl, get off the phone and do something else, PLZZZZZZZ    13 MB    Views 9485


shaving points tool
+26    Reflex & skill game: make colour series to turn their wool white and start the shaving process. Swipe down to activate afterburner and earn more points. Shave them off, whether they like it or not. Numerous shaving means, more or less humane, ...    45 MB    Views 2838

Circle Escape!

-8    WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTING Avoid the blocks at all costs and pick up bubbles to gain more points. The longer you stay alive, the more points you score.    12 MB    Views 1675


bonus points
+2    SpaceFruit is an action packed arcade game where you tap onto the falling fruit to collect points, mega bonus points are won when the shooting stars are tapped. There are 6 levels including the bonus level.    13 MB    Views 3681

Ant Smash 2.0

game points ants
+6    Is a fun game where you have to go crushing ants It is very entertaining for children, very addictive game. Try to get maximum points squashing ants, beetles, ladybugs ... You can compete online to see who gets the most points. It is a ...    60 MB    Views 8514

Three Points

+3    Three Points is little puzzle that grows on you. Simply tap to rotate the triangle to collect the incoming balls. Explore our little game’s challenge and grow your mind beyond imagination. Optimized for iOS7 and everyone who loves little games. :)    14 MB    Views 583


+12    Welcome to the world Oconowocc. Try to get as many points as you can and avoid the conquest of Earth. Help Captain Oconowocc and increase your points as much as possible. Do not forget to visit the website of favorite entertainment around the ...    11 MB    Views 8819


egg points million
-7    OVER 1 MILLION DOWNLOADS +++ How to > Click your egg One Million times to crack the egg. > Shake your egg to get faster points. > Squeze your egg to even get more points. > Select from over 12 sound effects when clicking. > Share ...    4 MB    Views 3092

Shape Tap 2

shape tap points
-1    How quick are your reflexes? Test them out with Shape Tap 2 Tap the shape on the inside (circle, triangle, or square) that corresponds with the shape on the outside. For every 10 points you get in a row, an extra life ...    9 MB    Views 23


points win stage
+1    Fly over the skies in different scenarios to collect coins and reach new stages. Show to your friends who is the best pilot. Just be careful with the obstacles in the way. Stage 1 1000 points to win Stage 2 3000 points ...    17 MB    Views 6218

Smile Pile

Related Apps points gain
-2    Drop your cube onto two or more of the same colour, to make them disappear and gain points. The more cubes in a set the higher the number of points you get. To complete a level gain enough points to ...    27 MB    Views 9678


score points
+4    Voider is a twitch based action game where you need to collect the black voids which score points and then return to the middle to give time back to the counter. Score as many points as possible before the timer runs ...    3 MB    Views 5656
Related Apps zombies smash points
+15    Smash the Zombies but do not smash the humans. Get points for smashing the Zombies Different Zombies are worth more points 3 Levels of play Keeps track of High Score    12 MB    Views 6887


points balloons
+22    Pneuma "breath...air...." Balloons, bubbles, pinwheels, kites, and some surprises Pop all you can, earn points, extend your timer, and watch out for penalties. A very simple and seductively fun and surreal game. Just keep the sky clear as you go from ...    25 MB    Views 8257


game points
-5    How high of a score can you get in this retro style arcade game? Get the green pickups before the enemies do for extra points, and keep the game going by getting a free life every 5000 points    35 MB    Views 3355

Treat Hunt for iPad

-2    Swipe up and down, stabbing the stick into the items on the screen Marshmallows are worth 2 points, chocolates worth 3, and hitting the bomb will put you into a delay until it is safe and deduct you 4 points    7 MB    Views 3987
-9    ¡The treasures are awaiting Tilt your iPhone to guide the pirate ship through the obstacles Catch the rewards to earn points Increase your life when you tech the required points. WARNING: EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE    6 MB    Views 2487
+1    Dodge The Sharks WARNING: EXTREME FUN Tilt your iPhone to ride the wave Guide the surfer chick through the obstacles. Catch The gnarly tokens and earn points. Increase your skill points and earn more life.    7 MB    Views 8175
Related Apps zombies points
-9    zombie dumb zombies Containment is not to Just hit the zombies I can kill it easily The game has 10 levels and will be updated soon. help Missile exploded 300 points Destroy all the zombies except Boss. Ice Storm 200 points ...    16 MB    Views 2573

Catch That Cat

cats points touch
-8    A fun and addictive game, for children and adults alike Chase the Cats around the furniture, and try to touch them. Each touch generates points, and 45 points scored within the time limit takes you to the next level. Listen ...    5 MB    Views 8264

Dodgy Dot

Related Apps points dots dodge
+5    Watch out Dodge the dots by tapping on the screen. The more dots you dodge the more points you get. How many points can you get?    4 MB    Views 1389
chicken points
+12    Piggy wants to fly Move with the arrows on the side of the screen, and bounce over the chicken from the barn to score points. Don't let them get you, use the bombs and armor to protect yourself, as they ...    32 MB    Views 994

Magic Targets HD

Related Apps target hit points
-4    Very addictive game Hit the target before it disappears from the screen. The smaller the target that you hit, the more points you gain. Let the target disappear and get points off.    3 MB    Views 6227
+14    3 Points is a little puzzle that grows on you. Simply tap to rotate the triangle to collect the incoming circles. Don't be deceived by its simple look.. It's difficult and addictive Once you start, you can't stop    29 MB    Views 8952

Bird Drop!

Related Apps earn fly points
+16    How far can you fly? Avoid planes, parachutes, rockets, and cars as you fly. The farther you get, the harder it gets and the more Wave Points you earn. Earn enough points to choose other birds. Also, see where you stand ...    16 MB    Views 3807

Circus Balloons

balloons points circus
-6    To enhance your gaming experience wear headphones. NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE. Circus Balloons is a fun game for all ages. Use your screen to move the target and press shoot to pop the balloons. Each balloon is worth a different amount of ...    3 MB    Views 7166

Manic Popper 2

Related Apps pop points blocks
-4    Pop blocks to score points, beat your own highscores and post onto Twitter and Facebook. Pop Green for double points. Pop 5 or more at once for extra second bonus. Click on single blocks and you will lose a second..    4 MB    Views 9789

Flappy Turtle

points score game
+8    The most difficult game.The idea comes from recruit skill games. If you do not score more than 10 points, then your IQ is equivalent to a child at the age of ten; If you score more than 100 points, then, ...    9 MB    Views 8264

Stars Board

Related Apps points stars
+3    The elimination of the adjacent Stars can get the points, the rational use of props can make you get more points I hope you can find fun in the game.    13 MB    Views 2172
accurate fast points
-4    How fast and accurate are you ? You should be as fast as possible to shoot down targets but for the highest score possible. 110 points depending on how accurate you are, and points deductions for the time you put on. Are you ...    23 MB    Views 5354
Related Apps green line points
+14    You must stay on the green line as much time to earn the most points To play is simple finger swipe on the white line to move the red dot. Augment the speed based on points.    7 MB    Views 5527


Related Apps points ball
+17    BeeShooter HD with retina support for the new iPad Keep your ball alive as long as possible, avoiding the canons bullets and picking up as many extra points as possible. The ball will follow wherever you touch on the screen. Maintain ...    6 MB    Views 3277

Ball Squash

Related Apps ball points
-3    Think you are fast enough to play this game? Touch the ball in order to keep earning points, the ball will disappear a lot faster as you get more points. Be sure not to miss otherwise you will have to start all over ...    8 MB    Views 5452


points 000
-9    Swopp your way through an endless barrage of obstacles and test your reflexes to the limit Compete against friends with Game Center leaderboards and achievements Trophies • Gold (5,000 Points) • Silver (2,500 Points) • Bronze (1,000 Points)    10 MB    Views 2684

Knockout FREE

pattern points score
+2    Move fast to match the pattern before the target is out of site. One miss and the round is over. Each round you are faced with a new pattern and just enough shots to complete it and score the most ...    3 MB    Views 8182

Pop Heart Bomb

Related Apps pop points
+12    Tap the hearts to pop them and get points. The faster you pop them the more points you get. Be careful not to pop the bombs or you will lose.    16 MB    Views 8454

Bmx Street rider

cops points
+2    Run from the cops This app is Insane Tilt your iPhone to guide young Matt through the obstacles. Do not let the cops hit you or you'll lose life. Collect spray paint, helmets and health to gain points. The tokens will increase your points ...    6 MB    Views 6737

This is Worm

Related Apps points worms hit
-7    Enjoy the best redemption game of recent time Hit the worms back to the holes There are four different worms and each one has its value But the blue ones just will appear if you are really good and release them Watch ...    18 MB    Views 8366
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